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"The Hedgehog" - Short Film using Sonic as a symbol... [CLOSED]
sonicbrawler182 Platinum Sparx Gems: 7098
#1 Posted: 17:53:18 17/05/2015 | Topic Creator
WARNING: The following short film contains frank depictions of certain dark and depressing themes. If you are currently feeling really down on life, are a Sonic the Hedgehog fan who can't stomach the character being associated with such themes, or are easily triggered by something that may feel critical of your interests, please do not watch this. I also would advise against watching if you are under 16 years of age, and to be careful of who may be nearby while watching.

I'm being completely serious, please don't ignore this warning and watch the film if you fit any of these descriptions.

[User Posted Image]

I won't say anything else, I will let people watch and form their own interpretations first.

NOTE FOR MODS: I put this in Idle Chatter instead of Video Gaming as the film isn't really about Sonic, it instead is a thought-provoking film that deals with mature themes, simply using Sonic as a form of interesting symbolism.
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zer0dch Ripto Gems: 1916
#2 Posted: 18:21:11 17/05/2015
Made me cringe.
WFLD Emerald Sparx Gems: 3631
#3 Posted: 18:21:51 17/05/2015
That was..deep...and thought provoking.
Badwolfmichael Gold Sparx Gems: 2511
#4 Posted: 19:25:11 17/05/2015
Knight Wolf Emerald Sparx Gems: 4336
#5 Posted: 00:35:55 19/05/2015
Damn man, that really was depressing.
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