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Trap Team on Kindle Fire [CLOSED]
obidawsn Gold Sparx Gems: 2901
#1 Posted: 02:19:40 10/05/2015 | Topic Creator
After doing research on Trap Team tablet edition, I saw that the Kindle Fire HDX should play it. We decided to buy one for my son for his birthday. We gave it to him, today, and tried to install Trap Team. It seems to download (although fairly quick), but when it gets to the installation process it just gives me an error. It won't say the error. Anyone else use a Kindle Fire and have this problem? Since we're new to the Kindle Fire, maybe it's something to do with the tablet itself, although we've installed other apps.
obidawsn Gold Sparx Gems: 2901
#2 Posted: 05:15:18 10/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Nevermind. It seems that I needed to update the OS. I had checked it when we first started it up and it said it was up to date. At one point, I tried clicking "update" anyway, but it had given me an error because the battery was low. I saw in some comments on the Amazon app page that that fixed their problem, so I tried it and got it to work. You can close/delete this thread, unless you want to leave it for future reference for someone.
defpally Emerald Sparx Gems: 4150
#3 Posted: 12:31:33 10/05/2015
It loads quickly because it doesn't download all the characters or levels. It can do that as you use them or you can specify to download them all right now - which will take longer once you start the game.
Wolfgang Gold Sparx Gems: 2044
#4 Posted: 08:15:37 13/05/2015
While on the subject of the Tablet version, I have a quick question: does the Tablet portal work on console versions of the game if you sync it to the console (like PS3 or PS4) via bluetooth?
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