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Skylanders: The Council of the Cataclysm Crystal (August 22nd,Ch07) [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 23:34:18 09/05/2015 | Topic Creator
If you asked me two years ago if I was going to write a Skylander fanfic, I'd give you an angry stare. But now, a combination of hype, free time without good internet acess and a desire to make something of quality for the fandom changed it!
However, keep in mind this is just for the sake of writing fantasy and I don't really have a date to finish anything. I have a bit of buffer right now and the story is short-ish in my plans, but things can change and I don't have a schedule to post anything. So along with not demanding me to write/read anything for you, please do patient and not insist asking when the next part is coming out. Some critique is always welcome however, after all this is practice.

With no more introductions...

Warning: Adventure and action-themed story. May contain OCs and fan speculation.Take nothing here for canon, that's what the Skylanders Wiki is for. Also might have some family unfriendly stuff but nothing really mature.


"Ah, what of Dime, servant? I haven't spoken to her in a few years."
"He's been dead for 5 years, master. And not of the zombie kind, the kind you can't retrieve."
"Huh... That must've slipped my mind. Does Ignes know of this?"
"Fell off the edge of the island. We've yet to find her ghost, but no one is willing to go to the archipelago below."
"I... I did not know of this either. The rest of the Council has replaced them, yes?"
"There is no one left in the Council other than you, master. They're all gone, and maybe one or two appointed sucessors in time."
"How... Why did this happen?! I fall for a sleep spell for a year and they all manage to leave like that?"
"Not one year sir, 10 years. Whoever didn't try an ill-fated travel after a cure fell in battle or got arrested when fighting the Skylanders."

Silence filled the room for a minute, until its floor started to shake with heavy footsteps.

"Well then... Better make up for lost time."


It's a new year with new young heroes looking to enter the coveted Skylanders Academy. But, as the entry exams become a bloodsport for a mysterious group, the old Skylanders have to step in to defend their future comrades, before an untimely disaster turns their heroism into a weapon of destruction. Takes place after Skylanders Trap Team and before Skylanders: Rift into Overdrive/Superchargers.
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First chapter in a separate post because organization.

-Chapter 1

With an air trick there and there, Stealth Elf surprised and greeted the young friends she met the previous day, until she noticed a more familiar one and stopped on her tracks.

"Kid, you know you're going to get rejected this year again, don't you?"
"The Masked Mabu won't give up!" The kid eagerly replied. "I might be one year too young to fit the rules, but if I show you all my awesome hero power, not even Portal Master Eon will consider turning me down!"
"And why didn't you show it to us last year?"
"Because I didn't have my super cool weapon that Knight Mare gave to me after a troll attack in the Lost Islands! Look, it's fast, it's light, and---"
"I'll take your word for it, kid." The elf ninja directed him to the main hall. "But you better join your friends. The rest of us judges should be here at any moment."

The Mabu darted off, and from another corridor came two other Skylander judges - Krypt King and Hex. Buzz had requested a mix of old and young Skylanders to get the newcomers acquainted better, and while Stealth Elf and others filled the young quota, those were definately knowledgeable and old enough.

"Quite the assortment of haunties this year, no, Stealth Elf?" Krypt King said with his booming voice. "Hope none of their powers are affecting yours."
"Nah, they're too inexperienced to do that yet. A specter wilted a flower pot during lunch but that's it."
"Well, good thing none of them are in hearing range to find out about your brutal honesty." Hex murmured, before floating to the other side of the entrance. "But enough chit-chat - Crusher and the others are here. Time to introduce ourselves to these new little heroes."
"Some of them are bigger than both of us combined." Stealth Elf replied, not too happy with her personality being judged.
"That's beside the point."
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-Chapter 2

"What a smashing audience! I'd say all of those kids are solid hero material!" Crusher shouted to the crowd in front of him. Of course, not all of them were kids, but compared to the ten-millenia year old Giant, there was no difference.

It was the second time that the Skylanders themselves would oversee the entry exams for the Skylanders Academy. While some heroes are personally enrolled by a Portal Master or a Skylander for incredible deeds, the possible students were there for recommendations from people in their islands for smaller things: saving relatives from notorious monsters, uncovering plans of Troll invasions, or awakening great powers during a time of need - without any Skylanders or famous heroes nearby to step in and make sure they were truly destined for great things.
Before having such young people put in dangerous missions, training is needed to make sure they could take it - and that their parents had no reason to worry - and it's what the Academy offers should they prove their worth at a simple group mission.

"Now, now, Crusher, I think we can introduce them to the pun treatment later." Flashwing gleefully said. "For now, how about I start the mission briefing?"

The small crowd responded with excited shouting and raised all sorts of things, from toy swords to staves to family artifacts that probably shouldn't be pointed at the roof so recklessly.

"The Steering Steppe, isn't it?" Hex asked. "I know we discussed this before, but are you sure the Tomb of Trenches isn't a bit safer?"
"Safer for most, but we don't want to get any Ents bedridden because of too much time spent in an Undead area."

With a gesture, Flashwing ordered one of the Academy's workers to open a rolled up map of their destination for all to see, and created a thing crystal to use as a pointer.

"So, my darlings, here's how the entry exams will go: first day, just set up camp at the main cave system's entrance, and wait for our arrival at dusk - and please don't bother the Mabu guides for hints, they're just there to make sure you're safe and sound. Then, for the next two days, you get in, and under our guidance will fight your way through the caves to the Tower of Truce at the end of the steppe. Ask as much as you need for help from us or your friends, but not all missions can be done at your leisure - get in the Tower even if you can't catch up with fighting."
"Fighting what?" An elf in the crowd asked. She had talked to most of the Skylanders there, and had even a gotten herself a title for saving her city's artifact with magical songs - Space Opera.
"The usual for Earth areas: Rocker Walkers, Slobber Traps, a small Rock Golem or two... Though, unlike to you, it should be exciting to meet some of my sucessors" Crusher answered, getting a few laughs out of the kids.
"No Trolls, no Cyclopses, no Drow?" A young dwarf said. " Shouldn't we be stopping invasions, thefts, you know, saving people?"
"Keeping monster population in control is important, though I do share the sentiment." Sprocket finally spoke up. "And even if it wasn't, an entry exam shouldn't involve civillians, or even be risky for any of you."
"I'd like to expand on that too, Sprocket." Flashwing allowed the Mabu worker to close the map. "I must insist on what we said. We will evaluate how you act on the situation of a mission, not exclusively fighting skills, and definately not if you're willing to get yourself hurt to defeat something. Your brain should be as important as your power, because it will be in the reviews."
"But enough with the technical things, that can wait until the results are in." Krypt King interrupted. "Your heroic spirits will lead you to sucess, so start packing, young to-be Skylanders!"

He raised his Traptanium sword as to end the reunion, and the entrants darted to their rooms.
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-Chapter 3

As a lover of comfortable trips with plenty of pasttimes to do, Flashwing was in joy while seeing her friends play board games while waiting for the right hour to use Portals to the Steering Steppe - the airship that Buzz rented wasn't bad, but far from the fast, enormous one that the Academy entrants and guides used. It would be long 6 hours until they could get in the action... But she couldn't help but be surprised when she noticed Hex reading a spellbook,

"Hex, dear?" The dragoness approached the Undead elf. "Didn't you mention the other day that you've studied spells for so many decade you usually remember what you need? Why look some up now?"
"It's not the usual kind. It's to summon Traptanium without a Portal Master actively interfering - You'd be surprised at what Telescope Towers managed to find researching Traps this year."
"I'd ask why and hope it's for no reason, but that never applies to you."
"No, it never does." Hex assured with a wry smile. "I feel like we're being watched by something, not too far away."
"When aren't we, darling? If it's not the usual dark lord, it's some evil wizard with a crystal ball. Chances are they noticed the airship and are making sure we aren't here to arrest them. You're just worried because there are kids involved."
"Maybe. Maybe not. It's hard to tell when my zeal for the living speaks louder than my sense of reason. I might check my Ouija board though, just in case."
"Please do. I can go with you if it's needed, too, I don't like Drowpoly enough to watch Sprocket win."

They entered their sleeping quarters quietly and quickly reached for the menacing-looking board with writings and carvings in Hex's emergency supply chest, which she left in their means of transportation during longer missions. Ouija boards in Skylands are usually harmless and are more valued as cheap text message lines to the Underworld, but the sorceress' board was as odd as she was skilled in contacting spirits even when they attempted to cut Undead communication lines.

"Last time we were here the spirits in the Steering Steppe were quite welcoming to fellow Earth Element users, so it should be fine for you to stay nearby." The Undead elf instructed.

Flashwing took a deep breath and nodded, despite still fearing who the sorceress' power would reach.
Hex grabbed the pointed and focused her white-blank stare on the board. Almost unconciously, she started to chant with a language so old that even the Undead that invented it have long forgotten about it - except for spirit channelers that gave Hex some tips in the art of contacting the Undead, who practiced it for centuries.
As the eldritch wording went by, the pointed started shaking by itself, then flew off her hands and landed over the letter I. The lights on the rooms turned themselves off - you don't contact spirits without a spooky atmosphere - and a ghostly mist rose from the Ouija board.

"Who did you find...?" Flashwing asked, afraid.
"With hundreds upon hundreds of ghosts in the Steppe? Your guess is as good as mine as to who wanted to talk." Hex replied while taking a step back.

A transluscent apparition rose from the mist, representing the chosen Ghost residing in the mountain. Aside from a snout and big eyelashes, not much could be distinguished.

"Ooohh... Skylanders have awakened me from my slumbeeer..."The ghost spoke in an eerie tone. "What do you want from me, Skylandeeers..."
"We only want to ask you a few questions." Hex stood her ground despite the ghost's menacing wording.
"Aaask away, Skylandeeer."
"They're awfully excited to be talking to you..." Flashwing whispered.
"Has anything with ill intent crossed the Steering Steppe recently, my fellow hauntie?" Hex asked paying no mind to the crystal dragon.
"Ill intent... Ill intent... Nooo Skylandeers, not here, haven't seen anything of the sort. No ill intent, only reeeturning frieeends..."
"That's very good to hear. Thank you."
"I'll take my leave, Skylandeeeer. Old friends awaaaait..."

The mist cleared and the pointer fell, and the lights turned back on. The elven sorceress looked around, as if waiting for the ghost to show up again, but then sighed and let her shoulders drop.

"...Okay, okay, you win, Flashwing. They'll be fine."
"That was pretty weird, the ghost sounded like they weren't very happy to see us. But at least there was someone there to give the good news before the kids arrive."
"Yeah, leaving them with guides just as clueless as them means we would call them to see them freaking out over spiders or something instead of real suspicions. You think I can still catch a round of Drowpoly before lunch?"
"That's if Stealth Elf didn't use her duplicates to play another game while no one is noticing. You know Sprocket doesn't really like it when she's called out on making the game anything but fun."

They arrived to see the two arguing over a pile of straws and leather. Seems like they'd have to play Skylands Rune Scrabble instead.
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#5 Posted: 02:33:45 24/05/2015
Very good Bifrost! I appreciate your way of writing, and can't wait to see how this continues! And hopefully you update more often than me, cause I have a bad rap for that lately...
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#6 Posted: 14:20:51 24/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Thanks, zookinator! For a while I can update as long as I have the time, still with a few chapters left from the first days I sat around in uni writing to pass the time. After Chapter 5, it'll depend on course projects being too many or too few(and also game dev work but it has slowed down lately)

-Chapter 4

The day went by for the Skylanders with no further doubts about a fun weekend with the kids. They discussed entrants that showed remarkable powers - or had gobbled down one too many spell-casting artifacts-, how they had decorated the Tower of Truce with drawing boards the previous week so the kids would at least remember the test fondly even if they didn't pass; and if they should put age restructions in the written entry tests as well so early learners like the Masked Mabu wouldn't end up failing in the actual one and go back home knowing they'd pass if they were a little older. You never know, there were more superficial reasons for people to hunt down age-changing artifacts and having a kid get involved with that would be extremely dangerous.
The Steppe eventually appeared under them, a flat mountain sprinkled with plenty of caves and small chasms, results of battles from the past destroying the soil. In front of the setting sun, the Tower of Truce stood tall and strong - once a lair to those who oversaw the wars, now the best point of reference for adventurers.

"Where's the lights from the guides' tent?" Sprocket asked, leaning over a window. "All I see is the campfire."
"Can you blame the Mabu Defense Force for sending forgetful fellas at this point?" Crusher replied with another question. "Buzz spends more time sending them to crazy missions and training than actually evaluating their skills. C'mon, let's get the lunch leftovers and portal down."

The group quickly walked back to the kitchen upon remebering they still had food left. Whatever Batterson put in the Elemental Plant pies, it was almost addicting. Even Hex, who'd usually enjoy a meal in quiet glee, couldn't help but smile after tasting a slice of Grave Digger pie - though it quickly disappeared when she noticed Krypt King had already shoved half the pie into his helmet to feed his locusts and his ghostly self. With a nibble in his slice of Gemode pie, Crusher helped them store it in a pot and put it inside his large and mostly hollow helmet, and they went to the airship's Portal.

The ground below them disappeared and reappeared with a suction noise and magic smoke. They couldn't really ask the Earth Portal Masters to stop studying, playig or working and activate the portal networks whenever, so with an agreement to keep them open at all times - and the guarantee of a trapped Kaos to deactivate them if needed - it didn't take more than stepping on one to jump to the ground below safely. But their entrance wasn't met with cheers, screams or squeals... Only the quiet crackle of fire.

"...Are we at the wrong place?" Flashwing whispered.
"Coordinates are the same..." Sprocket answered while checking a GPS borrowed from Spy Rise. "But there's only a handful of empty tents and the campfire."
"They must be nearby, let's scout the place!" Krypt King ordered.

Splitting in small grupos, they opened the tents, opened chests lying around, explored small caves nearby, even looked at the now-commonly-known secret pathways under rocks and statues of dogs, but nothing. There were a few Ent leaves and what seemed to be the leftovers of a ton of sandwiches, but no entrant or Mabu guide to be seen.

"The ghost said there was nothing wrong here..." Hex murmured, distraught.
"That can only mean one thing..." Stealth Elf said. "They ran in without us! Every single one!"
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As expected, too much stuff taking my time while on uni. Chapter 5 is done,but 6 is waaay behind; even with the incoming gap, didn't want to keep people waiting for too long though,since the real plot starts now.

-Chapter 5

The group of Skylanders were incredibly frustrated as they marched towards the main cave system, its entrance decorated with clear white crystals.

"Did they all of a sudden get a death wish?! We said the Steppe was easy to traverse, not harmless!" Flashwing fumed, throwing her gemstone wings foward like they were slowing her down.
"How in the Underworld we're going to know?!" Krypt King replied, just as decided to walk faster than his legs could handle. "I just know I'm going to get each and every one of those guides dragged to Buzz by the ear!"
"Calm down, all of you." Hex interrupted the bickering, though she visibly wasn't calm herself. "There must be a reasonable explanation for all of this... It can't be a bet, 50 kids and 10 young adults aren't going to all agree on that."
"Couldn't be a rampaging Golem." Stealth Elf added. "The camp would look like Camo's rock garden at the Citadel."

Though in a better day they'd all laugh at his strange arrangement of Rock Walker bodies, it was no time for comedy. Hex shook her head.

"Someone... Something convinced them to go in. This place is full of Ghosts and other haunties, and I doubt they'd miss the opportunity to prank the living. Well, we'll make sure they don't get out of this laughing."
"You can say that again." Sprocket agreed. "Let's just get there before the trick gets someone in the hospital."

Soon, they reached the first fork in the system: three smaller cave entrances, decorated with differently colored gems and carvings.

"First stop on the road, folks." Crusher announced. "As we planned, left is the underground River of Ruby, right is the Cavern of Spirits, and middle is the Battleground of Pebbles."
"Who made up those ridiculous names?" Stealth Elf asked without thinking.
"You can thank the armies that used to cross weapons here enough to start naming every corridor. Now, they could've gone in any of those places, in any number. There are too many monsters to tell... We need to split up."
"All of these paths eventually lead up to the Tower of Truce, too... There is no better way to quickly cover ground."
"Well, it's a no-brainer that I'll go through the Cavern of Spirits. " Hex announced. "What about the other two?"
"I'll be going through the Battleground of Pebbles; my locust minions will be able to cover the chasm faster than us." Krypt King replied.
"And we know why it's called River of Ruby." Flashwing added. "Yuck, I don't want any of that in my wings. I'm going with you, Krypt King."
"A little enchanted rust doesn't scare me, and there's not really anything on me to stain." Crusher said, already walking towards that entrance. "Sprocket, do you want to see some river rock-smashing action?"
"I could always use the time to research the enchanted rust, count me in." The Goldling turned around. "Stealth Elf, that leaves the Cavern to you and Hex. Will you be fine there?"
"We go almost monthly to the Cadaverous Crypt to train, I'm pretty used to decay. And if that's the most likely place for a certain Ghost that needs a smack over the head, I'm all for it."

With hurried 'see you laters' each duo entered a corridor.

"Do you smell wet dog in this corridor?" Hex commented a few seconds after.
"Better than the smell of rusty everything." Stealth Elf replied, paying no mind to the bad smell in the cave.

"Master, the readings of Elemental energy in the main entrance skyrocketed, just like you predicted!"
"Good, good, they're here. Ignes fooled them well despite the possibility of Undead ones around. I knew she'd still be loyal even after so many years wandering around." A hand rose from the shadows under a throne and snapped its thick fingers. "Number 3! Fetch me another eel soda."
"Sir, I have a name, it's--"
"Did I ask for one? You're Dime's kid, he was council number 3, and that's all! Where's my soda?!"

The insulted council member grit his teeth and left, but the creature in shadows was more interested at the chasms below his tiny cave opening than soda. Green light blinked in the throne, like glowing eyes of emerald.

"Look now, servant. Isn't it beautiful? The violence, the clings and clangs of weapons?"
"Uh... I think so, Master? Y-you know I helped the other servants evacuate the caves in the past, I never saw the wars."
"Do not worry, servant, you'll soon learn to like the view. Even now, those wretched Skylanders think they broke the cycle. Little do they know... I only needed a bit more conflict. Even just convincing a bunch of noisy bugs to fight my minions to win some fake points, it won't even take too long."
"It'll be enough for the stone?!" The servant exclaimed, surprised.
"It'll have to be. The Cataclysm Crystal has been so close, yet so far, in that stupid tower. But, once it's back at full power and back at its place on my staff, the Skylanders will all regret crossing paths with me."

A wicked smile danced at the meaty lips of the heavy canine at the throne.

"They'll soon learn not to defy Conquest."
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#8 Posted: 18:34:34 02/08/2015
Bifrost. I realy like the way you write. It's absolutely perfect. You seem to have a eagle eye on gramaticall erros and you make quick work of them. Good job. I realy like this so far.

One minor point though is that you might forget "."'s sometimes, but it's so minor I don't realy hasitate to note it down other than what I just said.

The reason is for the teensie minor flaws. Don't take it too hard. Again, they're too minor to bother about.
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#9 Posted: 21:28:58 02/08/2015 | Topic Creator
Thanks! I really do try to watch out for grammar as much as possible, not my first language so it's also a great way to practice my english :3
I'll get on with updates soon, I have a chapter halfway through but I was planning to stop and do some sketches of the villains to go along but I gave up on it. Sorry for the huge delay, guys. Especially since I'm once again back to having several hours of nothing waiting for classes and whatnot on uni.
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Next chapter at last! Action will finally start picking up here, I just hope I can keep up writing them in less than two weeks; a week would be ideal.

-Chapter 6: The River of Ruby

Wars had a weird effect on the Steppe, Crusher had heard from Mags' analysis based on Cali's notes on the island. Every fallen warrior would become a Ghost even if they had no reason to haunt the area; rocks destroyed by cannons or hammers would reform as Rock Walkers until defeated again like magic made them alive; and any blades found were as clean as crystal - like the centuries-old rust on them instantly teleported to the River of Ruby to be part of its scarlet stream until they crystalized into rust-rocks by the Earth Elemental power of the land.

"Lovely place." Sprocket replied to the information sarcastically. "It sure smells like old steel, I don't want to see the look on the parents of the kid who went through here."
"We would've all started at the Battleground, anyway." Crusher said. "This place is unnerving. And I don't have any nerves to begin with."

They silently waded through the stream for a few minutes. Soon, they reached the rust-rocks, reflecting light from openings above, and reached a fork in the river which went either to deeper areas or around a series of giant crystals of rust-rock. At first, it seemed as silent as before, but as they took a step towards the crystals, a whimper was heard nearby.

"One of the kids?" Crusher whispered.
"Alone and not making any noise, even in a riverbed? Be on your guard." Sprocket readied her wrench and shouted: "Anyone there?"

A shadow jumped from a crevice to a big crystal. The two were ready to lower their weapons and try to reason with the stranger, when it let out a growl.

"I didn't think you'd get here so soon... You guys might actually delay it more."
"What are you talking about? Show yourself!" Crusher ordered.

It jumped to a near crystal, revealing its shape slightly against the faint light. It looked like a weredog wearing many toolbelts, a tiny one at that, and its fur was raised with clear aggressive intent.

"Nothin' but your doom, Skylanders! So nice for you to split up - my Smash-o-Tron 2000 could use some melee!"

Giving the Skylanders no time to reach him, he jumped out of their sights again. However, not for long, as soon enough they heard the rumble of engines and crystals being smashed.

"That's how this guy welcomes people to this cave? Well, he's getting a fight all right - It's Crush Hour!" Crusher yelled out his battle cry, assuming a defensive stance in front of Sprocket and she started building a turret.

Rust-rocks flew everywhere as the machine approached. Seeing that the weredog was looking foward to crashing right into them, Crusher gave some steps foward and used his eye beams to turn the gems in front of him into featureless solid rock, and retreated.

"Brace for impact!" He yelled to Sprocket.

Steam bursted from behind the transformed rock when the Smash-o-Tron 2000 hit them, cracking almost the entire row. The machine was stopped on its trackets, but it sustained little damage as it soon punched through the obstacles with a giant metallic fist.

"Don't you think ol' Maticmag would know how to break a rock? Your Earth powers are nothin' to this here beauty, Skylander!"

A modified Bruiser Cruiser mech revealed itself from the debris. Controller by the weredog, and altered to look like a canine instead of a Troll, and with fists decorated with colorful gems.
Sprocket finished a turret just in time and moved to the side so it could identify what to shoot. The bullets bounced off from the energy field, but the noise scared the mechanic weredog long enough for Crusher to give a good spin and smash his hammer against one of the arms, destroying most of the joints.

"Oh, I should've known you'd try to hit from afar!" Maticmag growled, pulling the malfunctioning fist around as he took a step back. "But one arm is good enough to get up close and personal!" He punctuated that by throwing the working fist at Crusher.

The Rock Golem raised his free arm to take the hit, but the punch pushed him back enough to trip over and smash the turret under his weight. The dog prepared his next punch while Crusher was stunned, but Sprocket quickly whacked the arm to the side with her wrench, and it hit the riverbed instead.

"Oh, I don't think we're cut to closed quarters - maybe you'd like long-distance battling instead!" The Goldling exclaimed before throwing mines against the Smash-o-Tron 2000. The explosion was strong enough to drive the robot a few meters back and destroy the legs entirely.
"You alright?" She asked Crusher as he got back up.
"I'm sturdier than a heap of steel, don't you worry. How about we finish this with some aerial smashing?"

She quickly figured out his plan and positioned herself behind the Giant. First putting his head and helmet in a safe place, he detached himself apart, and Sprocket furiously used her wrench as a baseball bat to throw the rocks at Maticmag.

"Gah!" The dog yelled, as the heavy chunk of Crusher's right fist cracked the energy barrier. "Y-you may defeat my robot, but you'll never catch me alive! Eject!"

The robot swung backwards while the rockslide attack destroyed it piece by piece, and the seat ejected the canine into the darkness of the cave before it exploded.

"We can't let him get away!" Crusher yelled to his friend, reforming himself and giving chase. Sprocket was quick to follow.
"And if this place has people expecting us, I just hope the others can take care of whatever's on their parts of the caves..." She mentioned before they both had to leave the weak light of the fork and venture into the unknown.


AN: I tried doing the action scenes a bit like Onk Beakman's writing, since he's the one doing Skylanders prose that includes fights. He really likes making skylanders yell out their battle cries a lot.
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smilie smilie STARCAST FOR PRESIDENT OF MY SEXUALITY smilie smilie
smilie smilie Professor Jet-Vac? I don’t feel so good. smilie smilie
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Thanks! :3
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#13 Posted: 20:53:29 09/08/2015
I have to agree with BlackWing116; this is really great. I'd skimmed by this, like, once, but never truly read it. And now I can confirm that this, despite being so short, is quite entertaining. I know you can't help the length of the chapter, due to DS' text limit. That's the only complaint I have at the moment. I despise short chapters....
A-anyway, keep going! I love the way you expand with the Skylanders' personalities, Skylands itself, even included the Masked Mabu? Nice touch. Did your research with the Beakman books, too? Really wish more fics on this site were like this.
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Not as much of research as I'd like, I actually only have Cynder Confronts the Weather Wizard since they were never released in South America, but I tried looking for as many pieces and previews as I could find to understand the personalities of other skylanders,not to mention summaries in the wiki - there are the Books of Elements and others with even just a few hints to lore or characters that are really useful. I love tying fanfics and even OCs into canon as much as possible even if there needs to be a headcanon there and there - if people are into Skylanders because they want to feel like adventuring in a fantasy world, you can only benefit from making the story feel like you're playing another game or reading another book/comic.

Oh length, I'm making them bigger as I go and the plot thickens; but if I reach a limit I'll probably just post as Chapter Something-a,Something-b in the same day. Some instances of the story just feel like a good chapter marker the same way a cartoon has some points where a commercial break can fit in,and changing that around to fit the forum limit would just feel fake.

And glad you like it, BlueFox :3
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I was supposed to post this yesterday, but considering that I got home absurdly late, half a day later isn't too bad.

-Chapter 7a: The Cavern of Spirits

The wails of the restless could be heard still at the Undead Elemental Gate that blocked the way, like howling wind. Stealth Elf was used to Undead areas with the odd moan, screech, or quiet conversations about the weather,not this ruckus - sounding alive wasn't really what the Undead she knew tried to do.

"Decades of people unjustly bound to this land... Whatever the guy who started this mess of curses wanted, it sure lasted." She said.

Hex winced, a few feet from the gate. Stealth Elf knew she was among the group that defeated a tyrant terrorizing the Steppe long ago, though not that the scars stayed.

"It's... Tied to the artifact in the Tower of Truce, not the wielder." Hex carefully replied. "An indestructible rock, just as immune to spells as the curses it cast."
"If you say so; ten years is more than enough to experiment with rising levels of Boom, as Flynn would say."

Hex sighed at the mention of the baloonist - she still owed him for giving the Dread-Yacht an unfortunate end - and opened the Undead Gate. The energy released made the bones of fallen enemies burst out of the ground and form a path around the spiky rocks ahead, leading into a curve in the corridor which hid something faintly glowing white.

"Is this safer or even less safe than risking stepping on rocks?" The Life Elf complained while trying to balance herself over a giant phalanx bone.
"For these guys' own sake --" Hex poked a tibia with her boot. "It better be the former."

They reached the area covered in light and had to stop and look at what was before them. The Cavern was enormous, stretching deep into the island into dark chasms and open to the surface in various cracks in the roof from which moonlight got in. Trees of Renaissance grew like mighty sequoias in the great Undead energy levels, forming gray bridges with their branches and roots between plataforms, and with fruits the size of their heads - Cynder would probably faint with joy. And of course, spirits to be seen everywhere; from chatting loudly to crying to building wooden huts using otherwordly magics.

"How are we going to find the culprit in this?" Stealth Elf whispered.
"If they're spending time bothering kids, they're either missing here or causing even more trouble to the other ghosts." Hex answered. "Keep your eyes open."

The two climbed down the nearest branch carefully, trying to reach one of the main landmasses for a better look. Most ghosts didn't mind the bodily presences and those that did at the very most told them a raspy "hello, stranger" before going back to their activities.

"Fiiive houses and families this weekend..." They overheard one whisper. "We're stuck here for an eteeeernity, and they still take more from usss...."
"Um, excuse me?" The elven ninja asked. The ghost stopped and turned around, clearly annoyed. "We're looking for some young kids, both living and not. Have you see anyone unfamiliar today?"
"No, unfooortunately. I've been busy rebuilding houses, the only thing unfamiliar recently is the Igneous Clockwoooork."
"Igneous Clockwork?"
"Ah, you shouldn't bother... An imported Clockwork Goliath from Mortalannis-knows-where, now possessed by someone of eeeevil intent. Eats our houses of woods with miiighty fire, uses Undead energy to kidnap who's in it, and taaaakes them away never to be seen again."
"Not bother? I beg your pardon, my good unliving fellow, but we're actually looking for something dangerous of the sort as well." Hex interrupted.
"Look out in the Main Rock, then. Chaaaances are she'll attack again in a few hours, like it has been doing all week... Just take care, strangers."

The elves thanked the ghost and continued foward. However, though they now had an objective, Stealth Elf couldn't help but wonder:

"Why don't we straight up tell them we're Skylanders and will help out? You avoided that detail even if you all but said we're doing heroic deeds."
"It'd happen like last time we were here; they'd beg us to reverse the curse, and it was painful enough once to say it's not possible as far as we know."

The Life Skylander nodded in agreement though with sadness, and they finally reached the giant plataform. No doubt the biggest landmass in that high area of the cave, and with many ghosts. The ones working were reinforcing their huts with more layers of tree bark and rocks, while others were nervously scouting the area. Though at first startled by their appearance, the ghosts were quick to answer their questions about the kids once again with no sign of them... But, as luck would have it, the ground didn't take too long to start shaking.

"It's the Igneous Clockwork!From the center opening, like last time!"A young scouting ghost yelled out. "Run, strangers, you don't know what she's capable of!"
"Do not worry, we fought our share of Goliaths in the past, you haunties missed out an entire invasion of them in Skylands." Hex said to calm them down, though they were now confused. "Hide, and tell your best sorcerers to stay near me! We're taking this robot to the junkyard!"

The ghosts were surprised by the sudden person giving orders, but were terrified enough to follow them. In the ceiling, they saw the shadow of a Clockwork Goliath which shook the ground as it jumped between islands of rock despite its weight, approaching fast.

"You cook it up a good spell, Hex, I'll get this heap of metal when it least expects it..." Stealth Elf said before running into the alleys between houses.

Meanwhile, the elven sorceress summoned an enormous Bone Wall, channeling the powerful Undead energy to make it big enough to hold the entire group of sorcerers nearby. The ghosts entered it a bit uneasy, but between her and the approaching giant robot, they had to trust on the fellow Undead.

"Graaah!" The synthesized female voice of the ghost inside came out of the robot as it landed on the nearest plataform. "You think a bunch of bones will save you this time? My master is getting his reinforcements, no matter the resistance!"
"Who is that?!" Hex asked the others, feeling that she heard that person before.
"We think it's Ignes, a ghost weredog with fire powers that worked in the local forge." One of the sorceres answered. "She was always a bit angry, resentful of something she'd never tell us about. Then, she disappeared last month, and the next day this thing showed up!"
"Well, she's about to fear when we are near. Here, I'll tell you what we can do." She announced, before whispering them a plan. One of the ghosts angrily muttered to himself something about having never thought of it before, but joined the others in starting to conjure a spell.
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Ignes jumped between two houses to face the Bone Wall, and opened the helmet to check. She had two tiny dog ears, beady white eyes and transluscence like any ghost, the rest of her face and body covered by the mech, which she quickly closed again.

"Now... I hope you like it hot, old warriors!" The hands started to heat up and fire came out of the palms.
"Not so fast, tin can!"
"Huh?" The robot turned around towards the voice, but met a facefull of hoof-boots instead. Stealth Elf took off from the helmet and landed right in front of the wall, making sure nothing nearby was singed. "Why, you little...!"
"Why are you kidnapping your own fellow Undead?!" The elf angrily asked.
"These old geezers? Fellows? Hah! I'm way past their generation, Skylander. But if you like them so much, I'll help you join them!"

Ignes charged towards her, and the elf just stood up and still. Like the Goliath Drows the model is based on, she clutched the arms together, and slammed them on top of the elf - to the gasps of the ghosts. But, when the dust settled, the ground was covered in straw, hay and green cloth.

"Now for you, zombie girl, and your friends!" The weredog ghost yelled, not noticing she didn't actually hit her target, but jumping above it to reach the bone wall anyway.
"I won't fall for this again!" Ignes spun around to hit the dummy with a fist, but it was still there sprawled on the ground. Then, the ghost realized that she was right where her enemies wanted her.
"Too late!" Stealth Elf reappeared from stealth mode on top of the helmet once again, and stabbed both of the arm joints with her daggers. Her enchanted blades appeared and followed soon after, hitting other joints and incapacitating the mech entirely.
"No!You can't...! Argh!" The fire ghost cried out when she noticed she was trapped inside.
"She's all yours, Hex!" Stealth Elf spun and hit the hip joints, spinning the Goliath to face her friend.
"It is darkest..." Hex took the opportunity for a dramatic one-liner. "...Before the dawn!" And she released her spell.

Bony hands shot out of the ground and grabbed random parts of teh robot, pulling it apart with ease. Ignes, startled, just fell to the floor, fully open for the next part of the plan.

"Now, ghosts!" Hex ordered.
"It's the end of the Igneous Clockwork...And..Uh... And your reign of evil!" One of them hastly pieced together his own one-liner, not doing too well.

Reinaissance sprouted from under Ignes. Because of the Undead power of the plant, it ignored her intangibility, and wrapped itself around her like a snake, stuffing her nose with blood-red flowers soon after.

"Aaaack!Achoo!" The fire ghost sniffled, trying to break free. "How dare you put me in this horrible plant? Achoo! Gah,my pretty nose! The Master shall have your heads, all of you!"
"I knew your voice sounded familiar!" Hex concluded, banishing the Bone Wall."You're the one that told us this place was safe, when you were the problem yourself!"
"And I bet you're the one who led the kids into danger!" Stealth Elf raged. "Spit it out, you can't escape!"
"Achoo! You almost fell into our plan so well, just a few more hours and you'd never even get to the Steppe on time! YOU are the ill intent, Skylanders, because you're ruining everything!Aaah-choo!" Ignes siffled out a cloud of petals. "Gah. I'll be very glad to inform that your students are doing their part on our revenge scheme!"
"Where are they?!" Both elves yelled.
"In the Battleground of Pebbles, hopefully being chew toys for Slobber Traps and meeting the blasting part of our Clockwork Blasters! I'd be quick fools, because our Council will find out about this very soon, and will hunt all of you skylanders down!"
"Krypt King and Flashwing will get to them in time?" Stealth Elf asked Hex.
"They might, but Eon knows how many friends this evildoer has. Actually, he probably doesn't." Hex said, then turning to the ghosts. "She's all yours to imprision, fellow Undead, we need to hurry and find our friends. We're forever thankful for your help."
"No, we're the one that need to be thankful. But..." One of the ghosts replied. "You're Skylanders?! What are you doing here? How did you know we were in danger?"
"I'd love to stop and explain, but believe me, you're not the only ones. Trouble just seems to go where we go nowadays. Stealth Elf!"

The girls nodded to each other and ran foward to the area where the cave supposedly connected to the Battleground. Now, they had to race against the clock.

AN: Biiig chapter as I promised they would get, this will probably be the standard size now with a and b parts. Had to do some headcanon twists there since there's very little on how the undead even eat undead plants or touch them to begin with, but at least the time I spent trying to patch that up didn't delay the chapter. See you guys in Chapter 7!

9/10 - So sorry for the delay right after saying I'd get back to it, this time it's an actual thing in the way. Paying for my WiiU and the digital copy of Superchargers means I need to keep some attention on selling things like my old books at uni, and stopping to write isn't always possible since recently the chairs were removed for no good reason and I have no comfortable place to stay and write without getting neck pains. That might get fixed next week since I went around asking for them to put the chairs back,so stay tuned!
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