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Most powerful attacks in trap team,
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#1 Posted: 09:45:21 02/05/2015 | Topic Creator
I thought I would make a list
EE trigger happy golden Yamato blast-1920
Cuckoo clocker evolved, 1800?
Bash(any) charged tail attack, 960
Knightmare gifts keep giving, can go on forever

Close this if its not needed,
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#2 Posted: 09:55:11 02/05/2015
smilie: Skull Dash attack 900+
smilie: fully charged Sonic Slam attack 700
S2smilie: Skull Budy 540 I think
smilie: fully charged Boiling 400
smilie: Supernova Blackhole 400

That's all I know
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#3 Posted: 11:36:25 02/05/2015
I think it sucks that damage numbers can go this high. Way too much difference in damage between characters.
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#4 Posted: 11:53:04 02/05/2015
Although Wallops Tantrum Mode (maximum upgrades) only does 80 per hit, it can hit fast, about 2-5 hits per second with no charge, and easy to hit with. So I think that's the most powerful attack, Kaos' Undead Spell being the second most powerful (720 damage, no charge, easy to hit with).
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#5 Posted: 16:12:57 02/05/2015
I strongly hope the strongest core Skylanders get to have reposes.
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#6 Posted: 19:25:44 02/05/2015
Quote: Deja Vu
smilie: Skull Dash attack 900+

Did you test this out against a training dummy? Because I don't think it does that much damage to a normal enemy.

Anyway, I like trying to find Skylanders who do the most possible damage in the shortest time frame, so I think I can contribute here. Be warned that some damage estimates may be off however, especially for the ones that hit more than once in a very short time frame;

Most efficient:

Tantrum Thrower Wallop: Approx. 440 damage in 2 seconds(Hold Attack 1)
Pook Blade Saint Stealth Elf(Non-Eon's Elite): Approx. 100 damage in less than 1 second(with Attack 1, Attack 1, HOLD Attack 3 combo)
Mad Scientist Pop Fizz: Approx. 500 damage in 3 seconds(with burning/exploding puddle of acid)
Blaze Dragon Sunburn: Approx. 500 damage in 3 seconds(Hold Attack 1)
Granite Dragon Bash: Approx. 960 damage in 3 seconds(Hold Attack 1. However, you cannot move while doing so.)
Tempest Dragon Whirlwind(Non-Eon's Elite): Approx 225 damage in 1 second(Tempest Matrix)
Evolved Tae Kwon Crow: Approx 950 damage in 2-3 seconds(press Attack 1 three times)

Kind of efficient:
Axe Avenger Bushwhack: Approx. 1,000 damage in 6 seconds(with Attack 1, Attack 1, HOLD Attack 2 combo)
Evolved Cuckoo Clocker: Approx. 1,650+ damage in 7 seconds(Hold Attack 1. However, you cannot move while doing so.)
Evolved Chill Bill: Approx. 1,100 damage in 5 seconds(Hold Attack 1, must completely freeze. Does not affect bosses, tall opponents, or moderately tall opponents)
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#7 Posted: 19:43:51 02/05/2015
Like OP said, Elite Trigger Happy has the strongest one-hit damage with 1920, which can be increased to 8064 if you do a critical hit + holding a Superball in an Arena + being buffed by Rage Mage. And Knight Mare Gift Keeps on Giving stacks infinitely but you will never see so much damage on an actual enemy.

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