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Night shift in trap team [CLOSED]
CakeMc Gold Sparx Gems: 2258
#1 Posted: 02:05:43 12/04/2015 | Topic Creator
Does anyone have any idea why night shift second life ability doesn't work in trap team
Kaos - The Master Of All Battle Classes
TakeYourLemons Gold Sparx Gems: 2350
#2 Posted: 02:17:57 12/04/2015
Ya know, I'm betting it's a bug or they just didn't have time to code it in. Oh I wonder how many more we're going to find.
CakeMc Gold Sparx Gems: 2258
#3 Posted: 02:25:52 12/04/2015 | Topic Creator
Night shift use to be extreamly handy in nightmare mode but he's useless now
Kaos - The Master Of All Battle Classes
newkill Emerald Sparx Gems: 3975
#4 Posted: 03:32:12 12/04/2015
You talking about the ability that makes him come back to life when he is defeated? It works for me on Xbox 360.
Badwolfmichael Gold Sparx Gems: 2511
#5 Posted: 03:38:23 12/04/2015
I haven't used Night Shift that much in STT..

Well if it doesn't work, that's saddening >.>

Also do you play on Wii?~
Boombomb999 Gold Sparx Gems: 2238
#6 Posted: 13:22:55 12/04/2015
Which version are you playing on CakeMc?
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Czar Mania Ripto Gems: 353
#7 Posted: 14:51:17 12/04/2015
Night shifts abilitys a batty coach, round 2 and luck of the underbat work fine for me on tt for 360 might be a version glitch or not to sound rude possibly thought you had the ability unlocked.
Medicus Gold Sparx Gems: 2405
#8 Posted: 14:57:59 12/04/2015
I play on the Wii version and it has worked for me.
Hello There, Old Friends!
Skylanders fan Emerald Sparx Gems: 3952
#9 Posted: 23:50:37 12/04/2015
works on wiiu
Yep still around just not posting much anymore
Pokypro Blue Sparx Gems: 991
#10 Posted: 11:23:25 13/04/2015
It works on the Tablet and Xbox 360 for me. What console are you playing on? The nerfed his second life ability anyways!
Skylanders Youtuber (
CakeMc Gold Sparx Gems: 2258
#11 Posted: 03:31:49 16/04/2015 | Topic Creator
Im on xbox360
Kaos - The Master Of All Battle Classes
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