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Will there be other dragons? [CLOSED]
dragmundis Platinum Sparx Gems: 5047
#1 Posted: 03:05:06 06/06/2007 | Topic Creator
I hope the other dragons are still alive.
Blue Fire Green Sparx Gems: 441
#2 Posted: 19:38:02 06/06/2007
I bet you they will be! This game will probably be the crossing between thge old Spyro games and ANB.
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Michael Yellow Sparx Gems: 1326
#3 Posted: 19:53:53 06/06/2007
They could make Legend of Spyro versions of characters from the original continuity, but if they do then most characters will probably differ from what they once were, both in physical appearance and in personality.
RenanSpyro Yellow Sparx Gems: 1619
#4 Posted: 15:16:20 07/06/2007
Quote: Blue Fire
This game will probably be the crossing between the old Spyro games and ANB.

That would be great...
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jamieque Blue Sparx Gems: 766
#5 Posted: 14:54:37 09/06/2007
It would be great if things are done correctly without a screwup of some sort. The only plus about the reboot is if new versions of the original characters appeared then it wouldn't be the same characters. I for one am interested in seeing where Krome takes the storyline next. This will give me more material for future Spyro: Dragon of Destiny episodes and its upcoming animated online series counterpart, Destiny of Heroes.

I still have to finish working on the Legacy of Ages film designs of Spyro and his friends.
spyro_lover17 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1398
#6 Posted: 21:46:54 09/06/2007
Well if you go to the full link is on the front page in the DS section their is Cyril and in the Wii section their is small Cynder
Spyromaniac Green Sparx Gems: 103
#7 Posted: 17:12:59 25/06/2007
when I was looking at thet screens for the mobile version I saw a large gray dragon talking to Spyro.Anyone know anything about?
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