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Need help beating Quigley at Skystones? [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 00:19:32 03/04/2015 | Topic Creator
Hi everybody.

I know that Giants isn't exactly the current game now, but for anyone left who still plays, I had some advice for beating Quigley at Skystones:

You know him right? The kid with 5 Axecutioners in his deck, that all have 3 arrows a side? Quigley may seem almost impossible to beat at first... but what if I told you that you could beat him AND win an Axecutioner Skystone before Chapter 10? AND(on top of that) it wouldn't cost you a single gold coin?

I've done it before. You'll need to win the following Skystones, all of which can be won before chapter 10:

Goliath Drow(Won in chapter 9 from a Wilikin in the 'man cave' area)
Mohawk Cyclops 3(Won from Dreadbeard aboard the Dread-Yacht)
Drow Lance Master 3(Won at random)
Mace Major 3(Won at random)
...And the last one doesn't matter.

Quigley always starts by playing an Axecutioner in the middle tile of the middle row. In response, play Goliath Drow(up arrows: 4, left and right arrows:1) in the middle tile of the lower row to take his Axecutioner Skystone.

Quigley will then take your Goliath Drow by playing an Axecutioner to the left or right of it, but that's okay, because you'll take it back. If he played an Axecutioner to the left of your Goliath Drow, play Drow Lance Master 3 in the right tile of the lower row to take Goliath Drow back! If he played Axecutioner to the right of your Goliath Drow instead, then play Mohawk Cyclops 3 on the left tile of the lower row to take Goliath Drow back!

You should now be winning and Quigley won't be able to take any of the Skystones onscreen, so he'll play another Axecutioner. From here on out, always play your Skystones so that they can't be taken. This would be something like playing Mace Major 3 in the right tile of the upper row, so both of its sides with three arrows are exposed and its two open sides are covered, for example. Just don't ever leave any sides without three arrows open. If you did it right, you will have beaten Quigley and won an Axecutioner Skystone, no purchases required!
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