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Pokémon FanFiction: Age of Destruction [CLOSED]
FuryBeam136 Gold Sparx Gems: 2103
#1 Posted: 23:38:50 25/03/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter One: Where are we now?
Unknown Pokémon's PoV

Where was he?

The roaring of water in his ears brought him to realize that he was underwater. He could see nothing, only smeared blue. He could feel his body, and oddly enough he could breathe. But who was he, and where was he?

He closed his eyes, seeing as he was unable too see anything anyway. As he did so, he felt himself being lifted out of the water. He felt air rushing over him, and he felt himself being lowered.

"A favor for a favor," someone whispered as he was layed on something soft. "A life for a life."

He opened his eyes to see a shining silver-white shape flying away on the horizon. Slowly but surely, he managed to stand. He spread his wings, unsure of what to do and where to go.

A favor for a favor. A life for a life.

He shook himself dry and slept on the sand.

Darkness stole over the land, allowing no one to see anything. She looked into his eyes. Although hers were ruby red, he stared into them like they were the prettiest thing in the world. She pulled away from his embrace, turning to the dark woods.

"I have to go," she whispered. "Promise you'll stay and protect them, okay?"

A loud bang echoed suddenly and he flew towards it. He would protect her. A Hyper Beam flew towards his face.

"A favor for a favor. A life for a life.
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