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The Legend of Spyro: Lucien's Beginning
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=Chapter 1=

During the raid on the dragon temple Cyril manages to slide past some of the monsters to get to the golden egg chamber. In this room, a pedestal was lit to show a golden egg that levitated in the light. Cyril grabbed the egg and ran into the forest. He went as far as he could go then flew the rest of the way to a mountain village. He explained himself to the villagers. They accepted his proposal and took the dragon egg while Cyril returned to the temple. To see the purple dragon egg was safely moved, when Ignitus returned.

"Is it safe,” Ignitus asked, he looked as if he had run for his own life just to end up back in the location of danger.

"Yes, I hid it in the mountain village on the other side of the valley," Cyril nodded inquiring that the location was far enough from evil presences that it could not be found.

"Its opposite is on its way down stream. We don't have much time, try to find more surviving eggs," Ignitus hastily made his way to a door marked by the symbol of fire, "I'll go this way; try to find Terredor as well." he disappeared behind the door.

Cyril taunted silently, "What else would I do?" He turned to a door that was opening to a small group of the ape soldiers. He fearlessly charged, freezing them before smashing their remains. He continued through the pre-opened door to see Terredor in combat with one of the ape officers.

Terredor was hit by one of the bombs, but he brushed it off and charged the enemy into the wall. The ceiling shook from the impact, and the animal fell to the ground.

"Terredor, how many are there?" Cyril ran into the room fending off a few of the smaller grunts.

"I don't know, but they keep coming." Terredor swung his tail smashing the ribs of another ape that had been knocked to the floor. "They've already destroyed to all the eggs here," He then turned to Cyril with worry, "What of the purple one?"

"It is safe, Ignitus sent it down river. The dragonflies should know what to do." he jumped up to tackle another ape, digging his icy claws into the creature’s body, freezing him from the inside out.

"We need to get out of here!" Ignitus burst in flaming the many that chase him. The numbers didn't seem to be very effected by the defense of the guardians.

"How?" Cyril dodged an oncoming attack, making a quick strike back at the passing enemy.

"I've got an idea," Terredor jumped up to the roof and blasted a whole through the ceiling. The gaping hole was big enough for him to slip through.

"What about Vulteer?" Cyril called, just as the yellow, electric dragon charge in from the hole.

He sent a burst of electricity that stunned all the baboons, but the officers still pushed through. "Let’s go. Now!" he retreated back up the hole.

Cyril hit one of the officers back as he pounced on the sentinel and forced himself up and out. He turned around to peek inside, "Come on Ignitus!"

"Just go," he exerted a shot of fire that scorched the shield of an officer. Ignitus was attacked from behind by a magical strike from the sentinel.

"Ignitus!" Cyril was pulled away from the hole by Vulteer.

"We need to get out of here, we could be next," Vulteer tugged at Cyril's wing.

"He's only gone because we let him," Cyril jumped into the air flew toward the mountains. Vulteer was just behind him. Terredor went up river and followed it to a cave. He hid inside, but still worried for Ignitus.

Vulteer and Cyril parted ways near the peak of one of the mountains. Once Vulteer was out of site, Cyril turned around to fly back the way he came. He returned to the temple to try and rescue Ignitus, but he had already been captured. Cyril dived in and sent an ice pulse at the captors, freezing them to the ground. He landed on top of one of the commanders, who wasn't frozen solid, "Don't even touch him." he made the final strike, across the ape's throat with his fore claws.

"Cyril, why did you return?" Ignitus asked sitting up in his mobile prison. he had been beaten badly by his captors.

"To see if you were alright, but it would seem I am rather late." he retrieved the keys from the commander to release Ignitus from the cage and chains. He then provided suppost for the fire dragon as he lead him out.

"I'll be fine," he grunted, "But you, you need to get out of here.” Ignitus brushed his shakiness off and got out of the wagon, “It’s not safe. Let me go” he pulled away a bit from Cyril's help, “I'm going into the forest, they won't find me in there."

"But, your wounded," Cyril explained, but Ignitus ignored him and trudged into the trees.

Cyril looked around hearing the clamor of shields and blades banging together. The sounds weren't too far away, just over the wall next to him to be exact. Cyril nodded to himself and took off into the air flying back toward the mountains. The temple behind him lit up with fire, and Cyril just couldn't watch anymore.

--Five days later--
Cyril walked into a room cluttered with scrolls. He picked through them looking for one that could tell him more about the Golden God dragons. He had found one back in the temple, but it’s gone by now. "Just one at least." he started to get frustrated over his search. He pushed over a bunch of books.

One book still on the shelf gleamed a golden spine reading Golden Past. The letters were in a rather odd font seeing as it was out of place as well as foreign

Cyril brought it down and took it into a more lit area, "C'mon, tell me something." He flipped through it, stopping on a page with a well painted picture of what the being is believed to look like. “This could change everything.” Cyril remarked. Just on the next page, the tittle of the section said, Fires of Gray, “What is this?” the picture here was of an eye, but it was mis-formed. The area of an iris was a gray flame, it read in the first paragraph, “A great evil long before us once existed. With the power to destroy anything with just the lift of a claw. His hatred was so dark no living being could touch him, though he did not defend himself. A legend says he died of age, but there has been tale that he sacrificed himself to become a spirit, to take over one’s body, to keep living. He was a light color of a dragon, but his heart was too dark, they called him Gray.” Cyril read on to the next paragraph, “He created his own power, one much similar to that of fury in the purple dragon. He had tested his power on many. After his 'test' not even ashes remained.” Cyril closed the book at this, but kept the page.

Reopening it he looked to the other page, “After he disappeared, every now and then, this ability would turn up in someone. That person had been consumed by darkness. Those who lived through these re-occurrences stated that their eyes were of gray fire. This feature was found mainly in those of the Golden God Dragons.” I was wondering why this would be printed here. He thought turning back to the first section Basics, “Well that's subtle enough.” he said reading the page. The main things that stood out were “Four starting elements; golden vision; and changes to physical form.”
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(Two months later)
The little white dragon that hatched from the egg was now running about jumping at grass hoppers and tackling some random flowers. Dandelion seeds floated about in the dim light of the rising sun. The rainbow-like colors gleamed off the sun's light, through the clouds and ocean's reflection. There weren't many trees up this high so the area was clear, and the grass grew a very colorful green.

Cyril approached the little dragon, "Lucien, it’s time to begin your training."

The white dracling looked up at him, "Aww, but it’s still morning."

Cyril lowered down to him, "You have to start sometime. The sooner the better."

"Alright," he stood up from his lowered state. He walked along with Cyril back up the long set of stairs.

"What's first?" Lucien asked at the base of the steps.

"Well, it’s going to be a long, hard life for you, for this world is in chaos." Cyril kept up with the little dragon.

"So, what are we going to do first?" Lucien asked hopping up on the first step, nearly hitting the next one.

"Well, we need to find out your basic elements." he responded as he picked up his pace.

Lucien jumped from step to step. "I have more than one element?"

"Yes, you actually have four, but we need to find out what they are so we can concentrate on those skills."

“Wow, four elements. I can't wait to find them out. I bet I have ice like you.” he cheerfully said as they neared the top.

“Hm hmm, I'm sure you might.” Cyril and Lucien reached the top and entered a cave.

(Two years later)
Lucien stood atop a hill overlooking the valley below. Behind him was a hidden dummy that moved as if it were alive, slowly getting closer. It jumped out. Lucien stood still as it approached. He stuck his tail out at the last second, his tail was like a human wail harpoon, with blade spikes, two on one side and a single blade on the other, struck the dummy, stabbing strait through the dummy where a heart would be. The dummy burst into flames and turned to ashes in just seconds.

"Nice try, you just can't get close enough." Lucien commented turning around.

"You've learned a lot." the blue dragon stepped into view. “And you are doing great in your studies.

"I have a great teacher," he walked over to him.

Cyril smiled, "C'mon, let’s give your training a rest; we need to get something to eat."

"I'm not hungry." Lucien replied.

Cyril chuckled, "You must be, the last time you ate was two days ago."

“Truth is, I'm not tired either.” Lucien added.

“That's a whole four days you've told me that

"Has it been that long?" Lucien asked shaking his head with a smile.

Cyril just nodded, "Now, come, let’s eat," he turned and vanished behind the trees.

Lucien followed, he still had moved his legs at a fast pace to keep up. The forest-like area grew with slow but elegant motion. The trees swayed with the breezes and birds flew around above them. Lucien couldn't help but get distracted by their tweets and chirps. The path they were on led back up the mountain to its peak, but they turned off on another trail that led them back to the small village. They stayed in a small cave just on the edge of the village. The people were quiet and nice, but Lucien's training took up most of their time.

They turned into the cave and Cyril sat near a table that was already set with warm food and napkins for after. The cave was also warm, compared to the cold weather of the high altitude. There was a fire in the cave's back side to keep the air at a good temperature. As the flames of the fire danced across the logs, Lucien and Cyril ate what was set out. There were a few plant foods that the two enjoyed, mainly the ripe red apple. Lucien had just devoured a beef rib, when he looked up, "Cyril,” Lucien stopped, to which Cyril looked up with a hum of attention. “When I sleep, I see the same thing, a purple dragon. Small, but powerful. What does the purple dragon mean?”

Cyril craned his neck, swallowing what was in his mouth. "Well, a purple dragon is a very rare dragon that comes only once every ten thousand years. Their appearance only means that something bad is upon the people." he looked down, "But then there's Malefor, the only purple dragon to go against his duty of the purple dragon."

"I thought he was destroyed?"

"He was, but only just. He had been sealed away in the dark realms to be punished. But I fear he is trying to get out." Cyril stood up and walked around the table to stand next to the small white dragon, "The purple dragon you see in your dreams, he is your brother."

"Brother," he stood up from his place, "I have a family?"

"He is the last sibling you have, the others were crushed as eggs, a dreadful day that was." he shook his head as he turned away to hide his tears.

"We have to find him, before,"

"Before what, he is safe. He is living with a family of dragonflies.” he cut in, sighed, “His is name is Spyro, but he doesn't know who he is, or what he is.”

"So, when will I see him?" Lucien walked up to Cyril, around to view his face.

"When you both are ready." Cyril replied
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(Two years later)
"How much longer must I train before I can find my brother?" Lucien asked sitting down as a new dummy appeared.

"In time we will, now please focus. One more time and you can rest." Cyril replied.

Lucien sighed heavily, "Fine." he lowered himself to the ground. He let his body get colder, his claws slowly turned a bright blue, taking on a physical effect of the element ice. He jumped up opening his mouth to let out a light blizzard, fogging up the view of the room. He then clenched his paw and the ice cloud condensed. The dummy seemed to have disappeared, but there was a small cube lying where the dummy had been. Lucien walked up to a small cube of ice and lifted it between his claws and looked at Cyril.

"Do you remember what this technique is useful for?" Cyril questioned standing from his spot.

"To trap the enemy in ice, making them vulnerable." Lucien answered throwing the cube out of the cave.

"Good, you may take a break and rest." Cyril said walking over, "Don't worry, you will meet, we just can't risk the enemy finding him now. He'll be fine." They both made their way out though a doorway to the main sector of the cave, near the entrance.

"I know," he laid down, "I just wanted to at least talk to him."

"We both do. Just be a bit more patient."

"Alright, I'll try. What are you going to teach me next?" Lucien looked up at him.

"Well, you still need to learn how to travel if your wings are hurt or damaged." Cyril let a small smile cross his face.

"Can we start it tomorrow?" Lucien sounded a bit exited.

"That is the plan, unless something comes up." Cyril said sounding a bit concerned about himself and stared at the ground in thought.

"What do you mean by that?" Lucien's voice sounded annoyed, but also a bit angered.

"Are you alright, I've never heard you take that tone." Cyril looked up at him.

Lucien shook his head, "I don't know, I just feel.... mad all the time."

"Look, I told you we will find Spyro when you both,"

"That's not what I'm talking about!" his voice sounded scratched and hard, like he was much older.

"Lucien?" Cyril turned to him and looked over him.

At the bottom of one of Lucien's eyes, a gray color crawled up. When it reached the top of his crystal blue irises, it branched off and it formed a flame. The fire burned as if it were alive, but there was no actual flame being produced. "What?" Lucien's voice didn't change.

"Something is not right. Your voice is not the same, and you’re acting different." Cyril took a step back.

"I feel more power. A great feeling. It is overwhelming." his tone had changed drastically. He blinked looking up at Cyril with a dark smile. After he blinked, his other eye had the same pattern, but the flames had different motions, they burned separate ways, like individual fires.

"Lucien, I think you need to rest." Cyril's voice choked afraid to say more.

"Why, I feel so awake. I couldn't possibly sleep." he stepped toward Cyril. The caves lighting was flickering from the small fire in the back. The sun hadn't risen yet, but it wouldn't be too long then.

"Now Lucien, that is how everyone feels when their tired," he stepped back as Lucien got closer. Cyril back stepped, accidentally kicking a pot over, causing him to loose balance and fall back on his side. He snapped crawled away a few feet before standing again. Lucien was quick to catch up, now standing right in front of Cyril, causing him to jump in fright. The dim lighting showed Lucien's scales had dimmed to a dull gray.

"Oh, I could never sleep like this. I want to do something, let’s play, I want a reason to be tired." he grinned hard to show his teeth had grown, and how sharp that had turned out to be? Cyril didn't know what to do at this point.

"You... Want to race?" Cyril asked hastily.

"Yes, let’s also see who can take the other down." he kept advancing.

Cyril was now tail outside the cave, "Not what I meant, we should race around the mountains, build up your wing strength." he pushed the subject.

"Or we can see who never makes a single lap." Lucien's eyes flared with dark power. The gray flames seemed to grow as he talked, but settled at the end of his sentences.

"We don't need to fight. If you want to, then go to the practice room." Cyril felt a little less scared once he was outside.

Lucien laughed with an echoing tone, making it sound as if two voices talked at the same time, "Why don't you want to fight me? I'm very small, you can take me. C'mon, don't be a cowered?”

Cyril found it in him to raise his neck high and stand tall, "You will go to the practice dummy now!" he roared.

Lucien's flaming eyes made a fearful look, "Why are you yelling?" his regular small voice choked in. His eyes of fire turned to crystal blue, and the flames receded to small circles.

Cyril saw this and stepped closer, “Lucien?” he asked cautiously.

"Who else could I be?" He asked with a cold shiver crawling over his body, originating from his spine. His legs shook as he grew weak. His legs gave out and he fell to the ground, laying there he looked up, "What happened?"

Not wanting to scare him, Cyril bent down, "Well, we were just about to start a new lesson, but you just blacked out on me." he lied to cover the incident.

"I'm too tired to train more." Lucien pleaded in a tired, sorry-like, tone with a saddened face of wiriness.

Cyril sighed as Lucien believed his lie, "Alright, c'mon. Let’s get some rest." Cyril said as they went back inside. Lucien slept closer to the fire since Cyril was an ice dragon, he would be less comforted or energized in a negative element area. "Sleep well," Cyril said as Lucien slept. Cyril curled up near the entrance and closed his eyes, but couldn't sleep through what had just happened.
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This has been chapter 1 in a three part book style series that is almost parallel to the Legend of Spyro Series, with twists and major background information. Do come back if you enjoyed this part, the second chapter shall be up as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading, and your opinion on how it is going would be great so feel free to comment, but try to keep it short as it may interrupt the viewing of the storyline overall.(and no it's not a marry sue or RP based story where the OC saves the day in the end(it kind of does, but then again doesn't))


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#5 Posted: 03:17:39 25/03/2015
Well, without actually reading the story just yet, I think that this will be good. What's more is that it's good that this section has yet to fully scumb to skylanders. I will read this as soon as possible and reply more then.
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I must ask you to not be too critical, this one was actually made like four years ago, the detail and plot line of each paragraph is rough, I need to have it edited and latched up before I post it elsewhere, lol. It's so bad compared to what I can do with it now
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#7 Posted: 21:19:27 25/03/2015
I shouldn't end up too critical, just by a glance, it could do quite well over in , (still haven't gotten to reading this yet, though I should do it sometime today.)
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Chapter two is currently in edit mode, it should only tale a few days, maybe a few hours depending on my overall free time. I'm still learning FL Studio and drawing often so I've got a mix of projects going all at once.
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#9 Posted: 03:49:09 21/05/2015
That's good to know (about the story), hopefully you'll do well with those projects.
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#10 Posted: 13:04:44 21/05/2015
I'm also looking forward to seeing chapter 2. This is really interesting so far, I love that it happens alongside TLOS. I will definitely keep reading! smilie
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=Chapter 2=

(Three years latter)
Lucien woke up in silence in the forest far from the eastern coast. The birds chirped loudly and the leaves shuffled high in the emerald trees, and behind them were several holes to see the blue sky of day. Lifting himself from the roots of the scratched tree, Lucien made his way down a trail he had been following for a few days. The soft sand between each root slid across the dirt under it. He made step after careful step to avoid any quick sand there could have been. "Where have they taken him?" he asked himself angrily. Cutting a deep wound into a tree by his tail, with a single slice, the tree fell. The crash echoed through the forest, "Those apes will get it when I find them. Their lucky I was training that day." he mumbled as he continued to follow the scent of manure and metal.

(Over in the dragon fly hide)
"Spyro is no longer welcome here." a droopy skinned, gray eyed, dragonfly announced.

Nina darted out into the middle of the meeting area, "We can't just throw him out. My son is very close to him." the green adult female dragonfly cried in response.

"It is not truly my decision. Most agree that he is most likely to draw in trouble.” the elder dragonfly stated with a higher tone. His overall appearance was that of the village sage. Even his wings were curly and thick with wisdom, the cane didn't make his age more visable that it already was.

Flash, the father, came in out of the crowd, "We have raised him as our own for many years. There is no threat if they can't find him," he stated stopping to float next to his wife.

"That's just it, he will outgrow us, and even outlive us. He will be bigger, and he won't be able to hide as well as we have these many peacful generations," the elder finished and turned away.

"Never catch me this time, purple boy.” Sparx flew off, leaving Spyro to look around. Sparx flew around Spyro, but he didn't notice him until he passed by and hid behind a tree after making a pass by some mushrooms that had grown up around th base.

“I see you my little glowing friend.” Spyro said approaching him. His little figure marched over to the hiding place.

Spyro had grown quite a bit since his hatching almost 7 years ago now, even hi horns and crest had developed well enough to be effective. His horns, identically, held two notches that made the horns change direction, but faced slightly upward at the end. His crest was a light yellow with an orange webbing from the top of each spine to the very distinct path down his back. His wings, weak and still rather small for his size, but not to his age, were yellow along the bone and muscle, and the membrane was the dame orange to match his crest. Down on the end of his tail was a flat cone configuration that resembed a fire, brightly colored yellow to match the rest of his secondary color.

“Seeing and catching are two different things, big boy.” Sparx continued to taunt. He turned and flew off quickly, going up an incline in the terrain.

“Yeah, you better run.” Spyro replied persuing his best friend up and around on the partial circle incline. Spyro chased him up and around the area, even across a gap that he easily glided over. Just beyond the incline there was a bridge where he could see Sparx on the other side.

“What's the matter, little Spyro? You can't fly? Oh that's right, you walk everywhere. Hmm that's too bad.” Sparx said sarcastically as he waits on the far side.

“Your toast when I catch you.” Spyro said running across the bridge. Sparx took off around the corner as Spyro drew closer.

Without paying attention to where he was going, continuing to tease Spyro, a frogweed popped up behind him, “Must be tough to lose all the time Sp-” he was pulled in by the creature's tongue. From within its belly, “Alright, let me out of here you overgrown fungus.” his voice was muffled, “Spyro, seriously, lend me a hand here, will ya brother?” his tone was a little more serious than the taunting he had been doing earlier.

Spyro came to a halt just as this happened, “Geez, Sparx. I don't know, frogweed's gotta eat too.” Spyro counter taunted making himself almost laugh.

“Spyro! Whack it!" Sparx called out again, "Do something. I'm your buddy, my wings are getting moldy.” Sparx added, his voice slightly muffled by the body that held him prisoner

Spyro went ahead with a set of attacks, attempting to free Sparx. Just before the creature died, it spat Sparx out and receded into the ground. Sparx slapped onto Spyro's chest, and slid off. Sitting up some, “Ugghhh... now I smell almost as bad as you do," he looked himself over before looking back up to Spyro, "Oooh, and that's pretty bad.” he got up and started flying again, “See ya later sucker!” he bolted off again.

“So much for gratitude.” Spyro commented before chasing after him again. Though Sparx flew through small spaces, Spyro had to claw his way through vines to stay on track. He chased after Sparx through more frogweeds that Sparx was able to avoid. Just as he was about to catch Sparx, he went through a large set of teeth that were a part of what looked to be a large animal's bones.
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(Deep forest, near Spyro's birth place)
Lucien tracked the foot prints as far as the river; They had to have taken a boat. He groaned; But which way? He looked to his right, up river, leading west. Then turned to his left, toward the east. Gritting hard, “Where did you go?!” he yelled.

His voice echoed through the trees, following along the bank down both directions. Bouncing though the forest and into the marsh lands not too far downstream. Finally reaching though the thick, tall mushrooms of the swamps. Spyro flinched as he heard this echo, “Huh?” he looked behind him, another echo that had rebounded off other mushrooms, “What?” he continued to look around.

“Has anyone seen a purple thing around? I seemed to have lost mine.” Sparx’s said from deep within the skeleton structure. Spyro re-focused on chasing Sparx, mostly out of fear of hearing other things.

Lucien shook his head; I have to go one of these ways. But witch one first? He thought some more. “Grrh, this way.” He said angrily running off to his left, following the flow of the river.

It's wasn't long untill he found the trees slowly deminishing into giant mushrooms, "This place feel oddly familiary," he commented to himself in the wonder of the land. He hadn't been this far from the mintain before, but he seemed to get through it all rather well. The scent of the pines and maples seemed to die as the oddly sweet smell of the mushrooms filled the air.

The place was quiet and barren of the many birds that lived in the trees, but the low hum of the bugs' music began to become audible, not that Lucien had to be close to here such things. The river bank widened here and there with the ocasional tall round stone poking throught the water's surface to part the water for only a very minor fraction of a distance, like any other river really. The mushrooms seemed to get taller as he continued further away from the forest, but where no taller than a 10 year old red oak in winter. The air of the land was majestic and full of fantacy, but was as real as it gets, much more exotic than the forest.

Lucien had to step into and away from the river in order to proceed in this direction, but it was never an issue. As long as he kept this direction he believed he'd run into an ape camp not too much firther down, especially with the mushrooms being perfect for constructing atop of. Flying was not an option however, that is one bit he hadn't trully master through his training, but it was available as a last resort. His body grew exponentially, the constant training made sure he was fit for battle if not for evasion, but with his current state of mind, evasion was not in his dictionary.

About half an hour passed before he was halted by a surprise attck from a small team of apes. There was only one captain with four other grunt class soldiers ready to cage and or kill the young dragon. "Who is this? You're not the purple one Cynder told us to find."

Purple one? Could that be Spyro they're talking about? Lucien froze in his tracks, "I'm not the one you are looking for? In that case, I'll just be on my way then."

The captain placed the soldiers in an attack formation, "Sorry little dragon, but you're going to have to come with us," the soldiers slwoly moved to surround the white and golden dragon boy, "Don't cause us any problems and you won't be killed right away," he stated with a chuckle.

Lucien laughed slightly, "Four soldiers and a captain, are you serious?" he sat down placing a paw over his face, "That is too great! You honestly think I'm scared of any of you," his laughter clamed into a more serious demenor, "But seeing as you are out here and,"

"Enough talk, put him in the cage!" he rasied his club to point to the wooden rope enclosure.
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The four ape soldiers all pouncing at once form their own positions around Lucien. Lucien sat absolutly still as they closed in on their target. Only an inch from the white dragon, a sudden pasue in time, at least so it would seem, halted their attack. Lucien glared at the captain eith glowing golden irises, and a voice that only an adult dragon could produce naturally pronounced itself form the boy's mouth, "Before we continue, I must finish my last statement," he cleared his throat, "Seeing as you are out here in the mushroom marshlands, in the very direction the river flows, I have to ask: Have you seen another dragon come this way. He's kind of big, blue and spiky like ice shards?" his voice of power and curious sarcasm.

The captain was shocked by the very image he was whitnissing. He was dumb founded for a few seconds befor snapping to, "Even if I did, why should I tell you?"

The apes frozen in the air around Lucien parted slightly to allow the captain to see the whit dragon more clearly, "Wouldn't you want to save your friends, your family, your kin from anyone who would capture or hurt them?" one of the floating apes began to groan and screem as its body began to freez, turning to ice around its limbs. No response form the now frantic captian, then another started chiming in on the cries of pain as sand swarmed around its body, "Or would you let them die when you could have done something as simple as telling someone a location of a particular Ice Guardian?"

A third ape joined the crying as its fur started to fall off and the bare skin boiling up with warts and sacks of puss, "Gahhh! Fine. Let them go!" the captain dropped to his knees placing his shield down.

The expansion of ice stopped, the sand storm froze in place, and the bubbling boils quit forming, "I do believe it is first comes first, so: where," the ice then crushed one of the ape's feet, "Is," some of the sand darted strait though the other one's left hand, "He!" a mound of flesh popped off the poisoned one's hip.

"At the Atlawa Shrine, in the dotted valley to the," he was cut off by a large ice spike pertruding from his chest, it had formed just behind him in the ground and grew up quickly to go right through his body.

The other's around Lucien were all then poisoned and killed immediately. All of their bodies vanished in a puff of dark smoke, leaving behind small collored gems. Lucien dropped to the ground himself as his body ached with fatigue. He lay here in a daze, the use of his ancestrial power exausts energy at a much faster rate due to it's intense output of energy. The gems were jsut out of sight to Liucien from his incompacitated state, but their radient energy could be sensed by any dragon near them.

Lucien raised his head, eyes had faded back to their natural crystal blue hue, as he struggled to look about, "That took too long," he crawled toward the dim energy signal he could feel in his spirit. A green enrgy gem started to role toward Lucien as he closed in on it's location. At a closer range, it shot over to Lucien and desolved into his body. he felt it's spiritual power flow through his aching body. It was ever so soothing, like settling into a hot tub after a non-stop work day. The pain subsided a little form it's spiritual gift.

Lucien was now able to moved more freely again, gathering the other gem shards, eventually standing on all four again. Shaking himself as the irritatioin dies out. Looking at the captain's remains, the gems that were left behind, "These creatures are being controled, to some extent anyway," he tried to get a better look at the gems, not knowing what they really were as this was the firtst time ever seeing such items of magical power, "What are these things?" the shardes bounced to life as they swarmed around his body before crashing into him, soothing his body again to the point of painlessness.

Very courious as to what these gems were, he shook his head, "Cyril may know," he concluded and pushed the mysterious items out of his mind, putting his father figure first, Cyril must be rescued.

Lucien was raising a front leg to step off in the direction he was heading before when the hint of burning flesh and grass crossed his senses, "Must be a camp around here somewhere," he said to himself when a new scent mixed in, "That's no regular fire," he continued to head down stream, deeper into the forest.

Following both the scent and his current trail, he could hear a deep voice yell out, "I have to report to Cynder!" jsut then an ape leader was jumping overhead, running from something.

"What?" Lucien questioned the scene and traced the path back to the ledge he once stood upon. Just below was a figue he never thought he see, a purple dragon with golden horns, crest, wings, and chest, "S-S-Spyro?" he uttered quietly at first, but then tears came to his eyes and he jumped down. The ledge wasn't really too high, so his landing was rather soft and unnoticed.

"Are you alright?" The purple dragon was talking to someone, his back was to Lucien at the time and hadn't discovered the whited dragon walking up yet.

"Spyro," Lucien's eyes were wide and moist as he approached with disbelief.

"Who is that?" Sparx had flown up high enough to see past Spyro's shoulder.

Spyro jumped up and quickly spun around to become almost nose to nose with Lucien, and out of reflex he breathed stream of fire into Lucien's body. Seeing as he was slightly taller the fire rushed over everything except his face and head.

Unphased by the fire, Lucien hadn't evel slowed down since Spyro had backed away. The fire deminished behind Lucien as the flames had just rushed around the white dragon's body, "Spyro!" a now excited voice was produced form Lucien.

"Huhh?" Spyro craned his neck in confusion, "How do you know," he was cut off by a sudden hug from the white dragon before him, "Uh, hay!"

"I've been wishing for this day for the past five years," was all Spyro got out of him, like this dragon wasn't listening to him.

Lucien pulled back, keeping his paws up on Spyro's shoulders, "I'm Lucien Gray, your brother," he finally replied correctly.
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Sorry if things seem to change in overall mood, I was in a bit of stress while typing this chapter, and some events may seem quick or run together at a rapid pace, or the scenes may seem confusing, but when I get everything situated, I may revamp these chapters to be more professional ^_^
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I actually don't think anything was rushed at all, the pace seems fine to me. I like that you've already changed some of the story with Lucien talking to Spyro: I know these games so well but I don't know what to expect since you're changing things, and that's a very good thing. I loved reading this and am excited to find out what happens next smilie
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Again a quick apology for the time between parts, I've been both in a writer's block and busy with other things. Anyway, next part will be up soon, for sure!
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Nooooo, you need to write dis!! I wanna know how it goes down! So much potential! You use to talk about it all the time smilie
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Quote: BallisticBeats
Nooooo, you need to write dis!! I wanna know how it goes down! So much potential! You use to talk about it all the time XD

It's still a work in progress. Just because I haven't posted anything recently doesn't mean it's dead. I'm still working out the kinks of the next chapter, so hold your horses!
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ooc: yeah beats chill
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