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Eclipse [CLOSED]
zetazebrapies Gold Sparx Gems: 2310
#1 Posted: 14:17:30 20/03/2015 | Topic Creator
Did anyone see the eclipse that occurred this morning? It depends what country (and where in the country) to see it best. I got a good view where I live, but the south of England got dreadful weather! smilie

I got a photo!

[User Posted Image]

So I was wondering if anyone else saw it? If so did you get to see a total eclipse or just part of the sun was covered?
gillgrunt987 Diamond Sparx Gems: 7502
#2 Posted: 16:29:20 20/03/2015
We almost saw it but the clouds ruined it and the pinhole camera I made was ineffective. But I did like the sky being dim.
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Knight Wolf Emerald Sparx Gems: 4336
#3 Posted: 18:41:45 20/03/2015
Missed another one. Damn there went my ritual!

In all honest unfortunately no.
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katkerrykat Platinum Sparx Gems: 6033
#4 Posted: 22:46:00 20/03/2015
I saw it, but annoyingly my camera captured none of it..even though we got clear skies during most of the eclipse! It was quite cool to watch though, and the sky darkening was strange.
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