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Lost Rebel Lob Goblin Help [CLOSED]
diavolotto Red Sparx Gems: 59
#1 Posted: 07:40:03 11/03/2015 | Topic Creator
My son bought a light trap with "rebel lob goblin " .
After having played a bit , changed enemy trapped and now "rebel lob goblin " is no longer selected to be put back into the trap .
There is a system to be able to get back available .
No one has a save game with "rebel lob goblin " selectable .
gillgrunt32 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3283
#2 Posted: 08:01:32 11/03/2015
just put Normal lob goblin in the trap and it will set it as rebel lob goblin automatically smilie
diavolotto Red Sparx Gems: 59
#3 Posted: 08:10:21 11/03/2015 | Topic Creator
I can not select " lob goblin " because I have not captured . "rebel lob goblin " was in the trap
Drek95 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4753
#4 Posted: 08:15:14 11/03/2015
Just capture the normal Lob Goblin, ad he will always appear as his Rebel version, inside that trap. smilie

Oh, and, welcome to smilie! smilie
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Iganagor Emerald Sparx Gems: 3544
#5 Posted: 08:20:21 11/03/2015
Spend money on the Adventure Pack, or you will never see Rebel Lob Goblin again...
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mantez Emerald Sparx Gems: 3167
#6 Posted: 09:31:41 11/03/2015
You will need to buy or borrow the expansion to unlock the level (nightmare express) Lob goblin is in to replace him into the trap.
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diavolotto Red Sparx Gems: 59
#7 Posted: 10:30:42 11/03/2015 | Topic Creator
Thanks guys
Soon as I have the money will buy the adventure pack .
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