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Help for Spyro the Dragon Let's Play [CLOSED]
famousfern3 Red Sparx Gems: 96
#1 Posted: 21:03:54 07/03/2015 | Topic Creator
I am in the midst of creating a let's play for Spyro the Dragon with 100% playthrough and interactive menus, (Like the let's player Chuggaaconory does for let's plays). I was wondering
if could get help with creating the interactive menus and if you guys like the let's play, get it featured on the website. Even if it doesn't get featured I will credit anyone who helps.

P.S. if you need to see my let's play youtube channel just ask
Blisten Ripto Gems: 62
#2 Posted: 23:26:42 26/03/2015
That seems rather complicated. Maybe you should learn a few things from Codecademy or Hour of Code. Maybe you can even ask the website creator for tips. He's worked so much to make our lives easier.
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famousfern3 Red Sparx Gems: 96
#3 Posted: 04:05:19 30/03/2015 | Topic Creator
Alright thanks smilie
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