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For those who just want 11 traps
wild_defender Green Sparx Gems: 465
#1 Posted: 22:01:02 24/02/2015 | Topic Creator
So ever since the game came out I only wanted the eleven traps needed to play the game fully.
This turned out a bit harder then what I though because the designs for each element are relatively random and I couldn't come up with a good overall theme that suited all of them. I know there's a bunch of you on here that only wanted the 11 too, so I was wondering what combinations you have? And why?

This is what I've settled on for now...

[User Posted Image]

Basically I started with light and dark and worked backwards as the spider and hawk I think best suit those elements.
For magic and tech I chose the hourglass ( coz déjà vu, and I think they are magical lol ) and the hand coz it's basically Iron mans hand and he's pretty techy.
The skull was obvious for undead and the snake I felt suited life .
Then for the 4 basic elements fire water wind and earth I chose to make them the weapons, just coz I wanted those 4 to match and that seemed to be the only good looking group I could come up with smilie
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#2 Posted: 22:17:04 24/02/2015
I don't HAVE even close to all 11 traps,but I did have a list of the ones I wanted in mind ever since they were all revealed.
Water,Life and Kaos are no brainers - not spending money for different molds on those.
Earth - Hourglass, though I have Orb as well because of ebay shenanigans.
Magic - Skull. The rest look kinda of random, though Rocket made me laugh a bit at the shameless reference.
Undead - Hand. It just looks beautiful,and the other molds I have other elements in mind for.
Air - Cobra. Color and mold just look perfect together.
Fire - Undecided between Scepter and Pirate's Hat, they don't look too different.
Tech - Angel,same as Air.
Light - Owl and Dark - Spider for fitting the elements pretty well, but guess who can't afford both Expansion Packs ._.
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Drek95 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4753
#3 Posted: 22:23:16 24/02/2015
I really wanted to own only 11 traps...

But, since a lot of evolved villains look really ugly, to me, I decided to buy at least another trap for each Element (not counting Kaos).

So, I will have 10 "generic" traps, that I just think looks cool, and 10 that are the ones that I really like, and that will host my regular villains.
I'm going to mention only them (I still don't have them all):

Magic: Skull. First trap I bought, it just looks so cool, and really suits such a mysterious and whimsical Element.

Tech: Hand. Mostly for what you said. It suits the theme perfectly.

Undead: Axe. I think it looks great, with the grey color, and it also suits the Element's Doom Raider. smilie

Life: Flower (still don't have it). I think it is the most vegetal and "organic" mold.

Fire: Torch. Yes, this goes without saying. I just love it.

Water: Angel. Honestly, none of the other models really convinced me that much, and I already have the Jughead for Air, soooo... I'm still happy, it looks cool. smilie

Air: Toucan. I don't think this needs a motivation. smilie

Earth: Hourglass. Already had the Skull, for Magic, but this would have definitely been my second choice. However, it suits the Golden Queen, in my opinion. smilie

Dark: Spider. Absolutely love it.

Light: Hawk. Same as for Dark.

I have the regular Kaos Trap.
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GinjaNinja Gold Sparx Gems: 2604
#4 Posted: 23:21:11 24/02/2015
I have the following:

Earth: Orb
Magic: Skull
Water: Log Holder
Fire: Screamer
Undead: Hand
Life: Torch
Air: Hourglass
Tech: Angel
Light: Hawk
Dark: Spider
fairyland Emerald Sparx Gems: 3800
#5 Posted: 00:02:03 25/02/2015
I just bought whatever was on the shelf at the time. I don't even know what mine are nor do I care, I took the first ones I saw. I was a bit too excited though and I ended up with spares as I forgot they had some already in those game boxes.

Oh and I just had to have that Deja Vu comic book, so I have some half painted trap that looks so out of place with the rest. And I also bought that limited Ball and Chain Target Trap just because it was special and I was on a Skylanders buying frenzy that day. No way to tell that one from a normal trap though.
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Wally-Gang Gold Sparx Gems: 2987
#6 Posted: 00:23:23 25/02/2015
We have just 11 traps. There was no particular plan. Life and Water came with the game. Kaos trap is the last one we found. Light and Dark came in the packs. At release time in October, there were two distinct 3 packs of traps, which is where the remaining six came from. Not sure I could even tell you which sculpts we have.
I wonder if there is a way to reset them as there is with the skylanders themselves.
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Eruptor100 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1446
#7 Posted: 05:22:54 25/02/2015
Life: Weed Whacker
Water: Tidal Tiki
Earth: Banded Boulder
Magic: Sorcerous Skull
Fire: Fire Flower
Tech: Factory Flower
Air: Dafty Decanter
Undead: Grim Gripper
Light: Heavenly Hawk
Dark: Shadow Spider
Kaos: Kaos Trap
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Alphawolf Yellow Sparx Gems: 1692
#8 Posted: 08:39:41 25/02/2015
i got 11 traps, the light and dark one that came with the expansion, life and water from starter kit, and the other 6 i bought in 2 triple packs. i dont care really what they look like but more that i just have one of each.

derp messed up lol
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Iganagor Emerald Sparx Gems: 3544
#9 Posted: 08:44:51 25/02/2015
Quote: Alphawolf
i got 11 traps, the light and dark one that came with the expansion, life and water from starter kit, and the other 6 i bought in 2 triple packs. i dont care really what they look like but more that i just have one of each.

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Dark fhoenix Emerald Sparx Gems: 3154
#10 Posted: 09:06:06 25/02/2015
I honestly have not thought about trap collecting yet .
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Greeble Emerald Sparx Gems: 4218
#11 Posted: 10:39:53 25/02/2015
I've nearly filled my box.

Luckily i have a spare so i can get all the others smilie
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Terreneflame Blue Sparx Gems: 943
#12 Posted: 11:15:27 25/02/2015
TBH I've got them in a wee pile next to the portal- might look into finding a nice box to put my 11 (well when my kaos arrives) in, tbh atm i'm only using a couple- mostly luminous and chompy- i forget that villians are an option most of the time lol
Swap Force Fan Emerald Sparx Gems: 4046
#13 Posted: 11:58:08 25/02/2015
Just got the ones I saw first.
Water: Tiki
Life: Hammer
Tech: Scepter
Magic: Skull
Fire: Scepter
Earth: Hammer
Undead: Skull
Air: Jughead
Dark: Spider
Light: Hawk
Don't have the Kaos Trap yet, but still have 100% in the game.
Greeble Emerald Sparx Gems: 4218
#14 Posted: 12:30:16 25/02/2015
Quote: Swap Force Fan
Just got the ones I saw first.
Water: Tiki
Life: Hammer
Tech: Scepter
Magic: Skull
Fire: Scepter
Earth: Hammer
Undead: Skull
Air: Jughead
Dark: Spider
Light: Hawk
Don't have the Kaos Trap yet, but still have 100% in the game.

100% smilie

OMG i'm clearly not doing something right

Those are nice choices for your Traps, nothing says Undead like a Skull smilie
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Unreallystic Emerald Sparx Gems: 3054
#15 Posted: 13:20:04 25/02/2015
The ones that came out at launch.

I haven't bought a trap since launch (well Kaos), don't see the point of the different sculpts since they all do the exact same thing.
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TheShadowDragon Ripto Gems: 2886
#16 Posted: 16:28:15 25/02/2015
The following Traps I have so far are:

Magic - Skull, Hourglass
Tech - Tiki
Earth - Hourglass
Air - Toucan
Fire - Scepter
Water - Tiki, Angel, Flying Helmet
Life - Torch (with Riot Shield Shredder)
Undead - Legendary Orb, Legendary Skull, Hand, Snake, Spear
Light - Owl
Dark - Spider

I'm thinking about creating my own custom Trap keeper box that holds no more than 20 crystals.
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StormDragon21 Platinum Sparx Gems: 5092
#17 Posted: 00:36:59 26/02/2015
Tech: Angel. It was so sparkly, I thought it was a rare model. smilie
Earth: Orb. It was either that or the Magic Logholder. I prefer orbs.
Air: Gulp or whatever it's called. I wanted to trap Dreamcatcher so badly, I just grabbed the first trap I found.

The other ones I got because they were in the starter pack.

EDIT: Right now, I'm down a Kaos Trap due to misplacing it.
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Plordigian Blue Sparx Gems: 626
#18 Posted: 05:41:33 08/04/2015
That's really creative, choosing the weapons for the four elements; nice touch. smilie

I chose most of the same sculpts that you did, actually, with the following exceptions: water tiki, tech helmet, and earth orb all appealed to me. I also wanted Broccoli Guy to have his own trap (snake) so I also got life toucan, an extra trap for water (favorite element, log holder's ok i guess), and the undead hand so both Wolfgang and Hood Sickle could have their own. I haven't yet captured all of the tech villains yet so I might need another tech trap, but I really don't like any of the other sculpts...
alicecarp Prismatic Sparx Gems: 12034
#19 Posted: 08:08:00 08/04/2015
I didn't care exactly which traps I got as long as I had one per element and they were all different types. I got the two that came with the starter pack (Life Hammer and Water Tiki) and I bought the ones that came in triple packs during wave 1 (Tech Scepter, Magic Logholder, Earth Orb and Undead Skull, Fire Torch, Air Jughead). As for the Dark and Light traps, I have the Light Hawk and Dark Spider that came with the expansion packs which I like the look of anyway, especially the Dark Spider. I also have the Kaos trap.
Snap Shot Gold Sparx Gems: 2672
#20 Posted: 08:46:44 08/04/2015
This a really good thread

Water: tiki
Life: hammer
earth: hawk
Undead: hand
Tech: scepter
light: hawk
Dark: spider
magic: skull
air: Jughead
Fire: screamer
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wideawakewesley Emerald Sparx Gems: 3271
#21 Posted: 08:55:11 08/04/2015
We bought whatever was available at the time, with no thought to the sculpt. Basically the traps are a means to an end, they could look like utter garbage and we'd still own 11.
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Jinxieman Blue Sparx Gems: 579
#22 Posted: 23:22:01 08/04/2015
We just got the 8 pack and the light and dark expansion those are our traps as well as the additional life and water trap that came with the game. Will pick up Kaos as soon as we come across him in the stores. I was not concerned about the sculpts and since neither of my boys seem interested in collecting them I have not put much thought into them.
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