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Jet Hack: Rise to Power [CLOSED]
StormDragon21 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4199
#1 Posted: 16:04:00 22/02/2015 | Topic Creator
Let me introduce myself, just in case someone happens to be reading this. I'm Jet Hack, best hacker in all of Skylands, Magic Doom Raider(don't let my name fool you), and, of course, as solitary and aloof as a cat. That is what I am, you know, plus a few robotic parts on my tail. I've got retracting claws, keen hearing, and the tendency to look cute while sleeping.

So… This is my journal, typed up because I'm a computer wizard(and a wizard outside of computers) and seriously: your writing gets pretty sloppy if you have claws. Since I want people to read this, then it might be useful to make it so that they can actually read it.

Anyway, I bet someone here is wondering exactly how I helped the Doom Raiders from my secret place undercover. That's classified information, but since it's done and over with, it's not classified anymore.

Chapter 1: The Officially Best Breakout in Skyland's History

I didn't really remember anything about Cloudcracker Prision when we first got there. All I really remember is the Trap Masters taunting us with their victory. I lunged at them, but all that happened was me knocking myself out. Then it was like that for too long. There was absolutely nothing to do. Could it have hurt to give us at least one game or book or something?!

The breakout is a little bit easier to remember. I think Gulper was scared a bit because of the explosion, but we were free. That was all that mattered. We didn't have to be enclosed in a space taut would violate all animal-rights group laws and we could actually do something.

Back to the present. It was the day of the soda festival in the Mabu town called Soda Springs. I wonder if that town is only used one day a year, being named after the soda festival. Gulper was there, strangely enough, and Wolfgang seemed to be completely against it.

"The Trap Masters are back!" he growled. "They have the Traptanium! He'll get captured and that's one member of our pack down!"

"Every dog has its day, and so does every strange blue blob thingy," I retorted. "We just got free. Why not let him have a bit of fun?"

"We're not gonna get back up to the top if we don't start small," Chef Peper Jack added.

Wolfgang sat back down. "Fine then, but if he flips, then you guys are fighting him."

I slipped off my jetpack. "I've got a way to monitor him." That was one of the times I was glad I'm a cyborg. With a self-made tail that can send out robots, many wonder why I'm in the Magic element. Don't ask. Typing in a couple of coordinates, I put my jetpack back on. "There, we've got a couple of robots disguised as birds heading his way."
"sTORM, my parents just told me something that RUINED MY LIFE. DID YOU KNOW that Smarties have different flavors?!" ~ShadowMewX
Fryno Forever Yellow Sparx Gems: 1071
#2 Posted: 18:08:40 22/02/2015
I love it!
Back and Better Than Ever!
StormDragon21 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4199
#3 Posted: 01:59:52 04/03/2015 | Topic Creator
Now, before I continue (sorry for leaving you on a cliffhanger), I'm going to introduce a former enemy of mine. She'll be featured, along with her half-insane pals…

Cynder: Hey! I heard that!

Sorry, but now that the secret's been spoiled, thanks to this purple dragoness, and yes, that was a bit of sarcasm, even though I don't know what that means…

Cynder: Just get to the point.

Oh yeah, she's going to have her own part of the story as well. Starting… now.

Cynder: No warning for me?

This was also supposed to be the surprise. Now, here ya go!

Chapter 2: Attack on Villain

Cynder watched over the new academy that was being built. Right now, it wasn't much of an academy, just a hallway, entrance, and area where that annoying fairy (though all fairies were annoying in her eyes) called Persephone had a home and a training place. Sure, it wasn't as cramped as the Dread-yacht, but it still had a bit more room to go before it could be better than her home. Cynder missed the Core of Light, and nothing would ever make the pain of loss feel better, and nothing could replace the Core in terms of adventuring ability. From the lock puzzles to the Winged Sapphires hiding around, everything seemed like it was new, and in the case of the Lock Puzzles, most of the time it was.

"Hey! Skylander operative!" Cynder cringed at Buzz's yell. Didn't he know that she hated being called an operative? "We're needed in Soda Springs!"

The idea of a place made only for a festival seemed as weird and unreal as how Flynn got his pilot's license, especially since Cynder started thinking about the comparison while riding with Flynn. As they flew closer, she could plainly see why they were needed. This weird, gelatinous monster that looked like nothing she'd ever seen before was devouring all of the soda!

End of Chapter

So, it appears that Cynder may or may not be a better writer than me. I would say that's okay, but it's not.

Cynder: It's tough working with you sometimes, you know.

Not as tough as Golden Queen! For a metal with a low melting point, she's a bit strict.

Cynder: Stop with the puns, Jet Hack, or I'll use my lightning breath as my own kind of hacking.
"sTORM, my parents just told me something that RUINED MY LIFE. DID YOU KNOW that Smarties have different flavors?!" ~ShadowMewX
Fryno Forever Yellow Sparx Gems: 1071
#4 Posted: 02:35:30 04/03/2015
Back and Better Than Ever!
Iganagor Emerald Sparx Gems: 3544
#5 Posted: 08:17:07 12/03/2015
Is Jet Hack in any relation to Jet-Vac...
Summoning a STUNFISK
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Eternal Sunfury Blue Sparx Gems: 664
#6 Posted: 05:24:11 13/03/2015
This is quite good so far.
Remember before when I was talking about smelly garbage standing around being useless? That was a metaphor. I was actually talking about you.
StormDragon21 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4199
#7 Posted: 01:30:44 19/03/2015 | Topic Creator
Please let me know if anyone has any good puns relating to the Doom Raiders, because I'm running out of chapter titles.

Cynder: Jet Hack, you know you could have saved the hassle by just not using titles, right?

What? I'm a playful cat. Here's the next chapter!

Cynder: Wait! Not so soon.

(Please fill this area with plenty of terms used to show your frustration. This part had to be censored. Thanks, The Random Editor)

Cynder: We didn't answer that guy's question.

Okay then…

Cynder: You don't have any relationship to Jet-Vac, do you?

(Please repeat the above actions in parentheses. Thanks, The Random Editor)

Chapter 3: Had His Fill

Before we start talking about The Gulper's amazing eating tendencies, let's first say that Cynder came up with the title of the chapter. Okay? Everyone has that down? Good. Let's start.

I made a couple of calculations, sending the robo-birds(as I like to call them) to the exact coordinates of Soda Springs, which I still have doubts about. Why not let sleeping dogs lie(even though they lie all of the time, sleeping or not) and let him ravage the place only made for a mediocre Mabu festival? Soda's already overrated, being a fizzy drink. I can never understand why anyone likes it.

Back to the present from my soda-slamming daydreams, I projected the images onto the wall. Imagine eight giant creatures crowded around a tiny screen, and that's what would have happened if I had made everyone look at the miniature viewing screen on my tail. It's much more cramped than it sounds, and the picture's kind of pixelly. Assuming that's a word.

The robo-birds were hovering over the entirely wrong area, cameras focused in one direction. What was going on? I switched viewpoints over and over again, but each time it was the same: a pathway just approaching Soda Springs.

"What is the meaning of this?!" The Golden Queen demanded. I remained silent, activating a few more buttons. There. I pushed a button, and different camera angles opened up along the wings. Just another one of my tricks. If I can't monitor The Gulper, then at least I could monitor who was approaching him.

I switched between viewpoints, occasionally going back into the memory function. Each "picture" taken by the surveillance robots was projected on the wall in turn. I continued shuffling through the cameras until Dr. Krankface(whose real name is Dr. Krankcase but I tease him a lot) noticed a purple blur on one of the pictures.

"Jet Hack, you might want to go back a bit…" he suggested, his nervousness apparent in his tone. That guy is more anxious than a cat in a crate full of canines. Even though I suspected he was seeing things, I reviewed the slides, finally coming to the one where the violet blur was revealed. I gasped.

It was a Skylander.

End of Chapter 3

Before you ask, yes, I have a pretty low opinion of Dr. Krankface. I have a grudging respect for him, though, just because we work together. You have to admit, he's pretty interesting.
"sTORM, my parents just told me something that RUINED MY LIFE. DID YOU KNOW that Smarties have different flavors?!" ~ShadowMewX
skylandersspyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 3261
#8 Posted: 01:35:57 19/03/2015
Im liking this.
Uh Uh Uh! You didn't say the magic word!
StormDragon21 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4199
#9 Posted: 22:23:58 26/03/2015 | Topic Creator
I'm bored. I'm bored. I'm bored. I'm bored.

Cynder: Then start the story already, Jet Vack!

I'm never going to live that one down, am I?

Cynder: Nope!

I was hoping… And technically it's your turn to write.

Cynder: Technically, you should be in the Tech element.

I'm never going to live that one down as well, right?

Cynder: What? You have a lot we can tease about.

You mean you can make fun of.

Cynder: I'm laughing with you, not at you!

Do you see me laughing?

Chapter 4: The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall

Cynder flew down the ramp from the ship, not stopping to collect coins, eat floor pretzels (because all of the floor ice cream has been melted), or listen to Buzz. She needed to get to that blue blob called The Gulper, and she needed to do it fast. Faster than she had ever defeated a villain before.

Her first stop was to fire a jury-rigged cannon, made by shaking a barrel of soda. She set it on the ground and uncorked it, jumping back from the force of the blast. The door was knocked over, and she quickly jumped over it.

After pushing around a couple of turtles, collecting a couple of coins, and starting to wonder about the morals of pushing those harmless turtles into spaces, Cynder encountered a sheep. A sheep. Nothing more. She was about to go on the bounce pad, but then the sheep seemed to grow cannons. And it looked pretty fierce.

"Hahaha…" Cynder laughed. "That the best you got?"

It apparently was, and it was pretty good, because the sheep started firing at her. The bullets appeared to be made of cork, and Cynder thought it wouldn't be of any harm. Then she got hit by the cork. Multiple times, actually. It knocked her back and stung pretty good, too.

"Pretty feisty little sheep, aren't you?"

The sheep responded with another round of cork, but Cynder Shadow Dashed around them and attacked the sheep with her lightning breath. After a couple of minutes like this, the sheep was knocked over.

"Hmm…" Cynder pulled out a Life Trap. "Let's hope this works!"

She had to run away from the swirling vortex of Life energy, nearly forgetting to come back and collect the trap with the sheep in it. After encountering a couple of those springy Bounce Pads and fighting off a couple of enemies, nothing too troublesome, she finally got a good look at The Gulper.

"Let's do this!" Cynder charged. Leaping onto the Super Bounce Pad, she started looking for a good chance to strike. There! As The Gulper was about to drink a vat of soda, Cynder destroyed it with her Spectral Lightning.

The vat exploding was only a small distraction, but it was enough. Cynder shot off like a bullet, leaping over some cork-and-soda platforms that flew up and down, and finally getting to another soda vat. This time, The Gulper was blocking it.

Cynder made another jury-rigged cannon and shot it at Gulper's hand, running past it and destroying the soda. She ran off, avoiding Gulper's sight. I hope he forgets that I'm here.

Being a short-memory and slightly unintelligent gelatinous sea creature, Gulper forgot about Cynder after a while. She flew back up, landing next to the Soda of the Year, an orange ambrosia cooler. Next to it was some sort of radioactive bottom-feeding suction eel soda. "That's got to be poisonous…" she thought aloud. "I've got an idea."

Taking a running leap, she started pushing the Soda of the Year off of the house. Sorry, Mabu soda-loving fans, but you can always make more. In its place, she slid the eel-flavored soda, and waited for Gulper to see it.

It didn't take long for The Gulper to see the soda, and he picked it up almost instantly. Cynder watched, a smile creeping across her face, as he suddenly started shrinking. First one arm, then another, next his crown, and finally his entire body shrunk to about Cynder's size, or maybe even smaller. Cynder pulled out another trap, this time a Water Trap, and the vortex pulled Gulper inside. I've done it! she thought. I captured my first Doom Raider!

End of Chapter 4

Cynder: Super long chapter is super long. Sorry, but I'm running out of space.
"sTORM, my parents just told me something that RUINED MY LIFE. DID YOU KNOW that Smarties have different flavors?!" ~ShadowMewX
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