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Am I the only one who thinks they should have stopped here? [CLOSED]
azz01 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3172
#1 Posted: 13:07:07 01/02/2015 | Topic Creator
Okay so I played all the first three games and beat them(I refuse to play Trap Team cause I find the concept stupid) but after playing SSA again and having a **** ton of fun and eventually playing Giants again,I think that this should have been it.

Really Swap-Force I think was dull(Yes it was in HD but to me dull).After playing the first two games,they drained the 'magic' per say out of me.Maybe it would have been better if the games were not yearly releases and they did not start releasing waves in certain places when the next game is a week away.

Personally while Giants was lacklustre compared Spyro's Adventure I think the games were good enough for them to stop.
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Mesuxelf Ripto Gems: 3666
#2 Posted: 15:51:00 01/02/2015

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Dark fhoenix Emerald Sparx Gems: 3166
#3 Posted: 07:42:18 02/02/2015
Well then they should have done a horrid job on Giants and you would have made a thread that said "Am i the only one who thinks they should have stopped at SSA ? "
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obidawsn Gold Sparx Gems: 2901
#4 Posted: 18:07:21 02/02/2015
I really like Trap Team. I know there are some things that were silly (like the "meditations on Boom"), but it really felt like I was back playing Giants. Plus I like the idea of trapping villains. I'm not sure why everybody hates it.
Wally-Gang Gold Sparx Gems: 2987
#5 Posted: 18:10:30 02/02/2015
Seems so.
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Friendzie Blue Sparx Gems: 611
#6 Posted: 17:47:21 03/02/2015
Even if you don't want to play the newer games, isn't it cool that all the characters you collected from SSA and Giants are still viable and useful in them? Isn't it nice that there are more games out there that your figures are compatible with? If you want to complete Trap Team just using series 1 Voodood, you can do that. You won't get to trap villains or open any elemental gates, but you can go through the story and do the Kaos challenges, which is really most of the game anyway. Even I decide to stop playing the games now, I'll be perfectly happy if they release more.
andy2467 Blue Sparx Gems: 880
#7 Posted: 21:17:54 04/02/2015
i start to enjoy it less because of the money i used for the first two games alone, but also because i didn't like how every time there were new characters they be stronger than the ones before which were stronger than the ones in the original which tore the story line apart.
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Bifrost Diamond Sparx Gems: 9604
#8 Posted: 21:26:02 04/02/2015
What in the world does character balancing has to do with story line. Also Drobot,Bash,Hex,Chop Chop and Double Trouble exist, OP as ever.
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INTIMIDAT3R Blue Sparx Gems: 857
#9 Posted: 15:47:43 25/06/2015
You're not the only one who thinks this.

Skylanders definitely "jumped the shark" with Swap Force, they "drowned the shark" with Trap Team, and now they're "casting nets for dolphins" with the upcoming Superchargers.
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RaymanTwilight Blue Sparx Gems: 947
#10 Posted: 04:00:59 26/06/2015
Even though I find the concept for Superchargers somewhat interesting, I kinda agree. Swap Force was boring as heck and Trap Team, although better than Swap Force, still wasn't as great as the first two games. They should have just stopped with Giants.
Dark fhoenix Emerald Sparx Gems: 3166
#11 Posted: 09:28:24 26/06/2015
I enjoyed Swop Force . It was different . No worse or better then the first two .
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Muffin Man Platinum Sparx Gems: 5124
#12 Posted: 14:41:14 26/06/2015
Skylanders didn't even start to interest me all that much (3DS versions aside, which I've always loved) until they added jumping and platforming elements in Swap Force, and Superchargers looks to be the most fun and interesting game out of the whole series so far, so no I don't think they should have stopped at Giants. The first two games are much less replayable to me because I feel like I'm magnetized to the floor all the time. Gah!

I guess this once again just comes down to whether or not you prefer the direction of TfB or VV. Do you want a dungeon crawler with fewer gimmicky elements? Or an action/platforming game with lots of gimmicky elements? Because TfB is going for the former while VV is going for the latter.
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