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Do You Use AdBlock or a Similar Plugin? [CLOSED]
Windbringer Ripto Gems: 10
#1 Posted: 18:43:39 29/01/2015 | Topic Creator
If so, what for?
Windbringer Ripto Gems: 10
#2 Posted: 18:51:15 29/01/2015 | Topic Creator
Quote: Sesshomaru75
I use AdBlock and AdBlock Plus, as I can't stand ads. I kept away from AdBlock for the longest time, but I finally caved when I kept getting video ads on here.

It's also helpful when I go on certain sites I like to watch shows because I don't get any of those annoying pop-up ads or the video ones that you have to sit through.

Did you know that you can block some pictures and links with the plugin, too?
Carmelita Fox Prismatic Sparx Gems: 12272
#3 Posted: 22:05:27 29/01/2015
i use µBlock
DummyZ Gold Sparx Gems: 2844
#4 Posted: 22:12:28 29/01/2015
Thank God it exists, right?
AvatariDragon Platinum Sparx Gems: 6085
#5 Posted: 22:41:50 29/01/2015
I use both AdBlock and AdBlock Plus because sometimes AdBlock along isn't strong enough to get rid of all of the ads. I've noticed that sites run a lot faster without ads everywhere, plus they don't get in the way when I'm trying to watch videos.
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