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Rules Suggestion: "Glass Houses" [CLOSED]
UncleBob Ripto Gems: 4565
#1 Posted: 01:45:35 07/01/2015 | Topic Creator
May I make a suggestion for a minor tweak in the rules - really, in how the rules are enforced?

I call this "Glass Houses" - the idea is if an individual poster *constantly* complains about a behavior they don't like, but then turns around and exhibits that behavior, then that individual receives a harsher punishment.

An example, based off no one I know of, as I don't recall seeing anyone complain about language on the forum, but...

Let's say there's a poster who is *always* complaining about members using foul language. Like, pretend "fart" was a horribly offensive curse word. Even the rules state that you can't type **** to get around the censor filter.

Now, you have a member who is always going on about members posting words like "ass", "damn", etc. They post replies yelling at the posters for it it, make topics here on the suggestions forum wanting harsher punishments or more enforcement, send dark and other mods PMs and post on their guest books complaining about it - doing everything *except* using the "Report" function (because, as you know, that is what it is there for).

Then, one day, that poster goes on some kind of a rant and posts the word "fart" or even "****".

Obviously, this poster knows the rules, knows people are offended by it, and is one of the loudest, most vocal individuals regarding the situation.

I feel that it would be worth while to give an individual, in that kind of situation, a longer temp ban or such as they're knowingly doing something that is wrong.

Thank you for your time and consideration. -R
ReshiramForever Platinum Sparx Gems: 5164
#2 Posted: 01:56:50 07/01/2015
[User Posted Image]

k go ahead
self professed austGAYlian
Arc of Archives Yellow Sparx Gems: 1486
#3 Posted: 02:41:55 07/01/2015
This is basic moderation. We don't need a rule for it, because the mods should be smart enough to do it themselves. If they aren't enforcing extra punishment to repeat offenders now, they won't just because there's a new written rule for it. They aren't machines who stick to the written rules literally.
Quote: ReshiramForever
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