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Minecraft falls short(in my opinion) [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 00:26:48 10/12/2014 | Topic Creator
Minecraft is alluring... VERY alluring. In fact, Minecraft is so alluring, I have two versions of it. One version for the Xbox, one version for my computer, and I'm sure if I get a Xbox One, I'll get it on that too.

Its an immense phenomenon that has spiraled into a gigantic franchise that sells merchandise up the wazoo. People make mods for it, people make lets plays of it, and people worship it.

My point: I think Minecraft isn't as good as it lets on.

I found that Minecraft is too big and has no real objective if you don't make one. There are so many possibilities in Minecraft that I myself have a hard time deciding on what I want to do. Do I wanna build some epic castle in survival, live a humble survival escapade, dig down to the center of the earth and never come back up to see the sun again, or maybe go all out and head toward The End and defeat the Ender Dragon.
The game draws me in with its simple design and potential, but when I pick it up, I just can't do it.
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I'm far too use to games that have set goals and objections. Super Mario Galaxy, you platform your way to the end of the levels and beat the crap out of Bowser at the end. Monster Hunter has you beat down monsters to complete the quest objective. Pokemon has a story you can beat and then there is that big goal of catching all 700 after that... or ya know, IV breed.

Minecraft, though? I want to really do more things with Minecraft. But at most, I wanna take my usual group of friends and derp around, either by messing with each others charades or cooperating to do something.
We can't figure out to do a server though, so in the end we pretty much can't... I know that sounds lazy, but trust me, we literally have the hardest time trying to make it work.

Anyone else feel similarly?
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