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Name of a specific Christmas special? [CLOSED]
Radiance Emerald Sparx Gems: 3950
#1 Posted: 22:56:27 08/12/2014 | Topic Creator
Hi, everyone! Since the holidays are just right around the corner, I thought of jumping into some old Christmas classics, particularly one.

And I have no idea what it's called. All I know is that it used to air on Cartoon Network every year alongside favorites, like PPG's Fight Before Christmas, Johnny Bravo Christmas, and Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer. I remember the animation was wonky, but that's what added to its charm; like, it was almost painted by watercolors!

I remember that it featured an old woman reading her grandchildren Christmas stories, and they were all unique and charming in their own way. The only one I can clearly remember is the story about a mistletoe being purchased by a man and he brought it home to hang in the doorway. During the night of the Christmas party, a couple kiss under it (her?). The mistletoe sobs over the happy couple, saying,

"OH! (sob) I wish I had my camera..."

This line had me and my little sister rolling. xD

I've searched for it every year, but nothing has really came up. Has anyone else watched this special on CN years ago besides me? If so, please help!
Love is a gift.. Cherish it!
JCW555 Hunter Gems: 8619
#2 Posted: 23:21:18 08/12/2014
I don't remember what you're referring too, sorry. But you also can't go wrong with A Charlie Brown Christmas!
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Radiance Emerald Sparx Gems: 3950
#3 Posted: 00:29:59 09/12/2014 | Topic Creator
That's okay, someone on tumblr told me the name! 12 Tiny Christmas Tales...

HA. Nothing can top A Charlie Brown Christmas, indeed!
Love is a gift.. Cherish it!
Felines Prismatic Sparx Gems: 10223
#4 Posted: 11:02:18 09/12/2014
I immediately think of The Flintstones Family Christmas back in 1993. I usually don't like too much the movies and specials that take place after the main series, but that Christmas special was terrific! It was even nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award, and that is a lot o say smilie
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skylandersspyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 3872
#5 Posted: 00:24:45 10/12/2014
ice age a mammoth Christmas...its so bad its good
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