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The Welcome Topic [CLOSED]
marcusfern012 Ripto Gems: 0
#1 Posted: 02:32:25 31/10/2014 | Topic Creator
So I'm just saying "Hi," just because I'm new to the base. I also decided, "Hey, people here will want to say "Hi," too. This topic is specifically for that. Whoever is new here can say 'Hi,'" and introduce themselves in whatever what they chose (as long as they don't violate the forum rules. LOL).

So I'll just say that I'm a deviantARTist who comes up with a bunch of Spyro OCs on my free time. I didn't even know this site existed, until someone told me about this site in a comment. I dunno who he was, just had a sandwich with a candle stick through the top.

Oh, and I've also never posted an OC on deviantART. I just like to say nice things about people's work. Send me something via PM, and I might like it. Just make sure it isn't something gross.
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Aura24 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6561
#2 Posted: 03:33:53 31/10/2014
Hi, Loco.
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zer0dch Ripto Gems: 1916
#3 Posted: 03:46:40 31/10/2014
Loco...your avatar and dA gives it away.

Edit: Dude, we have a topic called "Greetings!" that is stickied for this exact purpose...
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Thunderdragon14 Diamond Sparx Gems: 8098
#4 Posted: 03:57:29 31/10/2014
not a very bright one, are you?
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