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Just a thought about forum etiquette [CLOSED]
temperedreason Yellow Sparx Gems: 1351
#1 Posted: 12:53:04 03/10/2014 | Topic Creator

Let me start by pointing out that it is my conscious intent to cross post this in each of three of the most popular forum threads. If you see this more than once, its because I think it's an important read for our users. Given the high-traffic time associated with any new release, this is an obvious a time as any to bring this up.

I've been following for over a year now, and I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed by the culture of these forums. Responses to posts are often borderline hostile here... and while generally speaking I don't think anyone outright bashes one another, if someone dares post something that MIGHT have been alluded to in another thread you can guarantee that a bevy of unfriendly responses about how it had already been mentioned will follow suit - followed by the thread being promptly closed. Remember we have folks of all ages here and some are more and less experienced in forum etiquette.

Additionally, not everyone's ideas for threads will be stellar. If someone opens a thread about a vision they have for the Skylanders Universe that seems juvenile to you, stay open-minded and remember that its OUR passion and our dedication to Skylanders that keeps this franchise going. Exclude no one, and try to be just 1% more tolerant of posts that to you seem "annoying". Posting nothing to an unpopular thread will push it the bottom fairly quickly and give the poster the obvious unspoken feedback that the post was not a topic most of us was willing or interested in discussing.

Admins, you can do a better job of encouraging and discouraging the kind of behavior that makes people uncomfortable to post without combing through dozens of threads to ensure something they have to say is new information. And while there is no problem with gently redirecting folks, why not post in a friendly way, merging ideas and connecting threads rather than making people feel obligated to apologize. Not everyone is guity of this, and for those of you who work to maintain a friendly environment, thank you.

Now, folks. Lets go and enjoy Trap Team , the toys, and the world of Spyro together so that DarkSpryo continues to the #1 place folks come to discuss this awesome franchise and the Universe around its characters.


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Bifrost Prismatic Sparx Gems: 10139
#2 Posted: 18:19:38 03/10/2014
Sorry dude, no one is going to hold your hand in the internet. You make a repeat thread, it gets closed. You make something that should go in Fandom,nobody cares if you like it, it's going to Fandom and not the main Skylanders section.
And can't really expect all mods to be friendly. Calling out the ones that aren't doesn't work, but at least most are pretty nice.

Now, if the forum etiquette actually applied to how people behave here in general, I'd be all for it, because swearing and overly inappropriate topics isn't something you can keep away from kids when anyone can bypass the 'are you 13 years old or older' thing.
(What I need is never what I want)
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