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s.o.s. [CLOSED]
DummyZ Gold Sparx Gems: 2844
#1 Posted: 22:02:36 25/09/2014 | Topic Creator
[User Posted Image]

Clearing caché doesn't work.
I'm suspecting it has to do with the Chrome fonts, but I've already placed the deafults and it still hasn't changed.

Do note it only happens on the actual front page. It's fine on the forum pages.
somePerson Diamond Sparx Gems: 8599
#2 Posted: 01:08:30 26/09/2014
It's worse on mobile.
DummyZ Gold Sparx Gems: 2844
#3 Posted: 15:17:42 28/09/2014 | Topic Creator
Quote: Pixilism
does it for me too, something with the site i'm sure

Thing is, on a bunch of other computers I've tried it worked normally.

So I really have no idea if it's either us or the site with the issue.
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