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Frito lay promotion for fire bone hot dog [CLOSED]
MabuMommy Blue Sparx Gems: 906
#1 Posted: 18:14:46 06/09/2014 | Topic Creator
So my 5 year old son sees the picture for the contest on the variety pack of chips, and I'm trying to explain there isn't a skylander in the bag, you have to enter online, blah blah blah

He keeps asking so I buy the bag and download the app and enter--and actually won the figure. That was about 3 weeks ago...we got it yesterday, it's a clear Fire Bone Hot Dog with green fire. Pretty cool.

Has anyone else won one?
Punk Bomb Green Sparx Gems: 230
#2 Posted: 01:07:05 07/09/2014
Wrong subforum.
Give me money!
NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#3 Posted: 12:17:48 16/09/2014
Wrong subforum yehp no offence
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