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Super Smash Bros Sleepover
awesomerockets Emerald Sparx Gems: 4114
#1 Posted: 00:55:34 30/07/2014 | Topic Creator
My friend and I came with this, and I wanted to write it down somewhere, so why not here! I usually write in a script like style, but those seem kinda difficult to read, so I'm gonna try something else. Sorry if this isn't written all that well. I should also mention that this was inspired by the comic strip "Brawl in the Family" where Kirby and King Dedede had a sleepover, but I wanted to add more to it.

Chapter One: The "Invitation"

King Dedede was sitting inside of his castle when his phone started to ring. "I swear, if it's that Whispy Woods complaining about lumberjacks again!" he grumbled as he took his phone out of his pocket, "Hello?" King Dedede sighed when he heard the voice of Kirby, his rival. Kirby, though, didn't see their relationship as "Rivals", but "Best Buddies."
"Heeeeeeeeey!" Kirby yelled with excitement. "What do you want?" King Dedede grumbled. "I'm having a sleepover tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to come!"
"Why in the world would I do that?"
"Because it'll be fun silly! And I may have eaten your bed."
"What!?" the king cried and he leaped out of his throne. He ran to his bedroom to find it completely empty. "You ate everything in my room!" He shrieked. "You're bed wasn't very filling. If you wanna sleep tonight, you're gonna have to come over to my place!"
The king cringed at the thought at spending the night at Kirby's apartment, but he didn't seem to have any other choice. "I'll be over in ten minutes." he sighed. "Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!" Kirby let out a squeal of excitement, "It's gonna be so much fun!"

Chapter Two: The Sleepover Begins

King Dedede stepped out of the elevator and onto the seventh floor. He walked down the hall, turned the corner, and knocked on the door of apartment 724. He heard a gasp and the sounds of footsteps. The door swung open to reveal a very enthusiastic Kirby jumping up and down. "Hooray, you're here!" Kirby exclaimed, "C'mon in!" King Dedede trudged into Kirby's messy apartment and sat himself down on the couch in his living room.
"So, I'm the only one here? I thought you and Meta Knight were roommates?" Dedede asked. "He's out doing errands." Kirby responded, "So it's just you and me!" The king slouched, "Wonderful." Kirby leaped on the couch next to the king, "Soooo, what do you wanna do fiiiirst?" The king glanced at Kirby, "We aren't gonna do anything. I'm gonna watch TV until I wanna go to bed." Kirby frowned. " Awww, that's not fun." King Dedede shrugged, "Too bad, I don't wanna do anything with you."
Kirby giggled as a thought entered his brain. "Maybe we should invite someone else!" he said. The king looked at Kirby and smirked. "I guess that'll make this night a little better." Kirby leaped for joy, "Hooray! I'll call a friend, and you'll call a friend!" Kirby pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

Meta Knight was sitting on a bed inside of a department store as a Toad watched him bounce up and down. "I mean, this one's bouncy, but it's not very comfortable." the knight complained. He jumped as his phone started to ring. "Hello?" he answered. "Come home now! It's an emergency!" Kirby cried. Meta Knight leaped off of the bed. "What's happening? Kirby!? I'm on my way!" Meta Knight frantically ran out of the store and began to fly home.

Ganondorf was facing the back wall in his throne room when he heard a small noise. "It's about time you showed up, Link!" he said calmly. He then dramatically whirled around and drew his sword. "I've been waiting for-." Ganondorf stomped his foot on the ground in frustration when he realized Link hadn't arrived yet. "That's, like, the fourth time I've done that! Maybe I should just face the entrance." he sighed. Ganondorf's phone then began to ring. "What?" he complained. "Hey man," said King Dedede, "I was wondering if you wanted to come to this sleepover with me and Kirby." After a long uncomfortable silence, Ganondorf responded with, "I'm a little busy."
"C'mon man!" the penguin pleaded, "You know how Kirby is! I can't do this alone!"
"Yeah, I know, but I'm waiting for Link to show up and-"
"Please! I'm begging you!
"Gah! Fine! I'll be at Kirby's place in fifteen minutes."
The dark lord hung up the phone walked to the stables to get his horse. After his exit, Link ran up the stairs and into the throne room. "I'm ready for-!" Link stopped short when he realized nobody was there. "Are you serious" the hero complained.

Chapter 3: Sleepover Buddies

Meta Knight flew in through the window of his bedroom and burst into the living room with his sword drawn. "What's happening? What's going on?" he exclaimed as his eyes darted around the room. "We're having a sleepover!" Kirby said. Meta Knight dropped his sword. "Are you serious!?" he yelled, "You said this was an emergency!"
"It's a fun emergency! We're gonna have more fun now!"
King Dedede facepalmed. Meta Knight stared at Kirby with bewilderment. He was about to speak, but he was interrupted by a knock at the door. "Ooh! Another friend" Kirby sang as he ran to answer the door. Kirby gasped to open the door and find Ganondorf. "Oh." Kirby said with a touch of disappointment, "It's you." Kirby slowly walked away and sat back on the couch. Ganondorf awkwardly walked in. He looked to Meta Knight and gave him a nod. Meta Knight nodded back.
Ganondorf looked around the room. "So, what are we gonna do." he asked. Kirby leaped onto the coffee table. "Let's do a puzzle!" he exclaimed. "Are you kidding me." King Dedede said. "Puzzles are fun!" Kirby coaxed, "Ask anybody!"
"I don't like puzzles." said Meta Knight.
"Me neither." added Ganondorf.
"Fine! I'll just ask someone else!" Kirby said as he took out his phone.

Samus ran down the dark corridor and ducked behind a corner. She the cautiously poked her head out from behind the wall to she was was alone. She was about to get back up when she felt something grab onto her shoulder. She whirled around and shot a large bug with her blaster. The bug exploded and Samus took a step back as her helmet began to make noise. "Hello?" She answered through her headgear. "Heeeeeeey Samus!" Kirby sang. Samus groaned and leaned up against the wall. "What do you want, Kirby?" she grumbled. "I'm having a sleepover! Wanna come?" He asked. "Not particularly" she responded. "Aw c'mon!" Kirby cried, "It'll be fun! We'll do puzzles and drink hot cocoa and have a pillow fight and-" Kirby paused. "And do puzzles," he continued, "And drink hot cocoa." Samus then got an idea. "Tell you what, Kirby," she said, "If you can get Palutena and Wii Fit Trainer to come, I'll come too." Kirby thought about it for a second and then happily replied with "Sounds like a fun game! I'll call you back" Kirby then hang up. "I'm sure you will." said Samus.
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ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#2 Posted: 15:01:11 31/07/2014
Oh my goodness this is so funny and cute! smilie I love it!
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awesomerockets Emerald Sparx Gems: 4114
#3 Posted: 18:33:17 31/07/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter Four: Kirby's Invitations

"Who did you call?" Meta Knight asked as Kirby hung up the phone. "That was Samus," Kirby responded, "She won't come unless Palutena and Wii Fit Trainer come." King Dedede laughed, "There's no way you're gonna get either of them! The trainer is teaching a yoga class and Palutena is a goddess!" Kirby began to dial another number into his phone, "We'll see about that!"

"Keep it up, Pit!" Palutena said as she guided the angel through the skies from the safety of her temple. "Boy am I lucky to have you, Lady Palutena!" said Pit, "Without you, I couldn't fly at all!" Palutena chuckled, "No problem, Pit! I'm always happy too-" Palutena stopped as her staff began to glow. She tapped it twice on the temple floor and said, "Hello?"
"Heeeeeeey Palutena!" said Kirby, "Wanna come to a sleepover?" Palutena giggled. "That sounds fun, Kirby." she told him through her staff, "But I'm a little busy right now!" Kirby frowned. "Aw c'mon!" he complained, "We have hot cocoa!" The goddesses eyes grew wide. "Hot cocoa!" she cheered, "I'll be right over!" She raised her staff into the air and teleported to Kirby's apartment.
In the sky, Pit began to slow down. "Lady Palutena, is everything alright?" he asked. Pit stopped and began to plummet towards the ground. "LADY PALUTENAAAAAAA!"

Palutena appeared next to Ganondorf in Kirby's apartment. The demon thief let out a high pitched shriek and stumbled backwards. "Sorry to frighten you." Palutena apologized. "I wasn't frightened." Ganondorf complained. Palutena approached Kirby, "Where's the hot cocoa?" Kirby looked up at the goddess of light and said, "I need to make a quick call first!" he said as he pulled out his phone.

Mario was lying down on his back in the yoga studio. "I'm-a sorry! I can't-a do it!" he said holding back tears. The Wii Fit Trainer just shook her head and took the hula hoop away from the plumber. She was about to show him how to use the hula hoop again when her phone rang. The trainer held up her phone and said, "Hello?"
"Hi." Kirby said, "Wanna come to a sleepover?"
"Keep breathing!" instructed the Wii Fit Trainer.
"I'm breathing just fine," said Kirby, "Do you wanna come?"
"Keep it up!" she encouraged.
"Is that a yes?" asked Kirby.
"Eat plenty of protein!" she said.
Kirby sighed, "Nevermind."

Kirby hung up the phone and frowned. "I don't think she's coming." he said with tears welling up in his eyes. King Dedede rolled his eyes, "Are you seriously gonna cry?" Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Kirby ran to the door and opened it up to find the Wii Fit Trainer. "Yay!" he exclaimed! He grabbed he hand and put her next to Palutena. "Can I take a selfie with you guys?"

Samus stared into the eyes of her archenemy, Ridley. She was about to shoot him when her helmet made a sound. Ridley gave Samus a puzzled look. "I got a text message from Kirby." she grumbled. She opened the text to find a picture of a smiling Kirby standing in front of Palutena and Wii Fit Trainer. "Dang it!" she exclaimed, "I gotta go." Ridley threw up his arms. "Were are you going?" Samus began to walk away, "I have to go meet with some of the people I brawl with." Ridley looked at the floor. "Oh" he said, "The brawlers." Samus exited and left Ridley by himself. "The brawlers!" he cried with tears streaming down his face.
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ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#4 Posted: 00:43:46 01/08/2014
Oh my Palutena. smilie So funny! I love Ridley.
And NUUUUU PIT ;~; You need to invite him too!
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awesomerockets Emerald Sparx Gems: 4114
#5 Posted: 00:45:10 01/08/2014 | Topic Creator
Don't worry, Pit's coming up soon on Kirby's invite list!
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prextail202 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4024
#6 Posted: 01:56:58 02/08/2014
I'd laugh if Marth and Roy got involved in this x3
di ****n molto or whatever I guess
assassinelf Yellow Sparx Gems: 1180
#7 Posted: 05:00:22 06/08/2014
This is pretty funny, Rockets.
Rickinelf: I ship it
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ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#8 Posted: 18:44:12 10/08/2014
Quote: awesomerockets
Don't worry, Pit's coming up soon on Kirby's invite list!

Yaaaaay! smilie
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awesomerockets Emerald Sparx Gems: 4114
#9 Posted: 21:29:16 10/08/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter Five: More Invitations

Samus stood in front of the door to Kirby's apartment. She was having second thoughts about the whole thing. She was about to turn around and leave when Kirby opened the door. "Oh goody! You're here!" he exclaimed, "I opened this door like 17 times expecting you to be on the other side, but now you really are!" Kirby grabbed Samus by the arm cannon and pulled her in. "So, can we actually do something now?" asked Ganondorf. "Exactly!" yelled Dedede, "I've been watching Family Feud for an hour, it's getting old! It's a family of Yoshis playing against a family of Goombas! The Yoshis answer every question with "Yoshi" and the Goombas can't even reach the buzzer! Even if they could they don't have any hands!

Kirby grinned, "I know what we can do!" He opened up his closet and pulled out a huge pile of puzzles. "Let's do puzzles!" he exclaimed. Everyone stared at Kirby, not sure what to say. "I left Pit out there all alone just so I could do a puzzle?" Palutena frowned. "And I left before Link got to my castle!" Ganondorf complained. Kirby put down the puzzles. "It's okay!" he said, "I'll invite them too!" Ganondorf rolled his eyes. "Forget it!" he shouted, "I'm going home!" Ganondorf turned around and walked out the door. Kirby looked sad for a moment and then pulled out his phone.

Pit was laying face first on the floor of a canyon that he'd fallen into. He slowly got up when his phone started to ring. "H-h-hello?" he groaned, barely able to speak. "Hi Pit, wanna come to a sleepover?" Pit looked around the empty canyon. "Yeah, sure, I'm not doing anything. I'll fly right over there!" Pit hung up the phone and stared at the sky, ready to fly. "Lady Palutena?" he tried. Nothing happened. "Of coarse." he grumbled as he began walking to Dreamland.

Link closed a copy of Highlights for Kids magazine after finishing it for the third time. The hero was still sitting in Ganondorf's throne room, waiting for the demon thief. Link banged his sword on the ground three times. "Hey! Can I have another magazine?" Link demanded. He heard slow footsteps begin to climb up the steps. After twenty agonizing minutes of waiting, a ReDead arrived at the top of the steps and handed Link another copy of Highlights for Kids. "Highlights for Kids again!?" he complained, "I'm getting sick of these! Seriously, the item searches aren't even hard, they always hide the apple in the bicycle!" The ReDead shrugged and started to walk away. Suddenly, a mouse leaped over the ReDeads feet and ran across the room. The ReDead screamed in fear, causing Link to freeze. "Grrrrrrrrr!" Link growled as he struggled to move again. The ReDead hung it's head in shame and walked away.
Suddenly, Navi flew in front of Link's face. "Hey! Listen! Hey! Listen!" she cried. "What!?" Link demanded, finally able to move again. "I just got a call from Kirby," Navi explained, "He wants to know if you wanna come to a sleepover?" Link jumped onto his feet, "It's not like I have anything else to do." Link pulled out his ocarina. He played a song and teleported away. Ganondorf ran up the stairs and into the throne room to find it empty. "Are you serious! He's still not here yet!?" he cried.
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ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#10 Posted: 19:08:17 11/08/2014
Oh my gosh, I love Link's part. smilie
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skylandersspyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 3840
#11 Posted: 21:03:33 09/12/2014
THIS is awesome
Uh Uh Uh! You didn't say the magic word!
awesomerockets Emerald Sparx Gems: 4114
#12 Posted: 05:29:49 09/06/2015 | Topic Creator
Wow, I totally forgot about this! Now that I have more free time I may try and continue it.
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ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#13 Posted: 14:22:28 12/08/2015
Yay! smilie I love this story!
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Pokemon2 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3814
#14 Posted: 09:19:57 25/08/2016
You should add Fox and Falco next
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night bomb guy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1538
#15 Posted: 09:03:44 17/10/2016
^Dude, really. This fanfic is dead.
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awesomerockets Emerald Sparx Gems: 4114
#16 Posted: 05:03:00 30/01/2020 | Topic Creator
What if I finished this like six years later hahahahaha jk........ Unless
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awesomerockets Emerald Sparx Gems: 4114
#17 Posted: 05:48:22 30/01/2020 | Topic Creator
Chapter Six: The Only Good Thing About This Party Is These Onions

"You know what I could really go for right now?" Falco said into his communicator as he did a loop-de-loop in his ship.
Fox watched the bird's fancy flying from his ship, "What?"
"Hot cocoa." Falco licked his lips. Or his beak I guess.
"FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOX!" An insufferable voice pierced Fox and Falco's ears.
"Jesus Christ, Slippy. We are literally in the safest part of the galaxy, what could you possibly need help with." Fox growled.
"There's a ladybug on my windshield!" the toad sobbed.
"I'll fix it." Falco tapped a button on his dashboard and fired a laser directly into Slippy's ship. It exploded. Slippy Toad was dead. Nobody was sad.
"I am not sad," said Fox. He flinched as his ship began to receive a transmission.
"Hi, Fox! I'm having a sleepover! It's really cool and great! I have no idea how it's going and nothing has happened yet. It's as if I was more concerned with getting as many characters involved as possible rather than giving them something to do. I mean seriously, whenever someone arrives I disregard them almost immediately as if their presence is meaningless to me even though their validation and company seem to be my sole motivation and entire character so far. It sounds like a good time, right? Don't you want to come over to my apartment only to be immediately tossed to the side so I can shove another character or eight into this?"
"Will there be hot cocoa," Falco asked.
"Yeah," responded Kirby. Falco was also part of the call if you didn't notice.
"We'll be there" Fox and Falco flew to Kirby's apartment.
"I was present the whole time, but I will not be part of the story because I am not a playable fighter in the game Super Smash Bros 4 which this story is based on because it was started in 2014 lmao," said Peppy, you know, the rabbit from Star Fox.

Fox and Falco arrived at Kirby's stupid apartment.
"Hello!" screamed one of the seventy characters present in this apartment of unknown size.
They drank hot cocoa. By they, I mean every single fighter in the game
Did I mention that the apartment complex was next to a nuclear power plant? Like RIGHT next to it. Ness was invited at some point, he ran up to the power plant. The only way he can have fun is by being extremely annoying and ruining everyone else's fun, so he just started throwing out PK Fire's like his life depended on it.
"PK FIRE" he shrieked as he launched one directly into the nuclear power plant that was in fact right next to the apartment building.
It exploded.
Everybody died.
Everyone except the Fire Emblem characters.
Marth, Ike, Roy, Lucina, Robin, Corrin, Chrom, Byleth and probably another one that I'm forgetting about stood on the remains of the apartment. Byleth kicked Ganondorf's corpse. "Everyone is dead instead of us."
Marth shrugged, "I guess we are the only fighters in the game now."







Hey everyone! Thank you SO much for all of your love and support! I know I've kept you waiting for a long time, you've been so patient, thank you so much, you are the best fans ever. This one is for the fans! Please donate to my Patreon and buy the hardcover version of this at your local Barnes and Noble. Thx
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awesomerockets Emerald Sparx Gems: 4114
#18 Posted: 07:51:26 13/05/2023 | Topic Creator
What if I did a reboot
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