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Max Level [CLOSED]
Joe Fodder
#1 Posted: 02:51:23 06/05/2007
What is the maximum level? Dark mentioned a max level on the crystals page. After grinding near the end to around lvl 23, the experience bar got all wacky. It started to go backwards, and crazy stuff like that. Other things went wrong too. Anybody have any thoughts on this?
spyrolifacent Fodder
#2 Posted: 20:08:56 12/06/2007
year i wish i coud help but nobodes helping me whith my problem if you are willing to help then go to socerer spolers im the last add and the ill help!!!!!!!
spyrolifacent Fodder
#3 Posted: 20:10:16 12/06/2007
i ment and then ill help not and the ill help
SBM Fodder
#4 Posted: 01:05:28 22/08/2007
Hey uys do you want to know how to get easy experience?right in front of moleville is some trees and boulders burn the trees on your lower right do not do this if you DONT have chi roar and a mushroom bag that fits 12 mushrooms kill then only using chi roar dont melee them or youll get killed once you do that you get 300 experience points for killing all of them a box will appear with some gems,butterflies and crystals get all the stuff then leave and go back in keep repeating till you level up!
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