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SSA Skylanders @ Five Below [CLOSED]
spyroflame0487 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3837
#1 Posted: 22:35:34 27/07/2014 | Topic Creator
Saw a post about it and heard about it the other day. I checked out one while I was out today and lo and behold, the SSA guys are now at Five Below.
[User Posted Image]

The one I went to had pretty much all of the last assortment guys; I had spotted Zook, Lightning Rod, Camo, Warnado, Hex, Dino-Rang, Voodood, Double Trouble, Ignitor, Flameslinger and Whirlwind.

Pretty neat if you're thinking of getting some extras or missing them.
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LloydDXZX Yellow Sparx Gems: 1637
#2 Posted: 22:48:38 27/07/2014
I need all of those smilie
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Sboy13 Gold Sparx Gems: 2611
#3 Posted: 22:55:28 27/07/2014
So it's true! Well now I know what I'm getting next time I go to Five Below :d
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SlayerX11 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3472
#4 Posted: 01:18:48 29/07/2014
Check one in ny, one in nj and one in pa nadda. Did find them for $5 in a walmart thou here.
star kitty Blue Sparx Gems: 917
#5 Posted: 07:30:54 10/09/2014
[User Posted Image]
I went to Five Below for the first time this weekend and they had pretty much the same selection listed above. Too bad I already have these guys. For anyone interested this is the Five Below at Gateway in Brooklyn NY.
Sivadreamer Gold Sparx Gems: 2821
#6 Posted: 14:12:20 10/09/2014
Seems this is the assortment that Wal-Mart has been getting periodically since right before Swap Force was released. A shame there aren't a wider variety recirculating!
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CountMoneyBone Emerald Sparx Gems: 3280
#7 Posted: 18:05:17 10/09/2014
i guess they have kept them in storage and not put them in the shop before now... most places you cant buy any of the ssa anymore....
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