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Metallo's Thoughts on Love [CLOSED]
Metallo Platinum Sparx Gems: 6419
#1 Posted: 01:16:47 26/07/2014 | Topic Creator
For AP/IB summer work, hope you enjoy it smilie

Benevolent Battle

As a hormonal teenager on the eve of my adult life, there are countless ethical concerns waging war within me, constantly fighting to determine my actions and behavior, but one that is particularly challenging to me is that fluttery, feathery demon within all of us; it is that wicked cherub known as love. Out of the many variations of love, I am speaking of the most dreaded and feared one, that of romantic love. Yes, it is considered absurd by modern society for one as young as myself to even begin to tangle with that concept, but my thoughts simply cannot let it be. The most challenging aspect of it, in this case, is the question of whether or not to pursue it. My benevolent battle with love rests on its true validity, its distortion of reality, and the effect it has on others.

Addressing my earlier point, many claim that true love cannot exist at this early period in life, and that the wild passions experienced by teenagers are insignificant. However, immensely strong passions should never be belittled, regardless of age. There are multiple occurrences when I do question my CONVICTIONS, true, and they do occasionally wear away with the procession of time, but the very fact that I could experience such feelings in that high level of intensity is a testament to their sincerity. There is a profound beauty and an immense degree of reality in our ability to have these incendiary passions for each other, however persistent or short-lived they may be, however peacefully or tragically they may conclude. For instance, reflect upon the tale of Catherine and Heathcliff, whose seemingly superficial, ever-tumultuous stint transcended death itself. Despite the unfortunate turn of events, their legacy can be an inspiration to countless souls, and serves as an example of love's validity being bold and steadfast. Therefore, any degree of love is valid, and that covers one question of its worthiness to be pursued.

A more challenging question is that of the way love tends to warp what we would perceive without its influence. The infamous observation, “love is blind,” comes into play here. Examples are the many stories of Depression-era outlaws, such as Clyde Barrow (who, alongside Bonny Parker, was part of the infamous duo) and Lester Joseph Gillis (better known as George “Baby Face” Nelson), who each had dedicated sweethearts supporting them through their dastardly deeds until the very end. It was love that made these sweethearts turn a blind eye towards, and in some cases, take part in the crimes committed by the rogues and their gangs. This makes love appear as a reckless, dangerous force, one that probably should not be tampered with. Still, while this is sufficient evidence for one to be wary of love, it is not nearly sufficient to dissuade a dedicated soul from seeking it. It can therefore only be reasoned that one mustn't let love overwhelm him, and he must do his best to maintain a grip on his senses during romantic endeavors.

Here lies perhaps the most difficult question in this analysis, the one of how love can sometimes have negative effects on the intended targets. While nearly all humans strive to be given attention and tenderness in return from those they bestow it upon, it is perfectly possible to overwhelm someone with passion. The knowledge that a person pours every ounce of emotional effort and deep-seated affection into another person can, more often than not, incite uncomfortable, pressured feelings in the latter, and can even destroy relationships. Being that true love dictates constant benevolence for the intended significant other, it is always wise to SLOW or cease any action that causes said other pain or discomfort. Wanting the other to be happy, regardless of personal wants, is often the mark of a sincere, altruistic affection that always transcends outward attempts at securing the other's heart. So when the fire becomes too wild for one heart to handle, it is best to tone it down to relieve any stress. However, this is not to say that one should give up on true passions. Holding out and waiting, while criticized by many in this case, can pay off immensely if one does it correctly. In summation, the pursuit of love will be most successful if exerted displays of passion are kept in moderation, for the other's sake.

Now to pass at the final trial, to answer the question we started with, it comes to the conclusion that with all matters considered and prepared for, love definitely should be pursued. It takes much experience to truly put my aforementioned theories into practice, but it is possible if one keeps determined and stays true to the heart. Just as Gatsby always kept an eye out for the green light, I will always pursue love whenever it shall rise within me. Being perhaps the greatest highlight of human nature, it is always a benevolent battle worth winning.
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Fatman Gold Sparx Gems: 2794
#2 Posted: 17:11:39 28/07/2014
Let's play a game guys. Can you find a point in this?

No, but seriously. That wall of text right there was unbelievable hard to read due to your lacking chapter division.
Metallo Platinum Sparx Gems: 6419
#3 Posted: 18:00:40 28/07/2014 | Topic Creator
Quote: Fatman
Let's play a game guys. Can you find a point in this?

No, but seriously. That wall of text right there was unbelievable hard to read due to your lacking chapter division.

It was double spaced when I first typed it. I copied and pasted it here.
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