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Darkspyro Mini-games???? [CLOSED]
Eevee88 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4479
#1 Posted: 12:07:24 18/07/2014 | Topic Creator
Wouldn't it be cool if there were Darkspyro Mini-games, like a spark shooting game? Or maybe Spyro charger?
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somePerson Diamond Sparx Gems: 8613
#2 Posted: 12:30:51 18/07/2014
This is a fan-made forum, not an official site.
Ryanator20x6 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1848
#3 Posted: 12:56:53 18/07/2014
I totally made this suggestion a few years ago. Everyone was so mean to me. smilie
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Windumup Emerald Sparx Gems: 3217
#4 Posted: 13:03:31 18/07/2014
Forum game sec*HIR'd*
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Punk Bomb Green Sparx Gems: 230
#5 Posted: 14:04:51 18/07/2014
Give me money!
LocoGuy107 Ripto Gems: 390
#6 Posted: 14:28:50 18/07/2014
Quote: Windumup
Forum game sec*HIR'd*

Oh, come on! HIR is a decent moderator!
skylandersspyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 3872
#7 Posted: 02:06:16 19/09/2014
well that sucks
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zer0dch Ripto Gems: 1916
#8 Posted: 02:37:08 19/09/2014
No one is going to program a ****ty game for this site lol
LunarDistortion Ripto Gems: 3606
#9 Posted: 19:49:30 27/09/2014
We have the old Dragon creator, so I guess that counts.

It's buried deep in the depths of Darkspyro, so it's hard to find, but it's there.
Bolt Hunter Gems: 6135
#10 Posted: 03:04:48 28/09/2014
^ Oh yeah, I loved using that thing back in the day.
If anyone is looking for it here it is.
I guess it would sort of count as dS's "mini-game", not that it's a game, but still. smilie
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skylandersspyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 3872
#11 Posted: 18:43:51 15/10/2014
it should be updated with more stuff
Uh Uh Uh! You didn't say the magic word!
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