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Why did you choose your username? [CLOSED]
Templarhunter97 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1362
#51 Posted: 12:44:48 20/07/2014
Ok I came up with it.

Templar (I hate them) Hunter (Assassins track down and hunt the Templar out) 97 is the year I was born so that equals to = Templarhunter97

Love the name.
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StormDragon21 Platinum Sparx Gems: 5559
#52 Posted: 23:09:53 10/08/2014
I got my username from an accident when I was sharing my username on Poptropica with my friends. My username was StormDragon26 but I told them it was StormDragon21.
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S P Y R O Blue Sparx Gems: 953
#53 Posted: 11:46:47 13/08/2014
Cause I wanted my name to be spyro but that was taken. Hence, S P Y R O.
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awesomerockets Emerald Sparx Gems: 4136
#54 Posted: 15:41:17 14/08/2014
When I was like seven years old I received a Webkin as a gift. When I went on the site, I learned that I had to chose a user name. When I was seven I was obsessed with the word awesome, so of coarse that was my first attempt. When "Awesome" was already taken, I tried "awesomecar" then "awesomeskateboard" and stuff like that. After like twenty minutes I threw out "awesomerockets" and it wasn't taken. Ever since that's pretty much the username I use because it's easy for me to remember.
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Jaggedstar Diamond Sparx Gems: 7857
#55 Posted: 00:39:36 17/08/2014
I got it from a YouTuber called Raggedstar
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SamXala Gold Sparx Gems: 2398
#56 Posted: 06:36:01 17/08/2014
Because I had a weird dream 5 years ago about a woman who saved my life from "my nightmare", and her name was Sam Xala
(Sam is a name for boys and girls)
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RaymanTwilight Blue Sparx Gems: 947
#57 Posted: 19:47:59 17/09/2014
because i am a rayman obsessed basement dweller
also because at the time i was also a twilight sparkle obsessed basement dweller
shroom boom Emerald Sparx Gems: 3133
#58 Posted: 03:49:26 18/09/2014
i was pissed the day i made my account cause i got bashed
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mrdarkspyro Blue Sparx Gems: 918
#59 Posted: 01:06:04 22/09/2014
I have a S1 Dark Spryo that had the Bronze top hat on and it made him look like a gentlemen, and now you have it.
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S P Y R O Blue Sparx Gems: 953
#60 Posted: 06:05:52 23/09/2014
Cause I have a name of my favourite character but split up.
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Plordigian Blue Sparx Gems: 626
#61 Posted: 11:28:56 25/09/2014
Don't know why I use this name; most seem to find it difficult to pronounce.

So my brother and a friend of ours and I were sitting around making a stupid movie one day using stop-mo with old action figures... about 13 years ago? Dang, time flies. Anyway, we were coming up with goofy names for each other's characters, just babbling about odd-sounding words that twisted our first names around. When it came to my turn, Jord changed to Plord, then Plorg, then finally our friend says "it is he, who wanders the deserted earth alone... The Plordigian." (plor-dij-ian, like stygian) After we had a good laugh, it kinda stuck. I actually got a compliment about it from a well-known comic book writer in an e-mail response once, surprisingly. Thanks for the name, Croles-man Jeegus. Wherever you are.
Samius Hunter Gems: 9294
#62 Posted: 09:35:02 26/09/2014
Sami is my real name. I just sticked "us" to the end of it to make it sound like a fantasy name.

I've used the same name in all RPG games and times I played fantasy heroes with my brother since I was seven years old. The problem is, now that I am using it online there are guys out there using the same name, thinking they can be the real Samius.

There can be only one.

So I've had to resord to putting my birth date "191" (nineteenth of January) behind the name in many games/forums. "Samius191" thus became my staple username wherever I go, it even handily transforms into a Spartan tag "S191".
Spyroconvexity Hunter Gems: 8720
#63 Posted: 05:12:59 28/09/2014
I chose mine because Its two of my favorite things Spyro the Dragon and the level Convexity on the TLoS series.
Templarhunter97 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1362
#64 Posted: 14:08:35 29/09/2014
In English playing with the words of what all the Assassin's skills have been in the past and It came!

Templar (I hate) Hunter (Connor was a hunter of animals and Templars (WIN) and the year I was born 1997.

So Templar-Hunter-97= Templarhunter97 and I love that username.
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And i am still waiting for a sequel to bully smilie
ArbiDragon292 Gold Sparx Gems: 2337
#65 Posted: 07:05:00 08/11/2014
Really, I do not remember much about my username. Why? It was created by one of my most best friends in the life, also user here, and well, he's the one who knows the true meaning of my username. This may sound ridiculous, but I've been absent from here for many months, and also much focus on another things in the life that sometimes some things are forgotten. In my case, if are things that I do not turn to see or hear from them often, I tend to forget.
I'm going to ask him if he is not busy, and so, write the answer soon.

Edit on 18/11/2014: I have the answers:
  1. Arbi: It's almost the beginning of my Xbox Live gamertag: The Arbiter292, just noticed the change respectively.
  2. Dragon: Because who create my username is like another younger brother for me, then he decided to put the "Dragon" for to seem as if we were genetic brothers, also his username has the same word and there are times that I also like these creatures.
  3. 292: The same number of my Xbox Live gamertag: The Arbiter292, by the way, are the first three numbers of the phone from the house of my parents.

  • Number one is with the name of each one, basing on each Xbox Live gamertag of one.
  • Number two are exactly the same.
  • Number three is based on the mechanics of having a number on our username, just that being with a different number.
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MagicFizz Emerald Sparx Gems: 3571
#66 Posted: 01:35:19 26/11/2014
I liked the Magic element best, and I loved Pop Fizz so..............................
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Will171717 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1208
#67 Posted: 01:42:58 26/11/2014
Will: my name
17: Lucky Number
17: Lucky Number
17: Lucky Number
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Akame Yellow Sparx Gems: 1584
#68 Posted: 22:39:01 03/12/2014
Akame is the name of a character from another fandom.
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#69 Posted: 22:40:32 03/12/2014
Because zap.
NightBlade Platinum Sparx Gems: 6019
#70 Posted: 23:00:43 03/12/2014
I chose it because eleven year old Me thought it sounded cool when I joined this site. Luckily, sixteen year old me still thinks it's an okay username.
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AvatariDragon Platinum Sparx Gems: 6085
#71 Posted: 22:16:48 11/01/2015
There was a user on YouTube named AntauriWolf, and she's the one who inspired me to make Spyro videos. I didn't think of this username until quite awhile after I made my YouTube account, but when I decided to make a back-up account, I wanted a cool name just like hers. I actually had a hard time coming up with one, then one day I was looking at some users' avatars for some reason, and Avatari just kinda popped into my head. And I was like "Well AntauriWolf has a cool animal as the second part of her name," so I chose Dragon because dragons are cool. So bascially AvatariDragon was thought up by some 13 or 14 year old YouTuber fangirl, but I think it's a pretty cool name and I use it for most of my newer accounts now.
At the time when I made an account on here, my main YouTube account's name, ElephantAndSpyroFan, was more important to me than AvatariDragon, so I was going to use that as my username on here. However, the name was too long, so I decided to use my back-up name. Once again, it sounded cool anyway so I was pretty happy with my choice.

So there you have it.
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Arc of Archives Yellow Sparx Gems: 1486
#72 Posted: 23:55:51 11/01/2015
It was going to be a name for one of my OCs (and it still is, but... I haven't worked on that OC seriously, though I really should, because I wanna have her in a game someday)
ExcitonKnight Gold Sparx Gems: 2753
#73 Posted: 04:53:27 18/01/2015
[User Posted Image]
My account is named after this thing
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Mesuxelf Ripto Gems: 3666
#74 Posted: 13:59:25 18/01/2015
Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf
somePerson Diamond Sparx Gems: 8623
#75 Posted: 16:44:22 18/01/2015
I really don't know.
Arc of Archives Yellow Sparx Gems: 1486
#76 Posted: 21:01:13 18/01/2015
Quote: Mesuxelf
Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf

it sounds like a self-depricating elf :V
Searchghost Green Sparx Gems: 339
#77 Posted: 03:10:33 12/02/2015
Searchghost is my username for a lot of things. It was my favorite Heartless from the original Kingdom Hearts game.
Medicus Gold Sparx Gems: 2405
#78 Posted: 11:44:23 12/02/2015
I like my favorite TV show so much I just named my self after a character.
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SoulFly Emerald Sparx Gems: 4660
#79 Posted: 20:18:01 19/02/2015
My old account got hacked, i used my old username Samzur for sole reason of i don't know, it just stuck to me from somewhere.
But later i came back here, made a new account, and given that i were listening a whole bunch of Soulfly then, so no further explanation required?
Anyhow, just a band i like.
Lately been using names Sir Taco and Samzire because i feel like it.
emmkay Green Sparx Gems: 171
#80 Posted: 00:08:15 20/02/2015
I chose my username to represent my initials - MK
DarkCynder_543 Platinum Sparx Gems: 5210
#81 Posted: 03:22:38 20/02/2015
i was a fan of cynder when i joined the site and had no imagination

and i stuck 543 on the end because i wanted some random numbers. they eventually became my signature set of numbers
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Iganagor Emerald Sparx Gems: 3552
#82 Posted: 11:43:51 13/04/2015
Summoning a STUNFISK
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spyrolvr96 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1214
#83 Posted: 12:16:18 13/04/2015
I was eleven. I liked Spyro.

Need I continue?
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BlackWing116 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1480
#84 Posted: 18:06:32 13/04/2015
Got inspired after looking at a Drawing on Deviantart
DubstepSpyro Green Sparx Gems: 381
#85 Posted: 23:42:46 08/05/2015
I chose my username because I took this site's name, and changed the word 'dark' to Dubstep. And used it as my username.
KeybasHedKey Ripto Gems: 1862
#86 Posted: 02:17:29 29/05/2015
Beacuse it was supposed to be MarieltheKeybasHGirl but it was too long for some reason. But KeybasHKey is enough with me.
shadowstarcat Gold Sparx Gems: 2177
#87 Posted: 05:43:28 03/06/2015
Shadowstar is the name of my warrior cat OC. The cat part is there cuz i luv cats
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SPCR Red Sparx Gems: 95
#88 Posted: 18:15:40 04/06/2015
I like my username the way it was. My username is supposed to be SpyroThePalmontCityRacer, but that username is too long, I got the initials from Paranoia, he made the initials on the Spyro Forums.
Dark fhoenix Emerald Sparx Gems: 3166
#89 Posted: 18:20:36 04/06/2015
Well this is my little brothers username and password . I thought it would be funny fun fun whoopee .

He was not amused smilie
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Burning Gnorc Emerald Sparx Gems: 3463
#90 Posted: 19:30:35 04/06/2015
You take a Gnorc.

And you burn it.

You get Burning Gnorc.
The Bone Chompy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1201
#91 Posted: 01:32:23 05/06/2015
Well...isn't it obvious?
^This might be sarcasm.
Alydol Ripto Gems: 1330
#92 Posted: 17:10:23 19/06/2015
It's short for my full name!
DragonCamo Platinum Sparx Gems: 6666
#93 Posted: 21:25:11 19/06/2015
Idk. I was into Skylanders, Camo was my favorite, he was a Dragon. Boom. Plus, GhostFire was already taken so.
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Wreckingball13 Gold Sparx Gems: 2583
#94 Posted: 22:34:04 19/06/2015
I liked Wreckingball as a skylander, and I joined in 2013.
robbiepayne97 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1891
#95 Posted: 01:58:52 20/06/2015
Cause I didn't know what else to pick. Also, one of my YouTube's usernames is robbiepayne97 and I picked that user name because it was easy to remember. This was before Google was connected to YouTube, so you got ACTUAL usernames and not just names. I joined YouTube in 2008 on a separate account, so yeah. and robbiepayne97 was created on July 2nd, 2009. So, it's not new at all. It's quite an old username. It was my nickname, my last name and my birth year, 1997.
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spyro and sonic Diamond Sparx Gems: 8325
#96 Posted: 02:34:19 20/06/2015
Quote: Mesuxelf
Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf

oh my god it all makes sense now
huge dotd freak Emerald Sparx Gems: 3354
#97 Posted: 16:23:08 20/06/2015
Because Superspyrofan and spyrosuperfan were taken, as was Ignitus. So, this happened, I mean
, it is a true name
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