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A Count's best friend. (A Kids Next Door FanFic.) [CLOSED]
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This is barely the beginning of the fight. Not even the beginning.
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Ch. 20

Luckily, Devon bought plenty of canned and pre prepared foods, since he wasn't trying to impress Count Spankulot with his cooking anymore. So, making soup was a fairly non time consuming task, and within 15 minutes he was done. He put a spoon in the container of hot soup and went to the Count's room to deliver it to him. There were two fallen mannequins in his room, one with a leather strap under its hand, and the other didn't have an implement. The Count must have stationed them here as guards before having to take their artificial life away to conserve energy. Devon walked up to the closed coffin on the floor. "Count? I've brought you some soup." He said.

The coffin was opened and Count Spankulot gripped the sides of the coffin, shakily propping himself up into a sitting position. He looked more ashen than usual and began to take on the same sickly appearance as the Common Cold. The vampire sniffled a few times before taking the soup in his shaky hands. "Thank you, Devon. How could I have gotten sick?" He asked, sniffling loudly and wiping his nose with his gloved hand, green mucus now on his white glove.

Devon took a big step back. "It's flu season. People are starting to get sick." He answered.

The Count didn't answer as he scooped some broth and vegetables into his spoon and put the spoon in his mouth, he immediately spit it out and fanned his open mouth with his hand. "Hot, hot, hot, HOT!!" He said.

"Too hot?" Devon asked, rhetorically. There was hidden amusement in his question.

"Yes!" The Count replied, looking at him. "Why did you scald my tongue?!" He asked, looking angry.

"I didn't, the soup did. I thought you would blow on it to cool it down." Devon said.

"That is not what happened! You did not-" The Count paused to sneeze into his palm. He took his hand away from his face, two strands of mucus were attached to his hand, still connected to his nose. "You have not warned me of the hotness of this soup that has caused my tongue to get burned!" He continued saying, putting the soup down near his coffin and extending his hand.

Devon almost tripped as a mannequin slid across the floor and into him. He stumbled backwards over the mannequin as it made its way to the Count.

The Count brought the mannequin to him, removed one of his gloves and slapped its bottom. The mannequin came to life and stood up, pointing its eyeless face towards Devon. The Count extended his hand towards the strap and the piece of leather began to slide its way over to him.

Devon put his foot on the strap, stopping its journey, and looked Count Spankulot dead in the eyes as if to challenge him. A primal instinct to challenge or hunt whatever was weak and sick had begun to take over. His pupils had changed color to that of the yellow eyes of a wolf.

The Count, undaunted, looked at him furiously. "Devon! You let me give the strap to my mannequin and let it spank you with it until your bottom is red! Lift your foot up this inst-" He paused and coughed violently as a coughing fit started.

Devon's teeth had grown sharp and his nails turned into claws. He let out a growl as he stared the sickly undead creature down with his now red pupils.

The mannequin got into a fighting stance, prepared to defend its master. It ran at Devon and managed to grab hold of him, it held him in a semi bent over position under its arm and began to spank him with its wooden hand.

Devon snarled at the pain he was experiencing, he barely felt it because of the adrenaline pumping through him, but it was still annoying. He hit the mannequin in the back with his elbow.

The mannequin let go of him. The force of the hit had created cracks in its back.

Devon transformed into his werewolf form, he looked bigger and meaner than usual.

The mannequin grabbed the leather strap and didn't even have time to stand back up before
Devon's jaws were clamped down on its head.

Devon shook the mannequin like a rag doll and while it was down he put his paws on it to hold it down and with one forceful jerk of his head, he tore the mannequin's head off its body. He turned his gaze towards the Count, but only saw the coffin close. He threw the head across the room and went to inspect the coffin, he knew the vampire was in there, cowering. He could smell the terror.

"Pl-... Please... I swear I will never use an implement to punish you ever again!" The Count said from within the coffin with a trembling voice.

Devon got on the coffin and clawed at it as he heard the Count screaming in fear.

"I will never, ever punish you f-... For petty reasons! Only when you do something really bad..." The Count said, sounding like he was crying.

Devon let out something akin to a roar, to drive his point across.

"Ok, ok, ok! I will never spank you ever again! Please... Don't eat me..." The Count pleaded, tearfully.

Devon got off the coffin and looked at the container of soup, he started to lap up the soup with his huge tongue, he stuck his muzzle into the container and ate most of the contents, there was barely anything left when he finished. The alpha always gets first crack at the meal... He took his snout out of the container and started to leave the bedroom. "I'm going out." He stated, his voice sounded different as well, a little deeper, more menacing. He stopped short of exiting the castle and just contemplated what he had just done. He scared the undead crap out of Count Spankulot, the creature of the night who almost always had an upper hand, the creature who terrified him when he was a pup and still terrifies him now. The Count had a need to survive, despite being immortal, so if his life or even safety was threatened he was putty in his attacker's hands, or paws. He wondered what he can force the vampire to do now that he was his alpha? Of course, he knew the Count had a dominating nature of his own, a nature that had to snuffed out.

Devon trotted outside into the courtyard of the castle and gazed upon that statue in the fountain. The statue of that little boy being spanked by his vampire father and crying out two jets of water from his eyes incited rage rather than fear upon seeing it this time. He stood on his hind legs and turned into his human form. He was in long pajama pants and a tank top, not wanting to go back into the castle to change he pressed a button on his watch. "Casual disguise number 3." He said, his voice sounding normal again. His armor from his tank top activated, changing his clothes, hair color, facial structure, eye color and voice. He was wearing a T-shirt, a jacket, jeans and tennis shoes, he figured he shouldn't dress too nicely for where he was going, the man he was going to meet didn't deserve that... He put his helmet on, got on his hover bike and flew it over the wall. Within about 5 minutes of fast flying he got to his destination, Gallagher Elementary. School started up very early these days, so students were already there. Devon parked his bike in the visitors parking and headed inside the school, keeping an eye out for any Kids Next Door operatives. His disguises rarely fail, but it was best to be cautious. He noticed something different about the students, not only was the scent of fear more pronounced in them, but they were also wearing matching uniforms, except pants for the boys and skirts for the girls. As he turned a corner in a hallway, he heard a boy screaming his head off.
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"I forgot my uniform! I forgot my-! No! This can't be happening!" The boy screamed, panicking. He looked as if he was going to have a breakdown as he searched his backpack. "He's going to paddle me... I'm going to get the paddle! NOOO!!!" He continued, starting to cry.

Two hall monitors came by and saw him. "You! You're in dress code violation!" One of them said as they both went up to him.

"And your voice is, like, a billion decibels too high. You're breaking two rules. It's a trip to Mr. Bord's office for you." Said the other hall monitor.

"No, no, no, NO! I'm not going to him! You'll never take me alive!" The boy said, running to literally save his butt.

The hall monitors were right on his tail, giving chase.

Devon watched all of this with shock. It wasn't this bad since he helped President James Nixon McGarfield and the Delightful Children win the school presidency all those years ago, and even then children weren't getting beaten by school employees. He would start to fix this soon. He continued to make his way down the hallway, until he was stopped.

"Alpha?" A child with light skin, blond hair and glasses called out to him and walked up to him, he was accompanied by an African American child with short black hair. They too were wearing uniforms.

"Bradley, Boyd." Devon said, turning to them as he addressed them.

"You can disguise your appearance, but not your scent, sir." Bradley said, adjusting his glasses.

"What are you doing here, Alpha? KND operatives go here." Boyd asked, looking around a bit to make sure it was safe.

"I am aware of the danger. The disciplinarian, Mr. Bord, where is he?" Devon asked.

"Where the old vice principal's office used to be." Bradley answered.

"Thank you. What's with the uniforms? This school is becoming more stereotypically private school by the day, next thing you know they'll be teaching religious beliefs as facts... False religious beliefs, that is." Devon said with a disgusted tone.

"They were Mr. Bord's idea. He's only been here less than two days, and he's already effecting the school in very bad ways, and it's only Tuesday." Boyd said.

Suddenly a warning bell sounded and students were scrambling to get to class. "Alright, get to class before you're late. I'll take care of Mr. Bord." Devon said. He continued his trek down the hallway and, after a few more turns, he arrived at the disciplinarian office. His ears were immediately assaulted by the sound of paddling and of a child screaming and crying. After every whack the screams intensified, and so did the werewolf's rage... It took all the strength he had not to break the door down and crack that paddle across that man's head. Devon tried some breathing exercises to calm himself down, they were only mildly successful. His rage mostly quelled as the paddling ceased. Sounds of a child sobbing heavily were heard.

"Now, are we going to forget our uniforms or run from hall monitors again?" Asked the stern voice of a man, most likely Mr. Bord.

The child sniffled and sobbed a few times before tearfully and fearfully answering. "No, sir..."

"Good. Now, remember that you have after school detention today, you're getting that as well as another paddling." Mr. Bord said, his voice was disturbingly calm about all this.

"Yes, sir." The child said.

"Get him to class." Mr. Bord said to someone else in the office.

There were sounds of belts being undone and moments later the door opened and the child comes out, being escorted by two hall monitors walking on either side of him. Devon walked into the office as soon as he had room to pass. He was immediately greeted by the sight of a barrel-like object with four legs, it had four belts attached to it. He guessed it was used to bend children over and secure their hands and feet so the disciplinarian can paddle them without having to hold them down himself.

Mr. Bord was a middle aged man, tall, slightly heavy and wearing a very professional suit. He put his large and heavy paddle on a shelf behind his desk next to a few other paddles of various shapes, sizes and thicknesses. He turned around and looked surprised that he had a visitor. "Hello, young man. Can I help you?" He asked.

"Yes, Mr. Bord. I have come here to speak with you." Devon responded, surprisingly civilly and politely, for now.

Mr. Bord sat at his desk and gestured to a chair on the other side of the desk. After his guest took a seat, he inquired. "In regards to what?"

"My little sibling was punished by you yesterday." Devon replied.

"Ah, yes. You must be concerned about my methods of discipline. I can assure you it's quite safe, and if bruises should occur from it, maybe it will provide your sibling with the incentive to behave in the future." Mr. Bord said.

"What about it being cruel?" Devon asked.

"Times are changing and so are opinions over corporal punishment. It's coming back with a stinging vengeance. All those milk toast attitudes about treating children like small adults and that they have autonomy. No! Until they are adults, 20 years old in my opinion, then they are subject to the wills of their parents, guardians and any other adult put in charge of them. Where I come from older siblings would be heavily encouraged to spank their younger siblings, even if it's just a reminder to behave." Mr. Bord said.

"Now, I don't think I can ever hurt my brother again." Devon said.

"Were you ever spanked before?" Mr. Bord asked.

"Yes, many times per week." Devon answered.

"By your father, mother?" Mr. Bord asked.

"My mother called Count Spankulot to punish me at the slightest slip up, most of the time without even a warning." Devon said.

"Ah, the Count." Mr. Bord said, speaking with a sort of reverence. "His work is honorable and greatly needed. But, he's not like a strong father figure who is always there to make sure the child stays well behaved." He added.

"I'm sure if he could find a way to make himself omnipresent and omnimalevolent at the same time, he would. That would be terrifying." Devon told him.

"Omnimalevolent? The Count does what most parents nowadays are too frightened to even attempt. But, luckily, we're getting back to the good old days. I hope a disciplinarian gets put in every single school, I hope every household with children practices corporal punishment, I hope that children are afraid to even look at an adult funny. They'll learn quickly that they don't own the place..." Mr. Bord said.

"But, you're hurting them." Devon said.

"So? A little pain never hurt anyone." Mr. Bord said, without skipping a beat.

Devon sat there silently for a few seconds. "You do realize that your statement contradicted itself, right?" He asked.

"Are you being smart with me, young man?" Mr. Bord asked, sounding offended.

"If pointing out a flaw in your statement is being smart with you, then yes." Devon told him.

"I am not opposed to hoisting boys like you over my knees and giving their bottoms the good thrashing they deserve! How dare you come into my office accost me like this?! You sound like one of those people from that Parents for the Ethical Treatment of Children group." Mr. Bord said.

"And you sound like a man who can't win an argument without resorting to violence or intimidation. That's called having a weak position." Devon said.

"You'll be in a weak position when I bend you over this desk and paddle your bottom until it's bruised!" Mr. Bord said, standing up and grabbing the same heavy paddle he used on the boy.

Devon stood up, standing his ground. "You're going to assault me? Really? That would be a very bad idea and you're just proving my point." He said.

Mr. Bord looked furious as he started to walk towards Devon.

"If you lay a hand on me, I have a right to defend myself." Devon warned, putting a hand up.

"You have a right to apologize to me after getting a proper paddling! You disrespectful boy! This is what your father should have done!" Mr. Bord said, grabbing him by the back of the neck and trying to bend him over the desk.
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Devon slammed his elbow into the man's ribs, making him let go and double over in pain. He grabbed him by the throat and slammed him onto his own desk, making him drop his paddle. His eyes turned red and he grew sharp teeth and claws. "Don't touch me, you filthy human!" Devon yelled.

Mr. Bord was thrown into his office door, the door broke and he slid across the floor and into some lockers. He looked toward Devon and watched in horror as he transformed into a large light brown wolf.

Devon stalked toward the man, his head was below his shoulders, his body slightly low to the floor and his head pointed right at his prey.

Mr. Bord tried to scoot away from the werewolf.

Devon loomed over him for a good few good seconds, growled at him and stood up on his hind legs. He let out a snarl as he grabbed the man by the neck, hoisted him up and slammed him against the lockers. He got close to his terrified face with his snout and slightly open jaws full of sharp teeth. "You WILL resign and you will NEVER set foot in this school to terrorize these kids again!" He said. Once the mortified man gave him a nod, he let go of him and watched him run off toward the exit of the school. He turned around when he sensed that he wasn't alone and he saw a large crowd of kids. They were children of all the grades, from Kindergarten to fifth grade. They looked as if they had seen what happened. The children started to cheer, to thank Devon for driving out the man who had terrorized them. He stood there and basked in their praises, it felt good to hear cheers instead of screams of fear from them. There was one who wasn't cheering, but was standing in the center of the crowd, just looking at the werewolf in shock. Devon noticed the brown haired fifth grader, it was Kevin. The two siblings looked at each other, not knowing if the other will attack first or not at all. Devon suddenly bolted down the hallway on all fours and left the school.

Kevin pushed through the sea of kids to go after his older brother, but stopped short of turning a corner in the hallway. He couldn't believe what he had just witnessed. His brother, the scourge of the Kids Next Door, the wolf in sheep's clothing, the biggest traitor to kid kind just helped kids. Kevin turned around as he heard a riot starting. Kids were rushing into Mr. Bord's office and it sounded like they were destroying it. Paddles were brought out of the office by some children and were destroyed out in the hallway. Kevin's teammate, Maxine, was joining in the riot.

Maxine had just put Mr. Bord's name tag on the floor and held his largest paddle on her shoulder like a bat. She looked over at Kevin, smiling. "Hey, Number 73! Looks like the mutt finally did something good, huh?" She asked.

"Yes, but why? There's something odd about all this..." Kevin replied.

"All I care about is wrecking the stuff of the jerk who made me wear a skirt!" Maxine said, raising the paddle over her head like a sledgehammer. Another kid was about to join her in breaking the name tag, she quickly shoved the larger boy away. "Get your own name tag to smash! This one's all mine!" She said and then started to smash the name tag while shouting childish curses at the absent Mr. Bord.

An airhorn was sounded several times and the riot stopped. Five well dressed children being carried on a litter by four kids came down the hallway, it was the Delightful Children from down the lane. They began to scream at the crowd through an annoyingly loud megaphone. "What do you think you're doing?! Insolent animals! Where is our disciplinarian!? What are you doing to his office?!" They asked, in perfect unison.

"The doggy saved us! No more stingy paddle from the scary man!" Cheered a little girl.

"Wha-... Doggy?! We knew we should have made a rule that all weredogs must be kept on a leash!" The Delightful Children said, one of them had a walkie talkie. "All hall monitors, report to the disciplinarian's office, there are rioters to arrest!" They said into the walkie. They looked at the unruly students. "Come quietly and you'll ONLY be looking at detention for the rest of elementary school, a million times the homework and you can have a cracker and a cup of tap water during lunch break. We're feeling generous today."

"No way! You creeps may be school dictators for the rest of time, but there's something I learned in history class. When there is a tyrannosaurus government ruling than we have a right to kick them O-W-T, OUT!" Maxine said.

"The word is 'tyrannical', you dunce! And just wait till our security get here, they'll straighten you out!" The Delightful Children said.

“Well, your goons aren't here now, are they?" Maxine asked, smiling. Other kids stood by her side, standing bravely against their oppressive rulers.

Suddenly, thunderous footsteps were heard coming from down the hallway. Children, mainly fifth graders, in child sized riot gear came running toward the group of kids.

"For our freedom to wear what we want, for getting recess again, for no homework and for cheese burgers and pizza in the cafeteria again! CHARGE!" Maxine said, leading her group of kids against the riot squad. The two groups collided while the Delightful Children made a quick getaway, being carried to safety on their litter. Maxine kicked the shield in front of her and the hall monitor behind the shield went down. She looked back for her teammate. "Number 73, come help!" She called out. "Number 73...?" She asked when she saw that Kevin was not there. "Oh, are you serio- OOF!" She was struck over the head by a baton and fell to the floor.
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Meanwhile, Devon had just landed his hover bike on the dog park near the entrance to his secret lair. He was out of his disguise. He got off his bike and put his helmet on the seat. He turned around when he heard the sound of a small propeller, and saw his brother hovering above him.

Kevin had a propeller coming out of his backpack which allowed him to fly. He also had a B.L.A.Z.E.R pointed right at his older brother.

Devon slowly put his hands up slightly over his head, not wanting to fight this time. He'd even considering surrendering, if it'd make his brother to even consider listening to him.

Kevin stared down at his older brother, his hands were shaking as they clasped onto two handed gun-like laser weapon. He slowly, but surely, lowered it. "Ok, Devon. Talk! What the heck was that about!?! What are you planning?" He asked.

"I am planning something, Kev. But, it's not the nefarious plots you're used to." Devon said.

Kevin suddenly put his weapon back on him and charged up a shot. "Aha! I knew it! You're-... Wait, did you say you're NOT planning something evil?" He asked. He looked at his weapon in a panic, the shot had to go somewhere, he fired into the air, actually not shooting his brother on purpose this time. The preteen sighed in relief and looked back down at Devon.

"Thanks for not shooting me..." Devon said, lowering his hands.

"You still didn't fully answer my question! What are you planning?" Kevin demanded, keeping his B.L.A.Z.E.R in hand.

"This may be hard to believe, but I'm on your side. I want to help the Kids Next Door. I want to stop the adults who would have you spanked and under their control." Devon told him.

Kevin just stared at his brother in disbelief at what he's just heard. "What?! Why? What do you have to gain from helping us?" He asked.

"You know me so well, you figured that I'd only do something if it benefited me. That's been true up until this point. Well, I guess I do have something to gain from this, getting rid of Count Spankulot for one thing... But that would, in turn, benefit the children as well. Win-win situation." Devon said.

"Since you're living with the Count I bet he's been spanking you." Kevin said.

"You think? Just about the only things he hasn't done yet is swat me with a rolled up newspaper, ground me or take away my phone." Devon said, crossing his arms. "Come to think of it, what I did this morning might prompt a very negative response from him later. A response that will seriously hurt me... Look, he is weakened by some illness he got because of the Common Cold and my brilliance. Think you and your team can imprison him as long as you possibly can? Preferably on the new prison near Saturn. He can't tan my hide when he's trapped in a prison roughly 746 million miles away from Earth." Devon said.

"Why should I trust you? This could be a trap!" Kevin said.

"I saved your butt from Count Spankulot the first time yesterday and even tried for a second save, I had no motivation to do so. Well, no motivation that's evil and benefits only me." Devon replied.

Kevin thought about it for a moment and sighed. "Yes, you're right. Just don't be around the castle when we strike tonight. I don't think that I can convince the others to trust you. I don't even completely trust you." He said. After a few seconds, he added. "I need to see evidence of the Count's condition. I can't just take your word for it."

"Ah, looking for proof instead of just blindly trusting. You are my brother after all." Devon said, actually smiling at him genuinely for the first time in years.

Kevin gave a small smile too, putting his B.L.A.Z.E.R back into his backpack. "Lead the way." He said.

Devon activated his armor, his regular black and red ninja/samurai hybrid armor appeared on him, he activated his jet boots and led the way back to Castle Spankulot. He and Kevin landed in the courtyard.

Kevin took out his B.L.A.Z.E.R and followed his brother to the main entrance. "You go first." He said.

Devon opened one of the doors and went in, his younger brother following him.

Kevin noticed a few fallen mannequins scattered around the hallway, a few of them had implements such as paddles, switches and belts with them. "What's up with these things?" He asked, creeped out.

"The Count brought them to life to act as guards. But since he's sick he had to 'kill' them to conserve energy. He can barely sit up, so taking him in will be a piece of cake, even for you." Devon said.

Kevin gave his brother a look and rolled his eyes. A thinly veiled insult that hardly reassembled a compliment was as good as he was going to get right now.

Devon led him to the master bedroom and stood in the doorway, peering into the room himself.

Kevin looked in the room and saw a small trash can near the Count's closed coffin, it was filled with used tissues and there were even some tissues on the floor. Loud coughing with a lot of phlegm could be heard from inside the coffin.

Devon closed the door and looked at Kevin. "Is that enough proof?"

Kevin nodded. "Yes... It is."

"So, are you still going to take care of him for me? Get him out of my fur so I can work in peace?" Devon asked.

"I'll get my sector to go after the Count tonight. But, you need to hold up your end of the bargain." Kevin answered.

"Deal." Devon said, holding out his hand.

Kevin took it and shook it. "Don't make me regret this." He warned.

"I wouldn't dream of it... Right now anyway." Devon said, ending the hand shake.

"Wait, so what exactly are you going to do once he's out of your way?" Kevin asked.

"Help the Kids Next Door reclaim the Moon Base and any other major base they lost, then, after I train my pack and rebuild my kingdom, we take the fight to the rest of the vampires and any other adult who stands in our way. I'll need the support of the Kids Next Door, as well as the Teens Next Door, the Grownups Next Door, the PETC, not so much the RMPD I don't know how they could help, and any other kid friendly group." Devon answered.

"It's going to be difficult to get all those groups on your side, you know, since you-" Kevin started to say.

"I know what I did!" Devon interrupted. He sighed. "I'll face the music later. But, now I have to focus on one thing at a time. Now, get back to school before you're missed." He said.

Kevin started heading towards the exit of the castle, he turned around and asked. "What made you do a 180 on your morality, anyway?"

"Ironically, religion..." Devon answered.

"Like dad's?" Kevin asked.

"No, nothing so contradictory and hypocritical. Mom's. Well, the true form of it, that is..." Devon replied.

Kevin nodded and then exited the castle.

Devon watched him leave. He knew that tonight would be the first major step in his quest, cut the head off the snake, or the bat, and it dies...
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#106 Posted: 03:37:16 04/01/2017
Say, that's like, action and plot that doesn't involve the main character getting spanked, progress...
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Thank you. One of the reasons I make this so spank heavy is because I post this on a website that, let's just say, really likes spanking. I have hundreds of people there who read this and I have to keep them happy.
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Devon left the castle as well after changing into some proper clothes and taking the extra few minutes to pack up all of his things, fearing that the Kids Next Door would confiscate or steal his possessions. He used his armor to fly back to the dog park and landed near the tree slide. He deactivated his armor and put his hand on the trunk of the tree. His hand was scanned and the entrance to his underground lair via slide was opened. He slid down the slide and landed in his lair. He got up and was greeted with the sight of a cleaner lair, a visual on Sector V's treehouse, inside and out, on the many monitors and the four
members of his first pack sitting in their chairs in front of the giant keyboards.

"Hola, alfa." Jose greeted as he swiveled his chair around, he was a short and skinny Hispanic young man with dark short hair in his human form. "Look!" He said, gesturing to the many monitors happily. "It took all night, had to install an updated program, repair some broken buttons on the keyboard, get past a bit more advanced KND firewalls and cyber security, but I finally hacked into their cameras and their entire treehouse." He said.

Devon set his bags down and walked up to the monitors slowly and nervously, trying to think of how to tell the werechihuahua that his efforts may have been in vain due to recent events.

"What's wrong, did I not do what you asked?" Jose asked, thinking he was at fault.

"No, no, no... It's just that some things have changed... We could make use of what you did in some way, I'm sure." Devon told him.

Jose's mood changed from proud and happy to confused with a sinking feeling that his alpha may just tell him some awful news. "What are you saying...?" He asked.

"I had no idea this would happen. I made an ally out of my brother and he's agreed to keep his sector off our backs. So-" Devon began to tell him.

"That's great!" Gregory said, standing up and patting his alpha's back as a job well done. He was a man with light skin and little muscle, he had medium length black hair.

"Wait! So, I did all that work for nothing?" Jose asked.

"We probably won't be using what you did for its intended purpose, spying on the KND. But I'm sure we can use it for something. Numbers 70-74 won't be sector V for much longer, Kevin is turning 13 this month. So, he won't be of much help for long, but at least it's something. If he doesn't get recruited into the TND, then we'll have to find another way to make allies out of all the other kid friendly organizations." Devon said.
"Make allies out of organizations like the GND and all that? How? Every one of them hates our kind." Fifi said, she was a skinny woman with extremely light blonde hair in her human form, and a bit taller than Jose.

"I don't really know. But if this alliance with Kevin goes well, then it's one step closer. I just hope he doesn't mess this up." Devon replied.

"Mess what up?" Fifi asked.

"I managed to give the Count one of Common Cold's Goddess awful diseases and he's so weak he can't even get out of his coffin. Figured that the Kids Next Door could capture him and send him on a one way trip to Saturn's moon." Devon said.

"Making an enemy weak and then using that enemy's weakness against them, effective and smart." Riley said.

"Thanks. How are our weapons around here? Our remote controlled drones. I think we should offer Sector V some assistance when they attack the castle tonight. Recently they've been losing battles against the Count and this would be a really bad time to lose." Devon said.

"Yeah, some of our drones are still in perfect condition, even after two years of not being used." Jose said.

"How many?" Devon asked.

"Five of them, one for each of us if we wanted to control one manually." Jose answered.

"Alright, do we have any garlic? Of any kind?" Devon asked.

After exchanging a few glances at one another, the four weredogs shook their heads no. "No, Devon. We only left the lair to get some food and a few changes of clothes since we thought that we're gonna be here a while." Gregory replied.

"The KND are most likely going to be firing every bit of garlic they have left at that castle tonight... I have noticed the Count getting more resistant to garlic. Maybe he just thought that he was a complete wimp when it came to garlic because of a lack of confidence... And his boost of confidence was because of me. He's sick, weak and frail, but he can still have something up his sleeve... We should take no chances. Extra fire, or in this case garlic, power can't hurt. Gregory, take my bike and get as much garlic as you can find. Avoid stealing from large public areas if you can. I'll give my bike a notice that you're allowed to use it." Devon said, activating his watch. He barked into it a few times and the watch gave a beep as a response. "Ok, Greg, you can now use my bike. Goddess' speed." He told the werehusky.
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Gregory nodded, stood from his chair, saluted him and went to the surface using a tree elevator.

"I'll go up as well to find all of the drones that we can use." Jose said, getting up. "Riley, I could use your nose to help sniff them out. Still remember what they smell like or where we buried them?" Jose asked.

"Yes, of course." Riley said, standing up to go with Jose.

Jose looked at Devon. "Do you have the Fix-O-Matic with you? It'd be a good idea to have all of our drones operational." He asked.

Devon walked over to where he put his things and opened his duffle bag. He took out the Fix-O-Matic and gave it to his friend. He watched Jose and Riley get in a tree elevator and head up to the surface. He then sat down in one of the chairs and tried to relax for a spell.

"You are tense, I can sense it all over you." Fifi said, concern in her voice.

Devon sighed heavily. "I did something today that'll probably bite me in the ass later, most likely. Well, two things. I attacked the Count, or at least tried to, the coward hid in his coffin before I had the opportunity to sink my claws and teeth into him." Devon said, unsheathing his claws for emphasis before putting them away. "But, luckily the Count might be dealt with tonight, so he won't be a problem anymore. I attacked someone else, at our elementary school. They hired a disciplinarian who was trying to turn the school into something like a private school, with uniforms and paddlings... The man had a paddle collection and a weird barrel with legs and belts to restrain children. He tried to paddle me after I went into his office in disguise and tried to debate him on the ethics of spanking."

"What exactly was your plan there? Debate him and try to make him do a 180 on his morality? Doesn't sound like you." Fifi told him.

"I sort of came up with a plan when the Count was punishing me with corner time, but I couldn't go through with it as I had lost control when the paddle happy human assaulted me. I ended up throwing him out of the office in my human form and then wolfing out." Devon said.

"Did you kill him?" Fifi asked.
"Not this one... I don't know how I had the self control... But I just told him to get out and never come back. I doubt he'd have the courage to come back after that." Devon said.

"Then what happened?" Fifi asked.

"Children came out of their classrooms and apparently saw what I did. They cheered me as a hero, have to admit, being celebrated feels good. Even being celebrated by probably mostly straight or cis children." Devon responded.

"You said that a problem might emerge because of your actions? Your mother?" Fifi asked.

"Yes. As Bradley pointed out when I met him and Boyd in the hallway, I couldn't disguise my scent. I was out of there pretty quickly, but my scent can linger. That and the security cameras... Doubt they could see past my disguise, but my wolf form isn't invisible on camera... Maybe the Delightful Children will recognize me on the security footage and report me to Father... And he'll incinerate me or something!" Devon said. He leaned back in the chair, put his hands on his face and sighed in frustration. After a few seconds, he sat up, looking like he perked up. "What the Hell is wrong with me? I'm a hacking genius!" He said, turning his chair towards the keyboard and a monitor. He started typing and clicking the mouse like mad after he opened up a program. Thanks to Jose's upgrade, he was hacked into the school's security cameras in no time. He watched the security footage from the point of view of the camera that was in the main security room, he rewound the footage to earlier this morning. No Delightful Children, not even a security guard was in that room at the time Devon was in the school or after he left. He fast forwarded the footage to see if that changed. He sighed in relief when he saw that no one was even in the security room this morning, no one that would cause him much trouble saw what he did. "Oh, thank Asenath!" Devon said, a wave of relief coming over him. "Now, we have to make sure that no one sees any footage from this morning. Wanna help cover up my data erasing with a little power outage?" He asked, looking at Fifi with a smirk.

"Do I!" Fifi said, starting up the same program that Devon was running and hacking into the school's power generators.

Devon prepared the security footage from today to be erased. "Ok, are you in?" He asked.

"Yes. I'm in." Fifi replied, ready to shut off the power.

"Let the power come back on after we're done, as much as I want all those kids and weredogs released from school early, that would mean my mother would also get out of work early." Devon said.

"I only have control of the main generators, not touching the backup ones, didn't think I'd need to." Fifi replied.

"Ok, good. Ready? On my mark... Do it!" Devon said.

Fifi shut off the main power to the school, while Devon deleted the security footage for today.

Devon looked at their accomplishment. "We did it!" He cheered and laid back in his seat, sighing heavily in relief. "Now all we have to worry about is my mother, but even that's not too concerning now that I think about it. All those children who saw me hurt the disciplinarian, all their individual scents will mask my own. So it'll be harder for her to pinpoint or even smell my scent. But... Kevin was there at the time, he saw me... Mom could question him about it... She'll threaten him with Count Spankulot, the kid will sing like a damn canary... If he does try to lie the kid's terrible at it, mom'll smell the fear and nervousness on him..." Devon said, sighing heavily. A few seconds later he perked up again, getting another idea. He took off his shirt and tank top.

Fifi watched her alpha in confusion.

"Here." Devon said, giving her his tank top. "I have my father as a disguise on there. Call Galagher Elementary, ask for Kevin and keep him talking for as long as possible. The command for my dad disguise is 'activate dad disguise one'. I need to call The Dark Side of the Moon." Devon said, putting on a pair of headphones and adjusting the mic. The headphones were shaped like paw prints and the mic was shaped like a little bone. He used the mouse, which looked and felt like half a tennis ball, to click out of the hacking program and activate a video chat program. He deactivated the video part and just made an audio call, didn't want anyone important to see him shirtless. Father's scientists in the former Moon Base have been making plenty of strides in evil science and diabolical technology, surely they'll have something to help him.

(Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, I lost momentum in this Fanfic and I was working on a Classic Spyro Fanfic as well. I do want to continue this fanfic. But expect chapters to come months apart. I appreciate all of my readers.)
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#110 Posted: 01:39:10 08/05/2017
This really feels like filler to me, nothing really happened and it just kept going off of what happened in the last chapter.

And I don't really understand, if Devon is afraid of his Father, then why is he asking his Father's scientists for help?
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#111 Posted: 02:04:30 09/05/2017 | Topic Creator
Yeah, it is a bit of a recap, this chapter was going to be much longer, but I decided to finish it right there and post it.

And it's not HIS father he's afraid of, it's Father, the Delightful Children's father (Guy in the all black suit with a pipe who shoots fireballs.)
Devon's using Father's scientists so he could use their tech without doing any of the work himself, saves time that way. Father doesn't know he's responsible for what happen to Mr. Bord, so he's not worried about communicating with his scientists.
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Here's the link to chapter 22. I will link it there from now on.
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