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A Count's best friend. (A Kids Next Door FanFic.) [CLOSED]
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#51 Posted: 12:33:58 08/11/2014 | Topic Creator
"I can't believe this, David! Just look at this mess!" Scolded the woman who was presumably David's mother.
Devon slowly stood up, shaking a bit while his muscles were recovering. He looked over toward the Count who was just waking up as well.
The Count groaned in pain as he rubbed his head, standing up.
"This entire room smells like garlic! Do you know how much time I spend cleaning your room?! And did you do that homework that's all over the floor?!" David's mother asked her son.
David began to speak, timidly. "No, I-"
"Zip it, young man! And did you do that to your wall?!" She asked, pointing to the holes in the wall where the gum balls had hit.
"No, the dog did it..." David said.
"We have a cat! Are you hiding a dog in here?" His mother asked.
"N-... No, he's the dog..." David said, pointing at Devon. "Well he was..."
"Don't make up stories, mister! Take off that costume right now, it is not Halloween!" His mother ordered. She walked up to the Count. "I am so terribly sorry, sir. My son can overreact sometimes. I hope he didn't give you or your friend too much trouble." She said.
"Well, other than him trying to maim us, he was no trouble at all." Devon said, sarcastically, crossing his arms.
"I'll pay you quadruple for the trouble he caused you." The mother said.
"Thank you, Madame. But I do not care for the money, all I want is to discipline your misbehaving son." Said the Count, looking at David.
David looked at the Count with fear, now wearing some pajamas for he had taken off his knight costume he was wearing as armor. The child shielded his rear with his hands.
"Of course you can. He deserves it after what he did to the science room, his room and you and your friend." Said Mrs. Martin.
The Count walked up to David, he grabbed the child by the back of the shirt when he tried to run, he took a knee, put the child over it and began to spank him hard and fast.
David was struggling and crying as he felt the sting of the Count's palm. "Stop!... Stop! I'm sorry!..." David pleaded, looking back at the vampire with tears in his eyes.
Count Spankulot merely increased his pace and started laughing at David's feeble attempt to squirm his way out.
Devon watched for a minute, satisfied that the little brat got what he deserved. He spied a backpack in a corner and made sure no one was watching. Count Spankulot was busy spanking David, David was busy getting spanked and his mother was watching, coast was clear... He made his way over to the backpack, crouched down and slowly unzipped it. He could still hear the sound of spanking, laughing and crying in the background, so he knew it was safe to do this. He took out a folder, at least David kept his things organized, not like the other kids whose backpacks he normally raided with homework just shoved in there. He opened the folder and swore he started salivating when he saw all different types of homework in the pockets of the folder, math, science, English and geography all in one folder. He loved variety packs. He took out the papers and gave them a look and a sniff to see if they were correct. He was about to eat them when all of a sudden he felt the nagging feeling not to eat them. This was strange, he had never felt this way before. He knew it was because of his mother's command, even a prince has to heed the queen's command, or at the very least acknowledge it... But a true queen would never forbid the eating of homework, not at any price! He popped the papers into his mouth and started chewing. They tasted so good that the twinge of guilt he felt while eating them was quickly pushed aside by the sweetness of the homework and a plethora of other flavors. As he was chewing the homework, he swore he heard an audible feminine voice tell him something: 'Good, eat, eat without fear...' Devon looked around, seeing no one.
He closed the folder, put it back into the backpack, zipped the backpack up before standing back up and watching the Count continue to spank David, it had been at least a few minutes into his spanking. Devon was wondering who it was that spoke to him, he knew one thing, whoever it was had more authority than his mother, perhaps it was... Asenath...? No, she only speaks with the alpha, the one who bears the amulet, right? The weredog prince would have time to ponder all this later, he did all of his best thinking alone.
Count Spankulot stopped the spanking and set David down.
David looked up at the Count as he rubbed his sore behind, sniffled and sobbed.
"Now clean this mess up!" Mrs. Martin commanded.
David got to cleaning the room quickly.
The Count stood and watched as Mrs. Martin walked over to him with her wallet in hand.
She pulled out some money. "Here, I insist, for the trouble you had to go through to punish David."
Count Spankulot took and pocketed the cash. "You are welcome, Madame. It was my pleasure to punish him. Have a nice night."
"You too." Mrs. Martin said.
The Count walked over to Devon, took hold of him again and disappeared with him. They reappeared outside the house. The Count released Devon and pulled something out of his front pocket, it was a slip of paper. He read it and then told Devon what it said. "Our next stop is Anne MCclementine's house. Need to punish her for blowing a raspberry at her brother."
"Pretty small offense if I may comment, I almost didn't write it down because I thought it was stupid to get a spanking over it. Me and Kevin hit each other and shoot at each other all the time. I try to spike his candy and surgery drinks with vegetables and vitamins, he tries to slip a page of bad homework in when I take all his homework for the week. Siblings fighting is very common." Devon said.
"Yes, but it is still rude. And if I had known about all the fighting you two did I would have wasted no time putting each of you over my knee..." Said the Count, leaning in for a more threatening and dramatic affect.
Devon shrank back, a bit intimidated. "There was one time when you spanked us for trashing the house. That was from the result of a fight." He said.
"Yes I remember that. There were mustard stains and scorch marks on your walls." Said the Count.
"Oh yeah, he was using his M.U.S.K.E.T. and I was testing out my new wrist laser gun." Devon commented.
The Count said nothing as he grabbed hold of the weredog again and teleported to a new location. This time it was in front of a two story house right next door to Sally Abela, Number 71's, house. They teleported again to the child's bedroom on the second floor.
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#52 Posted: 12:36:05 08/11/2014 | Topic Creator
Anne's room was pink and filled with Rainbow Monkeys. Anne was asleep in her bed, holding a yellow Rainbow Monkey as she slept. There was someone else sleeping in the room as well, it was Number 71. She was asleep in a pink sleeping bag beside the bed, holding a red Rainbow Monkey wearing a white cone on its head.
Count Spankulot rose in the air, lightning and thunder could be seen and heard from outside.
The girls woke up and screamed in fear, clutching their dolls close.
"Those who make a rude gesture to their brother and those who break into my castle and assault me with garlic shall feel the hand of Count Spankulot!" The Count said.
"Before I do, I'd like you to meet someone." Anne said, putting her Rainbow Monkey in front of her. The toy was holding a fake bulb of garlic, it had a slight smell to it.
"Is-... Is that garlic...?" The Count asked in fear.
"Yes, his name is Mr. Garlic Breath and he wants to hug you!" Anne said, tossing the doll at him.
It hit him in the face and he fell to the floor, he began overreacting and tried to pry the doll off his face. While it really wasn't stuck to him nor hurting him, the smell of artificial garlic was enough to send him into a panic.
"Count, it's not real garlic. Get ahold of yourself!" Devon said, he had to admit though, he did find this rather amusing. But he was too preoccupied with the Count's stupid and panicky reaction to really laugh, especially out loud.
Sally giggled a bit. "Aww, don't worry Devon. I have a friend for you too." She said, turning her Rainbow Monkey to face him. The doll had a dunce cap on and was holding a piece of paper made out of cloth in both hands, the writing on the paper was a math problem written in blue glow in the dark marker.
Devon saw the problem. "That is incorrect. 2+2 does not equal hugs."
"I know, silly. That's the point. This is Silly Willy the bad at homework Rainbow Monkey and he wants to play!" Sally said, taking out a weapon from under the bed. It was a gun-like weapon that normally shot teddy bears but was loaded with around five Silly Willy dolls instead, there was extra room at the front and Sally put her Rainbow Monkey in its place and she then aimed the fully loaded weapon at Devon.
"Uh-oh..." Devon said, he knew a single hit from one of the dolls could knock him out, he was in no condition to take even a single error right now as he was still a bit weak from his last clash with the incorrect. He got prepared to dodge.
Sally shot a doll at him.
Devon side stepped and dodged.
Sally aimed and shot again.
Devon side stepped the other way and leaned all the way back as another doll was shot at him almost brushing against his nose as it flew over him. He stood straight and saw another doll flying at him, and he jumped over it.
Sally only had one Rainbow Monkey left. She aimed and shot.
Devon dove and rolled out of the way and to the floor and avoided the last doll.
"Uh-oh." Sally said, now worried as she realized she had no more ammo left.
Devon stood, looked at the Count and smacked the garlic Rainbow Monkey off of him. He looked and then saw Sally running in his direction, but she was tying to veer off past him. He merely held out his foot and tripped her, making her fall to the floor.
Sally reached for a Silly Willy doll that was just out of reach.
Devon put a foot on her back to hold her down and looked to see that the Count already got up and was moving toward a scared Anne.
Anne tried to run but Count Spankulot grabbed her arm, stopping her.
The Count took a knee, put the struggling child over it and raised a hand high in the air to start spanking her.
"Wait!" Sally pleaded as she saw her friend about to get spanked.
"Why should I?" The Count asked, looking back at Sally.
"If you don't hurt my friend I'll... I'll give you my allowance... And all my candy... And even... one of my Rainbow Monkeys..." Sally pleaded.
"I do not take bribes. And after I spank your friend, you're next, naughty little lady!" Count Spankulot said as he turned towards Anne and started to spank her while laughing.
Sally whimpered in defeat as she heard the yells of pain coming from her friend. "If you let me go to help my friend I'll give you homework. Good homework." She said, looking at Devon.
Devon thought for a moment. Sally's homework was usually really good... But he then remembered his mother's command, he couldn't disobey, not again anyway... "No! I had to watch and listen to my friends get spanked, and so do you." He finally answered. Devon suddenly heard the same female voice in his mind again. 'Let her, let her go and claim the homework as payment...' Said the voice.
Devon looked down at Sally, he felt compelled to listen... He didn't know why...
"Please! Ouch! Stop!... Ow!... That stings! Ow!" Anne complained as she squirmed to get away, now crying.
The look in Sally's eyes was full of desperation now. Devon looked back at the Count and then at Sally, he was unsure of what to do.
'Release...' The female voice said commandingly, but softly.
Almost without any more hesitation, Devon let his foot lift off of Sally and watched as she got up and ran at the Count.
Sally jumped the vampire from behind and wrapped both arms around his neck, causing him to lean back and choke a bit as she had him in a simplistic choke hold.
Anne was able to get away and run out of the room.
Sally pushed the Count forward onto the floor and escaped with her friend.
Count Spankulot gets up, but is hunched over, holding his neck in pain and breathing heavily for air. He stands up straight and looks at Devon, who looks slightly shocked at what he had just let happen. The vampire walks over to him, looking mad as ever. "Why were you not helping me when she had me in the hold of the choking?!" He demanded to know.
"Actually it's called a choke hold. And it was the most simplistic one in the book, executed by a little girl." Devon said, unable to resist the urge to teach again.
The Count was fuming, he raised his hand and delivered a hard swat to Devon's rear.
The hit was so strong that it knocked Devon off his feet and onto the floor.
"Your one job is to guard me! Why have you not done that!?" Asked the Count.
Devon didn't answer, even he didn't know why. This has never happen before.
Count Spankulot was about to give him another swat when suddenly Sally and Anne came into the room again holding thin cardboard boxes. The Count looked at them.
"We had some left over garlic sticks and we thought we'd share them!" Sally said as she opened a box filled with garlic sticks. She began to throw bread stick after bread stick at the Count.
A few hit him, he screamed and flew out the window.
Sally and Anne went to the window and watched him fly away. They turned back to Devon who was just picking himself off the floor. Sally went over to a backpack and took out some papers. She handed them to Devon.
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Devon took a look at them and sniffed them. "Ew..." He said, with a disgusted look on his face. "It sort of smells bad, and there is a lot of work crossed out."
"Sorry, I'm bad at math and I had Anne help me." Sally said.
"It shows... I'll have Anne's homework instead." Devon said.
"Hey, that wasn't our deal!" Sally said, putting her hands on her hips.
"I wasn't asking..." Devon said, narrowing his eyes.
"No." Sally said, looking away and crossing her arms.
Devon grabbed a Rainbow Monkey from the pile nearby.
Anne covered her mouth and let out a gasp.
Sally looked and gasped as well.
Devon tore the head off the doll, stuffing went everywhere. He dropped the doll and its head on the floor and reached for another one.
Anne uncovered her mouth. "No, wait! You can have my homework! Just please, don't hurt any more Rainbow Monkeys!" She pleaded, with tears in her eyes.
Devon smirked and dropped the Rainbow Monkey he was holding. "I'm glad we could come to an agreement."
Anne got her homework out and gave it to Devon.
Devon looked over the papers and sniffed them. "Better, almost perfect except for the fewer mistakes you crossed out. Why did you even think you were supposed to carry a 6 there?" He asked, looking at a problem.
"I got confused!" Anne said.
"Of course you did... I'll just keep the essay then. Keep your crummy math homework and get a tutor next time!" Devon said, dropping the math homework and Sally's homework, then eating the rest. It tasted relatively good. He then walked over to the window, opened it, turned into his weredog form and jumped out the window. He hugged the trunk of a tree and slid down it using his claws, not the most stealthiest of exits, but he got to the ground in good time. He turned back into a human and turned around only to have the Count appear before him.
"Sticks of bread with garlic powder on them is the worst! Second only to that toast with garlic people like to eat with their pastas!" The Count complained. "Did you disarm those little girls of their bread sticks of garlic?" The Count then asked.
"No, I couldn't. They chased me away with their bad homework." Devon replied.
The Count sighed. "If you had kept a hold on Number 71, she wouldn't have escaped and attacked me and then justice would have been served!" He yelled at Devon.
"And if you would learn how to handle children when they attack you... I'd probably be out of a job... But at least you'd be able to serve your justice without much care!" Devon said.
"If you wouldn't get distracted by the simplest of things we'd get more work done!" The Count argued.
"I'm part dog, I don't know how many times I have to stress that." Devon said.
"Next you'll get distracted by your own tail and then try to chase it." The Count said, crossing his arms.
"Hey, I know not to chase my own tail! I can't catch it anyway... And you're insulting my intellect! I'll have you know I won the national science, math AND English championships six times in a row. And I'm on my way to getting a master's degree from Harvard's online program. So don't you dare say that I have an inferior intellec-" Devon paused suddenly, spying a squirrel on the other side of the yard. "SQUIRREL!" He said and ran at it. It ran up a tree. Devon managed to hit the tree and fall backwards onto the grass.
The Count went to him and looked down at him. "You were saying?"
Devon had a slightly dazed look on his face. "I hate squirrels..."
The Count rolled his eyes, picked him up off the grass and helped him to his feet. "Stop fooling around, get your act together and do your job, or else you'll quickly find yourself over my knee. Understand?" Asked the Count, sternly.
Devon nodded.
"Good, now let's go." The Count said, walking toward the front of the house.
Devon looked up toward the squirrel and made the 'I'm watching you' gesture with his hand. He flinched when he heard the Count's voice.
"Sometime before the sun comes up, Devon!" The Count said.
Devon ran to his side. His arm was grabbed as usual and both he and the Count teleported to another house. This was a house located right across the street from Maxine Anderson, Number 72's, house.
"I must punish Danny Phinkleman for getting an F on his last test because he spent more time playing video games than studying." Count Spankulot said.
"Now that's more of a reason to punish someone than almost anything else." Devon said.
"Glad we agree." Said the Count.
"Before we go in though, shouldn't we go back to the castle and get better prepared? Considering what happen in the last two houses, I think we should be prepared for anything." Devon suggested.
"You make a very good point." The Count said and disappeared with Devon again. They reappeared in the castle, near the master bedroom. "Be quick." He said.
Devon walked into the room, a few minutes passed and he came back out wearing his armor with new red tinted goggles strapped to his helmet, he had a crossbow on his back and a quiver full of rounded explosive bolts under it, and as always he had his staff in hand. "Alright, I'm ready."
The Count grabbed him by the arm and disappeared with him, reappearing near the Phinkleman house again.
"Wait before heading in, I have to assess the situation inside first." Devon said, he put on the goggles and was able to see through the walls of the house. "I see Danny inside his room, he's asleep. But there's also someone else... It's Number 72, just as I suspected. She's pacing around the room, in full armor, or what the Kids Next Door call armor. She also has a couple weapons on her. A S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. with a small stack of paper on it, most likely bad homework, and she also has a water pistol on her hip." Devon took off the goggles and looked at the Count. "Alright, I have a plan. We go in there together, you disarm her of the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. I disarm her of the pistol. You make a thick layer of smoke blanket the room first, I can navigate through it using the goggles. And whatever you do, don't make that speech you always make where you announce your presence and their crimes..." Devon said, putting his goggles back on again.
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The Count nodded, getting a tad annoyed about the last thing he was asked to not do. He grabbed Devon by the arm again and teleported into Danny's room. He made black smoke appear in the room.
Maxine noticed the smoke and pulled out her weapons. She looked around, unable to see anything she turned on the flashlight she had on her helmet. The light seemed to be swallowed by the unnatural darkness, she couldn't see anything in front of her. She jumped a bit when she heard Danny's voice.
"Maxine, what's going on? Why is it so dark here?" Danny asked in fear.
"It's night time, it's supposed to be dark, now pipe down!" Maxine demanded in a loud whisper, she didn't want to scare the boy. She looked around for the vampire who she knew had come for Danny. She suddenly felt something trying to pull her S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. from her hand, she used it, thinking her assailant was right in front of her. She only succeeded in hitting air and making a few pages fall off her weapon. She was about to fire the water pistol but she felt something leather and studded strike her hand. She dropped the pistol and also lost her S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. in the process. Maxine growled and got in a fighting stance, moving backwards and looking around. "Come on! Show yourself! I'm not afraid of you!" She was suddenly knocked to the floor when that same studded leather thing hit her. Maxine tried to get up but she saw a large gloved hand come out of the darkness and quickly snatch her up by the arm, she then felt herself put over a knee and the pillow she had tied to her backside was torn from her, exposing the clothes she had underneath. She struggled against who she knew was Count Spankulot. "Danny, run!" She said. She then yelled in pain as she felt the Count's palm come down on her rear repeatedly, fast and hard.
The boy screamed and tried to run towards his door to get out of the room. He suddenly fell when something wrapped around his ankle and he was dragged backwards. He turned his head and saw Devon standing behind him.
The weredog's eyes glowed red as he looked at the boy, the glow was enhanced by the goggles he was wearing, making him appear more terrifying to the boy.
"Pl-... Please don't hurt m-... Me!" Danny begged, he was frozen in fear.
"I won't hurt you. But he's going to spank the heck out of you for what you did." Devon said.
"I-... I'm sorry! I was practicing for a video game tournament!" Danny said, he started crying, fearing his upcoming punishment.
"What tournament?" Devon asked, a bit curious.
"A Marvelous Crush Cousins tournament." Danny said.
"Oh, and here I thought it was a game that actually requires skill, strategy and planning." Devon said, unimpressed by the boy's taste in video games.
"It does require all of that!" Danny argued.
"Oh, please. I meant real skill, strategy and planning. All that game is is button mashing with maybe a tad of skill and strategy, but not much." Devon said.
The room suddenly got brighter as the smoke dissipated. The Count walked up to them. "Are you finished with the bantering with the guilty?" He asked Devon, thinking it ridiculous that he was making small talk with the bad child.
"Yes." Devon said, making the collar from his staff let go of the boy's ankle.
Danny tried to get up and run, but didn't get far before he was snatched up by the Count and placed over his knee. He started to yell as he was rapidly spanked by the Count.
Out of the corner of his eye, Devon saw Maxine pick her water pistol up.
Maxine had it aimed at the Count.
Devon aimed his staff at her and shot the collar.
Maxine saw it coming at her and side stepped out of the way, she grabbed the leash and yanked back.
Devon was pulled forward a bit, but got stable again. He pressed a button to give the leash a bit of a lead and then pressed the button that retracted the leash.
"Whoa!" Maxine exclaimed as she almost fell over. She dropped her pistol and grabbed the leash with both hands and yanked it.
Devon was pulled forward again, but quickly regained balance. The operative was strong, but not strong enough. He turned into his weredog form and yanked the staff.
Maxine fell to the floor and yelled as she was dragged across the floor toward the weredog, as Devon was still holding the button to retract the leash.
Devon picked her up when she got to him and threw her into the closet nearby. He shut and locked the door.
The Count stopped punishing Danny and let him go. He stood up and looked over at Danny. "That was for not studying." He said and wagged a finger at him disappointedly.
Danny looked up at him with tears in his eyes while he was rubbing his stinging rump. "I'm sorry, sir."
"And do your homework, make sure it's good too!" Devon commanded.
The Count glared at him and crossed his arms.
Devon noticed his glare and looked at him. "What? I'm not allowed to tell him things too?" He asked.
"Just come on, there are plenty of more childrens to punish before the dawn." Count Spankulot said, going over to the window.
"The correct phrasing of that sentence is: 'there are plenty of children to punish,' or 'there are more children to punish,' or 'there are plenty more children to punish'." Devon corrected.
The Count turned to him. "Did I ask for a grammar lesson?"
"No..." Devon said, he knew he had angered the vampire.
"Then do not be correcting me, unless you want to go over my knee and have the tar spanked out of you!" The Count said and opened the window with his telekinesis.
"You just butchered part of that sentence an-" Devon stopped talking as he saw the Count's fiery, angry gaze. The weredog's ears went down and he whimpered a bit. "And that's ok..."
"Good, now let's go." The Count said and flew out the window.
Devon sighed, turned back into his human form and used his jet boots to fly after the Count.
It was only a few minutes into their flight through a neighborhood near some woods when Devon heard the sound of a jetpack nearby. He looked and saw none other than the leader of Sector V, Steven Meyer, Number 70, flying above them.
Steven shot a ball of paper soaked in garlic juice at Devon.
"Evasive action!" Devon said, he dodged just in time. He took his crossbow off his back, loaded it, and shot back.
The operative dodged and fired another shot.
Devon barely was able to dodge it. He started to fly away, focusing on dodging the bad homework. He reloaded his crossbow, aimed and fired.
Steven had fired another shot.
Both Devon and Steven got hit by each other's ammo. Steven fell towards the ground, but got control again and hovered in the air, he was covered in disgusting dog food from the bolt that had exploded when it hit him.
Devon crash landed at the edge of the woods, breaking the dead branches of some trees on the way down. He laid on the ground a bit shaken from the bad homework and the fall.
Steven flew past the weredog. "Get back here, Spankulot!" He said, continuing to fire.
Devon sat up and looked in the direction that Steven was flying in. He saw that he was going after Count Spankulot who was flying away. Devon got up quickly and looked around for his crossbow. He saw it laying on the ground a few meters away, broken. He tried to activate his jet boots, but quickly found out that he couldn't. He turned into a weredog, climbed a tree and began to run across tree branches, hopping from tree to tree. The trees were so thick here that it allowed him to maneuver through them almost like he would if he was running on the ground. He eventually found Steven again, flying through the trees, trying to shoot down the fleeing vampire. The weredog jumped at the operative and caught him by the leg. Both of them fell down into the thicket of the woods.
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The Count stopped trying to fly away and looked back, just seeing the boy and weredog landing in the thicket. There were so many trees that the Count couldn't see what was going on. A shot and a loud yelp were heard.
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#56 Posted: 17:36:54 12/11/2014
You obviously put a lot of time and effort into this chapter, good work.
I used to be THE Bowser, now I'm just an awkward girl
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#57 Posted: 21:11:05 12/11/2014 | Topic Creator
I did, thank you. I was worrying about it being too short, but then I realized I wrote around 6,000 words. I was shocked.
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Ch. 11

Devon awoke staring up at a canopy of trees, his entire body ached from the fall, there was stinging pain in his chest and for some reason thoughts were circulating through his mind that the first president of the United States was George Clooney and that he sailed across the Delaware sea and then discovered space ships. Devon looked at his chest and saw he had a balled up bad history paper laying on it. He weakly swatted it off, which stung his hand. He growled in pain and turned over on his side to try to stand. He only managed to prop himself up a bit before he fell again, too weak to really do anything. He started to drift back into unconsciousness again. He looked up at the sky when he heard a faint sound.
Steven was seen flying overhead, he was aiming and shooting his weapon at something behind him.
Count Spankulot was right on his nonexistent tail, dodging the operative's garlic coated paper balls like it was nothing to him.
Devon fell into unconsciousness for a few seconds, but awoke again to see the Count shoot a terrifying arm made out of energy at Steven from his hand. The hand grabbed Steven's gun and tried pulling it away from him.
Devon tried to sit up but fell into unconsciousness. He woke up a few seconds later and saw Steven falling from the sky and Count Spankulot grabbing his wrist, stopping him from hitting the ground. The weredog fell into unconsciousness once again and awoke hearing the sounds of maniacal laughing, spanking and a child yelling and crying in pain. Devon closed his eyes again as he felt really weak. The homework that hit him was must have been really potent, must have been a triple F-, for it had sapped all of his energy. He had a resistance to bad homework, more so than other weredogs, but there's just so much he can take. The sound of laughing, spanking and most crying stopped. Devon heard someone running away, he knew it must have been Steven. The weredog felt himself being rolled over completely onto his stomach and light spanks were applied to his rear. He felt strength return to him and all the pain in his body had left him. He looked behind him and saw Count Spankulot crouched beside him.
"Are you alright?" Asked the Count.
"Yeah, thank you for helping me." Devon said, sincerely.
"You helped me first." The Count said.
"While I was going in and out of consciousness I saw you handling yourself pretty well against Number 70 and his bad homework garlic gun. You were disarming him in fact." Devon said.
"I did disarm him." The Count said, pointing to the broken 2x4 weapon laying by a tree a few yards away.
Devon propped himself up with his front paws and looked at the broken gun, he then looked at the Count. "If you can handle yourself then why do you need my protection?" Devon asked.
"I haven't had someone to help me since Delilah left to live on the other side of the state to work there. So, I hadn't had anyone to be looking out for except myself for a while. I just forgot how to fight for myself." The Count said.
"Who's Delilah?" Devon asked.
"My adopted daughter." Answered the Count.
"You have an adopted daughter? You actually raised a child?!" Devon asked, shocked. He never in his life pictured the Count as the nurturing type.
"Yes. You are surprised?" Asked the Count, noticing the weredog's look of surprise.
"Yes, I never imagined you'd want anything to do with children other than punishing them." Devon said.
"I am not unable to feel compassion. And as long as the child behaves I will leave them alone. Delilah was an angel, I rarely had to punish her. That and she had a much better understanding of what right and wrong meant after I turned her into a vampire." The Count said.
"You turned her?" Devon asked in a shocked tone, sitting up completely.
"Yes, it is the greatest honor for someone in a vampire's family. I tried to bestow that honor to you, but I now know that I cannot..." The Count said, actually sounding disappointed when he said that he could not turn Devon.
"I see..." Devon said, he had no idea that the Count would think so fondly of him in such a short amount of time.
The Count stood and offered a hand to the weredog.
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Devon accepted and was helped to his feet. He turned back into his human form.
"Let's go home, we have had enough of the excitement for one night, and garlic..." Said the Count.
"And bad homework. Kids are so stupid sometimes..." Devon said.
The Count nodded in agreement.
"But before we go," Devon said, walking to his broken crossbow, he picked up the pieces and then he walked over to Number 70's weapon and picked up the pieces for that as well, but he made sure to empty out its ammo first. "I could repair these and use them." He added.
"Just wash out the gun, it smells awful. And while you're at it hose yourself down before entering the castle, you smell of garlic." Said the Count.
"Yes, of course." Devon said.
After reappearing back at the castle, Devon and the Count went their separate ways. The Count went into the castle, most likely to rest, and Devon went into the back yard where he knew a garden hose will be found. The weredog started washing the garlic juice off of himself and his new weapon. While he was doing that he had time to think about what had actually transpired that night. The vampire had found out about the secret homework feasts, his mother made a pact with him that goes against everything a weredog stood for, the vampire might push for something worse in the future, Devon had challenged his mother for the throne and failed, but ever since then he's been hearing a dominant female's voice in his head who was telling him to follow his true instinct. Who was this female, and why was Devon so inclined to obey her besides the fact that she lets him do what he wants?
'You wish to know me? You already do and will continue to know. Knowledge is our power, never let HIM take power away from you. Devour the knowledge of youth and you will become closer to me. The next full moon is when I can speak to you again, bow to the vampire's will by sight and bite at his neck in secret...' The female voice said to Devon.
Devon stood there for a minute and contemplated what was said to him. He was told that he already knows who was speaking to him, but he's never heard her voice. He felt it must be Asenath, the spirit who communed with his mother, and the goddess of their race. But why was she communicating with him, and how? Only one who bears the amulet may speak with her, or perhaps that's not really the case. There was time to ask such questions later, right now Devon had to just follow her orders, pretend to be a good dog under the vampire's watch, but disobey his ridiculous commands and steal homework when he's not around. He went back into the castle and spent the next few minutes silently moving his things from the master bedroom to a far off spare bedroom, if he was to plot to go against the vampire's will then he couldn't be near him all the time, that and after what the vampire just did tonight, Devon didn't want to be near him. After mostly arranging his new room, Devon removed his armor, dressed in some pajamas and laid down in his bed. He would figure out a way to get homework in a stealthier fashion from now on, perhaps sneak into smart kids' houses early in the morning before they leave for school? No, he'd be too tired since he was working all day and most of the night, besides he hated doing stealth missions when the sun was rising. When he did jobs for the high ranking villains they'd pay him in homework, most of the time, Ms. Fulbright just told him he did a job well done and to get out of her sight before she takes back the compliment... Fanny always had a temper, even Devon knew not to cross her while they were in the Kids Next Door together, much less now that she is a leader in the ranks of villains.
He could go work for other villains part time while also working for the vampire full time. He might be able to pull it off if he does work locally and doesn't have to travel. He'd figure out his plans after he got some sleep, that triple F- he was shot with didn't help him gather his thoughts either. He curled up in his bed and fell asleep.
As soon as he fell into a deep sleep he had a dream. He saw himself back at the mansion, weredogs standing around him and his mother. But there was someone else standing beside his mother, it looked like Asenath, but not the transparent green figure that had appeared during the challenge. She had appeared as alive as anyone else, and now Devon saw her true form. She was a wolf as black as night, with two fangs protruding from her mouth, piercing green eyes that could stare through anyone's soul and know everything at first glance, she had a mark on her forehead which resembled a lowercase 'y' which glowed green slightly. Unlike most weredogs in their weredog form she was clothed in a white garment, she had a cloak similar to what a vampire would wear, she had white gloves on her hands but her claws looked like they had ripped through the ends of the fingers on the gloves. She also wore a signature vampire's medallion around her neck, it was light green with the same mark that was on her forehead appearing in a darker green in the center of the medallion. She held something in her right hand, a thin wooden cane which was as tall as she was. She looked directly at Devon, her eyes, the mark on her forehead and the tip of the cane glowing with a green magical energy. She pointed the cane at Devon and magical energy shot forth from it and he backed up twice and shut his eyes, just like he did at the time of the attempted coup. A few seconds later Devon collapses onto his side. He hears the voice of Asenath in his head. "I sever my link with her and tie my link to you. You are worthy..."
Devon awakens early in the afternoon from his sleep. He recalls his dream from earlier vividly. He had a hypothesis on what it might mean. Perhaps he didn't lose the challenge after all, Asenath clearly used the opportunity while she was present to establish a connection with him. But why didn't she just make him king of the weredogs instead? He clearly was the better dog. Why was she so secretive in her approach? Devon understood secrecy, but from a goddess?
He sighed and sat up. "She must have her reasons. The old 'all will be revealed in time' scenario..." He said to himself. He got up and prepared for a day of work. He would think of what to do about his homework need as the day went by. He looked forward to when he could speak to the goddess of his race again, which would come tonight...
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I'm liking how the story is developing, even if it is taking some time. I still enjoy the read.
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Ch. 12

As Devon was answering calls and writing down information, he had decided that the best course of action would be to do part time work for other villains. He would, of course, be sharing his pay with the other weredogs since he knew he'd get paid a lot for his work. This would be a perfect situation, he'd go out early in the morning, do whatever job was assigned to him and get back here before the sun went down. Of course he'd have to agree to do small, local jobs only if this was to work. And there's always going to be a school train or bus to raid if work was unavailable. Last night that brat, Number 71, gave him an idea, he'd start letting smart kids off the hook with the Count as long as they'd give their homework to him as payment. He'll have to do this with the utmost discretion, of course, he had the perfect method to do that too.
With his plan for getting homework out of the way, he just focused on answering calls for the vampire, like Asenath said: 'Bow to the vampire's will by sight and bite at his neck in secret.'
It was just after noon when there suddenly came a knock at the front door. Devon was slightly startled and began to growl, but he stifled the chorus of frantic barks he was about to vocalize, he knew better than to start barking his head off, the Count might wake up... He walked to the double doors and opened one of them. Four girls and one boy stood in front of him then. They were around 10 years of age and all wore the same uniform, a white shirt with a bright pink skirt, with a thin rainbow belt and pink and white sneakers. They had badges pinned to their shirts over their hearts, the badges were shaped like a Rainbow Monkey's smiling face and had the letters 'RMPD' on them. All of them were armed, a pink baton hanging from the rainbow belt on their waist.
One of the girls stepped forward, rather boldly, taking the badge from her shirt and holding it up. "RMPD! Rainbow Monkey Protection Department! Are you Devon Thompson?" She asked, pinning the badge back on her shirt.
"Who wants to know?" Devon asked, leaning back against the door frame and crossing his arms, looking at the children with little interest. He knew who they were, an organization working for the Kids Next Door, dedicated to protecting Rainbow Monkeys, a 'police force'.
"We have a warrant out for your arrest, immediate reeducation and Rainbow Monkey sensitivity training!" Said the girl.
"Why?" Devon asked, standing away from the wall.
"You know what you did, murderer!" Said the girl.
"The crime scene almost made me lose the Rainbow Munchies I had for breakfast... I had to be the one to put white tape around the... Decapitated corpse...." Said the boy in the group, looking sick to his stomach.
Devon stared at the group of children, not surprised. "Is this about that stupid Rainbow Monkey that I ripped the head off of last night?" He asked.
"Yes! 62 witnesses saw you commit the murder!" The lead girl said.
"62? You're counting the other 60 Rainbow Monkeys as witnesses?!" Devon asked, thinking all of this was absurd.
"Yes! Now," The lead girl said, taking out a pair of pink metal handcuffs which had been bedazzled. "we can do this the easy way or the hard way."
"How about: the no way!" Devon replied, knocking her to the ground with a swift kick and then bolting into the castle.
The lead girl sat up slowly while holding her hurting stomach. "Get him!" She commanded her squad.
The other three children ran into the castle, batons at the ready. They could see Devon sprinting down the hall.
Devon turned around toward them and was skillfully and quickly backpedaling. He aimed his watch at them and shot a thin laser beam from his watch.
The beam hit the hand of one of the girls, she yelled in pain and surprise, dropped her baton and had to stop to recover from the sting in her hand. The other two kids continued to chase after Devon.
Devon turned around and started sprinting down the hall at full speed. Unfortunately, he already passed his room where he had all of his weapons, but he knew where he could find something just as good. He took a turn into a different hallway, looking back to see if the brats were still following him.
They were and were joined by their commander and the other girl as well, now the whole squad was on his tail. They followed him up a large flight of stairs and to the back of the castle, into a grand hall. There were implements hanging on the walls, like weapons on display. There was a long black carpet with dark purple borders leading up to a great throne that was made out of the many different types of implements found in the room, mainly the bigger, wooden ones. Right above the throne, hanging on the wall, was a great painting of Count Spankulot and a vampire girl, probably in her early twenties, with long raven black hair, wearing black garments and a dark purple medallion with a black gem in the middle of it was around her neck.
Most of the children became nervous from being in this room. The squad leader walked through the room boldly, not being phobic of mere implements. The rest of the squad followed her lead, they knew they had a Rainbow Monkey murderer to bring to justice. When their leader got closer to the throne she was greeted by Devon, who jumped out from behind the throne, wearing his usual teen ninja armor and holding an oversized wooden cane. He landed in front of the squad leader, knocked the baton from her hand with his cane and swatted her away with the cane as well. He saw the other two girls running at him. Devon used the cane to pole vault and kick the girl closest to him in the face, sending her sliding away across the room on her back. He dodged the baton swing of the other girl by hardly side stepping a foot and slid the cane under her belt while she was turned around, and then used it to fling her over his shoulder. That motion sent her flying right into her squad leader who had just gotten up.
Devon turned his gaze to the only one still standing, the boy. He could sense the child's fear and decided to toy with him a bit. "You know, I like Rainbow Monkeys too."
"R-... Really?" Said the boy, actually sounding hopeful.
"Yeah, I love chewing their heads off!" Devon said, turning into his weredog form. He laughed when the boy started shaking with fear.
The boy started to back up, but turned his head when he heard his name being called.
"Timmy, catch!" Said the squad leader, tossing him a rolled up sheet of paper held together by a rubber band.
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Timmy successfully caught it and slipped it onto the baton. He held his new anti weredog weapon out in front of him, looking braver all of a sudden.
Devon sensed what it was, bad homework, sloppy and rushed geography homework if he could tell at just a few feet away. He decided that the best course of action would be to continue to use the cane as his weapon and try to disarm the kid. He dodged a few sloppily executed swings from Timmy's baton with a few side steps and by backing up, he didn't want to block as any forceful contact with bad homework would hurt him. He was waiting for an opening to strike, and soon he found one. Timmy had missed a strike again and left his back exposed. Devon struck him in the back with the cane, it made a cracking sound as it struck.
Timmy yelled in surprise and pain as he fell to the floor, dropping his baton. He tried to reach for it, but his reach was cut short when Devon's large hind paw stepped on his hand. Timmy yelled out in pain and looked at Devon, he saw the weredog raise his cane and prepared for the worst.
The cane suddenly slipped out of Devon's hand and flew toward the entrance to the throne room.
A shadowy, thin, tall, vampire shaped figure caught it. The room suddenly filled with dark fog.
Collective, audible gulps were uttered by both children and weredog alike.
Devon knew he was most likely in trouble too, if not for beating up a group of brats who were trying to arrest him for breaking someone's toy, then for breaking that toy in the first place. He knew the children's presence here was a dead giveaway to what he did, IF the Count knew who they were, of course. He knew the Count was dense, so maybe he'll get off scot free.
"How dare you childrens dare to be running around my castle and trying to arrest my assistant?!" The Count asked, walking toward the group, the cane clutched in his gloved fist.
Devon knew he was most likely going to use that cane, and he knew just how bad it hurt. The vampire was only scolding the kids now, so maybe he won't get in trouble too...?
"Devon!" The Count turned his gaze towards the weredog.
Devon assumed too soon...
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It's been awhile since you updated, but it seems to still be going smoothly.
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Ch. 13

Devon's words caught in his throat as he struggled to vocalize a response. He watched as the angry vampire marched toward him, that wooden cane, strong yet flexible and thin, clutched in his gloved fist.
"I know that the jobs of these childrens is to dispense false justice to they who break the Rainbow Monkeys of other childrens. I myself am not keen on expressing my fondness for colorful stuffed monkeys, but harming a toy is very naughty behavior and must be punished!" The Count said, he then looked at the children. "Punished by me, for I am the one who brings justice!" He told them. He then looked back at Devon. "I am assuming you broke a child's toy and that is why these childrens are here." He said.
Devon's eyes darted around the room out of sheer nervousness, he knew there was no way out of this. He could just run, run and never work for the Count again. But he remembered Asenath's command to obey the vampire whenever he was with him, or could be clearly seen by him. His train of thought was interrupted by Timmy trying to get his hand out from under his foot.
"For the love of everything round and super chunky, yes! Yes, he ripped the head off a posh party Rainbow Monkey last night! He's guilty! Now can you please tell him to get his paw off my hand!?" Timmy asked the Count.
Devon picked his foot up without being told by the Count, he didn't want to make the vampire even angrier.
Timmy took his hand back and started rubbing the soreness out of it.
"While I do not like posh party Rainbow Monkeys in particular, you still did something bad." The Count told Devon. He reached for Devon's arm and grabbed it firmly before walking over toward that throne of implements.
Devon whined a bit and stopped in his tracks, giving the Count a harder time as he tried to drag him over to the throne.
Count Spankulot looked at the weredog sternly. "Come! You know there is no use in refusing my just punishments."
"Pl-... Please, put the cane down... Please, no cane..." Devon pleaded. His ears went down as he whimpered like a puppy and tried to back up, shaking like a leaf.
Count Spankulot pulled him toward him. "Maybe the use of the cane will teach you to respect the toys of childrens, you bad dog!" He told the frightened weredog as he continued to drag him toward the throne.
"You know, I hate it when people talk to me like I'm a dog. Which I know I am, but still!" Devon told him as he reluctantly walked with the Count while being pulled along slightly. The weredog looked behind him when he heard numerous footsteps and saw the kids running to get out of the room. "Hey, the kids! They're getting away! They did something bad too, are you going to let them get away with that?" Devon asked the Count, hoping to get him to go after them instead.
Count Spankulot stopped walking and turned to see the kids rushing toward the exit. He disappeared, leaving Devon behind, and reappeared in front of the kids. He extended his arm behind him, palm facing the exit, the doors to the room slammed shut in an instant.
The kids all started to back away from him, even their fearless leader was trembling with fear.
The Count looked at the children. "Those who dispense false justice shall feel the stingy power of my pal-" He paused and then looked at his cane for a moment. "No, wait. My cane! Prepare to feel the stingy wrath of my cane of stinginess and justice!" He said with a laugh as he raised his cane.
Devon hid himself behind the throne, shaking slightly as he heard the cracks of the cane and heard the yells and cries of each individual child as they were mercilessly caned. For the next few minutes as he was hearing all this happening, he had a strange thought. He should help them, stop their punishment, save them! Why was he having these thoughts? He normally loved it when bratty children got what they deserved. But they don't deserve this, they don't even deserve to have a hand going across their buttocks. No, they didn't deserve this, no child does! He felt compelled to help them, but he was frozen by his own fear. This was odd, not since he was a kid did he have the slightest desire to help any human child get out of a spanking. So, why was he feeling like this? Maybe it was because of what happened last night, he did save a child from a spanking, two of them. When he let Number 71 go to help her friend, he was assisting in saving two kids from a spanking. It was for selfish reasons, but still. Here, in this situation, he had nothing to gain. In fact, he would getting revenge by allowing them to get caned. He even felt bad that he had alerted the Count to them and thereby, in a way, he caused them to get caned. What was happening to him?! Was he developing a conscience? Was he feeling sorry for children, even while being an adult villain? Or was this just empathy? His questions were interrupted when he heard the final crack of the cane. He peaked out from behind the throne and saw Count Spankulot releasing Timmy from his grasp.
The Count raised a hand and the double doors flew open. "Leave my castle, unless you want to feel the sting of my cane again!" He threatened, raising his cane high in the air.
All of the children ran away, holding their rears to prevent future harm from befalling them.
The Count lowered his arm and looked back at Devon. "You are boasting about how you are smart, but you hide near the very spot I wanted you to be. Not only that, but you hide to begin with, and you know that none escape me." He said, walking toward him.
Devon turned back into a human, retracted his armor back into the tank top he had underneath his shirt, and stepped out from behind the throne to face the music, or the cane in this case, with at least some dignity. He REALLY wished he had stolen the spank proof underwear instead of all the other KND technology he had pilfered...
Count Spankulot grabbed him by the ear and yanked him forward.
Devon gritted his teeth and inhaled sharply out of pain, turning his head a bit to lessen the strain on his ear.
"Tell me what happen last night! And tell the truth, because I know you lied!" The Count commanded, sternly.
"I-... I broke Anne's Rainbow Monkey last night." Devon said.
"Why?" The Count demanded to know.
Devon made the mistake of not answering, he yelped as he received a sharp tap with the cane right below his hip.
"Speak! I know you know how." Count Spankulot commanded.
"Sally promised me her homework if I let her go to save Anne. I tore the head off that toy because I wanted Anne's homework instead because Sally's math homework made me wanna puke, but she wouldn't let me have it." Devon confessed. Maybe he confessed a bit too much...
The enraged look on the Count's face, the booming of thunder so strong some implements on the walls started to shake, and the blinding lightning outside said it all. The vampire was royally pissed...
"I'm sor- AH!" Devon yelled when the Count gave his ear a vicious twist. His eyes were already starting to water from the pain and fear.
"I thought you were in trouble after I had to flee the MCclementine resistance! But you were extorting homework?! Not to mention your secret dealings with naughty childrens! A normal boss would fire you, but I am not normal. I will dock your pay even lower, you will have no supper tonight, you won't go to your weredog mansion to eat homework tonight! But first..." The Count said and sat down on the throne. He pulled Devon over his lap, with some minor resistance from him, that'll earn him a few extra swats...
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Devon laid there across the vampire's lap, dreading what was going to happen. He knew there was no use in begging for mercy, for Spankulot offered none. He swore he could hear the cane cutting through the air as it traveled to make contact with his rear. The first swat made perfect contact with both cheeks and made a terrifying cracking sound. Devon screamed in pain and fear, it felt as if it bit into his flesh... Why did he wear thinner jeans today of all days?! He tried to struggle against the vampire, and was getting somewhere with his efforts, giving the Count a harder time.
That was until Count Spankulot dropped the cane and gave him a solid whack across the rear end, rendering him immobile with magic once again. "A few extra swats shall remind you of your place!" The Count said, picking up the cane again and resuming the canning.
Devon could do nothing, but lay there and take the punishment. At least three swats were landing every second across both cheeks, and he even felt a few hits on his thighs. He was straining his voice to cry out in pain, this was comparable to the pain of getting hit by a quadruple F minus, which he had only felt once. Unlike the quadruple F minus, he won't get the sweet relief of passing out for twelve hours after only being hit once. Within two more minutes, the punishment was over.
The Count leaned the cane against the throne and gave Devon one final smack on the rear with his hand.
Devon yelled out in pain, but found himself able to move again. Out of habit he moved his hands to his rear to rub the sting out. His wrists were grabbed by the Count's hand and pinned to his back. He cried out in pain again as the Count gave him a few good smacks on the behind.
"Now, if you try to ease the sting of my punishment you will find the sting only gets worse!" The Count said. He stood Devon up and then stood up himself. He looked Devon in the eyes and pointed at him, wagging his finger slightly. "Wait here." He said and went over to the baton with bad homework wrapped around it that Timmy left behind. He took the homework off the baton and looked at it. "I have to teach Hannah a lesson about doing such atrocious homework and leading a group of childrens who dispense false justice! But, it'll serve a purpose..." The Count said, walking toward a wall. He grabbed a wooden ruler off the wall and wrapped the bad homework around it.
Despite having eyes clouded by tears, Devon saw what the Count was doing, and he knew whatever it was going to hurt him. He backed up a bit as he saw the vampire coming towards him with ruler in hand. "C-... Count. I'm sorry, ok? I'm really, really sorry... There's no need for that..." He said.
"Yes, there is. You betrayed my trust, you disobeyed your mother, and the alliance we tried to forge. I don't think that's what a good prince does, and I'm sure your mother would agree with me." Count Spankulot said, stopping in front of Devon. "Hands, palms up!" The vampire commanded.
Devon knew what the vampire was going to do. He had strong hands, but a hit with bad homework such as that would make his hands as delicate as a baby's. He almost cursed Asenath's command... But She was alpha above all alphas and must be obeyed. He reluctantly held out one hand, closed his eyes and clenched his teeth, preparing for the worst. He screamed as he felt the ruler hit his palm and he almost collapsed to his knees because of the pain. His palm now stung, burned and throbbed. He opened his eyes and looked at his palm, it was red and would surely bruise just because of the homework. He went to rub his hand, but his other hand was quickly grabbed by the Count and held palm up. Devon clenched his hand into a fist, which earned him a harsh tap to the fingers with the ruler. He stifled a yell and just groaned loudly in pain as he felt the burning pain.
"Palm, now!" The Count commanded.
"Have I not suffered enough...?" Devon asked.
"For what you did? Not nearly! You have only had a taste of what I have for you, you naughty boy! Now, show me your palm!" The Count commanded.
Devon whimpered in fear and reluctantly opened his hand, exposing his palm. His hand was shaking in the vampire's grasp. He felt the ruler slap against his palm, much harder this time. He screamed in pain and felt faint. His vision was going dark, and his body was going numb. He actually welcomed a few hours of unconsciousness. He then heard a faint thud and felt a hard slap across his rump. That stopped his near fainting spell.
"No, no, you're not fainting now." The Count said.
Devon looked up at him, with pleading eyes. He was pulled along behind the Count as he walked. He stepped on the ruler, which had been tossed on the floor earlier, stepping hard on the bad homework. Devon growled as pain shot into the sole of his foot, he stifled a curse word, he didn't know if the Count washed mouths out with soap for cursing, but he didn't want to find out... He was lead back to the phone room and was released from the Count's vice-like grip.
The Count took the chair and put it facing the corner and then took the small table with the phone and put it near the chair. "You work while facing the corner for the rest of the day. Now, sit." He said and pointed to the chair.
Devon slowly walked to the chair and sat down, flinching a bit because of the pain. He watched as the Count put some papers on the table.
"I know you've been using magic to heal the pain of my punishments, I sensed it." The Count said.
Devon started looking away, afraid of what Count Spankulot would do.
"You will not eat the papers this time. I shall count them tonight, if any of them are missing I'll make sure you won't be able to sit down for a long time..." The Count said. He got annoyed when Devon didn't look at him and he grabbed him by the ear, turning his head to face him. "Do you understand, Devon?" He asked.
"Yes..." Devon said, nodding slightly and sniffling a bit.
"Good." The Count said and let go of his ear. "You may get up to go get lunch, use the bathroom and get the mail, but I want to see you in that chair when I awake at sundown." The Count said.
Devon nodded. "But don't you want me to make you food?" He asked.
"Not today, I will make my own food. You will not accompany me tonight either, you will stay in this castle in time out and think about what you've done." The Count said.
"But, wait, all night? Can't I sleep?" Devon asked, shifting his weight as he was uncomfortable sitting on his hurting rump.
"I will put you in doggy time out, you can sleep when I do so. Maybe that'll get my point across." The Count said.
Devon knew doggy time out could mean one of many things, being put in a crate/cage, being put outside, being put in a different room. He didn't like any option, but the last one didn't seem too bad. He was about to complain about being treated like a dog again, but instead he just looked at the Count in a very angry way.
"Punishing you like a human isn't working like it should, so maybe I should try a different approach. I just want you to be a good boy..." The Count said, his voice taking a softer tone as he said that last sentence, almost sounding defeated. The vampire left the weredog to contemplate his choices in life and to get back to work.
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Devon watched him leave, almost feeling a twinge of guilt over what he did and hearing the upset tone in the vampire's voice. That feeling quickly subsided as he accidentally sat using his full weight. The pain hit him again, causing him to stand up a bit. He slowly sat down again, cursing the day that pieces of wood were fashioned into implements that caused pain... He got to work checking messages and answering calls. He tried to avoid getting snappy with the adults who called in. His bottom, thighs and hands all hurt. He had trouble sitting and holding both phone and pencil in his hurting hands. He could just hold the phone with his shoulder and head, but he had to hold the pencil normally. This pain he was feeling in his rump, thighs and hands was unnatural, it didn't subside at all. More of the vampire's damn magic no doubt. He was starting to loathe magic with a passion, it seemed unbeatable.
Devon worked for about four hours before he got up to eat some late lunch, he walked, waddled really, to the kitchen and made himself a simple sandwich with raw meat that was about to go bad in a few days if not eaten. Being a weredog, he could eat raw meat without any issue. After eating and cleaning up some crumbs. He then went to the bathroom to get himself a quick drink, all that screaming and crying he did took a toll on his voice, he went to one of the bathrooms that didn't smell too much like the Count, the last thing he wanted was to smell his stench... He had to transform into his weredog form to get his head into the bowl and lap up the water. Once finished he turned back into his human form and went out of the bathroom, he walked out of the castle to go get the mail. Once he lowered the drawbridge, he saw the mailman was about to put mail in the mailbox.
The mailman gasped as he saw Devon, he was shaking and stepping back.
Devon just stared him down, too hurt to give chase this time. He just crossed his arms and glared at him. "Come on... Put the mail in. I dare you." He said.
"I-... I thought you moved out... I thought you were gone... Another mailman's problem..." The mailman stuttered.
"No, you're stuck with me." Devon said and laughed. "Ow!" He exclaimed as he doubled over a bit as he felt a shooting pain throughout his rump. "Son of a-... It hurts when I laugh... That is so cruel..." He said.
"Wait... He's spanking you, isn't he?" The mailman asked.
"Yeah... What's it to you?!" Devon asked, standing up straight.
The mailman started to laugh. "That's the greatest thing I've ever heard! Serves you right!"
Devon bared his teeth and his eyes turned red. An audible growl was heard as he quickly turned into his weredog form.
"Uh-oh..." The mailman said.
Devon leapt at him, but missed as his target ran away. He barked at him as the human ran down the hill to his truck waiting below. He let out a blood curdling howl as the mailman drove off, the howl was like that of a wolf who was claiming territory for himself. He almost got so wrapped up in his instincts that he looked to lift a leg to mark the mailbox as his. But he stopped himself. The howl was enough, the human got the message... Devon grabbed the envelopes the mailman dropped and carried them in his jaws back into the castle. He dropped the envelopes on the kitchen table and turned back into a human. He saw that the envelopes had money in them through the transparent part in the envelope. He had a thought to take some of the money and just dispose of the envelope, he could easily disintegrate the envelope and hide the money. But, the Count seemed more perceptive than he originally thought, so perhaps that wasn't the best idea. He limped back to the phone room, sat back down in his seat gently, still wincing at the pain, and got back to work. He was working for about two more hours, he wrote down the information for one last client before he noticed Count Spankulot standing in the doorway.
"Well, you seem to have followed my instructions." The Count said as he walked towards him. He stared at him for a few seconds. "And I see the pain of my punishment has not left you. Good." He said.
Devon just sat there, quietly, and watched as the Count started to count the stack of twenty-five papers he had originally left on the table, shoving the ones that had writing on them into his pockets and putting the blank ones back on the table. The weredog yelled in fear as the table suddenly slid to the other side of the room.
"Stand up." The Count commanded.
Devon stood up, he flinched and gasped in fear when the chair did the same thing, the vampire's magic also made the curtain that was over the window slide out of the way, letting the light of the setting sun shine into the room. An octagonal dark semi-transparent force field suddenly appeared around Devon, the transparent walls suddenly turned into bars, like that of a cage. A purple transparent floor and ceiling appeared on the cage. Devon looked around in confusion for a moment and then looked at the Count.
"This is where you will stay for tonight. I know you will try to go get your paws on some homework, I can't let such naughty behavior happen on my watch. Try to escape and the cage will alert me, and you will be punished. Is that clear?" The Count said.
Devon just nodded, knowing that doing anything else but agreeing will get him into trouble.
"I'll make a good boy out of you yet, and together we'll punish all the bad childrens. For now, just stay there and think about what you've done." The Count said, wrapping his cloak around himself and vanishing from sight.
Devon sighed and just leaned back against the cage bars, they felt like actual physical bars. He guessed this octagonal shape was so he'd always be staring at a corner. This was some sick joke, that's what it was. He'll make a mental note to start burying or vaporizing any newspapers that landed on castle grounds, he wouldn't want the Count to get ANY ideas about swatting him with any while they were rolled up!
While he was fuming about how the Count was treating him, he took but a second to consider his own behavior. He had basically lied to both his mother and the Count, thus betraying both of their trust, not to mention what he did last night. He loved his mother and knew she was doing what she could to make things easier for the pack. And he knew all Count Spankulot wanted was a loyal friend, a loyal, obedient friend, but still. BUT what happened last night was a disgrace! House Rover was basically invaded by a foreigner, an outsider, one who did not respect them and their customs. That outsider was openly hostile to their species, or had a history of being, at the very least, prejudice. And as soon as he entered House Rover, he started making demands and 'compromises' that hurt the weredogs. Devon was right to stand up to such a control freak, even if it was sort of indirectly. There was no looking at it from another point of view. He was right in what he did.
Devon stopped leaning up against the cage bars as they were touching his still hurting bottom. He remembered this pain clearly, it reminded him of how it was like before his mother taught him how to heal any injury or pain using charms. Magic was good for something. But he'll curse most of the magic that's been used against him by the Count! It mainly caused him pain, and now it caused him humiliation as he was caged up like an animal! Why did Asenath ask him to obey the Count while seen by him and then go behind his back? Why did She not ask him to abandon the Count and go on a homework eating rampage with the other weredogs? Well, his questions would be answered soon, as during this time the room had gotten darker and the light of the blue moon shone through the large window. Devon then heard the soothing voice of his goddess.
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'My dear child, he has hurt you, hasn't he? I know your pain all too well. The vampire doesn't know that the abuse he inflicted on you will serve you in your favor.' Asenath said.
"Is this pain going to be used as a teaching tool? Like 'this stinging, burning pain you're experiencing will teach you not to be so stupid'?" Devon asked aloud. He suddenly jumped forward a bit and uttered an "ouch!" as he felt the sharp bite of an invisible cane hit him across the back side. He instinctively rubbed the area it had hit him, but he soon found out that was a terrible idea as he started to dance from one foot to the other as the pain got worse, much worse. He started to whimper and whine again out of pain, as all the areas of his body which had been previously hit started to hurt more.
'Stop moving!' Asenath commanded.
Devon froze on the spot, he was now balancing on one foot with his hands on both cheeks, he seemed to take commands from Her right away.
'Remove your hands from your posterior, stand normally, and bite your tongue.' Asenath commanded.
Devon did all that was commanded of him, except for literally biting his tongue, although he would agree to not speak.
'Hasn't anyone ever told you that it would be beneficial to you not to speak during a time out? Or move? Or rub your aching and burning bottom?' Asenath asked.
Devon nodded in response.
'The vampire's magic is strong while you are in this cage, I would advise you not to break any of the rules of time out while you are in there. Although it seems he only minds talking aloud and rubbing. So this is a good thing because a bit of moving is necessary for what I was about to teach you.' Asenath said.
Devon just stood there and listened.
'When you're in pain like this your first instinct to cure it would be to use healing charms, but you have no paper or writing tool within reach. What you do have is the light of the sun reflected off the surface of the moon, a blue moon no less. The predominantly false knowledge the adults feed the children in school and then have them regurgitate it back for them in the form of homework was our races' first way of getting power, but I knew that wouldn't be enough. I sought a greater source, I sought the light of the moon.' Asenath said.
Devon was confused by Her words, She spoke almost like a Kids Next Door operative by how She spoke about homework and school. He knew what the KND thought of adults and how they controlled children, he knew the truth. But why was She speaking of it like it was a bad thing?
'All will be answered in no time. I just want you to focus on what I say.' Asenath assured him.
"But why are you-..." Devon stopped midway through his question as he felt the harsh, sharp swats of the cane on his thighs this time. His inhaled deeply to stifle a vocalization of pain. His legs were trembling with pain.
A growl could be heard. 'What did I say?! Keep quiet! I don't want you to get hurt.' Asenath said.
Devon nodded, thinking it would be best for him to shut up for once.
'I want you to see if you can reach your arm to the window, you should be able to, the bars are far enough apart and your cage is close enough to the window. Get your hand into the moonlight, but be careful not to put too much pressure on the cage, it might think you're trying to escape.' Asenath told him.
Devon reached one arm out of the cage and stretched it out toward the window. He had to poke his shoulder out through the bars as well. He managed to get half of his hand in front of the window and the moonlight shined on it.
'Now, feel the energy of the reflected sunlight, concentrate on it. Clear your mind of everything else, even the pain you feel. Draw the solar light coming from the moon into yourself.' Asenath instructed.
Devon closed his eyes and blocked out everything except that energy he was feeling. He had felt a much stronger energy just like it when he used to visit the moon base. Within a minute, he started to feel a surge of energy shoot through his hand and into his entire body.
'I will now teach you how to freeze the current state of a magic effect on you in time. This is useful in case you wish to fool the vampire into thinking his ongoing spells on or around you stayed the same as well as trick the magic, and then you can change its effects. Repeat these words in your head:' Asenath said.
Devon heard three barks, three words in the weredog language. He repeated them in his head, and a green light flashed out of his body.
'Well done. Speak aloud now.' Asenath said.
"Ok." Devon said, in a low tone, but he still spoke. Nothing happen, no stinging rebuke from the invisible cane, nothing. He sighed in relief.
'This spell is most useful when combined with another. For example, you can cast this spell right before you cast a healing spell and that way the vampire will never know you healed yourself in the first place and you can get away with healing the pain of a spanking. Now, think of the words of the healing spell and heal your pain, but add this word onto it:' Asenath said. Another bark was uttered.
Devon did as he was instructed, green light appeared on his palms, butt and thighs for a few seconds. The pain was gone. He pulled his arm back into the cage looked at his palms, the red marks were still there.
'Whenever the vampire's punishment has marked you, use these two spells in order to numb the pain but not heal the marks.' Asenath said.
"Thank you, Asenath. And I offer my apologies for being upset with you." Devon said, lowering his head a bit.
'I am not some petty authoritarian who punishes every offense. And why were you angry?' Asenath asked.
"Because you left me with so little answers to so many questions." Devon said.
'Did I not say I can only speak to you on a full moon? The bond between me and the lords, ladies and alphas who rule over the Houses around the world is strongest at night, especially under the full moon.' Asenath said.
"How are we even speaking? I thought you only spoke to someone who has that amulet." Devon asked.
'I am not so limited that I am confined to a piece of jewelry. I was able to act through the amulet during your coup attempt and establish a much stronger connection between us. It also helped that we had a weak connection during your whole life, as well as the fact that you are the son of the High Queen and a natural born werewolf.' Asenath said.
"Why didn't you just make me High King?" Devon asked.
'Your mother has done much wrong in her years as queen, she has renounced the proper ceremony to be done during the full moon, withheld the homework offering from me, has PROMOTED spanking in her own household, and above all else has made a pact with a member of the oldest and most powerful vampire clan on Earth... But I needed a different approach to this situation, I needed someone working in the shadows, I needed you. You have established a partnership with the vampire, he trusts you, cares for you in some way, it'll be his downfall as you sabotage his plans from the inside. That fool has entrusted you with managing his list of children he deems is deserving of a spanking.' Asenath said.
"I have already made plans to do something like that, get kids to give me homework in advance and then I forget to put their names on the list." Devon said.
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'Yes, but it is not just about the homework, it never was. It was only about protecting children.' Asenath told him.
Devon was confused at Her words. "What do you mean it was only about protecting children?" He asked.
'I created the weredog race to fight against vampires and protect children.' Asenath told him.
"To-... To do what?" Devon asked.
'Yes, you understood correctly. Your duty as a werewolf is to fight against vampires and spank-happy adults. Being a werewolf also means you must lead the attack, being the highest breed of weredog grants you that position.' Asenath said.
Devon took a second to process what he had just heard. He was supposed to fight vampires?!
'Your mother and the vampire have told you lies about your race. That last great war between weredogs and vampires was not fought for homework, it was fought for the protection of children from the punishments the vampires would inflict on them. But because the vampires received a boost to their magical capability that year, they created that weapon, the document of incorrectness, and used it to scare the weredog forces and force them into hiding. During the next few hundred years they lost their way, their purpose, their will to fight. But you, you destroyed that weapon and gave us another chance! With your help the vampires will be destroyed and spanking will go along with them!' Asenath said.
Devon didn't say anything. This news was shocking to him. He had no idea that this is what weredogs were made to do. He sat down cross legged and just contemplated everything. He loathed spanking just as much as anyone else, but he never thought of devoting his life to putting a stop to it. When he was in the Kids Next Door, Count Spankulot was an enemy, one of his sector's greatest enemies in fact. He got rid of the vampire several times by turning him in to the KND Arctic Prison. But he never considered waging war on the entire race or destroying spanking altogether. The last great spanking war that the KND fought in, The Great Paddywhack Rebellion, happen in 2000, the year of Devon's birth. He saw the aftermath of the war six years later when he generously invented a prosthetic butt for Number Ouch as an early birthday present for his thirteenth birthday. Devon knew how much damage spanking could do, and if his race was being hurt by it, he needed to help stop it. "What would you have me do, Asenath?" He asked, ready to do whatever was asked of him.
'Vampires gain most magical strength through spanking bad children. They literally feed off the bad deeds children do. When less children are spanked, the less magic a vampire has. Go ahead with your plan to shorten the list of children he judges worthy of a spanking. There are ways vampires advertise their services to parents, locate the advertising and eliminate them. You will have to exercise caution when doing this, he still has to believe you're on his side, your mother supports him. If he is pleased, she'll be pleased, if she's pleased then you will be deemed worthy of taking the amulet and becoming High King. And in doing so, you can finally rally all the weredog Houses together and rise up against the vampire threat.' Asenath told him.
"I will do as you ask, my Goddess." Devon said. He knew he had the skills to do this, and he was determined to succeed. The vampire's reign of tyranny will end, by his paw!
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Seems like we're finally getting somewhere with the story, maybe even reaching the climax. You've obviously been doing a lot of work on this.
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Ch. 14

Devon heard no more from Asenath in the past few minutes, he had his mission, two new spells, and he could now gain energy from moonlight. He guessed She thought that was enough for now. Even if he wanted to know all he could, he assumed that he shouldn't push Her to tell him things She wasn't ready to. He decided that sleep was in order, he had had a very stressful day today. He turned into his werewolf form and curled up in the cage so that he'd sleep more comfortably, he used his paws and tail for a pillow, and drifted off into sleep. As soon as he fell asleep, he was dreaming.
He saw himself in a child's room during the day. A ten year old girl had given him her homework, it was graded with a large, red A+.
"Thank you for getting my name off Count Spankulot's list!" She told him, overjoyed that she wouldn't be getting a spanking.
Devon's eyes were focused on that A+, on that grade. He then ate the homework and found himself feeling more powerful, as if he had absorbed moonlight.
He then saw himself in a different child's room, a ten year old boy gave him a sheet of homework, this one was ungraded. Devon gave the homework back. "Do you have a sheet of graded homework?" He asked, in a non-threatening tone.
The boy left the room and came back with a sheet of homework. This one had a grade of C.
Devon took it without hesitation and ate it. He still received power from it, just less of it.
Asenath's voice was heard: "An alpha does not focus on what is wrong when eating homework, that is why they are immune to bad homework. They focus on the little things that are correct and absorb what power they can from it. The amulets I gave to the alpha of each House gives them immunity right away, but any weredog can learn to do that themselves, with enough mental discipline. With you being a werewolf, it will come easier to you, but you have to focus and not let yourself get distracted by incorrect answers."
Devon then saw himself in another room, this room belonged to twin brothers, they were scrambling around the room for a while as if looking for something, but came up to him empty handed. Devon nodded and pulled out a sheet of paper and a pencil. The sheet turned out to be Count Spankulot's list of children to spank, it was almost empty. Devon erased the twin's names anyway.
Asenath's voice was heard again: "Remember, it's about the children, not the homework."
Devon then saw himself in the backyard of the castle, he was sitting on the grass in a meditating position. The new moon was in the sky and the little sliver of moonlight was clearly visible.
Asenath's voice was heard: "A werewolf can harness the power of moonlight at any phase of the moon. The full moon is a greater source and if you absorb its power we will be able to speak more and you will be able to use magic without having to scribe the spell on paper, the same will happen when you eat homework. The power of moonlight, homework and the amulets are what keep me in contact with this world. My ability to communicate with my subjects was hindered greatly for hundreds of years by the vampire's weapon. Now, with it destroyed thanks to you, my lost hounds are finally able to hear my voice again. You know your mission, but one final command I will give. Try to feed off of moonlight as much as possible, get acquainted with the energy you derive from it, feed on it more than you have fed on homework. You will help me get back to this world if you master this art."
The moon was the only thing that could be seen now, but it was now a full moon.
Asenath's voice was heard one last time: "The time is drawing nigh."
The full moon suddenly began to turn a bright green and the sky became engulfed in green light.
Devon suddenly woke up, the room was dimly lit by the rising sun. He saw that he was still trapped in the cage. He sat up, sitting on his haunches with his front paws on the floor and his tail wrapped around his legs. He began to contemplate the end of his dream and what it meant. That emerald green moon, he felt like he should remember it, almost like an instinct, but it was like a blurred memory. He didn't know what it meant. And what Asenath said: 'You will help me get back to this world if you master this art.' If he mastered gaining energy from the moon he'd somehow help Asenath get back to Earth? Where exactly was She? His mother made it sound as if She was dead or just a spirit. Maybe Her vampiric appearance was a clue... Was Asenath a vampire...? Or was She just appearing with vampiric features, garments and a cane just for irony's sake? Devon snarled, ears laid back and eyes shut in frustration. Why was She so mysterious?! She left more questions than answers! He opened his eyes and flinched as the curtain moved in front of the window on its own and darkened the room once more. He looked at the doorway and, sure enough, Count Spankulot was standing there.
The vampire walked towards him and stopped in front of the cage. "You talked during time out, and you also rubbed. You once said a weredog never forgets, yet you forgot the rules of time out." He said.
Devon looked up at him with as neutral of an expression as he could manage. He had had just about enough of his high and mighty attitude!
"You've got nothing to say now? But you were speaking last night just fine," Then the Count started to chuckle. "Well, just fine before my magic stopped you. Then you learned that talking was a bad idea." After a long moment of silence from both werewolf and vampire, the Count continued. "Anyway, if you are wondering how last night went without you, it went great!" He said, throwing his arms up in the air with excitement. "I punished two of those naughty Kids Next Door childrens that had yet to feel my palm. I got tired of waiting for a chance to strike when they were unarmed or unaware, so I used my evil hypnotic power to lure Sally and Ben out of their houses and to me so that I could administer the hand of justice to their backsides!" Count Spankulot let out a laugh.
'Oh, great! Now he's gotten smarter with his magic!' Devon thought. He knew this was a bad thing.
"I suppose I should be thanking you, Devon!" The Count said, reaching his hand into the cage and ruffling the fur on the werewolf's head.
Devon got an annoyed look on his face, his lips partially pulled back to reveal his canines, and his ears flattened. He did not want that accursed hand to be petting him right now!
The Count, blissfully unaware of the warning signs of an angry wolf, continued his ruffling. "I used to go blindly into a naughty child's room without any regard for my safety. But you made me think and use my magic in creative ways. Mulțumesc, thank you." He said and stopped ruffling his fur. He patted the werewolf's head a few times. "Ce băiete bun, good boy."
'Must resist the urge to bite hand off...' Devon thought to himself before the petting finally stopped.
The Count got his hand out of the cage, lifted his hand, and the cage disappeared.
Devon looked relieved, he had gotten a bit claustrophobic in there.
"You took your punishment fairly well. I hope you've learned your lesson." The Count said, wagging his finger at him slightly.
Devon nodded, still not saying a word, but not breaking eye contact.
"Good, now I am going to take the pain of your punishment away." The Count said. He knelt down on one knee and grabbed Devon's front legs, trying to pull him over his knee.
The werewolf pulled away and slipped both of his front legs out of the Count's hands.
The vampire looked puzzled. "You-... Do not want me to heal you...?" He asked.
"I'm fine." Devon said, in as calm a voice as he could muster.
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"Well, alright... If you say so." The Count shrugged and stood. He pulled a sheet of paper and an envelope filled with money from his pocket. "Here, take this. Go to the Villain's Mart and buy the items on this list, we are out of food. There's a bit of extra money in there if you want to buy something for yourself, or you can keep the money since it's your paycheck." The Count said, holding both grocery list and envelope out for him.
Devon took both of the items from Count Spankulot in his jaws, almost nipping his fingers in the process. He walked out of the room without a word. Before exiting the castle, he turned back into his human form, started walking upright, took the list and the envelope out of his mouth and pocketed both, before walking over to his bike. He grabbed his helmet, and was just staring at it for a moment. He began to contemplate his new mission, his new purpose as a werewolf. He knew a lone wolf couldn't do this by himself, he's almost always had a pack of weredogs by his side, he now needed that pack to help him. ALL of HIS pack!
Devon slammed the helmet onto his bike, transformed into his werewolf form and sprinted off the castle grounds on all fours. He bounded at a steady pace, avoiding the streets if possible. He ran through a few neighborhoods, going through people's back yards for discretion, he stopped at the edge of each of the neighborhoods and let out a howl, then he kept on sprinting. As he was leaving each neighborhood, he could hear the barks and howls of other canines, most of them were just dogs, but some of them were indeed the calls of other weredogs. He went off toward the dog park, now that he had the attention of his entire pack, it was time for them to gather. He stopped at the edge of the park and let out a long, loud howl, before taking off again. Hearing the reciprocal howls of his fellow weredogs in the distance was a reassuring sign that they recognized him as alpha or at least an authority. Maybe they didn't trust his mother anymore, due to her approval of the vampire. Devon did not blame them, most of them were still pups and no doubt have been punished by Count Spankulot in the past, recently in the past.
Devon stopped by a large tree in the middle of the park and made sure no one was around before placing his nose on the trunk. A red light could be seen coming from under his nose and a single beep was heard in a frequency that only a dog could hear. A part of the tree trunk slid open like a sliding door and revealed that tree was hallow and actually the beginning of the entrance to an underground hideout. Devon jumped into the hallowed out tree trunk, slid down a slide, and landed on a mat at the end of the slide. He walked a little ways away from the mat and looked around at his surroundings. It had been a while since he was last here in this hideout. It was a large room built like the teen hideouts under convenient stores, except this was a weredog hideout under a dog park. It had large computer monitors along with a huge keyboard that looked like they had been built with both KND and teen technology. There was also a small kitchen, a large living room with dog toys strewn all over the floor, sleeping quarters that were closed off by a door, and a restroom right next to the sleeping quarters.
Devon and his original pack used to have stake outs here and spy on others when they were a part of the Kids Next Door. Perhaps this place could be used for such things again? His train of thought was interrupted by the sounds of weredogs coming down the slide.
A St. Bernard came down first, but he got stuck at the end of the slide, the front half of his body was out and the other half was in the slide. Other weredogs were crashing into him and everyone ended up stuck behind him.
Devon smacked his own forehead with his paw as he saw this. "Bernard... Turn into a human." He suggested.
Bernard nodded and turned into his human form, he was a chubby child with glasses, short brown hair, wearing light blue pajamas with cartoonish looking stars, planets and space ships on them. As soon as he turned back into his human form, he slipped out of the slide and landed on the mat.
Weredogs came spilling out of the slide and onto the mat. It was a literal dog pile, with weredogs falling on top of one another. Soon enough, everyone got their bearings and got up, forming a bit of order after this chaotic entry. They all got in a row, like in an army, which this lot was far from being, and looked to Devon for instruction. They respected him, even if he wasn't the High King yet.
Devon looked at the pack of mostly pups and began to address them. "Before I tell you why I've gathered you all here today, I need to ask what happened last night. It was a blue moon, so surely there must have been a meeting at House Rover."
"Yes, there was. We were all there." Riley said.
"There was so little good homework to go around." Said Jose.
"A few idiots started fighting over a B- report!" Fifi said.
"Yeah, well, we wouldn't have had to if you higher ups didn't muscle in on all the good homework!" A little Yorkie complained, growling at Fifi.
"We were in the right, you little toy dog!" Fifi snarled back at him, she lowered her head almost to the smaller weredog's level and snarled, lips pulled back. Things were clearly tense.
"ENOUGH!" Devon commanded, walking toward them, jaws slightly open, asserting his dominance.
A few weredogs backed up, bodies and heads slightly lower to show submission. The aggression quickly ceased between Fifi and the other weredog. Devon's word was clearly respected here.
"Look, I know we're all tense. A lot has happened in a short amount of time. But there's a bigger picture here. We shouldn't waste our time squabbling over homework. Homework is not our main concern as weredogs." Devon said. He paused to wait for his news to sink in, he knew it was most likely troubling and would likely cause confusion among the others.
Everyone started to talk all at once, some speaking and some barking.
"What do you mean our main concern shouldn't be homework?!" Asked one weredog.
"What has that vampire done to you that changed your entire view on what our purpose is?!" Barked another.
"This was not the vampire's doing." Devon said, addressing one of the concerns.
Everyone was quiet and waited for him to explain.
"On the night that Count Spankulot and my mother made the truce, something happened to me. I started hearing a voice, a female voice, telling me to not be afraid of the Count and to eat homework despite the truce. I obeyed this voice because I felt that I had to, She had a greater authority than even my mother. She revealed who She was in a dream I had later on that night. It was Asenath." Devon told them.
Everyone started to mutter to themselves, obviously very confused.
"Doesn't only the alpha get to hear Her voice?" Asked one weredog.
"Don't you have to be wearing the amulet to hear Asenath?" Asked another.
"Forgive me for bringing this up, Devon, but you lost the battle for dominance on that night. So, didn't Asenath judge you unworthy? How is it that She's guiding you?" Asked Gregory.
"She used my attempted coup to bind Herself to me as She would to an alpha. She told me She cut ties with my mother because she made a pact with Count Spankulot and thus betrayed our race." Devon told them.
There was a slight silence before someone spoke. "But didn't you do the same when you went to work for the Count?" A weredog asked.
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"That was different. My situation was one of ignorance. I would never betray my kind to have them ruled by some bumbling, spank happy Nosferatu, who clearly has no respect for us." Devon said, he paused for a moment before continuing. "Did you all not see that I fought my own mother for power? So she might not mess everything up by giving up our freedom and customs for a one sided 'peace agreement'." He said.
Some answered him by nodding, and others muttered 'yes'.
"My mother has already failed us once as High Queen, and now she makes a pact with an ancient enemy. One who she knew was an enemy, but hesitated nonetheless! Even before what happened on the last full moon, she made deals with the vampire to discipline me in exchange for monetary reward..." Devon said with a sigh, he looked down for a few long seconds and spoke in a low, regretful tone. "I shouldn't have put the amulet on her again... I should have just kept it for myself..." He sat down and uttered a low growl. "I was such a stupid pup! I'm still not any better... Trying to make peace with the vampire in the first place, there was no way..." He said, now seeming to only be talking to himself.
The others looked at him with confusion, most having no clue what he meant.
After about a minute, Devon had calmed down a bit. He thought he should explain to the others what he was talking about. "Most of you weren't here during the fall of House Rover, back in 2006. My mother added a new member to our pack, Abigail Lincoln, she was a Kids Next Door operative and she was very bright, a straight A student after she got her act together and started focusing more on school instead of skipping to go on missions. Unlike all the other weredogs in our House, she was forced to become one of us. My mother promised her a cure in exchange for bringing the pack good homework. This lasted for about four nights before one of Abigail's teammates, the infamous Wallabee Bettles, came to help her, intruding on our territory and openly attacking with S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R.S. loaded with his deadly excuse for math homework. My mother had stupidly revealed how to 'cure' all the weredogs and a fight broke out. I was not in the battle, but I heard everything, I was on the top floor, hiding up there after I heard the commotion. I had peaked over the balcony as I heard the fight had moved to a balcony right below where I was. My mother turned the tables on Wallabee and was about to attack him, then Abigail, now in her weredog form, jumped at him. But she missed him when he ducked and tackled my mother off the balcony instead. They both slid down a roof, my mother was hanging from the edge while begging for Abigail to help her. Abigail tried to grab her to pull her up, but instead she grabbed the amulet. My mother fell at least a story and landed onto another balcony. House Rover became a human house again, and all the weredogs became human again, all except for me. Since I inherited the gift from my mother, I could not become a 'regular' human like the rest of them. Not shortly after that night did I discover that my mother never wanted to become a weredog, it was all a curse, a plot of revenge from her ex. Due to her hatred for what she once was, she started to try to suppress what I was. Making up ridiculous rules, calling Count Spankulot to punish me every time I broke them. She never was so strict before. For two years I waited to see Sector V be decommissioned and I secured my place as the leader of a new Sector V. I then retrieved the amulet, my mother kept it locked away, picking the lock was easy, and I put it on her while she was napping one day. I had a strong nagging feeling that I shouldn't put it on her, but I didn't listen. It was probably Asenath trying to reach out to me in some way to save our House from a false ruler. I just wanted to go back to the way things were before, but it never did... And I know it can never be the same again. Not with what has transpired here in the last few nights."
"Regardless of what happened in the past and the mistakes that were made, we can all work together now to make a better future." Riley told Devon.
Devon nodded, appreciating his friend's willingness to help him. "There is something you all must know if we are to make this better future correctly. For reasons I don't fully understand, Asenath revealed to me that the purpose of the weredog race is not stealing and eating homework, but it is fighting vampires and protecting children from spankings..." He told them all. He knew that this would be the most shocking news of all.
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It would be better if there was more spacing, breaking it into smaller paragraphs, it makes it easier to read.

And again, I have no idea how much of this is canon to the series and how much you've made up, but I'm still interested in he story you have going here.
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Very little of what I'm writing is actually canon. I'm making stuff up as I go along. The story takes place about 10 years or so after the events in operation INTERVIEW (The last episode).

And, yeah the spacing has gone a bit weird, I'll try to fix it in later chapters.
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Ch. 15

Questions and concerns erupted from the pack of weredogs as soon as Devon was finished speaking.
"Fighting vampires!? We won't be able to sit down ever again if we do that!" Said a weredog.
"And protecting children? Why?! Spanking gives them motivation to do their homework. Why should we protect them?" Asked an adolescent weredog.
"And we need to eat homework. Otherwise we'll be hungry, fighting anyone on an empty stomach is counterproductive, if you ask me." Said another one.
"Asenath didn't say we couldn't eat any more homework, She just said that the purpose of the weredog was not to eat homework. I had a dream where I was taking kids' names off of Count Spankulot's list and they gave me their graded homework as payment. Maybe that's a safer way to get homework. But it is a secondary concern. Our main concern is protecting the children." Devon told them.
"That'll be a bit difficult because of the peace treaty between the Count and the Queen, chief." Riley said.
"I know. That's why we're going to be doing this in secret. Since there are mainly pups and teens in this pack, you're all going to be the most important barrier between a child's butt and Count Spankulot's hand. At your schools, if you see that children are about to do something bad, stop them, or at least make sure they're not caught. That'll be a good starting point, at least." Devon said.
All the weredogs nodded, agreeing with their alpha.
"But what if we're homeschooled?" Bernard asked.
"You don't have to be at school to do this task. It applies everywhere. Anywhere you hear even a whisper or rumor that a child or teen is about to break the rules, you stop them. Pups stop human children. Adolescents stop human teenagers. No matter if they are Kids Next Door, villains or the unaffiliated. Understand?" Devon asked, trying to clear everything up.
The pack nodded, understanding what they are to do.
"Actually, I and my friends will take care of the Kids Next Door, we have more experience dealing with them than anyone else here." Devon said, thinking that a pack of mostly untrained weredogs, save for the adolescents training to be Teen Ninjas, interfering with Kids Next Door activities was going to be a bad idea. "Adolescents training to be Teen Ninjas who get the opportunity to babysit for Father, make sure The Delightful Children don't break any of Father's rules, because I know they have before, whether intentionally or not." Devon instructed the adolescent weredogs.
The adolescent weredogs agreed, some looking noticeably annoyed at their new job, some never wanting to be babysitters in the first place to any kid.
Devon understood, he didn't want to have their job either anymore. "Very well, you all have your tasks. Try not to draw too much attention to yourselves. And only the adolescents will work at night. The curfew applies to weredog pups as well, wouldn't want any of you to get caught by Count Spankulot, I cannot help you if you do... I will call all of you back here again if I have more ideas on how we can deal with the vampire and our current situation." Devon said.
All the weredogs seemed to address Devon in unison. "Yes, Prince Devon." They all said.
"You're all dismissed. Except for Riley, Fifi, Gregory and Jose." Devon said.
"Ohhh... You're in trouble..." A young dachshund, no more than 5 or 6 in human years, said childishly, wagging his skinny tail.
"That's not why they're staying behind, Winston. And I said you're dismissed." Devon told the young pup.
The dachshund left the hideout with the rest of the weredogs.
Once they were all gone, Devon turned to the four that remained. "Since I am going to be slaving away at the vampire's castle, I'm going to need you four to get this place up and running again. Gather up equipment to spy on Sector V. Your job from there will be to spy on them and thwart whatever mission they go on in this state that might get them into trouble. You can call me if you need help, I'll make up an excuse so I can come and help." He told them.
"And what will you do while we're doing all this?" Fifi asked.
"I'll be pretending to be the Count's perfect little helper, while I think of new ways to stop him from punishing children. I'm in charge of the list, so it shouldn't be too hard." Devon said.
"What about the homework? The others seemed pretty concerned about it. And so are we." Jose asked.
"I think I have a way to get homework. But I'll need time to put everything together. The needs of the pack are a great concern and I'll take care of it." Devon said.
"Very well. You've always tried to be a great leader. We'll handle things here, don't worry." Riley said.
"I never do with you guys helping. See you later and good luck." Devon said, he walked over to a cylinder shaped elevator near the wall and got in when the doors opened. He rode the elevator back up to the surface, the doors opened and he stepped out of another big fake tree. He turned back into his human form and pressed a button on his wrist watch. He began to wait, leaning up against the fake tree, taking a moment to relax.
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The dog park had begun to get its first visitors, not many since it was a weekday. Devon watched as owners played with their dogs. He was kind of jealous of them. When he and his father played when he was a pup, Devon knew his father found him strange when he caught the ball they were playing catch with in his mouth, the frisbee too... His father didn't appreciate or found it fun when he played tug-of-war with his socks as he was trying to go to work... Devon stopped his reminiscing when he saw a frisbee fly past him. He immediately started running after it. He leaned forward and caught it with his teeth before it hit the ground. He looked around excitedly for whoever threw it so they could do it again. He heard the confused whine of a dog and looked down to see a Golden Retriever looking up at him, it tilted its head in confusion.
"Hey! Dude!" Shouted a male voice in the distance.
Devon looked to see a blonde man, about his age, jogging toward him. "Gahain...?" Devon asked, still with the frisbee in his teeth when the man stopped in front of him.
"What? Give me that!" The man said, snatching the frisbee from Devon, looking noticeably angry.
"I'm sorry, I had frisbee in my mouth. I said 'again?' can you throw the frisbee again?" Devon said, smiling at him, looking him over quickly. He was quite cute with muscle on him.
"No! Get your own, weirdo!" The man said and walked away with his dog.
Devon stood there, watching the man walk away, he had his head slightly down in shame. He just wanted to be friends. Why did he have to do things like this...? In front of cute humans too... He sighed in frustration and turned around, walking toward the entrance of the park. He never had many human friends for long, let alone mates. Humans always shied away from him because they thought he was odd. Maybe humans just weren't his type. Perhaps another weredog, supernatural being, super powered villain or hero, or super genius was...? He didn't know. All he knew was that 'normal people' were never going to accept him for what he was. He always found comradery among the villains. The Kids Next Door were diverse when it came to humans, but the villains took in anyone willing to fight for them, no matter how strange they were.
Devon walked out of the park and looked into the street. He saw his bike, driving by itself down the street towards him. It stopped in front of him and he saw the helmet was still on it. He put his helmet on, got on the bike and started to drive toward the supermarket.
When he got to the Villain's Mart, he saw that the parking lot was full! Captain Sticky Beard's ship was taking up about half of it... Devon drove close to the store entrance, got off his bike, removed his helmet, pressed a button on his wrist watch and watched as his bike floated up almost to the roof. It wasn't in anyone's way and it was relatively stationary, he considered that parking, and no officer had a way of getting to the roof, so it wasn't as if he'd get a parking ticket. IF Count Spankulot was here to see him do this, then maybe he'd get spanked for illegal parking. But the Count wasn't here.
Devon walked into the store, grabbed a shopping cart and started his shopping. Villain stores were more commonplace now, he guessed that was partly his doing what with him helping villains gain more power than they had in over two generations. Within an hour, he had almost finished with his shopping, his cart was full of food, not only human food. He had gotten a few things for himself, a box of peanut butter cookie sandwiches for dogs, a carton of ice cream for dogs and a small bag of dog food. All that remains is to get a new box of Rainbow Munchies cereal. When he got to the cereal aisle, he saw the Common Cold there, browsing the cereals and occasionally sneezing on them. Devon activated his armor, face mask on as well. He did not want to catch a disease. He walked into the aisle, breathing very little and staying as far away from the diseased man as he possibly could. He saw a Rainbow Munchy cereal box, the last one... He made a grab for it, but a green gloved, snot covered hand grabbed the box at the same time as him. Devon looked over and saw the Common Cold right next to him, discharge oozing, bloodshot, sickly eyes staring at Devon with an angry glare.
"Mr. Worthington..." Devon started, trying to keep things civil by using the man’s last name. "I saw that first." Civil to some extent.
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The Common Cold started off by sneezing on him, which got Devon to back off a bit, but he still kept a hold on the box. "See what this says?" He said, putting a booger covered finger on the box.
Devon looked at the box and then looked back at the walking plague carrier. "New extra vitamin recipe. And?"
"AND I want to destroy it! Can't have people souped up on vitamins in my line of work... So let-" The Common Cold paused to sneeze again. "Go!" He continued and weakly pulled on the box.
Devon growled and pulled back, almost making the Common Cold fall over. "Even in my human form I have enough strength to throw you right into the soup aisle! So, I suggest you let go, you living contagion!" He threatened.
The Common Cold pulled something from his pocket, it was a snot green pistol and it was oozing mucus. "Unless you want the first taste of this year's flu virus, I suggest you-... Yo-..." He sneezed. "Let go and step away!" He said.
Devon slowly let go and backed away. He then turned his head as he heard Sticky Beard's voice.
"Yaarg, me harties. The candy aisle has been picked clean of early Halloween candy! Row over to the cereal aisle, so we can plunder all the sugary cereals!" Sticky Beard said.
A small row boat on wheels carrying Sticky Beard, three other pirates and the entire contents of the candy aisle came rolling into the cereal aisle. The pirates started taking any cereal that looked loaded with sugar.
Devon watched this with a smirk. Maybe this was his chance. "Captain." He said, to get the Candy Pirate Captain's attention.
"What do you want, ye furry land lover!?" Sticky Beard asked.
"The Common Cold wants to not only take the last box of sugary, tooth rotting Rainbow Munchies, but he wants to destroy them!" Devon said, feigning a dramatic tone.
Sticky Beard snarled and got out of his boat, his small crew following him.
The Common Cold gulped and started trembling. He aimed his gun at the pirates.
"I've had every illness known to man! Do ye think ye can frighten me with a little cold?!" Sticky Beard said, stepping right up to the small diseased man. He grabbed his gun and crushed it with little effort, not caring about the snot dripping from his hand.
The Common Cold turned and tried to flee, but didn't get far before being tackled by all four pirates. The box of cereal flew out of his hands as soon as he was tackled.
Devon used this opportunity to quickly snag the box. He jumped over the group of pirates who were too busy pummeling the sick man to notice him. He put the box in his cart, put one foot on the railing under the cart basket and activated one of his jet boots. He and the cart went rocketing at high speeds. He steered the cart with great skill toward the checkout counters. He deactivated his jet boot and let momentum take him over to the conveyor belt. As he was anxiously waiting for the slow cashier to put everything in the bags, he heard Sticky Beard.
"Where is that dog!? I'll keel haul him and make him walk the plank for stealin' me cereal!" Sticky Beard hollered. He was back on his row boat, looking through a jolly rancher encrusted telescope. He spotted Devon and pointed towards him. "There he is! Row! Row faster! I'll swab the deck with his hide!" He commanded his crew who were using oars to push the wheeled row boat through the store.
Once he saw that the last item had been bagged, Devon put the entire envelope on the counter, grabbed the bags and fled the store. He jet booted up to his bike and turned its armor on. Dark, plated armor encased the entire bike and made it look like a two wheeled car. He had more controls, weapons and a place to put all the groceries. He put the bags down and flew away from the store. He let out a sigh of relief, confident that Sticky Beard wouldn't be able to catch up to him or follow him.
Devon arrived back at Castle Spankulot in less than ten minutes and took the groceries inside. He put them in the kitchen, but before unloading them he wanted to sanitize them. He went into his room and got out a gun-like device that said: "Sanitizer 9000". Devon shot his armor with it, disinfecting the entire thing. He breathed a sigh of relief as he deactivated his armor, now he won't get sick as easily.
He went into the kitchen and pulled out the only thing that was contaminated, the Rainbow Munchies. He was about to shoot it, but he then had a second thought. He saw that there was snot all over the box and a smirk came across his face as he had an idea that'll put the Count out of commission for at least a few days...
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You don't update this often, but when you do you update it a lot. I'm liking the integration of the villains, and the increase in the action.
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Yes, I always worry that I don't write enough, I try to make it at least 1,000 something words.

And, yes, I wanted to include an action sequence, and of course, get the villains involved because this is more about them.
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Ch. 16

Devon took a butter knife from a drawer and scraped as much mucus off the box as he could. He opened the box and the bag, grabbed a large bowl from the cabinet, poured the cereal into it, and started to rub the mucus all over the inside of the bag with the butter knife. He did his best to get every single spot. He then went through the process of putting a bit of cereal back into the bag, shaking it up to contaminate the cereal really well, then repeating the process until all the cereal was back in the bag. He closed the box of cereal and left it on the table. He put the rest of the groceries away, disinfecting everything that was in the same bag with the cereal. After cleaning the bowl, knife, putting the Sanitizer 9000 back in his room and thoroughly washing his hands, he went to go do his regular job of taking calls, bringing a small bowl of kibble with him for he hadn't eaten anything in over 12 hours.
Devon was working for a few hours, taking down the information from the calls only he answered and deleting the messages that were on the answering machine. That would help thin the number of kids that the Count punished, a good start for now. He had just finished taking a call when he heard something crash land right outside the window. He got up quickly and pulled back the curtain to look. He saw a wooden KND escape pod with the number 73 on it. The pod opened and Kevin was standing there with a S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. loaded with bad homework. He looked like he just got out of school, for he had his backpack on. He looked angry as he saw Devon in the window. The preteen ran at the window and jumped at it, thinking he'd break it and make a dramatic entrance like in the movies.
Devon quickly opened the window and got out of the way, letting his little brother land inside the room without breaking anything. He didn't want him to shatter a window and make noise, thus waking the Count. He looked at his brother, with little concern even though he was armed.
Kevin turned towards him, aiming the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. at him.
"What is this about, little bro?" Devon asked.
"You have caused so much pain for children everywhere! Even when you were a Kids Next Door operative you were a dirty traitor! You set the KND back like 50 years! And you got away with it all these years..." Kevin said.
"So?" Devon asked, crossing his arms.
"We had a voice almost a decade ago, but you silenced it! You ruined the KND! If I could do something important, something meaningful before I turn 13 next month, it'll be bringing you in! We built a nice prison on one of Saturn's moons that you'll be spending the rest of your life in!" Kevin said. He charged his older brother.
Devon dodged with a backflip, landing near the table. He picked it up with one hand to use it as a shield and weapon.
Kevin closed the gap between them and began trying to whack him with the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R.
Devon dodged, blocked and parried his attacks. Every time the table got hit, pain shot through Devon's arm. He had to end this quickly, before he spent the rest of his life on one of Saturn's 24 regularly orbiting moons. He raised the table up, out of his way, and kicked the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. out of his brother's hand and out the window. He used the table as a battering ram and pinned his brother against the wall. He easily held him there, even as Kevin struggled.
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"Why!? Why is this world so cruel?! Why does it allow jerks like you to win?!" Kevin asked.
"The world is neutral to our squabbles, Kevin. And keep your voice down! Do you want Count Spankulot to hear you?" Devon asked.
"I don't care if he hears! I already got spanked today at school..." Kevin said.
"What? Did mom and dad send you to a new private school?" Devon asked, he knew the teachers and staff at Gallagher Elementary weren't allowed to spank students.
"No, you idiot! At my school, Gallagher Elementary! A new discipline program just started up this week. Not only do we get to spend time in Permanent Detention, but now this Disciplinarian named Mr. Bord is paddling any student that gets sentenced to detention!" Kevin said.
"What...?" Devon asked.
"You heard me right, you dumb dog! This is all because you cost the Kids Next Door its presence on most of the Earth and on the moon! This is all your fault!" Kevin said.
Devon just stared at nothing in particular, thinking of what his brother said. The kid was right, his betrayal of the KND and him giving out secret KND information to the villains IS what caused KND influence to dwindle and evil adult power to rise. He knew what his job was, it was to fight against vampires AND spank happy adults. And that's exactly what he intended to do! He looked at Kevin, gripped the back of his shirt with one hand and put the table down. He carried him to the window. "Go home!" He said and tossed his younger brother out the window and back into his escape pod.
Kevin landed in his escape pod and accidentally pressed a button, closing his pod and making it fly back to the preteen's awaiting one kid ship.
Devon waited until Kevin drove his ship away from the castle, before turning around, only to find Count Spankulot standing in the doorway, staring at him, angrily, with his arms crossed.
"What is with the mess that you have made in this room!?" Count Spankulot asked, gesturing around the room. "And you knocked the phone down, you broke a bowl, you put the table on the other side of the room, papers are scattered everywhere!" He said, holding out his hand and drawing one of the homework papers to him with telekinesis. When he observed what was written on it, he gasped and looked at Devon with a disappointed and angry glare.
"Count, I was just a-" Devon started to say.
"Disobeying my orders! That's what you were doing!" The Count said, throwing the paper down on the floor again. He walked over to him and loomed over him. The sky grew dark and booming thunder could be heard. "And you broke my property..." The Count said.
"I can fix whatever I accidentally broke when I was-" Devon said, before being interrupted again.
"When you were playing with your 'food' before eating it, you weren't even supposed to eat this food in the first place! I have to punish you for playing with the food that you weren't even supposed to be eating." The Count said.
"Oh my ****ing Goddess! I wasn't even planning on eating the **** that's on this floor! ****ing listen before you judge me! I was atta-" Devon started to say, almost loosing his temper, before he was snagged by his ear by the Count.
"Do you talk to your mother like that?!" The Count asked.
"Yes, when she suddenly chooses to become deaf and doesn't listen to what I have to say! Kevin did this- OW!" Devon was interrupted by a yank of the ear.
"Oh, so this is Kevin's homework, eh! You-" The Count brings a hand out to the side and spanks Devon once. "Naughty boy!" The Count scolded.
Devon yelped in pain. He looked up at the vampire, his eyes turning red, he bared his teeth, which were now becoming sharp canines, and let out a low growl. "****ing listen..." He warned.
"I did, and what I heard out of you was very bad language. A different method has to be used to address this language of foulness!" The Count said, a wooden spoon appeared in his hand and a bottle of soap appeared floating near him. Both new objects were transparent. The soap bottle tilted upside down and poured its contents into the spoon until it was filled.
Devon looked worriedly at the spoon. He kept his mouth shut tightly, his eyes and teeth returning to normal. He tugged at the Count's cloak to get his attention and pointed out the window, he wanted him to see the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R., that way he could prove that his brother was here and that he was attacked.
The Count looked out the window and only saw the huge, ugly hole that was left on his lawn where Kevin's escape pod had landed. He gasped, looked back at Devon and yanked his ear again. "You dare to dig a hole on my lawn?! So you could bury the homework, no doubt!" The Count accused.
"For the love of real justice, just look over th-" Devon started, before he was interrupted, yet again.
"I have had just about enough of your delaying of the inevitable, young man!" The Count put the spoon up to his lips. "Open!" He commanded. When Devon didn't open his mouth, the Count pinched his nose so he'd be forced to open his mouth.
Devon was forced to hold his breath. He grabbed the Count's arm tightly and held on while the vampire tried to get his arm back. He accidentally stepped on a page of bad homework, he yelled in pain and slipped, falling backwards. He fell on his back and unintentionally made the Count fall on top of him.
Their gaze met and they awkwardly stared at one another. Devon's grip on the vampire's arm loosened, his heart beat a bit faster and his face turned a bit red.
Count Spankulot looked calmer now as well, his normally pale face turned a shade of red now too as their gaze held. He dropped the spoon, which vanished as soon as he let go of it.
Their gaze wasn't breaking anytime soon, in fact they started to stare deeper into each other's eyes, Devon wrapped his arms around the Count's neck and pulled him closer, soon their faces drew closer to one another, as did their lips. Slowly but surely, their lips met into a kiss, fueled by an adrenaline rush and, mainly Devon's animalistic, hormones. The Count forced himself away only when he felt tongue trying to enter. They stared at each other for even longer, as if trying to figure out what had just happen.
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Devon then broke the train of thoughts they were both definitely having as he let go of the vampire's neck, got his legs under him and kicked him off of him.
The Count went flying all the way into the room and slid across the tile and into the hallway.
Devon stood up and dusted himself off, he took a moment to compose himself and then climbed out of the window.
The Count propped himself up with an elbow and looked in Devon's direction. "You-... You kiss me and then you kick me?!" He asked, confused. "Is that a weredog thing?" He asked, trying to understand.
Devon came into the hallway, carrying Kevin's S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R., he tossed it on the floor and it slid up to the Count. "THAT'S what I wanted to show you! I was attacked by my idiot brother! And messes happen during fights!" He angrily told the Count.
"You were attacked?" The Count asked.
"Yes! That is what I was trying to tell you! But, for some reason, you didn't even want to hear me out!" Devon said.
After a long moment of silence, the Count spoke. "I-... I'm sorry, I just assumed that-... I mean, lately you've been doing many bad things, things that deserve a spanking, and I just assumed that you were trying to get homework behind my back again." The Count explained.
Devon sighed, taking a moment to calm himself. "I suppose you had the right to make accusations against me based upon past crimes... I have indeed been deserving of your discipline..." He told him. Swallowing his pride and even pretending to humble himself to Count Spankulot was disgusting.
The Count stood up. "You are correct in saying those things! You have been bad and you did deserve to feel my hand, cane and ruler of justice! And you certainly deserved to stay in the cage of many corners to contemplate your behavior on an empty stomach!" He said.
'Oh, dear Asenath... He's getting riled up again...' Devon thought, rolling his eyes.
"But, you did not deserve to be punished for most of the things that just happened." The Count told him.
"Wait, most?" Devon asked.
"I think your foul language is deserving of serious correction." The Count said, crossing his arms.
"But, I'm an adult. Therefore it is now acceptable to say such words." Devon argued.
"To your employer? Which I am. See? You are not the only one who can make with the remarks that are not dumb." The Count said, actually curving his mouth into a smirk.
"You actually have a point there... A badly worded point, but still." Devon said, a bit surprised.
"Precisely, you disrespectful young man! Now, as you hopefully read in my rule book, such language deserves punishment! Normally, a good spanking will make a tongue pure again, but in your case..." The Count said, materializing the wooden spoon in his hand again, this time already full of liquid soap. "An ancient method must be used." He continued.
"Washing someone's mouth out with soap is some sort of special, ancient practice?" Devon asked.
"Yes, it goes all the way back to the 1800's." The Count said.
"Then, it's not ancient. Ancient is a distant past, no longer in existence. This exists. And the 1800's was not that long ago. Being a vampire, I thought this concept wouldn't be too difficult for yo-" Devon was interrupted by a large wooden spoon forcing its way into his mouth and then vanishing, leaving a large pool of liquid soap in his mouth. He immediately tried to spit it out.
Count Spankulot put one of his hands over Devon's mouth and the other on the back of his head.
Devon let out a muffled yelp of surprise when he felt a tingling sensation around his mouth. When the Count removed his hands from Devon's mouth and head, Devon saw he had a dismembered, spectral, dark purple hand covering his mouth. He couldn't open his mouth no matter how hard he tried. Devon tried to pry the hand off, but to no avail. He tried not to swallow the foul tasting cleansing product, but he felt some of it try to slide down his throat.
"Hopefully this will help cleanse your foul mouth. And, do not worry, this soap is harmless. The hand will disappear and then you can spit the soap out and rinse your mouth out with water. We can have ice cream after! BUT, not before you clean up the mess you and your brother made." The Count said.
Devon ran to his room and came back with his Fix-O-Matic. He went into the phone room and zapped everything that got broken during the fight, he was even able to fix the hole that Kevin's escape pod created outside. He ran to the other side of the room, got the table, brought it back to its original place, put everything on the table that was supposed to be on it and he stood in the doorway, looking at the Count. "Mime mun." Devon said, in a muffled voice.
"What about a mime?" The Count asked, very confused.
"Mo!" Devon answered.
"The mime's name is Moe?" Count Spankulot asked.
"MO, MIDIOT!" Devon screamed, his eyes turning red in pure rage.
"HEY!" The Count said, pointing a finger at him. "Midget is a very inappropriate term, they prefer little people." He continued.
Devon frantically pointed at the accursed magical hand over his mouth, hoping the dense vampire will understand!
The Count raised a hand and the spectral hand covering Devon's mouth disappeared.
Devon hunched over and coughed up a mess of saliva and soap suds all over the floor. The soap suds disappeared after a second, leaving only the saliva.
"You're cleaning that up as well. But, first..." The Count said, grabbing Devon by the arm and pulling him closer. "We need to have a talk about how you address Moe the little person who works as a mime..." He said, he extended his hand towards the chair on the other side of the room and it slid across the floor, getting behind him. He sat down and pulled Devon over his lap, he brought his hand up high over his shoulder and was just about to bring it down hard.
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"Huh? What?" Count Spankulot asked, lowering his hand.
"I couldn't talk because of that fu-... Because of that spell." Devon told him, stifling a curse word.
"Oh, right. It is hard to talk when you have a hand over your mouth..." The Count said.
Devon nodded. "Yeah. I was trying to tell you that I was done cleaning." He said.
"What about all of those homework papers? You didn't clean those up, you lazy boy!" Count Spankulot said, raising his arm up and delivering a harsh swat to Devon's rear.
"AH!! Those are BAD homework papers! It'll hurt if I touch them!" Devon reminded him.
"Oh... Right. Because why would Kevin attack you with good homework, it makes no sense..." The Count said.
"EXACTLY! Now let me up!" Devon, said.
The Count quickly let Devon up. He stood up too and made the chair slide back towards the table.
Devon took a moment to rub the sting out of his bottom, or at least try to, it never really helped.
The Count looked at him. "I'm sorry about the unwarranted spankings, Devon. But, how can I trust you if you do not give me a reason?" He asked.
"You can't. I understand that. I'm trying to be better, but old habits die hard. I did give you hardly a reason to trust me, what with me going behind your back for homework and all. I want peace between us and our races to work." Devon told him. He looked down and sighed. "I just need time." He told the vampire.
"And discipline if you require correction!" The Count added, sounding excited about his own idea.
"Uh... Yeah... That... You're right about that..." Devon said, sounding less than enthusiastic about it.
"I'm glad that you see my correctness. I'll make a perfect weredog out of you yet, the best thing besides another vampire." The Count said, smiling. He put a hand on Devon's shoulder. "And, do not worry. I will try to control my anger and only use my hand when spanking. I admit I got carried away a few times, not that you didn't deserve it!" He said.
"I get it, I wasn't well behaved like a good employee should be, and I needed to be corrected." Devon said. He was glad that he was a semi decent actor, made lying and espionage much easier.
"Exactly!" The Count said, taking his hand off his shoulder and ruffling his hair. "I'm glad you see it my way."
Devon backed up and pushed his hand away. "Dogs don't like their fur being messed up, or hair in my case." He said.
"Oh, that explains why you were so angry this morning." The Count said.
"Yes, that's exactly why." Devon said.
"I rarely had pets when I was younger, so I don't know how to behave around them. My father would never let me get a dog, for obvious reasons. I once had this bat, but he flew away... And yes, I know what you're going to say, a vampire having a pet bat is stereotypical. But, all the animals we had in the castle in Romania were bats, spiders and rats. Now, I can't even have bats in my castle because it's a 'hazard to the health'..." The Count said, pouting.
"That explains why I didn't even smell any bats here." Devon said.
"Yes, but now I have a dog, or a werewolf." The Count said, patting Devon's head, while smiling.
Devon didn't seem aggravated by the vampire patting his head like this. In fact, he kind of liked it. "Yes, but I'm not YOUR dog, like a human would have a pet, you know?" He asked.
"Oh, yes, I understand. I didn't mean it like that." The Count said, not wanting to offend.
After a long moment of silence, Devon spoke. "So, I'll just clean up the mess on the floor, while you clean up the bad homework, ok? Like a team?" He asked, trying to make it sound less like he was commanding and make it more like a team effort.
"And then we meet in the kitchen for some ice cream!" The Count said, running excitedly into the phone room to start cleaning.
Devon took the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. with him as he was walking back to his room to get his Sanitizer 9000. He thought about what had just occurred in the other room, now that he had a moment to himself to be able to think straight. 'Why the Hell did I kiss him...? What went through my mind?! Is it because of that cute, but rude human in the park? Was it just the awkward moment when Spankulot fell on top of me that caused me to get aroused and-...? By Asenath, I tried to tongue him down! It's getting close to that time of the year again, and I doubt that I'll find a suitable mate this year either. Humans always cry 'beastiality' when they find out I'm a werewolf... What if it gets worse?! I mean, it was just a passionate kiss this time, what if it escalates into something else... With HIM?! Ugh! That's technically necrophillia, isn't it? I'm not even attracted to him! It was just a spur of the moment thing... It was my werewolf hormones acting up!' He thought as he got his Sanitizer 9000 and left his room to go and clean up the mess he made when he spat out the soap suds.
Meanwhile, the Count was busy cleaning up the phone room of bad homework papers. He made a dark, swirling portal appear in the middle of the room and the portal sucked up all the homework papers. Human parents take their children's things away as, hopefully, extra punishment, vampires do the same thing using magic. As he was watching the homework being sucked into the portal, he was thinking about what happened here earlier. 'I was just trying to punish Devon for his naughty language with the practice of soaping, but he dare to defy me, take hold of my arm, fall, and drag me down on top of him! I, Count Spankulot, should have then soaped his mouth and then turned him over and given him a good spanking with the ethereal spoon of justice! But, he kissed me and even tried to put his tongue in my mouth! EW! The youth of today and their affections are gross... I-... I kissed him back though... What does it mean? Does it mean I like him?! Wait, does he like me?! A vampire, like myself, with a weredog, like him? No! It will never work! My family will never accept it! What happened meant nothing! Right?' He thought. Just then, he saw Devon in the hallway.
Devon blasted the spot on the floor where the mess of saliva was with his Sanitizer 9000.
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Count Spankulot looked at him, a bit nervously. He went out into the hallway to meet him. "So, um, how about we go get ice cream, in the kitchen? It'll help get the taste of soap out of your mouth." He said.
"Yeah, I could use that. That soap was disgusting." Devon said.
"Well it's not supposed to taste good." The Count said and chuckled.
"I'm sure it's not... Anyway, I'm going to go and put this away." Devon said, showing the vampire his cleaning gadget. "You go and fix us up some ice cream."
"Right! Team work!" The Count said, excitedly. He flew at high speeds toward the kitchen. He landed near the fridge and opened the freezer, he saw his regular ice cream, but right next to it he saw a smaller carton of ice cream with a picture of a dog on it. He grabbed the smaller carton and looked at it. "Doggy-licious Ice Cream, beef flavored ice cream with bits of kibble and frozen peanut butter chunks." He read aloud. "Huh, so that's what Devon likes. Well, he made what I liked, so I should do the same!" He said to himself and then prepared two small bowls of ice cream and put them on the table. He sat down with his bowl of ice cream and waited for Devon to arrive. A thought started to run through his mind. 'Wait, is this technically a date? I mean, we kissed and now... Now we are having ice cream... Together! Sitting across from one another, probably looking at each other as we eat! We might even start talking to each other!' He thought, in dread. He looked when he heard footsteps and saw Devon coming into the kitchen.
Devon sat down at the table, across from the Count. He saw what ice cream he had served. He watched the Count pick up his spoon and scoop up some ice cream out of his own bowl. "Wait, Count! That's not for you." Devon warned, sounding concerned. That particular ice cream was for dogs only.
"What?! Not for me!? What do you mean? You don't want to share?!" The Count asked, sounding outraged.
"No. No, no, no, no, no... I meant, that's for dogs only." Devon said.
The Count bolted up from his seat. "Racist!" He accused and pointed a finger at him.
"Excuse me!?" Devon asked, slamming his hands onto the table as he stood.
"I can't eat this ice cream because I am not a weredog?" The Count asked.
"No, this ice cream is for dogs only! It says so on the carton that you probably didn't even read." Devon said.
"I DID read the carton. It said it was beef flavored ice cream with bits of kibble and frozen peanut butter chunks." The Count said.
"And what do those things have in common?" Devon asked, trying to get him to figure it out.
"They're an odd combination, but I'm sure ice cream cannot be bad. I mean, come on, it is ice cream." The Count replied.
Devon stared at him in disbelief, and then sighed. "Very well then, if you want to eat it, go right ahead." He said, picking up his own bowl and he was about to start eating. The bowl and spoon suddenly flew out of his hands.
Count Spankulot had his hand in front of him, palm up, and Devon's bowl and spoon were levitating above it. "You do not deserve ice cream! I do not know why I even thought about treating you to ice cream after what you said to me earlier and now!" He said. He slammed one hand down on the table and a swirling black portal appeared on the tabletop.
Devon backed up a bit. "What is that...?" He asked.
"You know how parents confiscate their naughty children's things as extra punishment, hopefully after calling me to administer the hand of justice the children's naughty backsides! Vampires banish the belongings of the naughty to a place where they can be stored until they deem them worthy of receiving their things back again." The Count told him. He dropped the bowl of ice cream along with the spoon into the portal. The portal closed up. "You can have your ice cream when you learn to share!" The vampire declared, wagging a finger at him.
Devon didn't say anything else. He didn't think it would be wise to mention that that wasn't the only ice cream in the castle. And he knew he was already in trouble, better not make his consequences worse.
"And speaking of learning." The Count said and pulled his own chair out. He sat down on the chair and looked at Devon. "You need to learn a lesson, and my hand shall be your teacher... If I were to be you, I would be getting over here now..." Count Spankulot said.
Devon knew all too well that arguing with the vampire wasn't going to be an option. His behind still stung from his last encounter with the Count's dreaded palm, however brief it was. He took a deep breath and walked over to him, first time he actually walked over to the vampire knowing he was going to be spanked, and probably not the last. Through the years, he noticed something that might save him some pain, the vampire was mainly right handed. So, he made sure to stand on the Count's left side.
The Count put his hand on Devon's back and was about to push him down and across his lap, he got his hand off Devon's back and suddenly grabbed hold of his pants with both hands, tugging his jeans down to his knees and exposing his boxer briefs. The Count looked him in the face to see his reaction.
Devon looked surprised and slightly shocked, but he wasn't embarrassed one bit. He looked at the vampire with a quizzical look when he observed his disappointment. "Why do you look so disappointed?" He asked.
"I should be the one to be asking the questions. Why are you not red in the face with embarrassment?" The Count asked.
"I'm a weredog, my kind feel no shame in the nude. We walk around naked all the time in our weredog form, the fur covers everything up anyway. In fact, if I'm being completely honest with you, I'd love to be in my underwear all day, at least. But I didn't think that'd be appropriate on the job, because most work places consider it 'indecent'." Devon told him, with blunt honesty.
There was a moment of confused and defeated silence from the Count. His tactic of embarrassment failed. Of course, seeing Devon in his underwear could be a positive thing... Wait, no it's not! He's a werewolf, isn't being attracted to him beastiality or something?! He snapped himself out of his troubling thoughts when he remembered that Devon needed to be punished for his attempt at withholding 'his' ice cream from him. He immediately pulled Devon over his lap without another word and held him down with his right hand. "This is what happens to those who do not share!" He scolded. He raised his left hand above his shoulder and brought it down hard across the center of the young man's behind. There was a satisfying sound as his large hand made contact with both cheeks at the same time.
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Devon himself, however, did not make much noise of pain. Only a grunt came out of his mouth.
The Count started to rain swat after swat all over Devon's bottom, the impact of the swats were more noticeable now that the young man was without pants. The vampire held him down with more effort as he started to struggle because of the pain.
It wasn't long before Devon started to yell in pain, but he suppressed his tears.
"I want to hear an apology from you!" The Count demanded. His strikes began to get harder and heavier, and he started to strike at one of the most vulnerable places on a human butt, the sit spots.
Devon's screams became louder at every hit and tears started to flow. He was no longer trying to fight, for he knew it was never a good idea. It would be best for him to just swallow his pride and apologize, for basically a misunderstanding. "Alright... Alright! I'm sorry!" He said.
The Count stopped spanking him. He had his left arm in the air, ready for another hit, he looked down at the sniffling young man across his lap. "For?" He asked.
"For not wanting to share my ice cream." Devon answered, sniffling.
"Apology accepted." The Count said, standing him up. He pointed to a nearby corner. "Go stand there and think about what you have done." He commanded. That punishment ended rather early, so he'd supplement it with extra.
Without another word, Devon went over to where he was shown. He was waddling as his pants were now around his ankles, and he assumed that the Count wouldn't want him to pull his pants up right now, better safe than receiving extra swats. He stood facing the corner, his face mere inches from the wall. His hands were to his sides, not even daring to go near his stinging bottom.
Count Spankulot pulled his seat back up to the table. He watched Devon for a few moments, his eyes sometimes wandering toward the man's brief clad bottom. The undergarments were anything but loose, showing the shape of his backside perfectly... No, wait! Stop it! He wasn't looking at him like that!
As Devon was standing in the corner, sometimes sniffling because of the sting or because of the mucus trying to find its way out of his nostrils, he sensed something in the Count. Something that only a creature who was in tune with his sixth sense could detect, a slight increase in blood pressure, heart rate and quicker breathing, if only for a moment and with very minute changes. He knew the Count had looked at him during these changes in blood pressure, heart and breathing rate. Was the vampire aroused by him? Certainly not by the back of his head. Why did he choose today to wear tight fitting briefs? He placed his hands in front of his rear to block it from view. He was not THAT desperate for a mate this year...
"Hey! Don't even think about rubbing the sting out, it'll only make it worse!" The Count warned.
"I wasn't rubbing. I can sense you staring at me." Devon said.
"I-... Um..." The Count stammered. His face going a bit red. "I'm supposed to be watching you while you are standing in the corner. And you are supposed to be quiet while you are standing there thinking about your naughty actions." He continued, changing the subject slightly. "And get your hands away from your posterior, before I do it for you!" The Count command.
Devon sighed and put his hands to his sides again.
"Put your hands on the back of your head so that they're away from your bottom." Count Spankulot ordered.
Devon put his hands on the back of his head, he knew this position well, he wasn't always the best at not getting caught breaking the rules when he was in Elementary School. At least he didn't have to deal with getting paddled in school, like his little brother. 'The brat's going to be 13 soon, he'll be in Middle School in no time, so he might not have to deal with this Mr. Bord for long. Still, this man is hurting human children, not to mention weredog students. I need to find the time to investigate this man and get him out of the school. If one corporal punishment disciplinarian goes down, the school might be hesitant about hiring a new one. Of course, just walking into the school might prove to be more dangerous for me, I am on the Kids Next Door most wanted list, probably have a bounty for all the candy, video games and Rainbow Monkeys in the world on me... This vampire is not going to make things easier for me either...' He thought.
Count Spankulot spent another minute watching Devon. He then turned his attention to his ice cream. He wanted to eat it before it melted. He easily dug his spoon into the ice cream, taking a big spoonful, and then stuck the entire spoonful of ice cream into his mouth. After a few seconds of chewing, he could have sworn he turned a sickly green color as he felt his gag reflex trigger, he spat out the ice cream back into his bowl, making all kinds of disgusted noises.
Devon turned his head to look at the Count, trying hard to stifle a laugh and a well-deserved 'I told you so!'
A transparent bowl of warm water appeared on the table, the Count grabbed it and took a big gulp of water. He swished the water around in his mouth for a good few seconds before spitting the water back into the bowl.
Devon was rolling his eyes at his drama queen of a boss.
The Count looked at Devon. "How can you eat something like that?!" He asked and stood up. He wrapped his cloak around himself, only his eyes peeked out over his arm, in a dramatic fashion. "Those who eat disgusting ice cream..." He started, and then raised both arms in the air to make his cloak fan out and make himself more imposing. "Shall eat BOTH bowls of ice cream by themselves!" The Count continued.
Devon turned around and put his arms to his sides. "Wait, really...?" He asked. He had originally assumed he was going to get spanked for choosing, in the Count's eyes, a disgusting flavor of ice cream, but this outcome was better and unexpected.
"That's right! You are going to eat both bowls of ice cream by yourself for letting me eat such a disgusting so-called dessert!" The Count said, the black portal appeared on the table again and Devon's bowl of now melted ice cream floated out of it and set itself on the table after the portal vanished. "Now, you will eat the dessert of grossness," The Count said, grabbing the box of Rainbow Munchies from the table. "while I enjoy a bowl of Rainbow Munchies all by myself! And you can't have any, as you are being punished!" He added and laughed, triumphantly.
Devon looked miserable as he pulled his pants back up and went over to the table. He cast the spell to pause the effects of the spanking to keep it from getting any worse, he tried to cast the spell to heal himself as well, but realized that he didn't have enough power. He would have to wait and endure the discomfort. He sat down and picked up a spoon. He started to eat his soupy ice cream, enjoying it secretly, but appearing miserable on the outside.
Count Spankulot poured himself a bowl of cereal and milk. He sat at the other end of the table and began to eat as per usual, not detecting anything amiss with his cereal.
Devon glanced up at him occasionally, glad that at least his plan was finally in its first phase. After a day or so the vampire should be bedridden. For kids, the Common Cold's diseases take hold immediately, for adults it's slower. This was now a waiting game, and a wolf was patient.
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I am really confused. This relationship thing really came out of nowhere.
I used to be THE Bowser, now I'm just an awkward girl
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I know, it did. They're not really together now though.

It came about through my own idea, long time ago, and my friend's constant pestering to have me ship Devon and The Count.
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Ch. 17

Devon and Count Spankulot sat at the table in silence while eating their food, each not even looking at the other now. The Count was halfway done with his cereal and Devon was just starting on his second bowl of ice cream. Devon didn't mind that this was the bowl that the vampire spat his ice cream back into, he wasn't infected at the time, and besides, weredogs do even 'grosser' things when they're alone. Devon broke the silence, looking at the Count and starting to voice a concern. "Count, the reason Kevin attacked me was because I'm on the Kids Next Door's most wanted villain list. Do you know why?" He asked.
Count Spankulot swallowed what was in his mouth before answering. "Father gave you a few awards a few years ago at the Villains Choice Awards, so you must have done something big. I was not paying attention to what most of those awards were though, because I should have gotten the award for being the most evil supernatural villain!" He told him, upset about losing to him in the one category he did remember.
Devon took note of the fact that the Count was a sore loser, he didn't want to be a sore winner, so he had to play this right and get him away from the upsetting memory. "That was only one category, Count. And I've only won it for the past six years." He said, he couldn't help but to brag. He then backtracked and focused more on the Count. "And I happen to think you're pretty evil, and terrifying." He continued, attempting to flatter him, even offering him a warm smile.
The vampire smiled back, happy about the compliment.
"Anyway, what I was trying to say is that I'm on the Kids Next Door's most wanted list because I am the reason they've lost almost everything they had. They hardly have any place to call their own on Earth. The MoonBase has belonged to Father for years, he's built skyscrapers and business complexes up there to run his evil empire. Kevin told me the Kids Next Door have built a prison on one of Saturn's moons, so maybe they've settled on or near Saturn instead. The point is, Sector V's not getting any younger, in fact, before the end of the year they'll be 13... And they'll be gunning for me, trying to bring me to justice for what I've done before they are decommissioned. One final victory before the inevitable, you know?" Devon told him.
"What did you do?" Count Spankulot asked.
"It was very simple, really. For years I was on two sides, I was a Kids Next Door scientist and inventor, then I took my place as the leader of Sector V, but I also worked for various villains on the side, in secret. The villains were more accepting of a homework eating werewolf, and they paid me in homework. After being a double agent for about 8 years, I gave all of the KND secrets to Father and Mr. Boss." Devon told him.
"I once tried to do the same as you, only the opposite. I joined the Kids Next Door after spending some months in jail for giving a child an unwarranted spanking. It was a mistake, but the judge didn't care, I got locked up anyway. My stay with Sector V, the one with Numbers 1-5, did not last long. They tricked me into spanking the judge who sentenced me and his wife. I got sentenced to 'eleventy billion years'. I technically could have served that, being immortal and all. Luckily, the judge was forced to step down after a few months, leading to another judge taking his place. This one was more friendly towards me and my work, so he let me out immediately." Count Spankulot said.
"Hopefully this judge knew his numbers better." Devon said, looking disgusted at just having heard the fake number. He then tried to shift the conversation back to the real threat. "Sector V has a vendetta against me, they'll stop at nothing to bring me in, making me spend the rest of my life in their prison. They've already shown that they are brave, or stupid, enough to attack the castle. The current defenses of this castle do not account for aerial bombardment and modern KND explosives, as I witnessed on my first night here. I propose we, or rather I, upgrade our defenses to better be prepared for an attack. I can get resources one of two ways, either buying them or doing what I did as a pup, heading down to the scrap yard. And I don't have the time to go digging through landfills." Devon said, bluntly. He wanted to control the defense and security of the castle, and at least part of the Count's finances. He could use that in both fights, against the KND and against the Count.
After some thinking, the vampire answered. "Very well, we will go to the store together and you will buy what you need."
"Good, I will turn this castle into an impenetrable fortress." Devon promised.
"I can help!" Count Spankulot offered, with a big smile on his face. He seemed eager to want to do more than just provide the funds.
Devon looked less than enthusiastic about accepting his 'help', even if the vampire's heart was in the right place. "Uh, I heard Hoagie painfully retell the story of the last time you tried to 'help' with technology. You blew up almost half the treehouse... When you slapped a missile." Devon said.
"It was not my fault. It was being bad and not wanting to work..." The Count said, crossing his arms.
"You're still not touching any of my tools or working with or on the equipment." Devon said, definitively. He had a problem with incompetent people working with him when he perceived them not being of any use.
The Count had a furious look in his eyes as he rose up out of his seat, slammed his hands on the table and glared daggers at Devon. "I WILL help!" He announced, raising his right hand high in the air.
Devon nearly jumped out of his seat, startled. "Ok, ok... You can help! You can... Um... Read me the instructions. That's the most important job of all." He told the vampire, hoping that task would calm his childish tantrum. They say it's best not to give in to a tantrum, but in this case...
The Count's demeanor did a 180 from furious to overly excited. "I get to help, I get to help!" He said in a sing song voice, even starting to do a little dance in his excitement.
Devon did his best to avert his eyes from the cringe-worthy spectacle. The vampire had absolutely no rhythm or 'moves' to speak of.
The Count eventually sat back down, looking happy as ever. "So, what do you intend to buy?" He asked, continuing to eat the rest of his cereal as he listened.
Finally, a topic that Devon loved to talk about. He looked at the Count with an interested and semi excited look as he started to prattle on. "Well, I was thinking of tiny cameras with motion sensors. I can make the cameras unhackable. I'll also install some laser cannons on the ramparts. Maybe some security robots? They were having a sale for security droids at the Villain's Mart, twenty for the price of nineteen." He said. Villains were greedy, so a deal was a deal and a sale was a sale.
"The lasers are a good idea, but I have something better than security cameras and robots." The Count replied, confidently.
"What could be better than unhackable, motion sensitive cameras and security droids?" Devon asked.
Before Count Spankulot could answer, there was a loud crash as something broke through the nearby window and exploded right next to them. They both flew out of their seats and landed onto the floor.
Devon laid there, the ringing in his ears was almost unbearable for a werewolf like him, his nose was assaulted by the stench of garlic and he felt pain all over his body. He noticed that he was covered with papers, bad homework, and they were covered with a sticky garlic substance, from the smell Devon guessed it was glue mixed with crushed up garlic. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the Count, he was also covered in bad homework.
The Count suddenly turned into mist and vanished, leaving behind a pile of sticky, garlic smelling homework papers.
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Devon then saw all of Sector V climb through the broken window, fully armored and armed. He was starting to go unconscious from the pain.
"Alright, Number 74, net him so we can finally put this criminal away once and for all." Number 70 commanded, making hand motions for all the other operatives to keep a lookout.
"Time to lock this puppy up!" Number 74 said, trying to sound cool.
Number 72 scoffed in annoyance. "Do you have to make those lame jokes? It's bad enough that Number 2 told bad jokes! We don't need another Number 2!" She said, peering out of the kitchen, her back to a wall, looking for any signs of the Count.
"He's not another Number 2, silly. He's Number 74. And I think he's funny." Number 71 said, she was at another wall, peering out of the kitchen too, though not doing the greatest job at hiding.
"Guys! Can we just get my brother out of here and back to the prison on Enceladus?" Number 73 asked, fed up with the delay and tired of waiting.
Number 70 nodded to 74, and that was all the communication that was necessary.
Number 74 got out a giant net launcher that was strapped to his back, right as he was about to use it the room suddenly went dark and chills ran down everyone's spines. Count Spankulot appeared in front of the children, floating a few inches off the floor. He had various implements floating around him.
"Number 74, net that werewolf now!" Number 70 commanded with a terrified tone in his voice.
"I-... I can't see him! It's too dark and I didn't bring my night vision goggles! And I want my mommy!!!" Number 74 said, starting to cry because of his fear.
"Kids Next Door, battle stations!" Number 70 said, aiming his weapon at the Count.
Count Spankulot raised both hands in the air. One by one, the weapons that the children were holding were bent and destroyed.
Number 70 growled in anger, throwing his broken weapon onto the floor. He then tried to run at the Count to foolishly fight him head on. "Ow, ow, ow, ow, OW!" He exclaimed as his ear was grabbed and pulled by the vampire, stopping the boy's assault.
Count Spankulot used his powers to make four other copies of himself, each of the copies had their own implement that the original Count had floating around him. The copies stood tall and intimidating, looking at the four other children. They were making sounds rhythmically with their implements to frighten the children, one was making two sides of a belt hit against each other, one was swinging a thin switch which made a whooshing sound as it cut through the air, one was lightly hitting his own palm with a wooden spoon so that it made a sound and the last copy was doing the same thing with a leather strap.
Number 70 gulped when he saw what looked like a heavy hairbrush in the original Count Spankulot's other hand. "Kids Next Door... RETREAT!" He said, trying to get his ear free of the Count's vice like grip, only to be held under the Count's arm and paddled mercilessly with the hairbrush.
The other children started to panic and flee, but none got too far in their escape attempt as they were all quickly captured and punished by the copies with their painful implements.
Devon's senses were awakened once again when he heard the pained howls of his brother. He saw him getting held across a copy's knee and getting his behind lashed by a belt. The werewolf growled and started to turn, he started to focus on the somewhat correct things written on the papers that were stuck to him as he started to pull them off of himself. "They spelled their first name right... This answer at least has a 2 in it... The 8 they put in the word 'botanical' at least looks like a 'B'!" Devon said, repeating the correct or semi correct things like a mantra. It seemed to dull the pain. He got most of it off before fully turning and standing up. His brother's cries sounded like a pup in distress, he had to help him...! He snarled, ran at the copy and tried to lunge for him.
The copy saw the charging werewolf and flew into the air, keeping Kevin in his grasp. "I know you are angry at your brother, but do not interrupt my punishing of him!" He warned, assuming that Devon was going for his brother and not him. After spanking Kevin a few more times with the belt for good measure, he flew to the window and released the boy like the original Count Spankulot and the other copies had already done with the children they had punished.
Devon watched the five children run off in defeat to the wall of the castle and try to climb the ropes they used to sneak in in the first place.
The Count's copies vanished and the vampire looked at the werewolf.
Devon had calmed down significantly after he saw Kevin climb up the wall to safety.
"And I mean it. Don't interrupt my punishing of childrens again." The Count said. He shakily levitated out of the room, weakened by the garlic, and summoned a black portal in the middle of the kitchen which sucked up all the bad homework and garlic superglue, even while it was stuck to Devon. Bits of the werewolf's fur also went along with it, but luckily not enough to cause bald spots in his coat. Once all the homework and garlic was gone, Count Spankulot walked in the kitchen again. "Get this place fixed with your gadget that fixes the broken and then get back to working. I will deal with the fact that you interrupted the just punishment of your brother later. It deserves more than a warning." He commanded and disappeared.
Devon had little concern for his own future punishment, all he wanted to know was: What the heck is happening to him? Why did he go savage when he heard Kevin's cries? A few days ago he would have laughed at his bother's pain. Yet another question to ask Asenath, luckily it was almost sunset.
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It's been awhile since you've updated huh? Well it's good as always
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Yeah, it has been. I just got my motivation for this story back.
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Ch. 18

Devon went and did as the vampire commanded, turning into his human form as to not cut his paws on any of the shattered glass in the kitchen. He repaired everything, even the weapons that the Kids Next Door left behind, with his Fix-O-Matic. He made three trips between the kitchen and his room to stash the weapons there. He even got the thing the KND used as a missile, some sort of propane tank, that could be filled up with something else later. After returning to the kitchen one last time to clean the bowls and spoons with his Sanitizer and put them away, he went back to work answering calls. In between calls he started to write a code for a virus, which would tamper with this phone, making it impossible for anyone to call the phone connected to this landline again. He didn't want to tamper with the phone directly by disassembling it, he could get caught, and Asenath only knows what the Count will do to him then. Again, just an assumption, who knows if She's actually omniscient or not. He answered most of the calls, he didn't want to make himself look suspicious. His plan was to 'ween' the vampire off of his 'diet' of the bad deeds from children, before cutting him off completely when he's able to raise a paw against him openly. Less access to kids to punish meant less power the Count had. An eye for an eye and a power source for a power source, or in the werewolf's case one of his power sources.
It was a little after sunset when Devon heard the Count's voice in his head. 'Devon, come to my room.'
Devon sighed and scooted his chair away from the table. "Great, now he can speak to me with telepathy?" He asked himself, rhetorically. He ate the sheet of paper that he was writing his code on, he'll pick up where he left off later, and headed out of the room towards the Count's room. It was only after he came close to the vampire's room that his mastigophobia began effecting him. What was he doing?! He was literally going into the Count's room to be punished. He stopped in his tracks and tried to contact Asenath. 'Asenath? Can you hear me?' He asked. When no answer came, he realized that he didn't have enough magic in his system, She said that the moon keeps Her in contact with him, so maybe that was it? He tried to sneak over to a window to see if he could absorb some moon beams. Maybe if he got in contact with Asenath, She'd be able to give him a spell that makes him immune to pain, if such a spell existed. For all he knew Count Spankulot could be waiting with a cane, paddle, belt or any number of implements to hurt him with, he's had all this time to prepare too. He had just drawn back the curtain before he flinched and looked back when he heard Count Spankulot's angry voice.
"DEVON! What is it that you think you are doing?!" Count Spankulot asked, standing a few feet behind him, arms crossed and foot tapping the floor.
"I-... I... I-...." Devon stuttered and shrank back a bit.
"Are you a pirate?! A broken pirate who stutters? I told you to come to my room, not take a look outside! Now, come!" The Count said, grabbing his wrist and dragging him into his room. The coffin, which was normally propped up against the wall vertically, was now on the floor and closed, acting as a seat. He sat down on the coffin and yanked Devon across his lap, holding him down firmly. "First, you interrupt my punishing of your brother!" He said, following up his statement with a sharp slap to Devon's bottom.
Devon yelled a bit and flinched at the pain.
"Then you gaze out the window when you are supposed to be coming to me to get your well deserved spanking!" The Count said and spanked him twice more, a little harder this time.
Devon yelled out in pain, he clenched his fist and teeth. He knew it was only going to get worse from here.
"And not to mention that I never gave you a proper spanking for using naughty words!" The Count said, spanking him at least five more times, harder.
Devon yelled out in pain again, tears started to form in his eyes. "I thought that's what the soaping was for... I thought the punishment was over!" He said.
"I realized that I can't just wash your mouth out with soap and that's it. I am Count Spankulot, not Count Soapulot. I am not letting you get off the hook again without a proper punishment!" The Count said, starting to spank his sit spots.
Devon screamed in pain, the rate of his tears increasing and he started struggling.
The Count put his hand over the young man's legs and a large, ethereal hand appeared and grabbed both of Devon's legs to hold them together and still. "You don't resist your just spanking!" He scolded.
"I'm sorry..." Devon said.
"You're sorry, yet you still make mistakes that are the same. There might be a struggle of power here. You do not really consider me your boss, like you should! I made a mistake too, rewarding you with icy treats right after a punishment that was baked half of the way. I am going to fix that, right now! You will know who holds the leash." The Count said.
Devon loathed being someone's subordinate, even when he served someone he always made sure he was in control or that they were worthy enough for him to serve them. Here, it didn't seem like he had control and the vampire was actively trying to dominate him. He tried to push himself up with his hands and somehow get off of the Count's lap.
"Uh-ah! Nu!" The Count scolded. He put his hand on the back of his neck, gripped it and pushed him back down again. "Jos! Down!" He commanded.
Devon stayed down for a few seconds, taking a moment to process what was happening. Domination! This undead, bumbling fool was trying to dominate him! How. DARE. He?! The werewolf's instincts were telling him to fight, to dominate, to be in control. He knew the Count was a coward when he was pinned down, helpless, at another's mercy. He started to growl at him, baring teeth that the vampire couldn't see because of Devon's position. His claws began to surface, he clenched his fists a bit, as he did so he scratched the floor, leaving scratch marks on the tile. His eyes began to turn red.
"You dare try to resist, eh?! I will fix that." The Count said, he undid Devon's pants and slid them down to his knees. He grabbed hold of his briefs and magically changed them. His underwear now had a drop seat or butt flap in the back. The Count opened up the flap and saw that the marks from Devon's caning were still there, a lot of them were starting to bruise. "I am glad I left some marks on you. This punishment will be more effective now." He said, and started to spank his bare bottom, quickly and mercilessly.
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The marks didn't add to his pain, Devon just left them there for show, as evidence of his punishment. But a bare bottomed spanking was much more painful than a clothed one. Devon snarled and tried to push himself up and off the Count's lap, getting further now that he was in the midst of wolfing out.
The Count gave him a hard smack across the sit spots and magically paralyzed him from the neck down. "I have two types of implements in my wardrobe! Do not make me use them!" He warned and just kept spanking, only going for the most painful spots like the center and the sit spots. The young man's behind taking a medium shade of pink along with the red lines left over from his caning.
Crying out in pain and being helpless in the Count's power made him think twice about wolfing out and mauling him. He turned fully human again and had no choice but to lay there and take the punishment.
Count Spankulot then turned his attention to his thighs and began to harshly slap away at those, alternating from one of his thighs to the other.
Devon was now sobbing in pain. "Pl- EASE! I- I'm... OW!... Sorry!" He begged as he was being spanked, looking back at the Count.
The Count stopped reddening his thighs and looked at him. "I have been too lenient on you, Devon. Only giving you a soaping of the mouth, giving you ice cream afterwards, stopping a punishment after I hear the first apology, telling you that I will only spank you with my hand! I have gone soft and you are not respecting me like you should!" He said. He removed one of his own shoes and began to paddle Devon's backside with the sole. "And I can use whatever I want to punish you and ONLY I get to decide when the punishment is over!" He said while spanking him.
Devon shouted and wept in pain at the sting of the new implement. There seemed to be no end in sight to this punishment...
Count Spankulot spent about five or so minutes thrashing his now red hide with his shoe before stopping.
Devon could do nothing but lay across his lap, sobbing and sniffling in pain.
"I will make all of your undergarments have a flap for easy access to your rear end, and you can't close it unless I say so! Until you learn your place and how manners work, I will punish you like this. Do you understand?" Count Spankulot asked, sternly.
"... Yes... Sir..." Devon replied.
"You see, it has worked already." The Count said, putting his shoe back on. He put Devon under his arm and carried him back to his room. He spanked him once more, restoring his mobility and getting rid of the hand that bound his feet.
Devon was able to move again, but he didn't make a move to get his hands anywhere near his aching rear.
The Count set him down on his feet, turning him around and shoving him into a nearby corner. "You stay there until I return!" He said, making him put his hands on the back of his head. "I am going to make myself supper. Do NOT let me catch you out of that corner, you naughty boy!" He said and vanished.
Devon sighed and sniffled. He dried his tears by rubbing his face on his shoulders. His butt and thighs stung and throbbed. He just wished he could get to that window just a few feet away from him. 'It takes a few minutes for him to eat. So maybe I could get to the window and... No, no, no... I don't have to. This isn't urgent. I can wait...' He thought.
After about half an hour the Count reappeared in the room. "Well, I am glad to see you are still there. Turn around." He commanded.
Devon turns to face the Count. He still had his hands on his head, the vampire didn't allow him to take his hands off yet.
"What have we learned?" The Count asked, crossing his arms.
"To always respect you and to never interrupt a punishment... Sir." Devon responded.
"Good boy. My lessons are sticking." The Count said, pleased. He raised his hand slightly, palm up. The butt flap on Devon's underwear closed up and his pants were raised back up, zipped and buttoned. He was really skilled and precise with his telekinesis. "Only I can clothed you after I have bared you for a spanking. Is that understood?" The Count asked.
Devon nodded. "Yes, sir."
"Good." The Count said. He went over to the dresser and started looking through it. He found where Devon stored his underwear. "You fold all of your clothes, including your underwear. At least I don't have to punish you for being messy." He remarked before he put his hands on the two neatly folded piles of underwear and changed them to have a drop seat in the back. He shut the drawer and turned back to Devon. "A serious spanking does wonders. You still haven't removed your hands from your head." He remarked, smiling.
"You didn't tell me to, sir." Devon replied.
"You can put your hands down now." The Count said.
Devon's arms dropped to his sides. He had great endurance, so his arms weren't sore from staying up, he could probably go for hours without putting them down.
"Did you see the way those Kids Next Door reacted to being spanked by implements? I bet I drove the point to where it lives. When a client calls asking for me to visit a naughty child, ask if they want me to use implements. I feel that it is time to punish those naughty, poorly behaved childrens with more than just my hands! They've stopped fearing me like they should!" Count Spankulot said.
Devon did his best to make as neutral as an expression as possible. Inside he was freaking out. Was he the cause for this? Whether directly or not...
"Yes... I will bring implements with me. Like paddles, canes, switches, hairbrushes, straps, and a thick belt. And ask this question also: Clothed, underwear or bare bottomed." Count Spankulot said.
All Devon could do was nod at his command. There was nothing to say to him about this.
"All the childrens I punish from here on out will learn to fear the name of Count Spankulot once again!" The Count said, letting out an evil laugh. "All the other vampires have criticized me for only using my hands. The vampire in Texas uses a paddle, the vampiress in England uses a cane, well I use ALL of the implements! What about that!?" He said, mainly to himself this time.
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"There are other vampires?" Devon asked.
"Yes, at least one per state. I am the Count, the highest ranking vampire." The Count said.
"How did you become Count?" Devon asked.
"We do not squabble like weredogs do over power, it is by birth. My father, my grandfather, my great grandfather, and so on have all been Counts." Count Spankulot told him.
"Was there ever a Countess?" Devon asked.
"No, we are patriarchal. Though, I only have a daughter, so she may be the first Countess." The Count replied.
Devon nodded. He wanted to know more about vampires, know your enemy as they say. The Count seemed willing to give him information.
"I have wasted too much time already. I must head out into the night and hunt down wrongdoers! You are not coming with me. You have to be punished still. You are going to bed early, for a week!" The Count declared.
It took Devon a few seconds to process what he just heard. "Early bed time... As punishment?" He asked.
"Yes! And I don't want to be hearing a word of protest. As soon as I leave every night you are to go to bed." The Count said, shaking his index finger at him.
"Yes, sir." Devon said, nodding.
"Good. Go to bed now." The Count said, he walked out of the room, shutting the door.
"Early bed time as punishment... This is the best thing that's happened to me all day..." Devon commented, he had the urge to laugh. He changed into his pajamas, pulled back the curtain so the moonlight could shine through and laid down on his bed on his stomach. He focused on the moon beams coming through the window, no matter how little there was on the count of it being a New Moon tonight. He felt the moon beams hitting his body and he absorbed them. He cast the spell to pause the magic effects of the spanking and then the spell to heal himself but leave color of his butt and thighs the shade they would normally be after a spanking. He sighed in relief as the pain vanished. 'Oh, thank Asenath.'
The Count opened the door. "Oh, you are actually ready to sleep." He said.
Devon looked at the Count, he saw that he had some mannequins with him, the mannequins were moving and alive, one held a paddle, the other held a switch. They were both wearing vampire garments. "What's with the...?" He asked, pointing at them. He found their lack of facial features disturbing.
"I told you I had something better than robots. I have awaken all the mannequins in the castle, they will act as guards, I have charged these two to make sure you obey my instructions for early bed time for you for the week." The Count said. The two mannequins walked into the room and stood near the door, holding their implements as weapons. "I don't think I need to tell you what I've allowed them to do if you disobey." He warned.
"What if I need to go to the bathroom?" Devon asked.
"Tell them, they will follow you to make sure you are going to the bathroom." The Count said.
"They can understand me?" Devon asked.
"Yes. Now, I have to go. You go to bed." The Count commanded and shut the door.
Devon laid his head down and closed his eyes. 'Well done, Devon you idiot...' He thought. It was so much easier when they were enemies.
'Well done, indeed.' The voice of Asenath said in his mind.
Devon's eyes snapped open and he picked his head up upon hearing the voice.
One of the mannequins acted immediately and walked over to him.
Devon looked up at it. "Whoa, ok, ok. I'm going to sleep now." He said, laying his head back down and closing his eyes. He yelled out when he felt the hard swat of a paddle on his rump thrice.
The mannequin went back to its post just after delivering the third swat.
Devon healed his pain with magic. He was thankful that they didn't notice.
'Go to sleep. I shall make you lucid dream and we can talk properly then.' Asenath commaned.
'Yes, my Goddess.' Devon thought and tried to go to sleep. He fell asleep in a few minutes and found himself somewhere else. This place was filled with nice looking grass and flowers. The sky was filled with green lights, like aurora borealis, there was a night time sky behind the lights and a new moon hung in the sky. There were humans nearby, adults, teens and children, in perfect harmony. Most kids were running around playing without a care in the world, some teens and adults joined in on their games. He suddenly appeared in front of a giant palace, it looked like a dog house, the walls were white while the triangle roofs were green, the doors and windows were shaped like arches. There were white flags and banners on the palace, the face of a black wolf was on the flags and banners. On the wolf's forehead was the letter 'A' in the werewolf language in green, it looked like a lowercase 'y' with the tail of the y shaped like a sideways 's'.
Devon turned his head to the entrance of the palace when he heard a wolf's howl. Soon the sounds of other wolves howling was heard all around him. Devon lifted up his head and joined in the chorus of howling. He turned into his wolf form as he was answering the howl. He ran into the palace on all fours, following the first howl he heard. It wasn't long before he had entered into a throne room.
Asenath was sitting on the same Throne of Implements that was in Count Spankulot's castle. Leather straps and belts made up the cushion of the throne, large paddles made up most of structure of the throne, while thin switches, canes, crops and birches were sticking up out of the top of the backrest, and short thin flogger tails were hanging from the armrests. She held Her own thick cane in Her right hand like a septor or staff.
Devon slowly approached his Goddess, body low, tail between legs, ears down, completely submissive to Her. When he got to Her he bowed his head low so his snout almost touched the floor, he then rolled over onto his back and exposed his belly to Her. He had never shown this much immediate submission to anyone in his life.
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That was a fast update, and a long one too. I'd say adding spaces between each paragraph would make it easier to read, and the story is getting kinda risqué, for darkspyro at least.
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Eh, if it gets worse I'll just send you a link to You're the only one reading this, so.
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Ch. 19

"Rise and sit." Asenath commanded.

Devon obeyed his Goddess and sat down on the emerald green carpet that lead to Her throne. He noted a slight anger in Asenath's voice.

"You certainly know how to make the world much worse for children, don't you?" She asked.

She knows what he did. How his betrayal and actions against the Kids Next Door lead to more evil adult domination. And, now, how his presence caused events that made Count Spankulot implement happy.

"I was connected to you, in some form, for your entire life, but I did not know the major details of your life, until I was actually able to see into it clearly for the first time just a few nights ago. I have seen much of the world in those nights. From what I can see, children are losing their rights fast. And it is because of one of my own wolves..." Asenath said, disappointed. She propped Her elbow onto the armrest and laid Her forehead into Her hand, as if She were stressed.

Devon whimpered and lowered himself a bit. "I-... I'm sorry, my Godde-" He yelped in fear as She stood and struck the floor with the end of Her cane.

"An apology won't fix this!" Asenath said. After a few seconds, She sighed and sat back down in Her throne.
"The actions you take in the coming months will, though. The world was thrown out of balance when you helped build up an evil adult empire that's gaining strength day by day, and now you're going to help destroy it." She told him.

Devon nodded at Her request. "Yes, yes, I'll fix this." He said.

"Your willingness to obey me is reassuring. You have been unaware of your true purpose for nearly two decades, now that your purpose is clear you wish to fulfill it. I can only hope that the others do the same." Asenath said.

"Why is the purpose of the weredogs to fight vampires?" Devon asked.

"That is a long story, but I believe you deserve to hear it. Long ago, vampires ruled the Earth and kept humans subjugated to them. They fed off of children's disobedience, storing a lot of them in the cells of their castles like one would store food in a kitchen. They forced parents to periodically offer their children to their vampire overlords so they could feed off them. I was the latter child. I reached my twentieth birthday and decided that enough was enough. I lived in Dacia at the time, modern day Romania. Dacia was where the Count has almost always resided, until now that is. I decided to do something bold... And foolish... I built a small army and we attacked the Count's castle. We were quickly defeated and imprisoned. The vampires tortured me and my makeshift soldiers. I was brought before the current Count at the time, Count Vlad Palmmulta, Count Spankulot's father. Count Spankulot is a docile lamb compared to the ferocity and cruelty of his father." Asenath said.

"Wow... So, I have it pretty easy, huh?" Devon asked.

"We all suffer in different ways. You are still living with a vampire who spanks you until you have to beg for his mercy and obey him. You may not be suffering how I was, but he still hurts you." Asenath said.

Devon started to wag his tail when Asenath started to pet him lovingly.

"He is his father's son after all... And getting crueler by the day it seems, just like him..." Asenath said.

"I'm sorry if I-... THAT I caused this by my presence in the castle and the events that transpired because of my past actions. I'm sorry that I hurt the Kids Next Door..." Devon said, looking up at his Goddess. "You said I can fix this, you said that if I master absorbing moonlight I can help you get back to Earth. Where exactly are we? What is this place?" He asked.

Asenath stopped petting him and leaned back in Her throne. "My answer will make sense to you once I finish recounting my story."

"Please. Not that you need my permission..." Devon said.

"Count Palmmulta saw fit to turn me, he saw potential in me, another strong minion to add to his ranks." Asenath said.

"I knew there was a fifty percent chance that you're a vampire! Or were... I don't know how this works. Why aren't you like the others, though? You know, spank happy?" Devon asked.

"I know not why my mind remained unaffected. Only my body was changed. I took this bittersweet change as an opportunity to learn the secrets of the vampires and use it against them when I became powerful enough. Palmmulta paired me up with a vampire whom he entrusted with my training, his name was Aleksander. Aleks trained me in the way of magic, I picked up the art quite easily. Spells which can take centuries to perfect, I mastered in under a year. A prodigy like me had never been seen before. I was also able to walk out into the sunlight without ever being burned on my first day, normally vampires must wait a few decades before they can even dream of attempting that. But, despite all of this, there was a serious problem... I still needed to... Feed..." Asenath said. Her forehead rested in Her hand again, She shut Her eyes and tried to hold back tears.

Devon scooted closer to Her and placed his head on Her lap, like a dog comforting its owner.

Asenath stroked his head as She exhaled slowly, trying to calm Herself. "Thank you." She said. After a few seconds, She spoke again. "I tried to go easy on them, on the little children we stored in cells... Even with me they still cried out in terror... Without pain, without causing them pain, I could not eat... A vampire has to cause pain in order to feed. That was the cruelest thing that could have ever happened to me... I often fasted for days, even weeks just to avoid having to spank a child. I would have fasted forever if I could. When I was alone in the cells with the children I would only use my hand, but when I was with other vampires I had to use... This..." She held Her cane in both hands horizontally above Her lap. It suddenly became thinner and more flexible.

Devon took his head off Her lap and stared at the cane with slight unease. He did not actually believe that She would use it on him, no matter how angry She was, but just the sight of it... "W-... Why did you keep that...?" He asked.

"Poetic justice, irony. The vampires gave me immortality, magic and a cane, and so should they fall by them." Asenath replied, holding Her cane in Her right hand again and resting one end of it on the floor. It morphed back to its original thick form again.

"How did you orchestrate the fall of the vampires?" Devon asked.

"Before I did anything else, I had to figure out an alternative to spanking the naughtiness out of children so that I can obtain nourishment and magical energy. Homework used to be vampire propaganda, reeducation had to be used on the children who were not caged up in order to brainwash them. Vampires also invented and ran schools." Asenath told him.

"Wait, so, vampires created schools and homework?!" Devon asked, shocked.

"Yes. It is ironic, isn't it? The vampires are basically the cause of one of your food sources, and it is because of their magic that werewolves exist. After I found a way to absorb completed and correct homework and turn it into magical energy, I had no need to punish children for that purpose anymore. I then started working on ways to create my own magic to fight against vampires. Even if I was immune to the sun, I still nearly died when I attempted to harness its energy. My goal was to absorb sunlight and discharge it, and use it as a weapon. I then figured out how to absorb a lesser form of sunlight, that's where the moon came into play. It took me a few years to master it, I was still a vampire and we were never meant to use the sun in that manner, it was still dangerous for me. My plans of vampire genocide were halted by something though. I fell in love with Aleks. We had known each other now for almost a century and I had just mastered this new form of magic when I realized I could not destroy him too..." Asenath said.
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"Why did you fall in love with a vampire?" Devon asked.

"Why did you kiss one?" Asenath retorted.

Devon stayed silent for a moment before answering Her. "It... It was in the moment!... It meant nothing." He said.

"I know. What Aleks and I had was something. I realized that not all vampires were as cruel as Palmmulta. I saw there was still humanity in Aleks. I then sought to use my magic to create a cure, to free Aleks and all vampires from their spank happy state. I knew that they were all once humans and that they were just victims, most of them were turned against their wills, the rest were brainwashed. Aleks was the first one I tried to cure. I was only partly successful. I managed to cure his mind and brought back his soul, but I could not cure his body. He still had the cold, undead body of a vampire. But, that worked out in my advantage, for no one else knew he was cured. I then cured as many vampires as I could, going from castle to castle, avoiding only Castle Palmmulta in Romania. In Aleks' castle, in modern day Croatia, I held a meeting for all the vampires I have freed, I taught them to use my magic and harness the power of moonlight or good homework. I built an army out of them." Asenath said.

"Where do the werewolves come into play?" Devon asked.

"A lot of them wished to feel alive again, so I gave them the ability to transform into werewolves, a new race I had created which would strike fear into the hearts and minds of vampires. Do you remember the mural depicting the battle scene in Count Spankulot's castle?" Asenath asked.

"Yes, how can I forget?" Devon asked.

"The only werewolf there was the alpha, correct?" Asenath asked.

"Yes. What's your point?" Devon asked, wondering what She was getting at.

"Before that battle, before the document of incorrectness was used, there were only werewolves. It wasn't just the alphas and their offspring. The vampires' magic did something to the werewolves, it devolved them into the servile, tame creatures sometimes unfit to battle. Now that the document is gone, weredogs will become what they were always meant to be." Asenath said.

"Weredogs will become werewolves again?" Devon asked.

"Yes. You feel it in yourself, do you not?" Asenath asked.

"Yes... It's like I feel this wild animal in me wanting to come out. It's a testament to my self control that I haven't savagely mauled the vampire yet. There's also something that's been happening lately, I've started to feel bad for the children that he spanks, it's like I feel their pain and want to protect them as if they're my own pups. I have an honorary villain card, I can't feel bad for human brats!" Devon said.

"The humans are why I did this. The vampires are a plague to the Earth, and the humans are turning out to be no better... When I liberated the humans with my army of werewolves, I had no idea they'd be just as bad... Worse... The adults are taking over quickly, your betrayal paved the way for them. They're poisoning the Earth, making ridiculous rules to oppress their own offspring... You have to pave the way for my return, and that includes helping children and the Kids Next Door. It will make things easier if the evil adults have less power and the Kids Next Door get some power back. Do you understand, my child?" Asenath asked.

Devon nodded. "Yes, as you wish, my Goddess." He said and bowed his head.

"Good. I now realize that I can't leave the humans to their own devices. They too can be corrupt, oppressors. I created werewolves to be the perfect creatures, strong, magical, and most importantly, ethical. They lived up to their purpose until that weapon was used to warp their minds and bodies. I need to return to clean things up and, whether the humans have anything to say about it or not, to take over the Earth." Asenath said.

"Return from where?" Devon asked.

"We are not in the actual place, this is just an illusion. When a vampire is turned their soul leaves them in order for the vampire part to take hold. When the body dies the soul goes to the afterlife. We are in an illusion of the afterlife. In order to get the souls of vampires back into their bodies I figured out how to tear the veil between the living and the dead and even pass through it like a portal. The soulless cannot come here, so it was the perfect safe haven." Asenath told him.

"So, you became trapped here?" Devon asked.

"Yes, not because of my own negligence. The vampires' god arrived to help its servants in desperate need of it." Asenath said.

"Wait, wait, wait... The vampires have a god?" Devon asked.

"Yes. It is an intergalactic monster that desires to poison every planet it can with its cruel creation, adults and spank happy vampires." Asenath said.

Devon thought for a moment. "Number 74.239 said adulthood is a disease spreading rapidly through the galaxy, but it's actually the result of a space monster? And it trapped you in here?" He asked.

"Yes, I don't know why it didn't just destroy me. For around 2,000 years I have been trapped here, able to do very little except guide my subjects as I guide you." Asenath said.

"So, how do I set you free?" Devon asked. He then saw a vision of an extremely bright green moon, it looked as bright as the sun.

"You have to share your magic with the moon, at the center of the Arctic Circle, during Arctic Winter. The veil between the living and the dead is weakest then. I will go into more detail when you are ready and when I feel the time is right." Asenath said, making the vision end.

"Yes, my goddess." Devon said, bowing his head.

"There's also one last thing I need of you. You must sacrifice homework to me, the moon's rays cannot reach here, but you can send homework to me with a ritual. It can only be done from the first quarter to the last quarter and everything in between." Asenath said. She showed Devon another vision. It was of a rectangular desk-like altar with a statue of Asenath in the middle, good homework was sitting on the altar around the statue. The altar slowly spun around, revealing writing in the werewolf language on all four sides of the desk. It read: 'Asenath, Goddess of werewolves, savior of humanity, we humbly offer you this sacrifice. Please, accept it and grant us, your lowly omegas, your blessings.'

"Alright, some in my pack are prodigious artists. I'll get them to make that altar. What are the specifications of the altar?" Devon asked.

"The height of the altar is 0.91 meters, the length of the long side is 1.82 meters, the length of the short side is 1.21 meters. The height of the statue is 1.82 meters. All of it is to be sculpted from malachite." Asenath replied.

"Very well, and I have to repeat what was written on it?" Devon asked.

"Yes, nine times under the light of the moon, speak it in the werewolf tongue, you and your pack, should they be present. I would recommend that you perform this ritual in a private location and hide the altar once the offering has been made, this must be practiced in secret." Asenath said.

"Yes, I understand, my Goddess." Devon said.
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"Before you awaken, I have a new spell to teach you. Astral projection is useful for when you are supposed to be asleep during your early bedtime punishments. It will allow your soul to pass out of your body. You'll have all of the abilities of a ghost, such as passing through walls and flight. You can become visible to others or stay invisible, you can talk to others. You can absorb moonlight. You can commune with me. Speak these words in your mind." Asenath let out two barks and a howl. "Speak them again to head back into your body. It is best to do this when laying down, as once the soul passes out of the body, the body goes to sleep. The actions you take while in spirit form can be done with mere thought, no special incantations required. The spells you cast while in this form will affect your body as well." Asenath said.

"This opens up so many possibilities... Can I interact with objects?" Devon asked.

"Yes." Asenath replied.

"Thank you, my Goddess. This will help me so much." Devon said.

"You are welcome. Now, the sun has risen and you must awaken. Fulfill your duty." Asenath said.

Devon awoke with a start as he heard and saw the curtain fly back into position, blocking the sunlight from entering his room. He turned his head to see the Count standing a few feet behind him.

"One of the mannequins had to use the paddle on you last night, I see. I would teach you even more of a lesson, but I am tired and..." The Count said, only to be interrupted by a coughing fit.

Devon covered his nose and mouth with his tank top. It looked as if the vampire had gotten ill, just as he planned.

"I think I'm getting sick... Make me some soup or go buy me some soup." The Count said, sniffing.

Devon nodded. "Yes, sir."

"Now." The Count commanded. The mannequins fell to the floor, becoming lifeless again. "I don't need them draining my power, my illness is doing that well enough..." He said, turning and starting to leave the room. "Bring the soup to my room... I'll be in my coffin." He said, walking to his room.

Devon watched him leave. He hoped the Count will be too weak to work tonight or for the next few nights. He activated just the face mask part of his armor and went into the kitchen to start making soup. He felt he would make great progress for the next few days.

Author’s Note: The character Aleksander is based off my partner’s character. And Asenath’s name was also given to me by them.
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Vampires are going to be taken down? that must mean we're close to the climax.
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