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Yet another LGBT topic. [CLOSED]
azz01 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3172
#51 Posted: 18:09:16 05/07/2014
Well I'm gay and proud but confused.While I get people getting ticked off at ryanator for calling our community weird but still we should not let it get to us.To be honest I don't care for those comments.Anyways can we please get back to what this topic is about,the LGBT community and not a name some guy called us.
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somePerson Diamond Sparx Gems: 8613
#52 Posted: 23:53:52 05/07/2014
Burger King supports gays.
CAV Platinum Sparx Gems: 6266
#53 Posted: 00:54:39 06/07/2014

I think what Ryan was also trying to talk about was the pride parade stuff, where many people in the community will go out flaunting their privates and acting inappropriate in public areas. Ryan maybe doesn't want that being thrown in his face, and I agree with him in that it's not appropriate to be acting that way in a public area where there are children around. Acting overtly sexual and underdressing while forcing yourselves onto onlookers and the media does nothing to help the LGBT community; in fact it could very well condemn it, and give conservatives more firepower against you guys when they should be on the losing side of this battle (and they are).
Pride parades make the LGBT community look bad when they start to act out in the name of "who they are". If straight people can't get away with this sort of stuff without an arrest for indecent exposure, what makes the LGBT community so different?

The case of discrimination against the LGBT community is being overstated at this point, at least in the countries where many members on this site come from (US, UK, Australia, Canada). It is becoming a much more accepted thing, and it's widely agreed upon that once the older generation dies, any discrimination against the community will be a thing of the past. Nobody is running any anti-LGBT rallies in the streets, and most signs or statements of being anti-LGBT are harshly criticized and the people in question are shunned from public (see: Chick-Fil-A, Firefox). You guys are winning the fight, with the American South slowly starting to turn itself around (and if it isn't, refer back to the "old people dying" statement).
NOTE: I speak in terms of politics and general acceptance. I'm aware there will always be intolerant parents or that one old guy who thinks it's "unnatural".

And now for the lightning round!

  • While the concept of normality doesn't really apply to sexual orientation, there is no way you can deny that heterosexuality is the predominant sexuality in the world, with bisexuality likely being the runner up. The population cannot blow up this quickly over the last 100 years if half or even a third of the world population is gay.
  • What he said is an opinion. Racism is an opinion too. It's just one that's rooted in hate and bigotry.
  • Ryanator definitely has growing up to do, but it's not because of this opinion. I would like him to change his mind someday, but just because he's tired of seeing something on the news doesn't mean he has to grow up. "Ugh I hate all this talk about murder and car crashes" "WELL GROW UP JEEZ"
  • Ryan, being a minority isn't weird. People shouldn't have to explain that to you.
  • And no, I don't really think this topic needs to exist, since just about everybody (except for a select few) are in favor of the LGBT community, and a win for the community is a win for everybody on the site. Also sexuality shouldn't matter anymore as it doesn't define you as a person BUT THAT'S ANOTHER DISCUSSION FOR ANOTHER TIME.

  • I'm disappointed in the way many of you are acting in this thread. He made a single statement and everybody immediately jumped on him like a pack of wolves, refusing to respect his opinion (while implying that he should respect yours) and calling him a ****wit. For a community who wants to be accepted and loves accepting others for who they are, you guys sure as hell didn't accept how somebody just might disagree. If you calmly spoke to him, then maybe I wouldn't be so harsh about this. You are all better than this.

    I'm getting sick and tired of the community's increased whining despite growing acceptance. And this thread and the way people are acting in it didn't help. Grow the **** up.
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