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Is This The First Game You Played? [CLOSED]
LocoGuy107 Ripto Gems: 390
#1 Posted: 16:12:53 25/06/2014 | Topic Creator
Or at least one of the first? (If you are going to say the real first game you played, it must be a game that came out before 2007.)
AmethystRose Yellow Sparx Gems: 1132
#2 Posted: 18:03:18 25/06/2014
This is definitely the first game I've played. I was 4 when I got my first ever Playstation and Playstation game, back in 1998. I played Spyro like it was the coolest thing ever in the world, and my family would sit there next to me as I would play it, and we would all have so much fun. Good times...
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RadSpyro Gold Sparx Gems: 2007
#3 Posted: 19:08:49 25/06/2014
Nope. Sonic the Hedgehog on the MegaDrive (Genesis) was the first game I ever played. I was 3 when I played it.
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ladala Yellow Sparx Gems: 1935
#4 Posted: 19:23:16 25/06/2014
I believe it was. The demo, anyway. My dad had this disk that had demos for 30 games or something like that, and Spyro was the first. He taught me to play video games using that one, and the one beneath it (about which the only thing I remember is it was dark, there were pumpkins, and the enemies could actually attack you in all areas).

I told my mom about Spyro, and we rented it from Hollywood Video for awhile, but then someone stole the disk or something, since I remember opening up the case in the car on the way home and it wasn't Spyro.

Not long afterwards, we bought the game for real. I actually remember that day very clearly. My mom asked the guy at the counter for the game about a dragon, and I chimed in,

"And he's purple! And his name is Spyro!"

I have no idea how I remember it so clearly, given I had to have been 2 or 3 at the time, since I don't think Ripto's Rage was even out yet. I guess it was just that exciting at the time.
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robbiepayne97 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1891
#5 Posted: 23:29:49 25/06/2014
Yes, this was my first video game I ever played. It's also the first Spyro game I ever played. I first started playing in Christmas of '98. I know I was a little young, but hey, I like to be different and play video games at a very young age. My dad can even tell you about me playing games at the age of almost 2 years old. I was a badass little kid. smilie I got Spyro the Dragon for Christmas of '98 as my first video game and I still have it!
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kardonis Platinum Sparx Gems: 6366
#6 Posted: 23:31:08 25/06/2014
Played? No. Something like Super Mario World.

But, YotD was the first game I owned.
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LevanJess Emerald Sparx Gems: 3516
#7 Posted: 01:13:20 26/06/2014
It's one of the first video games I've ever played by myself. I think my first was YotD though, or maybe it was Tomb Raider. Something like that.
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SuperSpyroFan Diamond Sparx Gems: 9234
#8 Posted: 19:09:13 26/06/2014
Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer was my first ever video game, and the first full game of Spyro I played. I did play a demo of Spyro 1, and 2 on various demo discs before hand though.

Now the first video game that I have seen of was the first Tomb Raider game, but that was played by my Dad, and not myself.
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Jaggedstar Diamond Sparx Gems: 7774
#9 Posted: 11:39:03 29/06/2014
Gateway To Glimmer was my first ever game. I only started playing Spyro The Dragon properly (meaning not just watching my dad play it) about 5 or 6 years ago.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and Kingdom Hearts 2 were my next two.
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DragonDog Ripto Gems: 1798
#10 Posted: 20:22:41 29/06/2014
Nopeeeee it was either Spyro 3 Year of the Dragon or some other old ps1 game my family owned.
alicecarp Prismatic Sparx Gems: 12794
#11 Posted: 21:10:45 29/06/2014
It was the second Spyro game I ever played with Spyro 2 being the first. The first game I ever played was either Crash Team Racing or Lego Racers.
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SamXala Gold Sparx Gems: 2398
#12 Posted: 16:18:15 30/06/2014
Nope! Mine was Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage, but it wasn't the first videogame I have played, I think it was Metroid or Nightmare Creatures 2
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Razz Platinum Sparx Gems: 6094
#13 Posted: 22:45:29 01/07/2014
Haha, not even! This game came out when I was sixteen (or was I seventeen? I don't even remember anymore XD). The first game I played was Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt on the NES.

Heck, this wasn't even the first Spyro game I played since I actually played the demo before it was even released. XD
nobledraco Red Sparx Gems: 45
#14 Posted: 20:42:38 28/10/2014
im not sure if it was, but i do know that he was a huge child hood hero of mine, and i have lots of good memeories of him! the very first spyro game i played on was the eternal night for the ds. then i got to play the one that i wached a friend play when i was really little, and that was riptos rage. i love Spyro, especially before skylanders, i haven't played it and i refuse to because it just doesn't feel the same.
Project_Unnamed Prismatic Sparx Gems: 10244
#15 Posted: 17:44:27 29/10/2014
Most unfortunately or not, this game was not the first video game I have played. I believe that my earliest recollection of playing a video game is the first Super Mario Bros game for NES. Come to think of it, this game was not even the first PS1 game I played since my first game experiences were Croc and Hercules games for PS1 and demo of Tekken 3.
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zer0dch Ripto Gems: 1916
#16 Posted: 23:56:44 31/10/2014
Nope. The first game I played was Super Mario Bros. 3 or Sonic the Hedgehog.
Spinal Blue Sparx Gems: 910
#17 Posted: 04:45:58 01/11/2014
I don't remember the first game i played, but the first game i owned was pong.
Queen_Cynder Yellow Sparx Gems: 1694
#18 Posted: 01:13:16 04/11/2014
Yep! I got it for my birthday when I was little and bought the next two games right after!
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somePerson Diamond Sparx Gems: 8519
#19 Posted: 05:58:24 15/11/2014
I didn't get this game till 07 so nope.
skylandersspyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 3872
#20 Posted: 19:56:32 20/11/2014
no it was not this was
skip at 8:13 to see it
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Skylark56 Blue Sparx Gems: 610
#21 Posted: 19:33:52 21/11/2014
This definitely was the first game I ever played, my Dad came home with all of them one day, and I played 3 first, it was a family thing every week, we'd sit down and just try and complete Spyro: YotD. It was nice, probably why I hold it so close to my heart.
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