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DarkSpyro Avatar Mishap: The Fanfiction (Shadmé and NINJAsk Collab.)
ShadowMewX Platinum Sparx Gems: 5960
#101 Posted: 23:14:45 07/08/2016 | Topic Creator
This Character Catastrophe activity makes me want to post a new chapter! Sorry for the character and perspective jumping in this one. Things seem to come out of nowhere! It'll all make sense soon, though.

~Chapter 23~

Skyhunter watched Shadmé speak to the others. She motioned into the woods, showing them the way to the hollow in the woods where she could be placed. Skyhunter was sure that with all the aid, they wouldn't mind if he left to check on Darin and icedragon again. He was quite prepared to leave, if not for something that caught his eye- a bright flash in between his location and the other side of the lake. Running towards it and expecting the worst, he found a unicorn, frozen in ice from the neck down. "This day cannot get any worse!" he complained.
"Easy pal, easy," Skyhunter assured the unicorn. He had to be a user. Question was, which one? "I'm a friend, and I can help ya out. You took quite a blow back there."
"That'd be awesome, thanks," the unicorn sighed in relief.
Skyhunter looked over the frozen unicorn as he contemplated a plan. "Name's Skyhunter. And yours?"
"Jack." The unicorn blinked in confusion. "Huh. Skyhunter sounds like a username for something..."
"DarkSpyro sound about right?" Skyhunter asked.
The unicorn gasped. "Whoa! Really?"
"We'll talk about it later," Skyhunter sighed.
"Okay, okay. My username there is Rickorio. But...what do you plan to do to get me out of here?"
Skyhunter smiled a bit. "Let me try..." He suddenly shoved the frozen unicorn over. The sudden pressure caused the ice to split in several places, but not completely shatter apart. Rickorio groaned. "I thought this was helping!"
"I did!" Skyhunter protested.
Rickorio made a face. "That was my facepalm face. You know, if I had a hand to facepalm with."
Skyhunter experimentally pounded on the ice with his fist. Wincing, he withdrew it and rubbed his numb hand.
"Duh!" Rickorio suddenly exclaimed. "I can melt this with my horn." He grinned sheepishly.
"You can... er, what?" Skyhunter stood back as a laser shot out of Rickorio's horn and destroyed the ice. "Well you see somethin' new every day..."
Rickorio shook a bit as he rose, flicking ice pieces off his back with his tail. "All good." He angled his ears towards the mass of people beginning to make for the woods. "Should we join them?"
"Be my guest," Skyhunter responded. He followed the user-turned-unicorn over to the rest of the users. He was quite pleased that he'd managed to make a friend, considering the others had formed their own cliqué.
"-sooner I heal up, the less useless I'll feel," Shadmé was saying. Skyhunter frowned. Even though he felt like an outcast sometimes, he could never truly hate anyone here so far. They all were in a strange place and it was only comfortable to gang with others who felt the same.
Skyhunter decided to break the silence. "Hey guys! This here is Rickorio." They turned around as best as they were able with Shadmé in tow. They all smiled sympathetically at the new arrival, another lost soul in this nightmare paradise. "Rickorio, that's Prextail." He gestured to the ghostly user, who dipped her head. "That's Shadmé." The dark angel grinned, despite her injured state. Rickorio slightly smiled back. “That’s derpy.” The white-haired user giggled. “And that’s...holy crap!” The Slenderman character towering over them gave Skyhunter an initial shock. “I’m not sure who that is, honestly…”
“I’m Paige,” the Slenderman introduced. A girl? Skyhunter couldn’t believe what he heard. “But you can call me FluffyHamster. Or Fluffy. Or whatever.”
At that, Prextail turned around in surprise. The sudden uncoordinated motion almost brought Shadmé and Derpy down with her. “Y-you’re here too? It’s me, Prextail!”
FluffyHamster froze. “Whoa.” She seemed to be in thought. As much as a faceless humanoid could appear to be pondering anyway.
Rickorio was watching Shadmé, almost shyly. “Um...I could, uh, carry you for a bit. Maybe. I mean, I haven’t tried before, but it would free up Prextail and Derpyhooves.”
“Good idea,” Skyhunter agreed with him. Fluffy had asked Prex why they’d turned into such random characters and as the two talked, derpy and Skyhunter helped shift Shadmé to Rickorio’s back. Skyhunter turned to request derpyhooves to help support the broken angel as Rickorio walked, but she was nowhere in sight. The anthro fox frowned. Where’d she go so quickly? Motioning for Fluffy to take control, he waved. “I’ll be back, guys. I need to check on Darin, chained, assassinelf and icedragon.”
"Putting Skyward in a coma has given me the most amusement of this month. I think I'm going to do it."

ShadowMewX Platinum Sparx Gems: 5960
#102 Posted: 23:15:44 07/08/2016 | Topic Creator
She weakly coughed and struggled as she heard a female's voice, with a bit of a chaotic edge to it: "This is the one." Yanked out of the lake by the holder of the voice she went limp as she was roughly deposited to the other side of the lake, far from the others. "Who...are you..?" NINJAsk croaked. She finally opened her eyes to see what at first seemed to be the one called Shadmé, but with a difference. This angel's colors were the colors of light. White, gold and sky blue. However, her red-violet eyes and bloodthirsty grin gave away her alliance right away.
"I am Lightmé," the doppelgänger spoke. "You created me from the Red Chain, did you not? That is, I was created from the one you call Shadmé." She looked down on the weakened dragon. "Your mission is to spread evil and destruction, correct? I shall help you, but one thing. No telling me what to do. Okay?" She stared across the lake, where everyone was surrounding Shadmé worriedly. "Perfect."
"That doesn't sound right!" a new, confident male voice spoke. Before she knew it, a unicorn was fiercely charging at the two of them, horn glowing with power.
Lightmé looked at NINJAsk, egging her on. So NINJAsk hopped to her feet, grabbed her carefully-hidden staff and shot a blast of ice, sending the unicorn tumbling away in a chunk of ice. With a groan, NINJAsk fell down again.
"That is quite strong!" Lightmé proclaimed joyfully.
NINJAsk barely registered the compliment as she slumped over. "Need...Valor's Leaves..."
Lightmé raised an eyebrow. "What are those and where are they?"
"Valor's leaves...are found near the forest..." NINJAsk choked out. "They're these leaves...with barbs and blue...lines..." Her vision wavered before her eyes. She was barely able to register Lightmé spreading her white-and-sky-blue wings before she passed out from weariness.
NINJAsk reawoke momentarily. Half her body was against the lakeline, being gently lapped by the water. But she smelled something, a soothing scent...when her eyes came back into focus, she saw the Valor's leaves shed requested. Shuffling forward, she ate a few of the healing herbs and passed into comforting darkness once more, letting the leaves do their work on her tired self.
It wasn't too long before NINJAsk was up again. Lightmé watched her cooly. "Do those leaves have any purpose but to heal?"
"They have the power to put beings to sleep, as you just saw," NINJAsk yawned in reply, sitting up straighter. Pleasingly, she felt much less sore and drowsy than before.
All of a sudden, she felt a shadow being cast. Turning around, NINJAsk came face-to-face with none other than Derpy. Due to the angry look on her face and glowing pendant, it seemed that her avatar had taken control. "What the heck are you two doing?"
Lightmé smiled at the dark user, twirling a bit of red chain around her finger. “Not much you would care about. Alvira and I are merely minding our own business.”
“Alvira…” Unease flickered over derpyhooves’ face. As soon as it came, it faded and she grinned. “Is there anything that needs to be done?”
The light angel gave a smile mirroring the insane-looking one on derpy’s face. “Nice to see you crossed over. I don’t believe we’ve been properly acquainted. I’m Lightmé, the stronger and better form of that fool Shadmé.”
At Shadmé’s name, derpy’s stance wavered and she pulled out a knife. “D-don’t...don’t say her name!”
“Whose? Shadmé’s?” At that, derpy growled, arm trembling. NINJAsk looked up to see a silver dragoness in the air. It could only be another user. She was too numb to question it. She pointed to get Lightmé’s attention. Her gaze flickered to the dragoness as a golden metal bow was withdrawn. “I do love a good snack…”
The dragoness dropped to the bushes, disappearing from view. Lightmé frowned in disappointment. But thankfully for them, that wasn’t the only user who had noticed the scene. NINJAsk was alerted to the thrum of hoofbeats, and turned around to see something miraculous. The unicorn she’d frozen earlier was back, a determined look on his face. And none other than Shadmé was on his back. One hand was entwined in his mane, the other was gripping her silver metal bow.
NINJAsk sighed. She stepped in front of derpyhooves’ field of vision, and she turned to her. Derpy looked conflicted, as if the good and bad sides within her were fighting for control. NINJAsk decided to tip the balance in her favor. “Derpy. It’s Alvira.”
“Alvi...yes?” derpy’s eyes glowed. “How may I be of service?”
“Destroy that silver dragoness. Snap her jaw so I can rest in silence...and do it slowly.”
“With pleasure.” Derpy slipped into the foliage while Lightmé and NINJAsk lined up to take on their new opponents.
"Putting Skyward in a coma has given me the most amusement of this month. I think I'm going to do it."

prextail202 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4009
#103 Posted: 23:21:38 07/08/2016
Yay! Another Chapter!! smilie
I love this fanfic, so many memories!
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ShadowMewX Platinum Sparx Gems: 5960
#104 Posted: 23:57:22 07/08/2016 | Topic Creator
I love writing it! I get to go through the old RP, too. But goodness, our posts used to be so short... smilie Here's where I'm probably going to have to start bending some of the lore to fit in with what we established later.
I found a part where Lyv and NINJAsk were RPing with each other for like three pages straight. smilie
"Putting Skyward in a coma has given me the most amusement of this month. I think I'm going to do it."

prextail202 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4009
#105 Posted: 00:14:31 08/08/2016
Quote: ShadowMewX
I love writing it! I get to go through the old RP, too. But goodness, our posts used to be so short... smilie Here's where I'm probably going to have to start bending some of the lore to fit in with what we established later.
I found a part where Lyv and NINJAsk were RPing with each other for like three pages straight. smilie

Hahah wow, we certainly have grown as RPers! ((I remember finding one of mine and Fluffy's RPs from like 4 years ago, it was just, wow, the one sentence posts and all the grammar errors!))
di ****n molto or whatever I guess
redwes Platinum Sparx Gems: 6283
#106 Posted: 20:32:43 08/08/2016
Is this still going? smilie Nice to see this little fanfic continue! And long time no see guys!
<[ I’m Darin the gryphon! *screech* Want to know more or ask a question?]
ShadowMewX Platinum Sparx Gems: 5960
#107 Posted: 22:06:00 08/08/2016 | Topic Creator
@Prex Back then, I thought Avatar Mishap was one of my best examples of RP writing! Man, how times have changed. smilie I love seeing the improvement!
@redwes Hi there! smilie It's so good to see you again! Yup, this is still going, but I've been on-and-off inactive these last few months, so I didn't have a chance to update it. Hopefully things should go more smoothly now that I'm back!
"Putting Skyward in a coma has given me the most amusement of this month. I think I'm going to do it."

ShadowMewX Platinum Sparx Gems: 5960
#108 Posted: 15:56:12 12/08/2016 | Topic Creator
~Chapter 24~

The silver dragoness crouched in the leafy undergrowth. Though she was unsure about the situation, or of the identity of most of the creatures here, she could tell that the ones she was stalking were definitely up to no good. weebbby was a dragon; surely she could make use of her new form one way or another…
Sooner than she’d expected, she felt a harsh kick from a tall, white-haired male. Shutting her eyes, she pretended to be knocked unconscious and tumbled back a few feet. The sound of a knife being drawn struck worry into her, but she tried to ignore the growing sense of dread. weebbby mentally tried to convince herself that it wouldn’t hurt much against her scales…
She remained still for moments more before she heard the whoosh of a knife through the air. She’d had enough. Opening her eyes, she rolled away and dodged the attack in the nick of time. Assuming a defensive position close to the ground, she crouched, stepping back as the character loomed closer. weebbby’s tongue flicked in and out as she tried to decide if attempting elemental breath would be worth it.
The knife came around again, this time nicking the bridge of weebbby’s nose. She hissed and continued moving farther and farther back. For some reason, this seemed to have an effect on her attacker’s moves. His arm became more unsure, and a flash of desperation appeared in his eyes. “ me…” the knife fell from his grip. “N-NINJAsk’s…messing with my head…”
weebbby’s tail twitched. Was this a ploy for her to move closer? No thanks. She remained where she was, watching her attacker extremely carefully.
The white-haired character still didn’t move. Finally, weebbby tentatively tilted her head. “Be calm. I’ll help you. Perhaps. But you must tell me what is happening first.” She wasn’t sure if she could keep this promise, but she needed to know. Nothing made sense out here.
“D...DarkSpyro…” the person whimpered. “We got taken our avatars. There’s a red chain and it makes things go really bad. I can’t control anything I’m doing. And NINJAsk is...the driving force behind it…”
“What’s your name?” weebbby persisted. A connection to DarkSpyro? How odd. She could scarcely believe it herself.
“derpyhooves,” the person introduced.
“I’m weebbby,” she replied. Turning around, she noticed a griffon, a green-skinned elf, a two-tailed fox and a cyborg pony watching them in the distance. They didn't seem to be aiding in any of the attacks. “, stay here. It seems to be safer,” weebbby told Derpy.
Derpy closed her eyes in pain. Weebbby opened her wings and flew high above them all, touching the clouds. She sighed as the coolness seeped into the cut on her nose, soothing it.
First order of business: stop the fighting. weebbby was incredibly curious about exploring the land and finding out if it truly was DarkSpyro, just as derpyhooves had claimed. But weebbby was sure that if left unattended, the fighting would merely follow her. She sighed. It was too bad everyone was fighting already. She’d expected such a tight-knit community to be more civilized. Derpy had blamed it on a red chain, of sorts. How could a chain cause so much dissent? weebbby wondered. But then again, how were they existing in a near-perfect virtual reality that copied their various avatars to the letter? It was quite ingenious, and one of the many reasons weebbby wished to explore this place. She had an interest in programming and hacking, after all, and such knowledge could be useful to her.
Flying this high had cleared her mind. She hadn’t been aware how clogged-up she’d been before, as if there was static in her head. But now that she felt better, she believed she could help the dueling users. Right now, there was an angel shooting at a unicorn and a dark angel while a ghost floated nearby. A dragon was lazily watching the scene. A Slenderman-like creature and anthropomorphic fox were making their way over to aid the unicorn and dark angel. Had they divided themselves into teams already?
weebbby angled her wings, making a dive towards the ground in the center of the combat. As she landed, wind swirled around her, making the grass wave frantically. “Everybody, stop this senseless fighting!”
To her annoyance, the angel flew right over her head and continued fighting the unicorn. She seemed to be winning, seeing how sporadic the unicorn’s laser attempts were. weebbby realized the the unicorn was protecting the dark angel, who seemed to be unconscious. weebbby snorted in anger. Who did the light angel think she was, attacking a user who wouldn’t fight?
Even worse, none other than derpyhooves was wandering back. weebbby frowned at her. “What are you doing?”
“Helping you,” she responded. The unicorn and angel began taking their battle to the side. Now that the two of them were more exposed, they caught the attention of the other dragoness. Due to derpy’s fear, weebbby guessed that this was NINJAsk. She opened her wings defensively. She wouldn’t fight, but she’d do all she could to protect derpy from NINJAsk’s tyranny.
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Rickorio grinned cockily, horn glowing, as he fired a pure white laser forth.
“Watch out,” Shadmé whispered in her ear. Her tone was soft and somewhat regretful. “She’s strong. You don’t want to get-”
At that moment, Lightmé spun her bow blades into a ring shape. To the unicorn’s dismay, his own blast was deflected back at him. He nimbly dodged the attack as it erupted behind him. He panted from the brush with death. The pound of Shadmé’s heartbeat in his ears alerted him to her fear. Flattening his ears, he decided to be more alert. Rickorio raised his head and fired another direct blast from his horn. "Good thing I've been charging another one!"
Lightmé spread her wings and took to the air. Rickorio's laser passed harmlessly underneath her. He heard an unfamiliar click behind him, but the source of the sound was soon obvious as an arrow flew from Shadmé and homed in towards Lightmé. She swerved around it, then aimed at Rickorio. The unicorn swallowed uncomfortably. Perhaps bolting off from the others to save the day was not the best plan he’d come up with…
More arrows than he could count swarmed from the evil angel’s bow, homing in the way Shadmé’s had. He stumbled back, frequent yanks on his mane implying Shadmé was barely hanging on. Finally, the worst happened. He bumped up against a rock and some of the arrows made contact. With a shrill whinny, he fell to the ground, Shadmé spilling from his back. He struggled to get up while Shadmé let loose with arrows in defense. Lightmé zigzagged across the sky, and Rickorio’s only hope was to rapid-fire lasers until at least one shot connected. The nimble doppelgänger managed to get past every laser blast, and soon Rickorio realized they were getting weaker and weaker. He squinted, the beginning of a throbbing headache on the edge of his mind. In pain, he jerked away from Shadmé, drooping his head towards the grass. His horn trailed on the ground. Why wasn’t he stronger than this? He was a unicorn, darn it!
The blades of grass spun in his vision, though he tried to take breaths and stabilize himself. Finally, he looked up, feeling as if the majority of the ache was gone. And his heart dropped in his stomach.
Shadmé had separated her bow into blades as Lightmé advanced. But rather than directly attacking, the white-winged angel tossed an odd bluish plant at Shadmé’s face. She blinked, eyelids fluttering, before crumpling to the ground.
“Rickorio, what’s happening?” Startled, Rickorio turned around...and sighed in relief after seeing it was Prextail.
“Shadmé,” was all he had to say about the situation. Gritting his teeth, he added, “I’m going after Lightmé.” Ignoring her protest, he charged forward, horn forward like a lance. Lightmé raised a golden eyebrow and shot up back into the air. Rickorio, in return, blasted a laser straight up. Feathers fell from her wings as the hit connected. “Got you, Lightmé!”
“We’ll see about that!” Arrows flew towards him in retaliation, and he practically bounced to avoid them. He was so focused, the sudden arrival of a silver dragoness in the middle of the battlefield gave him a shock. “Everybody, stop this senseless fighting!” she commanded.
Rickorio stood still a moment, wanting to see if Lightmé would listen. To his dismay, she flew right over the dragoness’ head and continued shooting at him. He sidestepped and shot back, trying to make his attacks count. She copied him and they fought some more. Something caught Lightmé’s attention, though, and she flew over to NINJAsk, dropping to the dragon’s level. Rickorio wanted to follow her, but his horn needed to recharge. So he watched the new scene transpire.
NINJAsk was boredly flicking pebbles at Shadmé’s unconscious form. Rickorio didn’t even see derpyhooves until she stepped out from behind the silver dragoness’ wings. “What are you doing to her?!”
“Everything ends eventually,” NINJAsk grinned ominously. Blood was beginning to trickle down the dark angel’s face from the pebbles. The silver dragoness stepped in front of Shadmé to stop the assault.
Derpy clenched a fist angrily. But as soon as the anger came, it faded away with an exhale of breath. “Take me instead.”
Rickorio gasped. It seemed he wasn’t the only one with the reaction, as he turned to look. Everyone else had arrived and was watching, like him.
"Putting Skyward in a coma has given me the most amusement of this month. I think I'm going to do it."

prextail202 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4009
#110 Posted: 22:19:36 13/08/2016
Yay! More chapters! I never get bored of reading this!! smilie
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BlackWing116 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1480
#111 Posted: 20:30:20 16/08/2016
Omg I remember how terrible I was as an RPer like wow. xD
ShadowMewX Platinum Sparx Gems: 5960
#112 Posted: 12:04:51 01/10/2016 | Topic Creator
~Chapter 25~

Prextail attempted to clean the blood off Shadmé’s face, but wound up smearing it more.
“Take me instead.”
She looked up in surprise, seeing derpyhooves step forward. The corners of NINJAsk’s mouth tilted up. She tore forward, and suddenly derpy was dangling in NINJAsk’s talons. The dragon was choking derpyhooves.
“NINJAsk! Stop!” Prex rose as quickly as she was able, one thought on her mind. Maybe she’d be able to stop something like this from happening, for once. She was sick of being a useless Creepypasta phantom.
“You fool,” NINJAsk was hissing to derpy as she struggled. “I don’t need-” she abruptly cut herself off as she noticed prextail. Tossing derpyhooves to the side, she drew forth a red chain, winding it around her arm. “What a surprise…”
Prextail tried to force herself to be confident. Right there was the red chain. If she could destroy it, this negative influx of energy could cease. But she was downright terrified. It didn’t matter that NINJAsk was human, and her humanity was likely locked away and just as horrified as her. She could only look into the pure evil of NINJAsk’s eyes and think, How could this happen? “Y-you just leave us alone!” she shouted, trying to bring forth some courage. “I...I just want this fighting to stop!” The silver dragoness nearby nodded her head slightly, agreeing with Prextail’s words.
NINJAsk stepped forward, tail swinging behind her. It took all Prex’s strength not to shrink away. But suddenly, NINJAsk turned her back. “I suppose a ghost could come in handy…”
Prextail was left in shock. “As if I’d ever join you for anything evil!” A spark of anger had been ignited in her chest. Just because she was a Creepypasta didn’t mean she was cruel! She would never join NINJAsk willingly.
“Mm...I thought you’d say that…” NINJAsk sighed. She began to leave, red chain trailing from her arm. After a hesitation, she grabbed Shadmé and slung her over her back. Before anyone could do anything, NINJAsk opened her wings and flew away. Lightmé grinned, then followed the corrupt user. Skyhunter stepped forward to chase them anyway, but Prex held out an arm to stop him. Her wrist flashed and a red chain materialized, wrapping itself around her arm.
Prex’s world crashed down around her. She had picked up a red chain before...and completely forgot about it. Having a good feeling about what was going on, she ran away. Rather, floated, but she got out of there as quickly as possible. She could not go evil in front of her friends. Tears welled in her eyes as she felt her mind slipping, like something was shoving her consciousness away from her control…
“Prextail…” someone called from behind her. Prextail gritted her teeth as she fell to her knees. Why were they following her? Didn’t they know what was going to happen? She didn’t want to put her friends through that! Suddenly, her mind felt crushed. Her good side took the backseat as darkness rose.
“Prextail?” The ghostly user looked up. Blood leaked from her eyes, staining her skin as it trailed into the crevices of her smile. A buzzing, chirping sound made its way to her ears as the Pokemon Unown began swarming at her back.
Skyhunter was standing a bit of a ways from her. The lake she’d left was a blue speck in the background. He frowned at her new state, his homemade spear and bow in opposite hands. “Great,” he growled. “Not you too.”
Prextail remained silent, the movement of the Unown the only sounds in the ensuing silence. The red chained glowed faintly as Skyhunter’s grip on his weapons trembled. His breathing was heavy as he tried to resist the pull of the chain so close to him.
Prex turned her head as NINJAsk arrived, Shadmé on her back. Prex doubted the angel had consented to the kidnapping. But as she was dropped to the ground, it was enough for her eyes to flutter, the angel awakening at last. “Ugh…”
Skyhunter whirled on NINJAsk, eyes glowing with pure rage. “Get...BACK!” With a feral roar, he lunged at the dragon, stabbing his spear into her back. She screamed at him, “You can’t beat me… I am a dragon! You are a filthy animal!” But her threats seemed to be for naught, for she tumbled to the ground in intense pain.
She turned numbly to Shadmé, who was crouched at her feet, having crawled over. Prex wanted to warn her about the Unown, but she could not speak. Something was preventing her from telling Shadmé all she’d witnessed, all she was feeling…
"Putting Skyward in a coma has given me the most amusement of this month. I think I'm going to do it."

ShadowMewX Platinum Sparx Gems: 5960
#113 Posted: 12:05:10 01/10/2016 | Topic Creator
Fluffy watched in fear as the red chain formed on the wrist of her best friend. She raised a dark tentacle in hopes of stopping Prex, but the user-turned Lost Silver whirled around and ran off.
“Prex!” she shouted after her.
“I’ll handle this,” Skyhunter told her. Grabbing his makeshift weapons, he tailed Prextail. Fluffy stepped forward to follow him, but realized it was no use. Unless she could figure out to teleport like Slenderman, there was no way she’d be able to get there in good time.
She looked behind her in desperation. Only Rickorio, derpyhooves and the silver dragoness remained. Everyone had either left, was in a different area or kidnapped. What was she supposed to do?
Incredibly, the silver dragoness took a seat, making herself comfortable on the grass. “So, tell me about yourselves. I only know derpyhooves, but even so, not that well.”
“Are you kidding?” Fluffy sputtered. “Did you see what just happened? Shadmé’s kidnapped, and Prex might be going evil!”
“Did you hear what just happened?” the dragoness replied calmly. “The fox said he was going to handle it. Don’t you trust him?”
“I do, but...I know Prex in real life. I refuse to let her turn into another NINJAsk.” She folded two tentacle-like arms across her chest.
“Reasonable. But how much of a chance do you think we stand, really?” the dragoness flicked her tail, pointing to each user as she addressed them. “This unicorn here is just about drained of fighting power and energy. Derpy can’t get close to the red chain or her mind becomes susceptible to the evil. You’re a Creepypasta, making it even more likely you could be affected. And I’m a pacifist. There were no obstacles in the fox’s way. He may even have a slight advantage considering his weaponry.”
“My name’s Rickorio,” Rickorio peeped up, before drooping his head tiredly.
“Okay, well…” Fluffy huffed as she tried to find some rebuttal. “You suggest we just sit here, then?”
“I found some other users who seem confused,” the dragoness countered. “We ought to help them. That way, we can put your obsessive need to be the hero to some use.”
“Hey!” Fluffy spat. “I’m Slenderman, you know!”
“Yes, yes you are.” The dragoness yawned at the threat and rose. “Come along. This way now. My name’s weebbby, by the way.” She blinked, a confused look in her eyes. “Hm, derpy’s gone. Odd. But oh well.” She walked away. Seeing no other choice, Rickorio followed her. Fluffy, annoyed, joined him behind weebbby.
Soon, the users weebbby mentioned before came into view. Fluffy squinted. “Didn’t you say there were four of them..?”
Weebbby looked at the scene as well. “Hm...yes. The Tails person is missing. I wonder where he went.”
The green-skinned elf ran over. “Thank goodness you’re back. We’ve been...wait, who are you three?”
“Let us get over there, and I’ll tell you,” weebbby responded. Nodding, the other user brought them over to the rest of the group. Fluffy noticed the griffon was laying on his side, injured but resting. There was a splint around one of his legs. The elf shrugged. “I’m trying. But I’m no healer.”
“Looks fine so far,” Fluffy complimented. The elf looked up at her and raised an eyebrow. “I’m FluffyHamster,” she introduced.
“Sounds like a girl’s name,” the elf blurted. Fluffy extended her tentacles. “Is that an insult? I am female.”
“Oh...oh! No, it wasn’t. I’m just...thinking aloud. Name’s assassinelf.” He instinctively extended a hand to shake, but sheepishly withdrew it. “Sorry.”
“I am weebbby,” the dragoness proclaimed.
“I’m Rickorio,” said the unicorn.
“Call me icedragon,” sighed the cyborg pony. She seemed extremely quiet. “And that, sleeping, is redwes. But he prefers being called Darin.”
“So, nice to meet you all, yadda yadda. But we have a problem.” A serious look went over assassinelf’s face. “We’re missing one of our friends. chained skull.”
"Putting Skyward in a coma has given me the most amusement of this month. I think I'm going to do it."

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I love reading this!!! Keep up the awesome work! smilie
di ****n molto or whatever I guess
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Thanks! :3 I added some extra interactions for the characters that wound up disappearing early on. That way, I can integrate their departures more smoothly!
"Putting Skyward in a coma has given me the most amusement of this month. I think I'm going to do it."

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Looking good. smilie
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~Chapter 26~

assassinelf nodded in confirmation to weebbby’s question. “Yes. He was here with the rest of us, but now he's not.”
“No offense, but I don't see why you care,” yawned icedragon. “You just got here, first off. Second, we're just some people you may or may not know off the Internet. The only link we share is a current or past interest in Spyro the Dragon from DarkSpyro forums. Third, from what I've observed, users seem to go missing here and there, but they always return.”
assassinelf froze. icedragon’s accusatory words held an ounce of truth in them. Technically, they were all strangers. But all the same...
FluffyHamster’s clawed hands clenched into fists. “Maybe you don't care, but we do! Every user is a serious deal!”
“I agree,” said weebbby calmly. “In real life, all of us span a number of different ages. For all I know, we're all a group of teens or children. An event as drastic as this should be incredibly alarming, considering our vulnerability. Not to mention, we don't know how this digital life is affecting our physical bodies. If a user goes missing here, in a world where he or she should be trackable, what's stopping him or her from disappearing in person?”
assassinelf nodded again, finding his voice. “Icedragon, it doesn't matter if they were here from the beginning or not. I say we let them help.”
The cyborg pony finally relented, seeing as she'd been heavily outvoted. “If you insist...”
“Good.” assassinelf sighed in relief. “Last we saw him was this way.” He began to lead the group through the plains and long grasses, making sure not to wander far from the sleeping griffon user. “We were all standing by this clump of trees. We decided to move away from the forests to get a better view of everyone else.” He glanced behind himself to gauge their reactions. The unicorn had not said a word since his introduction, instead opting to send many long looks to the other direction, where they'd come from.
“Some of us want to get in on the action,” icedragon said. “But Darin’s afraid his broken leg and wing will slow him drown. Unfortunately, he's right. It is. But luckily for him, we decided to stay here to take care of him.”
“That's kind of you,” replied weebbby. “Is he doing well?”
“It's very interesting,” assassinelf spoke up, “but yeah, he's doing fine.”
“What's interesting about that?” asked FluffyHamster.
“He should still be in pain.” icedragon’s answer was blunt.
“Yeah, we think that there's something about this place that encourages rapid regeneration,” assassinelf agreed. Icedragon sent him a look that seemed...almost impressed. “There was very little bleeding, and his joints were easily aligned and patched up with some herbs.”
“I'm concerned that he's still sleeping,” weebbby admitted. “There's more that he's not telling you. If he were awake, it would be easier to gauge the pain that he may or may not be feeling.”
“Oops,” assassinelf muttered. “I didn't know.”
“I'll...I’ll stay with him,” Rickorio spoke up suddenly. “I can let you know if something happens.”
assassinelf looked at Rickorio. The unicorn user seemed off-put by the easygoing, exploration-based nature of this group. It was as if he preferred the front lines and the battles that he'd formerly endured.
“Yeah, you can stay with him.” icedragon’s voice shocked assassinelf out of his thoughts. “We'll be in the forest. Shout if you need us, or shoot a beam from your horn, or something.”
Rickorio nodded in acknowledgement, then began loping back towards Darin. Assassinelf turned to get back on track. “So…as we were saying…”
For a while, the group circled around the edge of the forest before eventually taking a few steps inside. Assassinelf, despite his observant instincts, was very disconcerted. The woods were silent, almost judging. It was like they were being watched. Not to mention, there was no trace of chained skull anywhere. No tools dropped by his character, no red chain remains, no scraps of was as if he had vanished into the depths of the forest.
“Should we split up?” suggested Fluffy. “We'd cover more ground that way.”
Icedragon seemed the most unsettled of them all. “You know, we should probably go back,” she mumbled. “This isn't worth it. Chained skull is probably somewhere safe, laughing his butt off at us.”
“You think this is a prank?” weebbby inquired. “I don't see the sense in anyone playing jokes in a situation as serious as this.”
Assassinelf sighed. If everyone was just going to argue, he saw no point in sticking around. Weebbby and icedragon had ducked closer, bickering in hushed whispers. Fluffy’s arms were crossed as she watched them. Rolling his eyes, assassinelf snuck off through the undergrowth. He'd be the one to find chained skull. Then the others would get to see how important he was.
Her footsteps felt slow, bogged down by unseen forces. Something was happening to NINJAsk. Something else was happening to Shadmé. Derpy couldn't quite describe how she knew. She just did.
“I never did anything wrong…”
A whisper. It was a hollow-sounding girl’s voice. It sent shivers up derpy’s spine.
“Why me..?”
“I don't know,” derpy hissed to thin air. “Leave me alone!”
“Why must they torture me..?”
“YOU’RE torturing ME!” derpy whined, the rougher tone of her voice devolving to something primeval and desperate. “Let me be!”
She crossed over a hill to see a most gruesome sight: NINJAsk was laying in a pool of blood. Her attacker, Skyhunter, was standing a few paces away, clutching his head in one hand and gripping a staff in the other hand. Shadmé was dragging herself towards Prextail, who had turned her head slowly to stare straight at derpyhooves.
NINJAsk screeched, and with another spasm she lay still. Derpy tried to cover her ears, but in that moment, she could feel NINJAsk’s hold over her cease. A wave of fatigue passed over her, and the hillside scene began to spin before her eyes. She couldn't stop herself from falling to the ground, blacking out in the process.
Derpy woke up moments later, heart pounding. Malicious laughter tickled her ears- she recalled hints of a rather ominous vision while she'd been out. Pushing those scraps of memory away, she found she'd regained a bit of strength. Derpy forced herself to her feet, which then seemed to take her to NINJAsk’s dying form. NINJAsk, the user most prone to the red chain’s influence...NINJAsk, the user who had inadvertently caused huge amounts of disarray...and yet, Derpy couldn't find it within her to hate NINJAsk. Perhaps it was a scrap of NINJAsk’s hold affecting her, or maybe it was derpy's natural meekness. Either way, no person deserved to die like this. She had to help, somehow…
Skyhunter was already at work splashing water on the wounds he'd inflicted. His ears were down, making him look bedraggled and helpless. She took a seat beside him, trying to aid wherever possible, but it was clear water would not be able to revive the dragon.
Suddenly, in a flutter of white feathers, Lightmé appeared from the sky. No words were exchanged. Derpy was too weary to question as to what Shadmé’s evil doppelgänger was doing here. Lightmé gave them both a glare, daring them to judge her. When the silence did not lift, she merely tossed some unusual-looking herbs at them and took off once more.
Derpy and Skyhunter exchanged a glance. Lightmé had worked with NINJAsk. Both probably knew what the leaves did. However, they weren't going to get any answers, obviously. Do we use these on NINJAsk? Derpy wondered. Is that what Lightmé is telling us? she trying to poison NINJAsk?
"Putting Skyward in a coma has given me the most amusement of this month. I think I'm going to do it."

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di ****n molto or whatever I guess
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This one and the next few chapters I wrote a year ago but haven't posted yet, lol. smilie I can't believe I stopped right before Lyveriana's introduction! Silly me.
"Putting Skyward in a coma has given me the most amusement of this month. I think I'm going to do it."

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I almost forgot about this-- keep it going! smilie
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