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DarkSpyro Avatar Mishap: The Fanfiction (Shadmé and NINJAsk Collab.)
ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#1 Posted: 13:59:09 24/06/2014 | Topic Creator
Greetings, all! I'm ShadowMewX, but please call me Shadmé. :3 I'm joined by fellow writer NINJAsk11 for an idea that she had. She started a fanfiction based on the popular role-play Avatar Mishap, but wasn't able to finish it. Thus, we came together in an attempt to write the story of the role-play once more! However, she dropped out of the project, so I've just about taken over. I do not attempt to take credit for what she has written.

This fanfiction is based on a real role-play that's going on. Link to the original topic! It has a second topic as well as a third, final topic. As you can see, the first and second weren't created by myself or NINJAsk. Therefore, the credit goes to prextail202!

The RP has been privatized so we can conclude it once and for all. I will make an effort to include everyone that partook in the role-play, no matter how short an appearance. However, don't expect to have a major role if you only posted a few times.

Also, the chapters are liable to being edited by us. We will let you know if something plot-breaking is added or dropped or changed.

Anything else? Alright, to the fanfiction itself! There will be gore and stuff later, so we'll do our best to warn you ahead of time. However, keep that in mind!
And also, quite obviously, there will be spoilers. Issuing a spoiler warning for the prologue.

Finally, credit and stuff. All avatars and characters used belong to their respective owners. For the first chapter: the Red and Blue Chains belong to NINJAsk.

On with the story!

A Spyro, wearing a lab coat and glasses, was sitting on the balcony of a castle. This castle was on a small cliff, allowing him to see the lands that unfolded before him. The lands were calm, and grassy, a sea of green gently ruffled by the wind. Past the hills, he knew, were forests and lakes, fresh and unexplored. He'd created this realm.
The Spyro, whose name was dark52, sighed in contentment. Everything was perfect here, a paradise. His precious forum,, in the shape of a realm. He'd worked hard to create it. Every spare moment of his life he was here, working out technical things. The forum the users saw was not this marvelous place. They saw a...dare he say, normal forum. It was the beginning, his first triumph. And it still was. Even though the users claimed he was inactive, he still cared for After all, he'd hired moderators. But there was only so much he could tell them. Meanwhile, dark52 was here, making a place for the users. A place for everyone. A virtual reality.
His tail twitched. No, this was not his true form. He was human, like the rest. But here...dark52 rose from the balcony and scanned the castle behind him. Here, they would login, and become...their avatar. He'd worked hard to make personas a possibility to become as well. So much work, so much trial and error. He'd even used himself as the guinea pig. But everything was going according to plan.
Dark52 slipped inside, claws clicking on the clean floors. He paused a moment to snap his claws, then moved again. A ball of what could only be described as static formed, then took shape into a humanoid. Dark52 grinned. He, as the administrator, has this power. The thought of it sent a tingle down his spine, but he shook it off. He would not succumb to the temptation of ruling the users. The staticky human faced him.
"Bring me my papers. You know which ones," the dragon spoke. His new servant nodded and set off. Dark52, meanwhile, went to his lab. He casually looked around the empty halls, visualizing what they would look like filled with other users.
It didn't take long for him to reach the lab. He knew exactly where to go, his dragonic ears picking up the beeps and whirs from the numerous computers and other equipment. Dark52 stepped in and gazed around, settling towards one of the devices. "Your papers, sir," his staticky servant proclaimed, emerging after him.
"Excellent," dark52 told it, the humanoid fading away as he took the papers. He grabbed the papers in his jaw and set them on a table. Plopping down on a large chair, he leafed through them.
Ugh, still issues with the spawning points, he thought to himself. I plan to have them come in through the main room. Looks like today's work will be bug fixes again. He shrugged and moved to another networking system to begin.

Many hours had passed when another servant came by his lab. "Sir!" it shrieked. "Our scanners have picked up another deposit of dark matter! Closer and bigger than normal!" Dark52 groaned irritably and shook his head, stressed from his work. "Clean it up! We can't have the users finding that stuff and who-knows-what happening!"
The patches of darkness scattered around the realm were one of the only setbacks. They occurred in places of bugged or unprogrammed land. If someone stumbled in them, it began gnawing at their very being, changing their data to make them, as immature as it sounded, "evil". In certain circumstances, it created an "evil" copy of them as well. These could be cleaned up by reprogramming the land, but often it was easier to block it off. Dark52 disapproved of the latter method, as it was lazier and generally unsafe. No amount of warning could keep a curious user away until it was too late.
So it seemed like it shouldn't be a big problem. Except they kept spawning in, as if something was tampering with the realm. Dark52 constantly moderated the programming, so he was baffled as to how it kept happening. He wanted to be absolutely sure everything was top-notch before allowing other people into the place.
"Right away, sir!" the staticky being chirped before hustling away. Dark52 shook his head and followed it out of the lab. "Scratch that. Have somebody show me the patch." It nodded and whistled, three other staticky humanoids on the way. They gestured for dark52 to follow and he did, bounding through the hallways. He waved his tail at another. "Make sure the Chain room is guarded. With all this tampering, we can't have our greatest source messed with." It nodded.
As dark52 and the guards moved, he thought back to the Chains. Red and Blue, they kept the realm in balance and in power. He was lucky he found them, and that they could be transmitted here and used.
The guards reached a balcony and leapt off, simply floating, like ghosts. Dark52 snapped open his wings and glided after them, seeing the dark matter patch a fair distance behind the castle. He gently landed down, pulling a meterstick out of a lab pocket, and measured the patch. The staticky servants watched on as dark52 made his calculations, one twitching somewhat eerily.
"Here, take this," the dragon said, holding out the meterstick while looking at a notepad. "I have to write this down." The twitchy one jerked forward and took it from him. It didn't go back to the others, though, and stayed there. Dark52 slowly looked up from his notepad. "...Hmm? What is it?"
"01001011010010010100110001001100..." it grated, and struck dark52 with the meterstick. The moderator cried out and stumbled, paws whirling. The other two humanoids rushed forward and pulled the faulty one away, causing them all to explode. Unfortunately, the momentum caused dark52 to plummet into the dark matter and black out.

A paw forward. A black dragon, with a stained lab coat and glowing white eyes. A fly back to the castle. An emergency signal released. Guards slaughtered. Convexity? Red and Blue Chains taken and released into the world. A connection sent and synced. Login. Never fixed. A mishap waiting to happen...
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popfizzfan4life Ripto Gems: 1471
#2 Posted: 15:16:12 24/06/2014
Can I join this? Please?
NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#3 Posted: 15:23:34 24/06/2014
Quote: ShadowMewX

It is highly discouraged that you join the role-play for the sake of being in this fanfiction. First, the role-play is nearly complete, and it would not make sense for someone random to pop in. Also, you wouldn't even appear in the fanfiction for a long time.
NINJAsk and I will make an effort to include everyone that partook in the role-play, no matter how short an appearance. However, don't expect to have a major role if you only posted a few times.

Readt that PFfan4life....
popfizzfan4life Ripto Gems: 1471
#4 Posted: 15:24:40 24/06/2014
I didn't even know you were making one at that point.
NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#5 Posted: 15:32:33 24/06/2014
The first (terriblerushedup) chapter's up!
I'll add something if I come up with it.

- - -

As usual, Prextail202 woke up, got into her clothes and had breakfast. Today, there was no school, so she was free to do whatever she wanted. The first thing she did, was logging into her computer and going to A site she always enjoyed no matter what. RolePlaying, reading stories and looking at Art. Though, this time, it didn’t went that smooth.

As soon as Prex clicked on the “log in button” she felt strange. As if there was someone watching her. Prex ignored it though and went on posting. But, not anything she typed wanted to get posted, as if the “Post” button died. She tried multiple times, but nothing worked at all.
Out of frustration, Prex smacked her hand in the desk. That’s where it hit her and a flash blinded her.

Before Prex could even realise it, she was standing on a place she never saw. She was standing near a lake which the water was all flat. Prex decided to go look around, starting with the lake. However, wen she looked at the refelction of herself. She shrieked noticing what had hapend.
Prex had no hands, was complete pale and just overall looked like a ghost. "L-Lost... S-Silver... How?" Prex asked herself staring into her refelction.

Prex kept staring for a long while, still not believing it at all as she thought to herself. How'd it happen, and why'd it happen. Prex didn't know...


It’s a bright, normal day as NINJAsk11 sits up straight on her bed, staring forward with a rely bored look on her face. She sights and stands up and walked to her computer. Not many moments later, she logged in on and does the usual. The only unusual thing was the lack of being able to post. NINJAsk started messing with the tools, trying to do several things to be able to post.
While doing so, she accidently pressed the “Quote tag” button and not a moment later, NINJAsk passes out. Out of the computer comes a paw with three claws, grabbing the unconscious user and dragging her in.

NINJAsk was thrown in front of a black dragon, with a lab coat. Though, when he turned around the dragon accidently smacked over 3 more bottles and out of each came some strange substance. It slipped all into NINJAsk. Then the dragon freaked out and dropped his tail on another button. It made NINJAsk being shoot away like a cannon-ball.

Not 30 seconds later, she splashed into the water with a smack, then sunk to the bottom.
A few fish swim over to the in-animate body as one of the fish start chewing onto the user. Then the fish got haunted away by some purple ghost. Not only did the ghost inspect the user, it also changed her entire appearance. Then the ghost made a ring of herself, and wrapped herself around NINJAsk’s finger.
It took a while for NINJAsk to wake up. Though, she wasn’t able to realy ‘think’ yet, and aimlessly kept laying on the bottom of the lake.
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popfizzfan4life Ripto Gems: 1471
#6 Posted: 15:34:56 24/06/2014
Thanks NINJAsk...I guess?
ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#7 Posted: 15:41:12 24/06/2014 | Topic Creator
Looking good! ^.^ Only thing I can think of (well, I'm doing it) is using the real names until they reach the realm. Like, using Felicity but switching to Prex when she awakens. It's a small thing, and probably will get confusing, but that's just what I think. smilie Can't wait for your next chapter!
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NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#8 Posted: 15:49:17 24/06/2014
[[Neh. I refuse to use real names.]]
ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#9 Posted: 15:50:50 24/06/2014 | Topic Creator
Ok, that's fine. I'm only using the names they gave on the character sheet, anyway. smilie
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I-Brawler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3565
#10 Posted: 18:20:54 24/06/2014
you never saw me
NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#11 Posted: 18:28:34 24/06/2014
Thankyou Ibrawler.
ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#12 Posted: 18:46:06 24/06/2014 | Topic Creator
Hi there! :3 And thanks!
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popfizzfan4life Ripto Gems: 1471
#13 Posted: 18:48:25 24/06/2014
Can't wait for Chapter Two!
ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#14 Posted: 19:27:56 24/06/2014 | Topic Creator
Me neither! X3 NINJAsk is writing the next one, then I'll post two, then we'll go back to an every-other chapter. Most of the first ones will be about the first users, then it'll stick to the RP more.
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NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#15 Posted: 11:51:56 27/06/2014
NINJAsk11's small chapter has been merged into the post of Prextail's

I've maken a simple sign to show wenever NINJAsk's story starts

ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#16 Posted: 13:35:23 27/06/2014 | Topic Creator
Looking good! smilie Should I merge my two user chapters into one or keep them two separate? They got kinda long... smilie
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NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#17 Posted: 14:36:41 27/06/2014
Mine are short, you're's long
ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#18 Posted: 14:49:42 27/06/2014 | Topic Creator
Yes to what? smilie I'll just post the first one here.

Chapter 3

Jake woke up nice and early, stretching as the sun came through his windows. It was a strange time of day to be up but he shrugged it off, grabbing a blanket and walking over to his computer. He wrapped himself up in the blanket and opened DarkSpyro, which was on his favorites page. He typed in his username, Skyhunter, as well as his password and waited to be logged in. He absentmindedly glanced out the window as he waited. It was a fairly nice day. He might go outside and run around a bit later. For now, he needed to check up on the role plays he was in, as well as check his guestbook and PM box.
The house was quiet, and so was the outside. What was the meaning of all the silence? Usually there'd be a lawnmower humming, or people talking, or birds chirping...not to mention DarkSpyro was still frozen. Jake groaned and leaned back in the chair, just about ready to go back to bed. All of a sudden, the page loaded and allowed him to proceed to the forum. Jake stared at it a bit strangely, before shrugging it off and proceeding to the forum listing.
Something strange caught his eye. Only a handful of users were online! DarkSpyro was big, so anywhere around 100, give or take, users online was considered normal. But here, only a couple were on. chained skull, prextail202 and a few private users.
Looks like there was a party, he thought jokingly to himself, and I was lucky to stumble upon it. Upon refreshing the page, ShadowMewX also popped online. Jake moved to the role play section, seeing if he needed to post.
He began typing in a long, meaningful comment to one of the role plays when, all of a sudden, he realized that his keyboard wasn't working. Or something. He'd try to type a word in, but it wouldn't appear on the screen. Jake grew annoyed that he would have to reboot the computer and type it in all over again, but suddenly...
A bright flash was emitted from the screen, making Jake yelp and squeeze his eyes shut. A terrible pain overtook him, as if he were being compressed, then it all went black.

Ugh...why is it so warm? Jake, or Skyhunter now, shook himself awake. I must've fallen asleep in that blanket, heh heh. He stretched and got up, vision still fuzzy and called out, "Hey Mom!" He was surprised to find that it came out as a bark. What's wrong with me? he panicked, slightly afraid to open his mouth again. It all became clear in an instant: he wasn't in a blanket: he was laying in a patch of sunlight, in the grass. The sun was shining, a gentle breeze pushing some branches around on a tree above him. Skyhunter was no longer in his room.
He tentatively crawled over to a puddle under the tree, and peered at himself. He wasn't even human anymore, but he'd recognize the small, furry body anywhere. He was a fennec fox, his favorite animal!
Awesome! But...what do I do? How will I explain this to anyone? Skyhunter thought, a mix of pleasure and fear running through him. His eyes darted around, looking for anyone to express his feelings to. He cocked his head as he picked up someone's pale form by a lake not too far away. Was he just seeing things, now? The shape disappeared, anyway. Grr. I have to find someone!
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NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#19 Posted: 17:27:33 27/06/2014
OMG love it!
ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#20 Posted: 18:28:22 27/06/2014 | Topic Creator
Thanks! :3 I'll post the next one in a bit. You should probably start on derpyhooves' chapter. smilie
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NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#21 Posted: 18:29:30 27/06/2014
I was just about to ask who to do next.
ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#22 Posted: 19:01:59 27/06/2014 | Topic Creator
Go for it! X3 I'll write about chained skull after your derpyhooves chapter, and you can start the first plot-related chapter. assassinelf and icedragon333 appear later.
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NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#23 Posted: 19:10:30 27/06/2014
Roger, got it!
ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#24 Posted: 04:20:54 28/06/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 4

Shadmé was laying in her loft bed, away from the prying eyes of her family. She hung out up here often, for different reasons. Mostly because it was comfortable and because she could write on her iPad all day without anybody knowing she was awake in the morning. Finally, and this reason she only admitted to herself, she liked being above everything. Shadmé liked being on tall structures, because she had always dreamed of flying.
Shadmé always kept an open tab for DarkSpyro, so she didn't have to log in normally. But today, for some reason it had refreshed and presented her with the empty log in box. It was no big deal, Shadmé typed in her username- ShadowMewX- and waited for DarkSpyro to let her in.
Shadmé laid back against her black pillow, a blanket pulled up to her. Her hair was nearly indistinguishable, the same color as the pillow, with only the red streaks poking out. Not too different from her OC's. She sighed as she waited for the forum to load. Soon it did though, and she happily grabbed the iPad again, scrolling to the role play section. Her online friend, prextail202, had introduced her to role playing, and Shadmé had not stopped since. She clicked the Stuff and Nonsense forum listing, and was met by a glitched-up mess. The forum literally looked as if it were in patches, words were upside down, some colors were inverted...Shadmé stared in surprise and zoomed in and out, seeing if that would fix anything. It only made it more blocky and difficult to make out. She groaned and double-clicked the home button, intending to refresh the browser. Upon doing so and trying it again, it remained glitchy. She tried to press the Role Play section, but then it totally glitched out, making everything unreadable. Great, Shadmé thought. Dad's gonna kill me for this! How do I fix it? But that was Shadmé's last thought before she suddenly gasped. Her hands, going up to her arms and shoulders, suddenly went numb. Shadmé clenched her eyes shut, trying to move past the strange feeling, and so she didn't notice when her world went black.

"Ugh..." Shadmé groaned as she woke up. She blinked open her eyes to see a bright blue sky above her. Well, either someone stole my roof or I'm not at home anymore. She shook herself off and looked at herself. She was wearing a red shirt and black pants, magenta stripes going down the sides. She was no longer barefoot, either. Shadmé reached a hand up to her hair. Oh. I guess that would explain why I couldn't see in front of my right eye for a moment. A tuft of hair, black and red, now covered a part of her face. She also felt a hard ornament in her hair.
That wasn't the strangest thing. When she shifted, she felt a pressure on her neck, above her chest. A familiar phoenix pendant was clipping a cape to her back, further supported by spiked shoulder pads. But there was something under the cape, something heavier...
Shadmé tentatively shifted it to the side. Black wings with a slight red glow spilled out, attached to her back.
This can't be happening...I'm dead? Or just an angel? Ha, just an angel. No. I'm the real Shadmé! Shadmé recognized her personal OC, of which she had become right now. The new angel tried to stand up, realizing the difficulty right away. She'd have to get used to a new center of balance with wings on her back. Shadmé leaned forward a little bit, falling into a more comfortable stance. She took a few steps forward, and glanced around.
Okay Shadmé, think. Who would recognize you like this? GigaCamo might, my brother. Ooh! And prextail202! I posted Shadmé's picture on her topic. Now on a search for anyone that would know her, Shadmé stepped forward, then began running.
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NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#25 Posted: 05:31:29 28/06/2014
Well done, well done Shadmé!
I-Brawler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3565
#26 Posted: 10:54:27 28/06/2014
This is really really good. :0
you never saw me
ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#27 Posted: 13:23:38 28/06/2014 | Topic Creator
Thank you both! ^D^
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NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#28 Posted: 13:51:26 28/06/2014
You're very welcome.

Just a headsup, I won't be able to post long chapters for the next week. I will post these the week after.
Somewhere end Juli, I will be off to germany *sarcastic yay* for 10 days so by then don't expect ANY chapters posted by me.
ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#29 Posted: 15:12:14 28/06/2014 | Topic Creator
Germany's cool, though! X3
Weelp, I can be patient! Have fun! ^.^
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#30 Posted: 21:11:55 01/07/2014
Holy Paultena, this fanfic is cool! Keep up the epicness!
di ****n molto or whatever I guess
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#31 Posted: 22:49:22 01/07/2014 | Topic Creator
Tehee! Glad the creator approves. smilie
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NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#32 Posted: 04:24:52 02/07/2014
Yes, glad you do!
ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#33 Posted: 20:54:08 12/07/2014 | Topic Creator
*has no sense of time*
Hey, how's the chapter going? smilie
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NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#34 Posted: 05:45:45 13/07/2014
Even though I have summer break, I seem to get zero time....
ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#35 Posted: 14:37:07 13/07/2014 | Topic Creator
What're you up to anyway? X3
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NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#36 Posted: 16:51:32 13/07/2014
I plan too many things.... Waaaay too many.
ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#37 Posted: 19:31:29 13/07/2014 | Topic Creator
Well, I hope you can write and post one sometime...I wanna post my chapter and write as well...
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NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#38 Posted: 06:27:37 14/07/2014
I first have to win it against my Writers Block. That's why I'm not focussing on too many stories. Just one ATM.
I'll post a chapter after Wednesday... I hope...
ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#39 Posted: 19:54:49 14/07/2014 | Topic Creator
Okay, whenever you're ready! Since you're only writing about derpy, it's the same formatting as the others. ^.^
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NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#40 Posted: 14:42:00 19/07/2014
I'm realy sorry everyone. I'm still suffering from Writers Block so my chapter is redicously short...

- - -
Chapter 5: Derpyhooves

Derpyhooves woke up as the sun reached her eyes. She should've had her head under the blankeds, but she didn't care now. She stood up with a sleepy head and went down the stairs to get to her laptop to go on DarkSpyro... but once she was there, she noticed only a few users where online: ShadowMewX, Prextail as well as a few private ones.
Derpy decided to check her Rp's and to her suprisement, the screen went black as soon as she clicked on the "Role Play" tag.
"Strange." Derpy said to herself as she tried to turn the screen off and on, but notthing worked. Out of frustation, she slammed the laptop softly. A shock went trough derpy. "Aah!" Derpy yelled out, before the shock became too big, and she passed out.

Not sooner later, Derpy woke up in the middle of the woods. She looked around, and started to walk, soon finding a lake. Once she looked at the water, she could see something just laying there. "Is that a dead fish?" Derpy though as she hang over the water to take a closer look, but she coudn't see it.
Derpy went back into the bushes, and then, accidently tripped over a log, banging her head on the ground and passing out again.
ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
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Chapter 6
chained skull

It was morning, and Cody was awake. His blinds and door were shut however, isolating him from the rest of the world. Right now, Cody was laying on his bed, admiring his Sonic figures lining the shelf. Of all of them, Silver the Hedgehog was his favorite. Silver was his current obsession, and unfortunately there weren't people around, most of the time, with whom he could speak about Silver and the Sonic series with. He soon got an idea. Smiling, Cody decided to check the Video Games section of DarkSpyro and find a Sonic topic so he could talk about the silver-haired character. He moved to grab an iPad off his desk and opened up the site. He quickly typed in his username, chained skull, and password. After a pause it let him in. Cody scrolled down to Video Games, hovering over it, but then the Role Play section caught his eye. Maybe it would be more fun to pretend he was Silver by role playing as him. He clicked the section without a second thought and waited for it to load. His eyes happened to trail down to the list of people online, and raised an eyebrow at the thought that he was one of the only ones online. Good thing I didn't go to the Video Games section, with the forum as empty as it is. And the lag...there'd be nobody to talk to! Wait. All the users online are RPers...huh...
Soon after Cody drew this conclusion the page loaded, sending him to the role play list. He shifted over to his side as he tried to figure out what to do when all of a sudden a staticky, screeching noise emitted from the device. Cody gasped and dropped the iPad to the floor, wincing and hoping nobody in the house was hearing it. But the collision with the ground didn't make the sound stop. He hesitantly picked the iPad back up and turned it off, hoping that'd do something. It didn't. Even muffling it behind a pillow made the sound go on, clear as ever. Wait. Why am I stuffing my iPad behind a pillow, anyway? Cody thought, and grabbed it again. However, as soon as he did it gave him an electric shock, surprising him so much that he dropped off his bed and blacked out.

Cody, or chained skull now, blinked his eyes open. He'd landed behind a large pile of rocks. Am I still in my house? What happened to it? He slowly tried to move but found that one leg was trapped under a rock. That's not what made him pause, though. His leg was silver.
His arm was silver. His hair was silver. He was Silver.
"Oh my God..." he starred, only to find he was speaking in the hedgehog' voice. "This is... AWESOME!" He tried to jump up, but the rock was still positioned over his foot. "Ow. But, er, okay. Let's see. I have telekinesis, right? I should be able to...lift this away!" He glared at the rock, trying to make it float off.
A few minutes later, he hadn't made any progress, and shut off his concentration. "Wow, jeez. That's hard!" chained skull realized his leg was starting to go numb from the pressure of the rock. He groaned as he tried to shove it off, wishing he could make the psychic powers work. Soon, the rock was kicked away and chained skull tried to stand up. Or not. He tumbled onto his side, his leg causing him trouble. The user-turned-Silver crawled to one of the bigger rocks and used it as support. Shaking his head as he realized he'd be walking with a limp for a while he began moving forward, squinting as he saw some others milling about. Well, that's a start... he thought, smiling to himself, and began heading towards them.
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#42 Posted: 13:16:08 11/08/2014
To let you guys know, I wont be writing stories for a long time.
ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 7947
#43 Posted: 14:16:11 11/08/2014 | Topic Creator
Aww. :c
Would you like me to go on until you want to return, or would you like me to wait?
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Go on.
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Chapter 7

prextail202 sighed, not knowing what to do next. A ripple in the water distracted her, and she slowly looked up to find the source. A head emerged from the lake, sodden and with a dark hood over it. prextail202 opened her mouth to call to it, but the figure dipped back under the lake. There was no way for Prex to swim to it so she turned away, defeated, and began to float over the ground. Being in the state of a spirit would take some getting used to.
She hadn't gotten too far from the lake when she heard a voice. Is someone else here as well? Prex perked up slightly, then sighed in defeat. It doesn't matter. They'd be scared of me anyway! Man, Lost Silver's amazing, but if I had a choice I would NOT want to take on his form...why am I Lost Silver, anyway? She cocked her head as the question surfaced. It doesn't make any sense!
The voice grew closer, and it turned out to be a figure dressed in red and black. A cape whipped behind her, hiding a pair of black and red wings that occasionally showed themselves. Prextail was even more confused. Who is that? An...angel? Those aren't supposed to exist! Maybe it's another person...yeah! Like me!
Even more surprising, the angel was calling her name. "Prextail! Prex? Are you here?" She stopped to stare at something in the bush, and Prextail decided to make her move.
The figure gradually turned around, and raised an eyebrow. She didn't seem to be scared at all. "And who might you be?"
Something about the way the angel spoke, combined with her personality and traits, gave Prextail an idea. "Shadmé that you?" Please let me be pronouncing the name right...
"Yes, it's me." A high note of surprise had entered Shadmé's voice, and her lips tightened as she thought. "That Palutena, Prex?"
Relief washed over prextail202's ghostly body. "Yep!" she said happily. "I'm...heh heh, Lost Silver at the moment..."
"I can tell!" Shadmé replied. "What's it like?"
"Strange," Prex remarked. "I'm barely aware of anything I touch."
"Hmm," Shadmé murmured, only to turn. Someone had dropped a body near them and was slowly retreating into the shadows. Shadmé reached down and gently shook the figure. "Hey, I know this person! Bakura."
'Bakura' stirred slightly, revealing brown eyes. "Hmm?"
"Wait." The angel spun to face prextail202 again. "You like Lost Silver, and you turned into him. I turned into my DS-Sona. Basically, everyone turned into something associated with a favorite hobby. That means...this is derpyhooves!"
"Shadmé?" derpyhooves mumbled, shifting to a sitting position.
"Yeah!" Shadmé exclaimed gleefully. Prex couldn't help but smile as well.
"Am I dreaming?" the drowsy derpyhooves asked.
"That'd be unlikely, since that would mean we'd all be having the same dream," Shadmé pointed out. "So something must've happened. What were you guys up to before you came here?"
"Just browsing DarkSpyro," derpy revealed.
"Me too," said Prex.
Shadmé nodded. "Same. Do you think other users are around here for us to find?"
derpyhooves cocked her head a moment, then a grin spread across her face. "I don't know! But I feel really happy all of a sudden!"
"Is that normal?" Shadmé asked, eyes shining in amusement.
"I don't know!" the user-turned-Bakura laughed. Prex smiled a bit as well.
The three were distracted by a sound from another direction. derpy was the first to spot it. "Look!"
Shadmé and Prextail exchanged a glance. "What do you think?"
"It looks like Silver!" derpyhooves giggled gleefully. Shadmé's eyes widened as she tried to determine who it could be. "chained skull! It has to be!" She turned to wave at the silver user. "Hey! chained skull! Over here!"
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This chapter made me smile and laugh a little x3
Nice job!
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Thanks! ^.^
Sorry for the wait- I've been working on my stories on

Chapter 8

Just another everyday morning. Roger leaned back in the chair he was on and glanced out the window. In thought, he cracked open a soda and took a sip. He was pretty bored, and glanced over to the TV. Maybe he'd play some Skylanders, try to speedrun some levels.
A few minutes later he began hunting around his floor for two of his favorite, speediest Skylanders, Flameslinger and Stealth Elf. He was grunting in irritation. Where could they have gone? They were usually sitting up on his dresser! Had a parent moved them?
Under the bed, behind the TV, nope, nothing. Sighing he leaned back in his chair, hoping he wouldn't have to buy new ones. Not knowing what else to do, Roger booted up his XBox to access the Internet, and tried to load DarkSpyro. It loaded slowly- curse this connection- but he managed to type in his username, assassinelf.
He took a sip of the soda as he waited for the page to load. God, I knew my XBox Internet was bad, but not this terrible! He fiddled around with the controller and finally, the page loaded.
He moved his cursor over to click the forum listing, but even that seemed to move sluggishly. "Gosh darn it. I'm going to have to get someone to check the router," Roger grumbled. He was pretty tempted to throw the controller across the room, but that wouldn't solve any problems.
After what seemed to be forever, the page loaded. He tried to scroll down to Skylanders, but ended up going down to the online listing. He shrugged. There didn't seem to be a lot of people online, for some reason. No use wasting time here that he could use to find his Skylanders and go to a not-laggy place.
Unfortunately, he couldn't seem to exit out of DarkSpyro. Roger narrowed his eyes in frustration, but then a shock coursed up his spine. Gritting his teeth he fell to the floor, eyes flicking skyward. The last thing he saw were Stealth Elf and Flameslinger on a high shelf.

Roger, otherwise known as assassinelf, groaned himself awake. He was sitting at the base of a tree for some reason. Crap. Did the house burn down? Why did I get shocked? He leapt to his feet with more grace he imagined he had. Ahhh...what?
After looking himself over, assassinelf discovered that there was something seriously different. He had a green skin tone, and completely different, lighter clothes. Hang on a sec. This isn't just any character. This is...Stealth Elf? No...a male version.
assassinelf rubbed his head sheepishly. That's hot. But also besides the point. I have to get help! He decided to test his ability by climbing up a tree. His fingers seemed to instinctively dart to fingerholds and he scaled it with no difficulty. Poking his head through the trees, he scanned the area. Wow. Trees. More, I mean. And I don't recognize this place at all! Shaking his head, assassinelf leapt into another tree, then another. Going this fast was exhilarating, and he had no fear. He'd find someone...eventually.
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I dedicate this chapter to the memory of NINJAsk. <3 You always have a DS family here!

Chapter 9

NINJAsk had been the one who'd brought derpyhooves to the others. She'd watched from the shadows as the others chatter without worry of anything. She shifted her staff to her right hand. So I'm Alvira now, my OC...fascinating. I wish someone would notice me. Despite her somewhat dark personality, NINJAsk envied the others, who were talking as if they'd known each other for years. Which they probably had, but they hadn't met in real life. Or rather...ugh, never mind. She was confusing herself.
A yipping sound distracted her as a fennec fox trotted up to her. Its expression screamed Hi there! I may have just met you, but I will be your new best friend! Hey, watch this! Beaming happily, it flopped into its back and rolled around.
No, no no! This is...urgh. "G-go away..." she whispered near-inaudiably.
Unfortunately, those big ears of his didn't seem to do any good as the fox got closer. Taking a deep breath NINJAsk kicked at it, knocking it away and causing it to yelp. Finally!
As she looked up, she noticed the angel known as Shadmé, the ghostly Prex and the derpy-turned-Bakura staring at her. Uh oh.
Thankfully, Shadmé didn't seem to acknowledge her strike. "Are you two users, too?"
The fennec fox perked up and nodded excitedly. The knowledge that it wasn't just a stupid resident of...wherever they were filled NINJAsk with guilt. "I'm sorry..." she mumbled. The fox flicked an ear, acknowledging her apology.
"Hmm...might need a hint on this one," Shadmé commented. The fox thought for a moment, then grinned again and pointed to the sky.
", Skylanders?" NINJAsk guessed.
Shadmé nodded. "Sky and...air? I know a user named Sky Airglow, but I doubt you're her."
"A fox...Skyhunter?" NINJAsk concluded. Her gaze flicked to the ground as the angel nodded excitedly and Skyhunter barked.
"So...which user are you?" Shadmé wondered curiously. NINJAsk pulled her staff closer to herself and didn't answer at first.
Something on her staff started glowing. NINJAsk made the barest of movements to look at it.
Weird. A red, chain-like object was wrapped around her staff. Perhaps it had been caught while she was under the water. Either way, a strange feeling overtook her, like negative energy. "Why should I tell you?"
Shadmé seemed to be slightly worried. "Because you know who we all are," she said. "If we all are united to face this problem, we need to, er, know each other..."
NINJAsk began laughing madly, barely conscious of her own actions. "NO! Good luck with that, hehe!"
Something crackled through the tree branches. Without a second thought she blasted some ice from her staff, then took off and sprinted towards the lake. Although she didn't notice it, a small piece of the chain fell off and landed by derpyhooves' feet...
Me? Work with others? NEVER! This is MY domain! NINJAsk though, sinking into the soothing waters. If they want me so badly, they can try fishing! Almost as soon as she was submerged the negative feelings left, and she relaxed.
Once she felt safe, she poked her head out of the water. Shadmé was at the edge, the other users behind her, including two she hadn't seen before- a male Stealth Elf and Silver the Hedgehog. NINJAsk blinked a little, trying to clear her vision, and the angel waved. "HEY! You alright over there?" she called. Sighing, NINJAsk relented and swam to the edge. "Yes. What do you want?"
Shadmé took a deep breath. "Listen. All of us here have something in common, and that's we're DarkSpyro users. As a result, we need to stick together if we want to get to the bottom of this." She smiled. "Would you like to be with us? I forget if I've introduced myself, but I'm Shadmé, ShadowMewX on DarkSpyro."
NINJAsk's breathing sped up, and she stared at the ground. Come on! You can trust them. You've talked to them online, they mean no harm. R-right?
"H-hey, it's alright," Prextail comforted.
"Yeah," Shadmé added. "I promise you don't have to tell us who you are. I won't ask if you don't want, but I do want to be able to call you something, at least."
derpyhooves said nothing, but was currently distracted by something red and shiny in her palm.
NINJAsk took a deep breath. "N...Nin..."
Prex nodded encouragingly.
"Ninja...NINJAsk...11..." she whispered, and dropped her head. Great. Now they know who to target once we get out of here. Good going, me.
"Ah, NINJAsk, one of my friends," Shadmé said. "You don't have to be scared, honestly!"
"I'm prextail202," the Lost Silver introduced.
The the two others seemed to know where this was going. "And I'm assy! Er, assassinelf."
"I'm chained skull!"
NINJAsk didn't respond, and the users glanced at each other worriedly.
Then a scream ripped through the clearing.
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Yay! I'm glad you updated it!

NINJAsk will be missed smilie
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Just found this, seems great. Wish I had been on this rp.
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