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What Is Your Political Party [serious]? [CLOSED]
Dyno-Mite Ripto Gems: 92
#1 Posted: 14:27:03 18/06/2014 | Topic Creator
I do not want any wars in this topic or about this topic. It serious, which is why I chose Idle Chatter over Stuff & Nonsense.

Parties - People
Liberal: Dyno-Mite
Nothing: cowpowa23

I am Liberal, also known as the Liberal Party of New York (since that's the only place in the USA that has it). It really isn't a political power so when I have to I vote the democrats for elections.
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cowpowa23 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4833
#2 Posted: 16:52:37 18/06/2014
I am none.
I choose not to take any "sides" with this thing you guys got going on....
I am a Cow.

torok Platinum Sparx Gems: 6123
#3 Posted: 17:39:48 20/06/2014
I don't dabble in politics too often. But I'm leaning more towards democrats, in some areas. I won't fight to the death to defend the party however.
parisruelz12 Diamond Sparx Gems: 7577
#4 Posted: 19:35:56 20/06/2014
None. Too much hypocrisy.
looks like ive got some things to do...
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