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Artisans [CLOSED]
David Caballero Red Sparx Gems: 11
#1 Posted: 22:29:40 08/06/2014 | Topic Creator
Artisans is the very first Homeworld in the first game of the series, Spyro the Dragon. This world is quite small in size when compared to later worlds in the game. Artisans includes extremely weak enemies which do not attack Spyro; they just run away and hide (the Common Gnorc), or just run from Spyro without hiding (the Thieving Gnorc). It is an area with rolling green hills, castles, waterfalls and flowers. As its name suggests, it looks like a work of art and many Dragons who live in the world love to make and paint art. This is also Spyro's Homeworld.
SuperSpyroFan Diamond Sparx Gems: 9224
#2 Posted: 20:04:57 09/06/2014
Okay? Why the sudden explanation? Us Spyro fans should already know this anyway. smilie
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Bryman04 Gold Sparx Gems: 2116
#3 Posted: 21:57:52 02/09/2015
Okay? I already know from experience...but- it was a beautiful description *sniffle* i miss the old spyro :'(
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