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Developer diaries from IGN, anyone recall these? [CLOSED]
iSO Emerald Sparx Gems: 3143
#1 Posted: 08:25:10 20/05/2014 | Topic Creator
I randomly found a set of developer diaries regarding the game from IGN, in 3 parts!
PART 3: (2 pages)

Tried my best to see if there are similar topics like this; as far as I'm aware: nope.

My one disappointment: the lack of info about those big fruits that were removed in the final version; their concept artwork even includes big fruit!
Chibilove Green Sparx Gems: 400
#2 Posted: 18:12:41 22/05/2014
Thank you for the post! When the website was loading it had a bit of a flash of purple that hurt my eyes. lmao.
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