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Villians are Customizable
GIANTSRULE Yellow Sparx Gems: 1660
#1 Posted: 23:17:20 04/05/2014 | Topic Creator

read this article it explains a lot
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Mesuxelf Ripto Gems: 3666
#2 Posted: 23:22:46 04/05/2014
I'm assuming they mean that they have upgrade paths.
GIANTSRULE Yellow Sparx Gems: 1660
#3 Posted: 23:23:47 04/05/2014 | Topic Creator
oh ye i heard that soemwhere from skylander dad he confirmed that they were upgradeable
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diddy50 Gold Sparx Gems: 2554
#4 Posted: 00:57:53 05/05/2014
They were confirmed to be upgradeable in some sort of way, but not clear on what or how.
GoldenCamo Green Sparx Gems: 146
#5 Posted: 10:55:49 05/05/2014
I don't know if that's good or bad, I don't really count them as Skylanders.
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breakfastpugbam Blue Sparx Gems: 973
#6 Posted: 17:39:41 05/05/2014
i no wanna read are they cuztomisable.
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DaMadNes Blue Sparx Gems: 944
#7 Posted: 19:19:12 05/05/2014
Customizable huh... I wonder how.

The screenshots we saw of the villians did not show a level or money counter. Perhaps they will need to rely on Skylander money to upgade. Or maybe they upgrade at the hub in between levels using stars or some other currency.

There is also a possibility that the reporter misspoke or misunderstood. We originally thought crystals would hold 4 baddies due to similar reports.
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