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An Idea for Spyro's Inevitable S4 Repose.
Rauthian Red Sparx Gems: 14
#1 Posted: 13:07:18 30/04/2014 | Topic Creator
Would you enjoy a "Legacy" Spyro? He can keep his same voice and moves, but his figure and in-game model are based on the first Spyro Game. Would you buy it? I think this is the only way I would buy a repose.
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Bifrost Diamond Sparx Gems: 9712
#2 Posted: 13:18:12 30/04/2014
It's better calling him Classic already,everyone knows the term. I'd probably get him unless he's a carbon copy of previous ones(can't afford another duplicate character since it's hard enough for me to resell my duplicate Hex), but if he came with a few more callbacks(Wow Pow being superflame or whatever else he had interesting in his moveset),I'd probably try getting him over a new Magic character.
I'd also open up space for a Legend S5 Spyro in the future,as long as it's not the DOTD model, and he could come with a combo Wow Pow(mirroring his combo system in ANB and TEN) or a fury mode by pressing a combination of attack buttons.
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LloydDXZX Yellow Sparx Gems: 1637
#3 Posted: 13:39:09 30/04/2014
[User Posted Image]

Not made by me but THEY would make some of these! different pose but same color as them! smilie
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Rauthian Red Sparx Gems: 14
#4 Posted: 13:55:25 30/04/2014 | Topic Creator
I would LOVE those! The only thing missing is the more square and friendly looking Spyro!
Crash Bandicoot NEEDS to be a Skylander!
Unreallystic Emerald Sparx Gems: 3054
#5 Posted: 14:07:35 30/04/2014
3rd path
access to powers from both paths
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Wolfgang Gold Sparx Gems: 2044
#6 Posted: 16:42:56 30/04/2014
I seriously would love a PS1 Spyro figure, since my favorite games in the series were Spyro The Dragon and Year of the Dragon
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spyroflame0487 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3856
#7 Posted: 17:59:37 30/04/2014
I had always figured that if Spyro ever gets his own game again, Sky landers Spyro would result in different "skins" for his model, S1, S2 and S3 respectively.
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bilbobagins3 Gold Sparx Gems: 2869
#8 Posted: 21:14:30 30/04/2014
Watch them make Series 4 figures just figures that have the ability to switch paths and switch between the Series 2 and Series 3 Wow Pows. Instant "New" figure for them, and basically zero additional work on the coding end of things. With only 10 figures that could get a series 4 release, and now a lot more characters available to repose, I highly doubt we see more than four Series 4 figures, unless they go repose crazy, and we get 32 reposes.
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