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Tarantula Keeping [CLOSED]
AkantorMH Emerald Sparx Gems: 4471
#1 Posted: 07:34:57 27/04/2014 | Topic Creator
Okay its been a while since I said anything around here. I got an account here, I may as well use it.

Now lets see...

The keeping of exotic arthropods! ..Tarantulas.

Personally, I'm a fish sorta guy. Not just fish, but aquariums in general. Fish, shrimps and relatives, coral, echinoderms... goes on and on. Recently I took an interest in keeping Tarantulas. No real reason why other than its a different animal. Most people have cats, dogs, hamsters and other rodents, fish... Not too many make a profession of keeping exotic spiders. Its a big enough hobby to incite domestic breeding, but it isn't as popular. Even most reptiles are more common pets.

No one keeps marsupials as pets either. Sugar Gliders and Wallabys, and those are rare, but one topic at a time.

I got interested when I saw my local Jacks Pets trying to box a very, very unhappy Thai Tiger Tarantula. She was very aggressive. It was amusing, though, given one of the female workers was having a mild panic attack from trying to get it. Then I got to watching videos of feeding exotic spiders, started learning about spider keeping, and then the other day I handled a Chilean Rose Hair which is the easiest to keep, cheapest to buy, very undemanding, and very, VERY tolerant of being handled and un-inclined to bite even when grabbed.

I'd like to keep a tarantula or two. They seem like neat pets... Thing is, my aquarium hobby is my current thing and I don't think I'll get out of it anytime soon. I'm serious about my hobby. I got 125 gallon reef tank and that sort of thing is expensive as all hell. I stocked up on funds just to buy the aquarium. No way I'm giving up this hobby unless I had damn good reason.
My interest remains, though.

So what about all of you? Anywhere here keep exotic spiders? Ever have one? Anyone interested in keeping them? Lets get the topic rolling.
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Jonlander Green Sparx Gems: 433
#2 Posted: 17:38:06 24/05/2014
My family had a tarantula when i was young. It never bit us. My sister left the door open to its habitat and the cat ate it. They really are cool pets, as lomg as you arr careful with your other pets.
SamXala Gold Sparx Gems: 2398
#3 Posted: 17:44:15 24/05/2014
Tarantulas are so cute *-*
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xXBeavcoonXx Gold Sparx Gems: 2628
#4 Posted: 20:01:19 27/06/2014
Just the IDEA Gives me the chills... DANG ARACHNOPHOBIA
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Phantom Platinum Sparx Gems: 5241
#5 Posted: 01:44:48 28/06/2014
I want one. They so fwuffy!
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assassinelf Yellow Sparx Gems: 1180
#6 Posted: 21:30:43 02/07/2014
I have a Chilean Rose Hair. I named her Samantha. My dad is thinking about getting me more. I feed it sometimes, but that's usually taken care of by my dad.
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