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The idea... Im not sure...
Kevinvert Gold Sparx Gems: 2146
#1 Posted: 01:41:59 25/04/2014 | Topic Creator
The idea of trapping enemies and playing as them is i dont know. It is a pretty cool idea but i dont think it is not as creative as swap force.

What do you guys think?
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GhostRoaster Yellow Sparx Gems: 1803
#2 Posted: 03:35:57 25/04/2014
We have a concerns thread. I love the buzz when a new game is announced buy guys...we don't need a new thread for every new thought that's really a rehashed question. This question has already been posed 5 times in the last day as separate threads.
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Windumup Emerald Sparx Gems: 3217
#3 Posted: 04:09:16 25/04/2014
Well the real question is why are they letting us capture Kaos?

4 words: Brand new main villian
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Takadox360 Gold Sparx Gems: 2838
#4 Posted: 04:42:38 25/04/2014
Swap Force was a horrible gimmick. Ripping the halfes appart and creating ugly creatures doesnt make any sense.
I was about to drop this franchise because I thought it can only get worse... but this idea with bringin life to toys is amazing.
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GhostRoaster617 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3963
#5 Posted: 05:54:43 25/04/2014
Yeah I love this gimmick best of all. The giants weren't all that fun, the Swap Force I tend to not swap that much, but this one is the best. I love villains and to play all the meanest villains Skylands has to offer is truly the icing on the cake for me. This shows that Skylanders can please both hero and villain fans.
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Pyrofer Gold Sparx Gems: 2495
#6 Posted: 08:04:19 25/04/2014
I was initially VERY unsure about Trap Team. However, after watching videos and the reveal etc I am now FAR more optimistic about it than I was about Swap Force at this point.

I think it looks to be great fun and I think I will prefer it to Swapping as a gimmick.

My kids both LOVED the advert for it (the nearly 5 minute one!) and can't wait to get the game. I think this will hurt my wallet a lot.
zookinator Platinum Sparx Gems: 5598
#7 Posted: 12:49:53 25/04/2014
This is such a better idea than Swap Force. People have been wanting to play as the villains for a while now. So, why not? I just hope this game gives more into replay value and playing value in general. Something like Swap Force... no. They should have about as many levels as SSA, but all the same collectibles from Swap Force. That would make my game.
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