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Everything we know about skylanders trap team 10/5/14 [CLOSED]
gnarlytreesnex Blue Sparx Gems: 651
#1 Posted: 02:29:42 24/04/2014 | Topic Creator
The trap team has at least 50 or 60 new characters and when placed on the traptainium portal of power.The trap will glow and you can trap enemies like the chompy mage and also something awesome you can trap kaos, which means in skylanders five there might be a new villain. And one bad guy looks exactly like the skylander smilie that's all I can give on the game. Then here are the known cores. Funny bone, food fight, and chopper. Here are the know trap masters. Snap shot, wildfire, and wallop. There are three cores unknown right now but here are the ones I chose. Camon fly, tornado batado, and shaphin. And most are still unknown. For the undead trap master and the tech one and life, magic, and air trap masters we should expect to know by E3 2014. We don't know who or what will upgrade your skylanders yet. But unlike SSA and SG and SSF's fairy and power pod. Maybe Persephone will return to upgrade you or something else. And that's all for now there will be more updates on this later
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#2 Posted: 02:30:47 24/04/2014
C'mon man... Did you really just make this thread? Did you seriously not see the already made one, which is pinned and has like 4 pages of posts already?...
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#3 Posted: 02:34:16 24/04/2014 | Topic Creator
What this is information on it
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#4 Posted: 02:42:34 24/04/2014
We. already. have. all. the. info. on. it. and. we. have. a. topic. already.
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