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Supposedly leaked photo of new skylanders
Molocth Green Sparx Gems: 202
#1 Posted: 22:38:44 23/04/2014 | Topic Creator

[User Posted Image]

A leaked photo has been posted briefly on instagram that shows what appears to be an all-new portal which looks larger than the previous Portal of Power units.
There were rumours Skylanders 4 would accommodate four (4) player multi-play functionality which could be the case given the size of the new Portal of Power.

According to instagram user valent1bouttiau http://instagram.com/p/nIJ2NAOLAm/ the figures shown are not finalised yet, so could change design in the future before release.
Besides what possibly looks like armanent attachments, it is also note worthy that the image shows the figures incorporate a new red coloured base.
The photo have since been removed.
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bionicle2809 Diamond Sparx Gems: 8350
#2 Posted: 22:58:14 23/04/2014
We have a Trap Team section now smilie
Molocth Green Sparx Gems: 202
#3 Posted: 23:01:17 23/04/2014 | Topic Creator
A couple of teasers have been sent out from the official Skylanders Twitter account.
One tweet featured a mysterious box, while the other showed of silhouettes of two never seen before Skylanders.
Check out the tweets below.



to me, the outline on the left definately looks like the freaky green thing in the picture above with yellow hair
the thing in the middle kind of look like the brown thing on the far right of the picture.
Molocth Green Sparx Gems: 202
#4 Posted: 23:02:59 23/04/2014 | Topic Creator
nuts, thats why i was surprised there was nothing about this yet smilie
somePerson Platinum Sparx Gems: 7384
#5 Posted: 23:20:20 23/04/2014
I really hope that they don't end up that size and not make the giants look even more smaller.
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