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What's in the box?
Hexin_Wishes Yellow Sparx Gems: 1522
#51 Posted: 05:39:00 23/04/2014
The only box related pop culture reference that came to mind is the one at the end of the classic film SE7EN.
arenne Gold Sparx Gems: 2849
#52 Posted: 05:46:23 23/04/2014
So u are saying Kaos put Spyro's head in a box, lol! Now that would be a game changer
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skylanderaddik Blue Sparx Gems: 835
#53 Posted: 06:37:00 23/04/2014
I hope the box comes with the collector's edition of the new game.
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Takadox360 Gold Sparx Gems: 2845
#54 Posted: 06:54:59 23/04/2014
Maybe its Miley

[User Posted Image]
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ninja9351 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4924
#55 Posted: 12:07:34 23/04/2014
Maybe this???
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Talarus Yellow Sparx Gems: 1374
#56 Posted: 12:14:56 23/04/2014
Whoa! Cool find! And looks like the next base color is red!
Matteomax Platinum Sparx Gems: 5342
#57 Posted: 12:35:27 23/04/2014
I bet those crystal "sword" things are inside the box.
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Windumup Emerald Sparx Gems: 3217
#58 Posted: 13:19:37 23/04/2014
Quote: GhostRoaster
Quote: spyroflame0487
It could be anything! It could even be a boat!

Let's do a mash up of both since no one is going to let it rest.

Family Guy+ MLP FiM for the win!

o.o also what if the box contained a picture of a figure or maybe a starter pack
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scratchking22 Blue Sparx Gems: 725
#59 Posted: 19:19:19 23/04/2014
It's a trap!
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