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What do you think our future will be like? [CLOSED]
StriderSwag Gold Sparx Gems: 2769
#51 Posted: 02:34:28 06/06/2014
Well, first off, to be perfectly clear, let me state that I believe in the inherent goodness of mankind, but I am taking into account terrorists and such.

I'm pretty sure America will get into another dumb war somehow and in some way. We are a pretty aggressive nation, and we shouldn't be the world's police, if you catch my drift. And, adding on, or politicians are dumb as ****.

I think that more advanced prosthetics would come into play. Maybe even cybernetic implants.
Samius Hunter Gems: 9294
#52 Posted: 08:42:38 06/06/2014 | Topic Creator
Quote: katkerrykat
I am aware that of course we are still evolving, and that it's not a case of surviving anymore just basically carrying on, like how some scientists reckon our fingers will evolve to suit the needs of using smartphones constantly. I'm just sort of meaning the people that would be classed as "unfit" wouldn't normally survive, so the strong theory of survival of the fittest doesn't seem to effect us anymore as we find ways of getting around it (like a wheelchair to someone who can't use their legs).

Yes, I know nothing hates us, but the way creatures are naturally eliminated is by disease, infection, killed by a higher food chain predator etc. Nothing does indeed want us gone, but naturally our over-population will still be maintained by disease etc., and as seen over the years, if we keep curing things something bigger will come, even by accident. I know it's hard to understand that concept, and I'm not good at explaining things anyway, but thats just what I think will happen.

True, they could not survive in nature, but they can in human society, thanks to our inventions. It doesn't make us any weaker.
Think about it, what precentage of total human population has genetic problems that make them unable to survive on their own at a time? How many of them have children? Their genes will never be able to overthrow the majority.

Well, we can't know what will happen, so it's a moot point. Obviously our species can't life for eternity without being dangered at some point.

Quote: katkerrykat
Sorry but I will have to disagree here, it would not take much to shake humanity. Take an EMP, we naturally get them for century to century, it's never really effected humanity before because we've never heavily relied on electricity before. Say we get an EMP, wipes a good fraction (if not all) the electrical circuits out on Earth, suddenly theres no fridges, factories have no power (no food being manufactured into packaging etc), no transportation, no mobile phones, nothing like that - cut off from the rest of the world. There would be panic, particularly in larger cities, humans would naturally defend themselves and there family at the cost of others' lives, the population would decrease rather drastically.

Regarding the ability to create medicines, it is achieved through years of testing, sampling from patients, experimenting on patients etc. It can't just happen over night. Say we get some sort of advanced flu that strikes your lungs or something and kills you almost instantly, with the cells showing nothing more than just an ordinary flu. Scientists wouldn't know how to cure it, the patients would be dead too quickly for testing/sampling drugs, and even if they could get some information, it could just look like the common flu (which, is also not actually curable, our bodies just deal with that). Sure it maybe wouldn't come back if you got a cure, it's just getting a cure that's the key.

I don't explain it very well, but Stephen King wrote a similar idea in "The Stand", where America is ground to a halt by a mass spreading epidemic, where only a few thousand are naturally immune to it and have to survive and regroup. It's worth a read if your interested.

Yes, say an EMP vipes out a quarter of Earth's electric systems. Say that every coutry loses a quarter of it's systems, though unlikely it would be. Three quarters remain, and those systems could be completely replaced with undamaged ones in a matter of a few years.

I don't doubt that there would be also be human deaths due to violence etc, but it wouldn't be a threat to humanity as a whole. To singular nations it could be devastating, but given enough time people would find a way to rebuild. Humans don't just revert to animal status when they lose what they have, that's fiction.

As for modern medicine, that's all we've got right now. It's not just cures, it's also general knowledge of how diseases spread, how they can be contained and how people can shield themselves from them.

It does sound interesting, but regretfully, I don't have a lot of time to read these days.
Snap Shot Gold Sparx Gems: 2672
#53 Posted: 03:25:16 07/06/2014
We will revert back to primitive societies due to resource scarcity. People will live in communes whrre everything will be recycled or used sustainably. Democracy will also end and be replaced with an egalitarian system.
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Thepokeman Blue Sparx Gems: 590
#54 Posted: 20:27:55 16/06/2014
I feel that things are gonna get scary and I'm gonna suicide because of it.
Toynerd14 Ripto Gems: 95
#55 Posted: 20:56:21 16/06/2014
I'll be an Animator for Cartoon Network. Hopefully, I'll get a girlfriend.
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