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Portal Master level/collection [CLOSED]
L0stm1nd3d Blue Sparx Gems: 651
#1 Posted: 00:12:25 16/10/2013 | Topic Creator experienced part of the problem I had, but in my profile I lost all credit for all of my figures I registered into the game. The game said I had collected all of the figures but I had no portal master credit. I called Activision about it and the rep put me on hold to find out it. When he came back on the line he told me they had heard about it before and it was a "corruption within the save file". I had to delete all of my game files from my Wii U system in turn losing all of my game play data, thankfully I wasn't too far in. Anyways I just wanted to give a heads up in case anyone else ran into the same problem. Be sure to check your portal master level and character collection stars to be on the safe side.
GhostRoaster Yellow Sparx Gems: 1803
#2 Posted: 01:48:47 16/10/2013
Oh, don't worry...they'll patch this problem soon....oh wait...
RIP GhostRoaster. He's reanimated as TakeYourLemons but occasionally is resurrected from the beyond when needed.
Reimu Yellow Sparx Gems: 1067
#3 Posted: 11:19:13 16/10/2013
What "Oh wait"? Wii U had a day one patch. So why not?
zookinator Emerald Sparx Gems: 3651
#4 Posted: 12:26:07 16/10/2013
How many levels have you completed? If you have the stars in the collection screen, and you have finished a minimum of the first 3 levels, then there might be something wrong. If not, continue playing until you beat Mudwater Hollow.
Reimu Yellow Sparx Gems: 1067
#5 Posted: 12:44:02 16/10/2013
Zookinator is right, once you reach the tutorial with Eon, your Portal Master ranks start to unlock.
L0stm1nd3d Blue Sparx Gems: 651
#6 Posted: 15:58:25 16/10/2013 | Topic Creator
I had already passed that level and had completed the one right after it. I had turned off my game cause I had to leave, came home and turned it on and went from level 20 to level 13. I was looking to see where I had lost the stars and noticed all my portal stars were gone. When I placed my figures on my portal nothing new, didn't even get the take ownership option under manage.
Rezil Green Sparx Gems: 215
#7 Posted: 08:02:29 18/10/2013
Wow I just had this happen to me I earned a star completing a level and it showed my pmr as 7 I'm like what cus it was 14 then I checked and all my skylander stars were gone smilie how do I fix this ?
Madara Uchiha Blue Sparx Gems: 755
#8 Posted: 14:48:27 18/10/2013
Im still guessing that it has to do with it trying to give community benefits across different profiles. I

dont think it was set up to do that. Most likely they expected you to play under the same profile but

on different saves files. Most people will be playing up under the same profile so they wont even

know a problem exists.
L0stm1nd3d Blue Sparx Gems: 651
#9 Posted: 14:58:16 18/10/2013 | Topic Creator
The only solution I was made aware of is to delete all your data files Rezil smilie.
Friendzie Blue Sparx Gems: 611
#10 Posted: 15:17:11 18/10/2013
So to confirm, this is happening when you have someone on a different profile on your system make a save game and use the same Skylanders?
L0stm1nd3d Blue Sparx Gems: 651
#11 Posted: 15:19:46 18/10/2013 | Topic Creator
No, I am the only one who uses the Wii U in my house, I only have one profile and only have one save file Swap Force.
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