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Skylanders Stone Summoners
Bionichute Yellow Sparx Gems: 1889
#1 Posted: 02:59:20 02/06/2016 | Topic Creator
Here's a fan game idea that I've been working on for around a year.

Skylanders: Stone Summoner's main gimmick are small stones that you put on the portal, which allow you to summon magical Sprites, little creatures that help you in a variety of different ways, which will be detailed in a moment. It also has remixed older characters, and playable villains.

The Starter Pack comes with Dragon Knight Spyro and Hop Head, along with their respective Sprite Stones.

Full Character List:
Dragon Knight Spyro - "All Fired Up!" - A heroic dragon with an even more heroic suit of armor.
Duck and Cover Bombshell - "Kick Some Shell!" - A demolitions expert turtle who's ready to come out of his shell, and bring the boom.
Poly Gone - "Now You See Me!" - Extra-dimensional creature with reality bending powers.
Slime Bomb - "Slime's Up!" - A walking pile of sludge with attitude.
Imagination Creation Sackboy (Sony Exclusive) - A knitted hero straight from your imagination.

Ocean Master Wham Shell - "Brace For The Mace!" - What do you get when you mix an angry crab with a mace and the entire ocean? Lots of hurt!
Frost Burn Chill Bill - "I Aim To Freeze!" - Former radio DJ turned hero with the power to both freeze, and steam, monsters.
Clawbster - "Claw And Order!" - Wandering crustacean law enforcer armed with his trusty claw gun.
Angler Rangler - "Fish Outta Water!" - An expert fisher who uses his rangling techniques to fish up fights.
Battle Ready Rash (Microsoft Exclusive) - The most hardcore toad you'll ever see.

Robo-Suit Sprocket - "The Fix Is In!" - Tanks are so last year, mech suits are the new cool!
Sea Launcher Brawlrus - "Blast Ho!" - A confused walrus pirate who wants to make up for past mistakes with a very large cannon.
Hop Head - "Hop To It!" - A troll experiment gone wrong, this grasshopper's a super hero who's ready to kick in!
Road Roach - "Road's Out!" - A mechanically minded bug who prefers to travel in the fast lane.
Galactic Heroes Ratchet & Clank (Sony Exclusive) - Intergalactic heroes with an endless supply of weapons.

Spore Stunner Shroomboom - "He Shoots, He Spores!" - Sometimes, world saving is a family effort. Which helps when your family consists of millions.
Blade Buzzer Shield Shredder - "Lets Go Shredding!" - Two blades, lots of fun! Don't try this at home kids.
Wild Child - "The Beast Within!" - A lost mabu child who gained the power to call on his animal friends.
Full Boar - "Full Speed Ahead!" - A boar warrior who's always ready to charge into any fight.
Old School Banjo & Kazooie (Microsoft Exclusive) - Old school heroes ready to make their return.

Diamond Cracker Prism Break - "The Beam Is Supreme!" - A fortunate accident caused this rocky hero to become entirely made of crystal.
Bottomless Pit Chomp Chest - "Chomp To It!" - A very hungry mimic who loves to eat gold, but over his life he's managed to swallow quite a few other things as well!
Claw Maw - "Scratch N' Snack!" - An ancient beast who loves nothing more than to stuff his face full of baddies.
Drill Thrill - "Spin To Win!" - A mole miner who took his job so seriously, he replaced his hands with actual drills!

Olympus Champion Lighting Rod - "One Strike And You're Out!" - Training with the big leagues can really help you build up your lightning powers.
Krank n' Krash Krankenstein - "Me Kranky!" - A lumbering beast who can switch from suck to blow!
Rain Boom - "All The Colors!" - Guardian of the ancient Rainbow Weapons, truly not an arsenal to be tickled pink by.
Fly-By - "'Scuse Me!" - The fly who would be hero. He should probably stop sneezing first.
Star Warrior Kirby (Nintendo Exclusive) - He may not be able to copy anymore, but this pink puffball's got some tricks up his sleeve.

Anger Management Fryno - "Crash And Burn!" - Fryno has found a way to make his anger a much better weapon, even if it means cooling down first.
Flame Thrower Smoke Scream - "Smoke You Out!" - This troll might not enjoy being a hero, but hey, he got a cool robot out of it.
Lionheart - "Brave Heart!" - A lion warrior wielding a suit of enchanted armor, and a few weapons as well.
Dread Heat - "Motor Madness!" - A living pile of car parts who's probably too fast for her own good.

Soul Sucker Ghost Roaster - "No Chain, No Pain!" - This ghoul's got a frightening new power, so whether you're a ghost or not, beware!
Crazy Controller Maskermind - "I'm Out Of My Mind!" - A spooky little ghost who uses his powerful undead mask to control zombie forces.
Eyeder - "Eye On The Prize!"- A mutated spider with a laser eye! Flies better watch out!
Punk-Kin - "You'll Need A Pumpkin Patch!" - A pumpkin punk from the rougher side of the land of the undead.

Light Bringer Spotlight - "Time To Shine!" - A dragon of light that grows more powerful as the light grows.
Magnet Master Lob Goblin - "Light Em' Up!" - Shunned for his more creative explosive ideas, this troll's magnetic bombs are sure to attract attention.
Brightstar - "Out Of Nowhere!" - Mysterious hero from space with the power to change size.
Angelico - "Time For Retribution!" - An angel out for revenge on all injustices in the world. Takes his job a bit too seriously.
Master Sword Link (Nintendo Exclusive) - The hero of a faraway land has come to help with his many tools and tricks.

Night Bringer Blackout - "Darkness Falls!" - A dragon of darkness who somehow managed to get even darker.
Eye Mobber Eye Scream - "I See You!" - An eyesore eye monster who keeps her eyes on her foes.
Darkstar - "Out Of The Depths!" - A mysterious creature from space with size changing powers. Swears he's not a bad guy.
Diabla - "Rockin' Out!" - A punk demon gal who's concerts have rocked the socks of thousands of fans, and even more villains.

See if you can spot all the weird references! Heres one for free: Polygone is basically Eva Unit-1 in posture and design, but made out of.. basically crystal.
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Bionichute Yellow Sparx Gems: 1889
#2 Posted: 22:15:47 03/06/2016 | Topic Creator
Sprites! Sprites are mystical entities that were locked away in an ancient cave long ago. Sprites love to help those who summon them, and some are even mystically tied to certain Skylanders, giving them special, unique boosts. Each Sprite is different, but they all fall into 4 different classes. Attackers are focused around up close combat, and are generally faster and stronger than others, but have lower health. Defenders have high health, and manly focus around protecting you from attacks. Gunners stay away from enemies and pelt them with a barrage of projectiles. Finally, Buffers increase certain stats of your Skylander. There are 8 Sprites for the first 8 elements, and 4 for Light and Dark. 4 of each element is attributed to a different Skylander, while the other do not give the special boosts.

Full Sprite List
Bit - Attacker/Poly Gone
Hat Attack - Attacker
Splotch - Defender/Slime Bomb
Barrierer - Defender
Sparx - Gunner/Spyro
Shock-Ra - Gunner
Boomus Pocus - Buffer/Bombshell
Medy Tate - Buffer
Sackbot - Buffer/Sackboy (Sony Exclusive)

Lil' Nibbles - Attacker/Angler Rangler
Squid Whipper - Attacker
Hardshell - Defender/Wham Shell
Shellhead - Defender
Iced Cube - Gunner/Chill Bill
Squirter - Gunner
Sidearm - Buffer/Clawbster
Sway Weed - Buffer
Wart Warrior - Attacker/Rash (Microsoft Exclusive)

Rocket Rocker - Attacker/Brawlrus
Widget Warrior - Attacker
Wheel Machine - Defender/Hop Head
Ro-Buddy - Defender
Oil Spill - Gunner/Road Roach
Boom Bot - Gunner
Wrench Head - Buffer/Sprocket
Data - Buffer
Mr. Zurkon - Gunner/Ratchet & Clank (Sony Exclusive)

Mashroom - Attacker/Shroomboom
Beet Boxer - Attacker
Wood Waller - Defender/Shield Shredder
Beetle Blocker - Defender
Blaster Bird - Gunner/Wild Child
Seed Spitter - Gunner
Pork Chopped - Buffer/Full Boar
Animal Spirit - Buffer
Jinjo - Defender/Banjo & Kazooie (Microsoft Exclusive)

Drillz - Attacker/Drill Thrill
Roller - Attacker
Cristal - Defender/Prism Break
Golem Guardian - Defender
Tresharr - Gunner/Chomp Chest
Pebble Pelter - Gunner
Chuck - Buffer/Claw Maw
Stone Sage - Buffer

Sucka - Attacker/Krankenstein
Wind Runner - Attacker
Prisma - Defender/Rain Boom
Wind Wall - Defender
Bolt - Gunner/Lightning Rod
Blowhard - Gunner
Sprayer - Buffer/Fly-By
Sky Speeder - Buffer
Mini-Knight - Attacker/Kirby

Flame Rammer - Attacker/Fryno
Fire Freak - Attacker
Motor Master - Defender/Dread Heat
Magmo - Defender
Lion Breath - Gunner/Lionheart
Flame Thrower - Gunner
Hot Coal - Buffer/Smoke Scream
Hot Top - Buffer

Eye Fly - Attacker/Eyeder
Lil' Reaps - Attacker
Maskface - Defender/Maskermind
Bonez - Defender
Headless Ed - Gunner/Punk-Kin
Soul Shooter - Gunner
Ghost Jar - Buffer/Ghost Roaster
Vamps - Buffer

Halo Helper - Attacker/Angelico
Hero's Spirit - Defender/Brightstar
Polarizer - Gunner/Lob Goblin
Shine Sparky - Buffer/Spotlight
Navi - Buffer/Link

Villain's Spirit - Attacker/Darkstar
Blackhole - Defender/Blackout
Riffer - Gunner/Diabla
Eyedrops - Buffer/ Eye Scream

More to come
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Luminous35 Gold Sparx Gems: 2444
#3 Posted: 17:50:20 04/06/2016
Hey! This sounds awesome! Keep up the awesome work on this game! Loving it so far smilie
smilie smilie STARCAST FOR PRESIDENT OF MY SEXUALITY smilie smilie
smilie smilie Professor Jet-Vac? I don’t feel so good. smilie smilie
Bionichute Yellow Sparx Gems: 1889
#4 Posted: 02:32:00 06/06/2016 | Topic Creator
Whats the story?

The game takes place between Superchargers and Imaginators (mostly because it wouldn't work if it didn't). A long time ago, the very elements of Skylands created their own embodiments in order to live in the world. These were the Sprites, who, despite their small size, held immense power. However, when the first true minion of The Darkness, The Dark Serpent Atrocion, appeared and began destroying Skylands, the Sprites sacrificed their energy to lock him away in an eternal prison, powerless. However, the Sprites, with their power drained, were trapped in stone and sent to Earth.

In present day, after detecting a strange surge of power in the outer reaches of Skylands, the crew of the academy, along with Kaos, head to a lost cave where the energy surge was located. As the group, and your Skylander, explores the cave, they discover that the Sprites have been brought back. However, when Kaos approaches a mysterious dark crystal in the depths of the cave, the remaining power of The Darkness inside him free Atrocion!

Atrocion chases them back to the academy, where he proceeds to destroy it. With the academy in ruins, the group decides to visit one of Mags' old colleagues, the enigmatic, eccentric, and loony Professor Trollstoy, who lives in his own floating clockwork laboratory. After a slight misunderstanding, which involves a giant robot, Trollstoy decides to help the Skylanders defeat Atrocion, which requires collecting the 10 most powerful artifacts in Skylands, in order to build the ultimate weapon.

However, Atrocion seems to have eyes and ears everywhere now, and his shadow army plans to stop you in any way possible. Luckily the Sprites are ready to help at any moment, and help you defeat this evil!
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SkylandrPurists Gold Sparx Gems: 2830
#5 Posted: 18:30:15 08/06/2016
Like the idea!

Personally, I think Scrap Shooter and Broccoli Guy would be better villains, but still a good idea!

Also, isn't Bombs Away smilie's catchphrase?
And Buzz Off, that is smilie's catchphrase, right?
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Bionichute Yellow Sparx Gems: 1889
#6 Posted: 01:04:44 09/06/2016 | Topic Creator
Indeed you are correct. I kind of had to rush to get Bomb Shell in there, so I just did a quick check of the Skylanders wiki, and I didn't find anything until just now, so my bad.

Don't have that same excuse for Fly-By's catch phrase, though.
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Bionichute Yellow Sparx Gems: 1889
#7 Posted: 20:16:02 16/06/2016 | Topic Creator
Bio time! Part 1 - Magic

Dragon Knight Spyro
Spyro was sent to the land of Avalar after a distress call was found by Buzz. The land of Avalar had been taken over by an evil lizard warlord named Ripto, who commanded an army of evil lizards. Despite a valiant effort, Spyro was captured and thrown into the dungeon with the rest of the citizens of Avalar. Luckily for him, the people of Avalar had an ancient legend of a mystical suit of armor that would only let itself be worn by a legendary purple dragon. The suit had been hidden within the castle dungeon, and when Spyro donned the suit, he escaped and defeated Ripto and his lizard army, freeing the land of Avalar from tyranny.

Duck N’ Cover Bomb Shell
Bomb Shell was once a normal turtle, just one of the many located throughout Skylands. However, Bomb Shell was tired of turtles being pushed around and stepped on by everyone. Using his limited copy of “Boomer’s Booms: How to Make a Good Bomb”, he taught himself to make high caliber explosives, but a strange accident involving an enchanted pond caused his bombs to become infused with magical energies. He went on to be a freelance demolitions expert for any villain that could pay his fee, and as such he’s caused lots of damage. Rehab has helped him understand why blowing up banks is wrong, and he now throws bombs where it counts: at the bad guys.

Poly Gone
Poly Gone once lived in the mysterious 4th Dimension, where the creatures living there have strange physical shapes and magical abilities. However, one day, a portal between the 3rd and 4th dimensions was created, albeit accidentally, by a confused wizard’s apprentice. Poly Gone had been sucked into the 3rd Dimension, where his form was twisted into something able to exist there, which gave him a strange, crystalline appearance, but it did not reduce his powers. Befriending the apprentice, he learned how to exist in the new dimension, and was soon introduced to Master Eon, where he was made into a Skylander.

Slime Bomb
Slime Bomb was accidentally created during one of Kaos’ schemes, involving polluting Skylands with magic living goo. The idea was abandoned when Kaos realized that he could just have the trolls do it instead. However, the slime was still alive, turning into Slime Bomb, who managed to escape form the goo factory he was created in, and roamed around Skylands for a while. Eventually, he ended up in a forest filled with strange creatures. Slime Bomb became interested in the creatures, and made his home there, despite his very smelly, dirty form. When a group of trolls attacked the forest using toxic goo, Slime Bomb fought back, using his own toxic goo. With the trolls defeated, Master Eon met with Slime Bomb in order to make him a Skylander.
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Bionichute Yellow Sparx Gems: 1889
#8 Posted: 01:59:32 21/06/2016 | Topic Creator
Part 2! This time, Water

Ocean Master Wham Shell
Wham Shell, while searching for his lost kingdom, came across a mysterious pearl located at the bottom of the Skysea Ocean, the largest ocean in Skylands. When he approached the pearl, the spirit of a mermaid appeared, and gave him a mission, to protect the pearl, without moving it from its pedestal. Wham Shell agreed, and as soon as he did, an army of sea trolls appeared, searching to steal the pearl and sell it off for lots of money. While he tried to protect the pearl, he ended up nearly getting defeated, and the pearl knocked off the pedestal. The pearl cracked open, revealing a new mace for Wham Shell. Using the built in horn in the mace, he summoned a bunch of ocean creatures to defeat the troll invaders. While he was thankful for the new mace, Wham Shell was left wondering who the mermaid was.

Frost Burn Chill Bill
Chill Bill was once one of the most respected radio hosts in Skylands, and even had the likes of eon and Kaos tuning in every day. However, when a massive group of trolls were hired to serve Kaos, Chill Bill was assigned to join. During this servitude, Chill Bill got to study his second love: the science of Cold Fusion. He used his knowledge to create a jetpack/icethrower combo. When the trolls were all fired for being too smelly, he tried to return to his job, but he had been replaced by a new host, and they weren’t willing to hire him back. Enraged, Chill Bill became an infamous criminal, terrorizing Skylands with his icepack. While in Cloudcracker Prison, Chill Bill managed to create a hybrid icethrower/flamethrower, giving him a new weapon, which he used after rehab to freeze the competition.

Clawbster was once a law enforcer in an undersea city, perhaps even one of the best, but after an accident where he blasted the shell off the king, he was exiled. He wandered the seas of Skylands for years, helping people out and stopping crime. When his exile time was up, he returned home – only to find it completely gone. He went to the surface to continue his law enforcement life, where he became a myth to the people of Skylands. One day, he met Wham Shell, who reminded him of the king he used to serve. As it turns out, Wham Shell was his son! Despite Clawbster trying to become Wham Shell’s servant, they soon became equals as Skylanders.

Angler Rangler
Angler Rangler lived in the depths of the seas of Skylands, in the town of Abysa, located near the bottom of a massive trench. Angler Rangler was a relatively normal, if very skilled, fisherman, who caught fish from even deeper in the trench using his extendable lure. He was respected by the people in the town not only for his fishing abilities, but also his bright, glowing light. This all changed when a strange machine appeared in the trench and started kidnapping the townspeople, including Angler Rangler. It turns out that they were kidnapped by pirates, who were hoping to create a weapon using the Abysa people’s incredibly bright lights. Angler Rangler managed to free himself, and his people, while also defeating the pirates and sending them packing. Angler Rangler decided to utilize his unique skills on the surface, and soon found Master Eon, and became a Skylander.
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Bionichute Yellow Sparx Gems: 1889
#9 Posted: 17:26:35 05/07/2016 | Topic Creator
Well, looks like I need to do some remodeling with my roster...
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SkylandrPurists Gold Sparx Gems: 2830
#10 Posted: 17:00:54 06/07/2016
Out of curiousity, if Blaster-Tron (for some reason) ends up as the Light Villain Sensei, who will take his place? Eye Five or Lob Goblin?
Bionichute Yellow Sparx Gems: 1889
#11 Posted: 18:18:09 06/07/2016 | Topic Creator
Quote: SkylandrPurists
Out of curiousity, if Blaster-Tron (for some reason) ends up as the Light Villain Sensei, who will take his place? Eye Five or Lob Goblin?

Wanna say Lob Goblin, mostly because, while I love Eye Five, he isn't exactly... complex.
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SkylandrPurists Gold Sparx Gems: 2830
#12 Posted: 23:18:06 06/07/2016
I was just curious

Might wanna change Tae Kwon Crow
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Luminous35 Gold Sparx Gems: 2444
#13 Posted: 13:11:51 16/07/2016
Aw... I liked Tae Kwon Crow smilie

Stupid TFB~! (though I am happy hes back as a figure)
smilie smilie STARCAST FOR PRESIDENT OF MY SEXUALITY smilie smilie
smilie smilie Professor Jet-Vac? I don’t feel so good. smilie smilie
Bionichute Yellow Sparx Gems: 1889
#14 Posted: 23:26:31 16/07/2016 | Topic Creator
Yeah, I'll get on that. Prepare for some bias.
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Luminous35 Gold Sparx Gems: 2444
#15 Posted: 01:22:22 17/07/2016
Eye Scream's catchphrase should be "EYE See you!"
smilie smilie STARCAST FOR PRESIDENT OF MY SEXUALITY smilie smilie
smilie smilie Professor Jet-Vac? I don’t feel so good. smilie smilie
Bionichute Yellow Sparx Gems: 1889
#16 Posted: 10:27:29 26/07/2016 | Topic Creator
Welp, this sucks.
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Bionichute Yellow Sparx Gems: 1889
#17 Posted: 19:57:42 26/07/2016 | Topic Creator
To be honest, I'm surprised the one I didn't have to change was Chill Bill.
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Luminous35 Gold Sparx Gems: 2444
#18 Posted: 21:04:16 26/07/2016
Quote: DreamTeam
Anyone wanna check out my fangame?

Click There!

That's rude to advertise on someone elses game. Delete your post. Thats rude.
smilie smilie STARCAST FOR PRESIDENT OF MY SEXUALITY smilie smilie
smilie smilie Professor Jet-Vac? I don’t feel so good. smilie smilie
DreamTeam Yellow Sparx Gems: 1366
#19 Posted: 20:42:05 04/08/2016
Quote: Luminous35
Quote: DreamTeam
Anyone wanna check out my fangame?

Click There!

That's rude to advertise on someone elses game. Delete your post. Thats rude.

I did! I just wanted to because nobody checking mine out.. if they are there aren't giving feedback! Anyway nice try starting a fight! (Thats my attempt to start a fight! smilie)
i dont know what else to say, xox
Also i dont really care for skylanders anymore
Bionichute Yellow Sparx Gems: 1889
#20 Posted: 23:04:59 17/08/2016 | Topic Creator
I kinda saw this coming, honestly.
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SkylandrPurists Gold Sparx Gems: 2830
#21 Posted: 15:10:07 20/08/2016
Quote: Bionichute
I kinda saw this coming, honestly.

What with Blastertron, yeah saw this comin from a mile away....cause he's light, y'know!
Bionichute Yellow Sparx Gems: 1889
#22 Posted: 17:40:55 22/08/2016 | Topic Creator
Haven't updated this with any actual... news, in a while. So, in light of recent revelations, here's a complete level list!

1. Lost Cavern
2. Trollstoy's Lab
3. Crystal Cliffs
4. The Rabbit's Hole
5. Holy Moley's Spicy Hot Kitchen
6. The Spice Gardens
7. Cloud Kingdom Museum
8. Sky Pirate Panic
9. The Trollaseum
10. Troll Land
11. Kraken's Lagoon
12. Dankest Depths
13. Worm Tunnels
14. The Lost Temple
15. Fairies Forest
16. The Slumbering Woods
17. The Deadlands
18. Malefor's Castle
19. Kaos' Kastle, Again
20. Cave of Darkness
21. Eon's Halls
22. Realm of the Ancients
23. The Tempest
24. Into Darkness
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Kat-Kun Green Sparx Gems: 415
#23 Posted: 18:17:55 02/09/2016
Wait, are you actually MAKING this fan-game?!
If you are, I wouldn't mind playing it.
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the waaaaaay!
Bionichute Yellow Sparx Gems: 1889
#24 Posted: 06:27:43 16/09/2016 | Topic Creator
Yeah no I have no resources to make it. It's just an idea I had, albeit a very... detailed one.
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#25 Posted: 19:23:34 25/10/2016 | Topic Creator
Level/Plot Descriptions

1. Lost Cavern
On an inspection of a mysterious, lost island in the middle of nowhere, Kaos accidentally frees a powerful, evil monster. Only with the help of the Sprites can the Skylanders stop it.

2. Trollstoy's Lab
With the Academy in ruins, Mags gets the idea to visit her old colleague, Dr. Trollstoy. Unfortunately, he's pretty paranoid, and throws the Skylanders and friends into his crazy laboratory.

3. Crystal Cliffs
Trollstoy has come up with a plan to defeat the Dark Serpent. They must collect 10 powerful objects of each element. The first is The Great Rabbitini's magic wand, which was lost during a freak accident in a performance in Crystal Cliffs.

4. The Rabbit's Hole
Rabbitini's Wand, as well as Rabbitini himself, was sucked into his magic hat during an act, which created a distorted world of magic which the magician has been lost in for years. In order to get the wand, the Skylanders must help free him.

5. Holy Moley's Spicy Hot Kitchen
The second item is the Unocorn's Horn. Unfortunately, Unocorns are rare, but Flynn might know a guy who can help them find them. Holy Moley is the greatest spicy food chef in Skylands, and knows where the mystic Spice Gardens are located. The Dark Serpent's minions, however, also want their location, and are attacking his bakery!

6. The Spice Gardens
The legendary home of the Unocorns, of which there is only one left. The Dark Serpent's forces have invaded, and are looking to prevent the Skylanders from getting the horn.

7. Cloud Kingdom Museum
The next object is the Sky Diamond, which the Cloud Kingdom has graciously decided to give to the Skylanders - Or they would, if they could get the thing out of the museum it's in. It's break in time!

8. Sky Pirate Panic
The Sky Diamond has been stolen by a group of Sky Pirates! Raid their fleet, and get the diamond back!

9. The Trollaseum
Next is the Everlasting Battery, a legendary Troll invention. Luckily, the Trollaseum is giving out a free trip to where it is located. This means the Skylanders must compete in a number of strange, dangerous events.

10. Troll Land
The famous Troll Land is home to the Everlasting Battery. This amusement park is one of the best in Skylands, and also one of the most dangerous. However, the founder might not want you taking the battery.

11. Kraken's Lagoon
Up next is the Tidal Trident, a legendary treasure guarded closely by the equally legendary Kraken, who no one is entirely sure exists. The first place to check is current tourist trap, the Kraken's Lagoon.

12. Dankest Depths
With the Kricken revealed, he gives the location of his cousin, the Kraken. He's located at the deepest part of the largest ocean in Skylands. Time for a swim.

13. Worm Tunnels
The Allgem Crystal, our next item, is located somewhere in a lost temple. The only creatures who know where it is are the Tunnel Worms, dangerous monsters who dig through the ground. The Skylanders must find a way to communicate with them, and fidn the Lost Temple.

14. The Lost Temple
The Lost Temple has been found, and, like any Lost Temple worth its salt, is full of deadly traps and tricks.

15. Fairies Forest
Next is the Elder Tree's Bark, the bark of the oldest Ent in existence. Located in the Slumbering Woods, only the fairies of Fairie Forest can give it's directions. The Dark Serpent has arrived, however, and captured all the fairies!

16. The Slumbering Woods
The Slumbering Woods is the oldest forest in all of Skylands, it's so old that all the trees have fallen asleep! Their dreams fill the forest with strange events, but the Elder Tree is somewhere in there!

17. The Deadlands
With Spyro unwilling to participate for the next object, the Scale of a Purple Dragon, there is only one more choice left, the evil dragon Malefor. With no leads, the Skylanders must head to the lowest parts of Skylands to see if they can find anything.

18. Malefor's Castle
Malefor has been found, and has taken over a small town, forcing them to become his slaves. Break into his castle, free the town, and get the scale!

19. Kaos' Kastle, Again
Kaos has the info of where the next object is - A piece of Petrified Darkness. Unfortunately, he can't remember where he first found them. It's time to go back to Kaos' Kastle, and figure it out.

20. Cave of Darkness
The only remnants of the Darkness reside in this mysterious cave. This has, of course, caused a number of evil creatures to appear, and they don't want you to get the last piece of their master.

21. Eon's Halls
The Skylanders must head to their old base in order to find a way to the Ancient's Realm, where they will find the Prismatic Crystal. The Dark Serpent, of course, doesn't want that from happening.

22. Realm of the Ancients
In the Ancient's Realm, the Skylanders must undergo the trials of the Ancients themselves in order to prove themselves worthy of the Prismatic Crystal.

23. The Tempest
The Anti-Dark Serpent Blaster has been completed, and it's up to Kaos and the Skylanders to prepare it for the final battle. Of course, The Dark Serpent himself has arrived.

24. Into Darkness
The final battle, the Dark Serpent has absorbed an incredible amount of power, and both Kaos and the Skylanders are lost in his massive, nightmarish new form. Will Kaos be able to resist the monster's power, and can the Skylanders finally defeat it?
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Enemies by, Part 1

(Enemies are separated into Mini, Soldier, Shooters, Bruiser, and Boss)

Lost Cavern:
Chompy - (Mini) - You know them, you love them, the classic biters are here, and are gonna be here forever.
Duskmites - (Mini) - Weak shadow creatures that the Shadow Serpent can conjure even during his inprisonment.
Shadow Slashers - (Soldier) - Shadow creatures who weild rather ungainly swords, and only slightly know how to use them.

Trollstoy's Lab:
Eye-Bulbs - (Mini) - Electrical robots that Trollstoy uses to charge his experiments. Not much of a threat, but they're cute.
Guardbot 100 - (Soldier) - The lab's main guard force, who roll around on a single wheel. Attack with electrical punches.
Eye-lectricals - (Shooters) - Flying eye-shaped robots who attack by shooting slow moving, electrical orbs.
Crunchertron - (Bruiser) - Large eye robots who walk around on their oversized knuckles. They attack with an electrically charged body slam.
Troll Walker - (Boss) - Trollstoy's last line of defense, a massive three legged walker that unfortunately doesn't have the best support.

Crystal Cliffs:
Repeating Enemies: Shadow Slicers, Duskmites
Crystal Crawlers - (Mini) - Small, crystal shelled creatures that enjoy spinning into intruders with their sharp shells.
Crystal Crackers - (Soldier) - Crystal monsters who only know how to smash people over the head with their crystal clubs.
Majewelcians - (Shooter) - Magicians made entirely of crystal, but still have a snappy sense of fashion. Can create waves of crystals.
Crystal Magigolem - (Bruiser) - The crystals of the cliffs have been brought to life by its magic aura, and now want to squash you. Can create patches of sharp crystals by slamming their fists down.

Rabbit's Hole:
Repeating Enemies: Shadow Slicers, Duskmites, Crystal Crawlers, Majewelcians, Crystal Magigolem
Night Knights - (Bruiser) - Evil knights created from shadow. Carry large swords that create shadow explosions.
Rabbini's Hat - (Boss) - Rabbini's hat, corrupted by the Shadow Serpent. Now with two floating hands and a well of magic powers, it's decided to perform its first act on you!

Holey Moley's Spicy Hot Kitchen:
Repeating Enemies: Duskmites, Shadow Slicers, Night Knights.
Jumping Mad Beans - (Mini) - One of the many foods brought to life by the Shadow Serpent's invasion, these beans leave hot trails behind them when they jump.
Beat Peppers - (Soldier) - Very angry bell peppers, wielding the knives and forks used to harm their own kind. Expert dual wielders.
Hot Pipers - (Shooter) - Chili peppers with hot, hot breath. Enjoy spitting their nasty breath at you.
Guacamasher - (Bruiser) - Walking piles of guac, who think themselves as top tier wrestlers. They attack with a variety of melee attacks, body slams, and of course, spicy hot burps.

Spice Gardens:
Repeating Enemies: Shadow Slicers, Jumping Mad Beans, Beat Peppers, Hot PIpers, Guacamashers
The Spice Rider - (Boss) - A churro-themed knight created by the Shadow Serpent. Rides on a corrupted Unocorn.

Cloud Kingdom Museum:
Repeating Enemies: Chompies, Guardbot 100, Eye-lectricals, Crunchtron

Sky Pirate Panic:
Repeating Enemies: Duskmites, Shadow Slicers, Night Knights
Twili-Wizards - (Shooter) - Dark wizards who create dark vortexes, and shoot energy balls all over the place. Can also heal allies.
Grinnades - (Mini) - You know these guys, they try to tackle you, and then explode.
Squiddies - (Soldier) - Squid headed pirates who like to bash people with their clubs.
Cannonbrawls - (Shooter) - Walruses that shoot cannonballs at you.
Rumbrawls - (Bruiser) - Large walruses that attempt to clap and slam you.
Captain Duskbeard & Captain Tuskbeard - (Boss) - A duo of pirate captains who's hatred of each other is only rivaled by their hatred of you. Likely to fight amongst themselves.

The Trollaseum:
Repeating Enemies: Grinnades
Wrench Monkeys - (Soldier) - Trolls that think themselves as mechanics, but barely know how to plug in a toaster. Try to smack you with their wrenches.
Troll Lobbers - (Shooter) - Trolls don't entirely seem to understand how flare guns work. As such, they stuff them with dynamite and try to shoot them at you.
Trollsy Danger - (Bruiser) - The highest peak of troll engineering, a rather large mecha suit armed with multiple weapons.

Troll Land:
Repeating Enemies: Wrench Monkeys, Troll Lobbers, Trollsy Danger, Grinnades
Trolt Diddy - (Boss) - The creator of Troll Land, Trolt is nothing but a brain in an oversized war-mech.

Kraken's Lagoon:
Repeating Enemies: Shadow Slicers, Twili-Wizards, Night Knight
Clam-Ups - (Mini) - Small clams that attempt to clamp down on you.
Shrimpies - (Soldier) - Shrimp monsters that try to attack you with blades.
Eel-ectros - (Shooter) - Eels that throw electrified balls at you.
Suction Sharks - (Bruiser) - Large double mouthed sharks that spit smaller enemies at you.

Dankest Depths:
Repeating Enemies: Shadow Slicers, Duskmites, Clam-Ups, Shrimpies, Eel-ectros, Suction Sharks
(Note: All enemies introduced in the previous area are given bioluminescent recolors)
Kraken - (Boss) - The Kraken would have loved to give you that old tootpick he had lying around, but interference from the Shadow Serpent has caused him to go crazy!

Worm Tunnels:
Repeating Enemies: Chompies, Shadow Slicers, Night Knights, Twili-Wizards
Arkeyan Defenders - (Soldier) - Ancient robots designed to protect the secrets of the Worms. Have shields that protect them from the front, and long spears.
Arkeyan Searchers - (Shooter) - Flying robots that search for intruders. Fire energy missiles that fit their name.

The Lost Temple:
Repeating Enemies: Arkeyan Defenders, Arkeyan Searchers
Arkeyan Sweepers - (Mini) - The smallest of the Arkeyan forces, Sweepers protec themselves via spinning blades.
Arkyan Crushers - (Bruiser) - The main guardians of the temple, who are only weak from behind, and will obviously keep you from circling them. With punches.
Allgem Guardian - (Boss) - The guardian of the Allgem Crystal. Channels the energy of multiple gems to unleash special powers.
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Enemies by level, Part 2

Faerie's Forest:
Darklings - (Mini) - Upgraded Duskmites, who now have a special charge attack.
Shadow Smashers - (Soldier) - Upgraded Shadow Slicers. Wield large clubs that they do actually know how to use.
Twi-Warlocks - (Shooter) - Upgraded Twili-Wizards. Creates even more powerful vortexes, and can heal even faster.
Black Nights - (Bruiser) - Upgraded Night Knights. Faster, and with even more powerful attacks.

The Slumbering Woods:
Repeating Enemies: Most of them, excluding the original Shadow enemies.
Shadow Splitter - (Boss) - A ridiculous lumberjack monster born from the Elder Tree's worst nightmare. Dual wields chainsaws.

The Deadlands:
Repeating Enemies: Shadow Smashers, Twi-Warlocks, Black Nights
Bone Chompies - (Mini) - The revived remains of our favorite green biters. Slightly stronger, usually wear helmets.
Skele-Warriors - (Soldiers) - Armored skeletons that serve Malefor. Not particularly bright, and mostly rush at you.

Malefor's Castle:
Repeating Enemies: Bone Chompies, Skele-Warriors
Necro-Mage - (Shooter) - Undead magicians capable of completely reviving enemies, as well as firing magical skull blasts.
Bone Rattlers - (Bruiser) - Massive skeleton monsters made from multiple skeletons. Can create shockwaves with leaps, and split into Skele-Warriors when defeated.
Malefor - (Boss) - The Undead Dragon Lord himself. He fights using rather familliar tactics, such as charging, flame breath, and head slams.

Kaos' Kastle, Again:
K-Bot Rammers - (Mini) - One of the first types of K-Bots crated, rather weak, and only know how to ram into enemies head first.
K-Bot Darkshard - (Soldier) - A K-Bot corrupted by Petrified Darkness, who uses a shard of it as a weapon.
K-Bot Shadowslime - (Shooter) - A vaccuum based robot who spews poisonous goo over the area.
K-Bot Crystalfists - (Bruiser) - Large bots with Pterified Darkness crystals growing out of their oversized fists. Can create dark shockwaves with their stretchy arms.

Cave of Darkness:
Repeating Enemies: K-Bot Rammers, K-Bot Darkshards, K-Bot Shadowslimes, K-Bot Crystalfists, Shadow Smasher, Shadowlings, Twi-Warlocks, Black Nights
K-Bot Dark Lord - (Boss) - A crude copy of the Darkness' final form, who guards the last chunk of fully powered Petrified Darkness.
Eon's Halls:
Repeating Enemies: Darklings, Shadow Smashers, Black Nights, Twi-Warlocks

Realm of the Ancients:
Repeating Enemies: Most of them.
Cerebral - (Boss) - In the final test, the Ancient guiding you challenges you himself. Have you ever wanted to fight a god?
The Tempest:
Repeating Enemies: Darklings, Shadow Smashers, Twi-Warlocks, Black Nights

Into Darkness:
Repeating Enemies: Darklings, Shadow Smashers, Twi-Warlocks, Black Nights.
Shadow Serpent & Kaos - (Boss) - The final boss, the evil Shadow Serpent himself. Controlling Kaos himself, he uses Kaos' own power to fight against you.
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Arenas are accessed by activating the special VR Training Room in Trollstoy's Lab. Flynn and a special guest based on the arena commentate over the fight. There are 11 different arenas, each corresponding to an Element. There are three different modes:
Challenge: Each arena has 4 different challenges, which have different challenges to overcome.
Survival: Fight against an endless army of enemies until you eventually lose.
Boss Rush: Only unlocked when you beat the game. Fight each boss again in a row for great prizes. Only for those with lots of Skylanders.
The arenas are:
Trollstoy's Testing: A simple arena, which has Shadows as its enemies. No traps or events. Special guest is Trollstoy.

Crystal Colliseum: The Magic arena, with the Crystal Creatures as enemies. If hit too much, certain parts o fthe arena can fall apart to reveal spike pits. Special guest is Rabbini.

Cookin' Kitchen: The Fire arena, with the Reveggies as enemies. Flames spew from multiple different parts of the arenas. Special guest is Holey Moley.

Pirate Airship: The Air arena, with Pirates as enemies. Harsh winds occasionally blow through the arena, sometimes bringing in dangerous objects. Special guest is Tuskbeard.

Troll Arena: The Tech arena, with Trolls as enemies. Tricks and traps abound in this arena, mostly shockwaves and spike traps. Guest star is Chill Bill.

Coral Corral: The Water arena, with Aquatic Abominables as enemies. Fish love to swim through the arena, some dangerous, some helpful. Special guest is the Kricken.

Worm Bed: The Earth arena, with Arkeyans as enemies. Worms dig through the arena, acting as obstacles, and creating large holes. Special guest is the Weapon Master.

Dark Woods: The Life arena, with upgraded Shadows as enemies. The trees surrounding the arena wake up every so often, dropping fruit that's both dangerous and helpful. Guest star is Persephone.

Malefor's Dungeon: The Undead arena, with Undead Warriors as enemies. Lots of traps and tricks, due to it being a dungeon. Special guest is T-Bone.

Kaos' Arena, Again: The Dark arena, with K-Bots as enemies. Behaves like it does in Giants, only with more spikes under it. Special guest is Kaos himself.

Mind Matter: The Light arena, wit Lightbots as enemies. Traps from other arenas occasionally happen. Special guest is Cerebral.
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Tech Bios

Robo-Suit Sprocket
While visiting the Skylands Annual Real Big Machinery Festival, Sprocket noticed something. Giant robot suits seemed to have taken the festival by storm, as there were positively hundreds of them in different shapes and sizes. The goldling wondered if her tanks were a bit too old fashioned in an ever developing Skylands. On the way back to her workshop, she decided to build her very own, one that would be better than any of the ones at the festival. It took a few years, but she finally completed it. It was truly a marvel of goldling technology, and she found a way to test it when a group of Sky Pirates attempted to take over the Academy. Using the robot's many devices, she fended them off, and decided to use the Robo-Suit just as much as her tank.

Sea Launcher Brawlrus
Brawlrus never truly felt like he was meant to be a pirate. Something in his core said the sea was never for him, but he still loved sailing the skies and seas, always armed with his trusty starfish cannon. Brawlrus also felt his efforts at piracy were never truly accepted, due to him never getting any recognition on wanted posters. When he was locked up in Cloudcracker Prison, Brawlrus realized his mistake. His true passion was never piracy itself, but the mechanical aspects of it, like cannons and the ships themselves. Taking up a new, more advanced cannon, Brawlrus was trained to be a Skylander, and now fights against those he used to call his crew.

Hop Head
Hop Head was created by an evil organization of monsters, who attempted to create a powerful, half-motorcycle half-grasshopper super soldier, an idea created by watching too much TV. Hop Head managed to escape just as he was about to be brainwashed into evil. He decided to fight against the organization and its mysterious leader as a wandering superhero. His acts of heroism weren't exactly appreciated, due to his monstrous form, but it was seen by Master Eon, who suggested that the grasshopper-robot join the Skylanders. He accepted, and now fights against evil all around the world, while still keeping an eye out for this evil organization.

Road Roach
Road Roach was born into a family of scavenging roachmen, where she was the youngest of her 300 siblings. They lived in a junkyard, and while the rest of her family searched it for food, she gathered mechanical parts. She found the scrapped devices fascinating, and fiddled with them for most of the day. She managed to build a car out of the pieces she had collected, which she showed her family. The found it ridiculous, and threw it away, upsetting Road Roach. However, when a fleet of Trolls invaded, attempting to use the junkyard as their new base, Road Roach quickly found the car, and used its speed to destroy the Troll's new headquarters. Realizing she could be much more than a scavenger, Road Roach finally left the junkyard, and joined the SKylanders.
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#30 Posted: 15:10:30 06/05/2017
Please make more reposes. Like Star Strike or Zoo Lou? smilie
smilie smilie is boss smilie smilie
SOLAAR Blue Sparx Gems: 649
#31 Posted: 15:17:46 06/05/2017
Also artwork?
smilie smilie is boss smilie smilie
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Underworld was full so I'm Came Back to actually update this thing. I changed/adding some things in previous posts, and now for some new bios!

First up, THIRD PARTY BIOS yaaay

Imagination Creation Sackboy
While there are many worlds that connect to Skylands, it isn't often that they ever cross over, unless caused by an accident or on purpose in Skylands itself. This is why its so odd when this odd knitted creation suddenly showed up, with nothing but a rocket made of cardboard! Coming from a world of pure imagination, this Sackboy was drawn to the overwhelming imagination of Skylands. He made his own portal to bring himself here, and now he's ready to help fight the forces of evil, armed with his own creative abilities and attacks. Hopefully this stuffie can take a good hit!

Battle Ready Rash
This radical toad travels the universe with his two toad-ally awesome friends, Zits and Pimple, as they fight the Dark Queen and attempt to protect a space princess. However, on one mission, they were caught by the Dark Queen, and after a valiant fight, Rash was sent through a warphole that sent him into Skylands! Now, Rash is searching for a way back to his home, but is always ready to help the Skylanders fight against evil. This awesome amphibian has his own excellent Smash Hit attack, and even brought a turbo jet-ski with him!

Galactic Heroes Ratchet & Clank
A Lombax and robot duo who have helped save their universe multiple times. While on a patrol through the recesses of space, they detected a strange energy reading. When they reached the destination, they were sucked into a blackhole, and then spat out into Skylands! After a crash landing, they started to explore the strange, unadvanced world, until they were attacked by a roving gang of bandits. The bandits barely lasted a minute, as the two unleashed a torrent of heavy weaponry on them. Eon, impressed by their skills, decided to help them find a way home, as long as they help defeat evil!

Old-School Banjo-Kazooie
Once a famous video game buddy duo, Banjo the bear and his bird friend Kazooie had been out of the game for a full decade. One day, having enough of this laziness after all he did for them, the Lord of Games teleported the both of them to Skylands. He explained it would be a wonderful cross-marketing campaign, to help them get back in touch with the kids. He also explained this to Eon, who was equally confused, but always happy to have more heroes on his side. Armed with their host of unique abilities, Banjo and Kazooie and ready to prove themselves as true video game heroes!
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Life Bios!

Spore Stunner Shroomboom
Shroomboom grew up in a garden with his hundreds of family members. After helping them escape from a terrifying fate as pizza toppings, Shroomboom went on to become a Skylander... but whatever happened to his family? Well, they made their home in a woods, hiding away from any pizza places. Shroomboom went over for a visit, but was followed by a villainous group of chefs! They had come prepared, and managed to defeat Shroomboom's slingshot. As all looked lost, Shroomboom's family came to help fight! Using their mushroomy spores, they managed to chase the chefs away. Inspired by this, Shroomboom decided to change things up, and use his own spores to help fight! Now, he can summon his family at will to help him fight, and stun enemies!

Blade Buzzer Shield Shredder
Once an Evilikin made by Dr. Krankcase, Shield Shredder was simply a face in the crowd of evil minions. However, he desired more, and attempted to make himself infamous. He became a menace to his own being, cutting down trees with his razor bladed shield. He quickly became one of the highest ranking Evilikin. However, after being captured by the Trap Team and sent to rehab at Cloudcracker Prison, he rethought his life. Taking up two new shield blades, he decided to become an environmentalist hero, and a Skylander as well! He's always willing to take down any threats to the trees that come his way.

Wild Child
Wild Child was once just a normal Mabu baby, on a sky tour of the tropics. After their ship was attacked by a Greeble fleet, Wild Child was knocked into the jungle beneath them. Though his parents were upset, he managed to survive the fall! After years of growing up in such a difficult terrain, he became a legend of the jungle, and capable of talking to many of the animals that lived there. However, he was soon discovered when a bunch of trolls started to cut down the jungle. With his army of animals and own skills, Wild Child defeated the trolls, but most of the jungle was left in ruins. Wild Child tried to seek a home for his animal friends, but instead encountered Eon, who offered a home for all of them. Though it took him a while to get used to it, Wild Child is now a Skylander, and defends the nature of Skylands with his animal pals.

Full Boar
Full Boar was a forest warrior in the mysterious jungle of Hog-Oin. A legend in his tribe of pig-people, he was renowned for his physical strength. Most specifically, his incredibly thick skull and powerful tusks. Full Boar would, no matter the problem, always find a way to solve it using his head - literally. That changed one day when a rival tribe of squirrels used their cunning and dirty tricks to take down the pigs. With the tribe in danger, Full Boar was the one who came up with a plan to stop them, which involved trampling down the trees they used. The pigs ultimately won, and Full Boar was now known for his strength and smarts. Eon shortly found him, and made him into a Skylander. He's now ready and willing to charge head first into enemies.
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Earth bios!

Diamond Cracker Prism Break
Prism Break and Flashwing were sent on a mission to stop some Greebles from gathering mysterious but powerful crystals from an underground mine. The two Earth Skylanders worked well together, but found themselves unable to take on the full force of the Greebles alone. Seeing trouble, Prism Break decided to go for a last ditch move: Destroying the crystals. He blasted at the massive crystal, shattering it into thousands of pieces, and letting out a burst of energy so large that all of the Greebles were knocked six ways to Sunday. However, Prism Break was left heavily injured in the blast. Worried for her friend, Flashwing attempted to use her powers to revive him... and it worked! The crystal pieces that had been created by the blast merged into Prism Break's body, transforming him entirely into a crystal being! With a new overwhelming power inside of him, Prism Break now fights with a brighter shine than he did before!

Bottomless Pit Chomp Chest
Though this isn't common knowledge, Chomp Chest originally started out as a normal treasure chest. A crew of pirates stuffed their treasure into him, including magical weaponry, and then hid him away in a dungeon. Chomp Chest sat there for years, no one ever coming to open him, but he craved more treasure. After a hundred years past, Chomp Chest gained a life of his own, and started hunting for treasures himself. His chest body became a bottomless pit of gold and secret treasures, all of which he stole, though not on purpose. However, after being taught in rehab that his treasure could instead be used effectively and not just for his gluttony, Chomp Chest realized that he had been doing wrong. Now a Skylander, Chomp Chest is armed with the magical weapons hidden in his body for years, and is always willing to help beat bad guys... though he always enjoys a good bite of treasure now and then.

Claw Maw
Claw Maw was a member of an apex predator species thousands of years ago in Skyland's past. His kind were known for their bottomless appetites, and rotating teeth that could cut through stone - which also happened to be their favorite food. Unfortunately, a binge in the wrong place, a volcano, resulted in him and his kind being fossilized for thousands of years. Somehow, Claw Maw managed to survive, and fell into a deep slumber. He was woken up by mining Cyclopses, who were attempting to use the volcano to their own advantage. Starving after his millennia long nap, Claw Maw proceeded to eat all of their mining equipment, and sent the cyclopses running for the hills. He was found by Eon later, and after attempting to eat Skylanders Academy, was made into a Skylander himself.

Drill Thrill
The Molems were a race of moles-like creatures, similar to the Molekin (These guys have fur, Molekin don't) that lived for only one thing and one thing only: Digging. They dug incredibly complex tunnel systems throughout Skylands, with their only purpose being to dig more tunnels. Traditionally, this was done using their large claws. This was a bit of an issue for the young Drill Thrill, who's claws never seemed to grow large enough to dig! An outcast in his society, he instead became interested in the number of ancient machines they had dug up. He tinkered with them for years, before making a groundbreaking discovery - the drill! With this amazing tool found, Drill Thrill crafted his own drill gauntlets, letting him dig at speeds never before seen by Molem kind! Eon caught wind of this technology wonder, and decided to recruit Drill Thrill into the Skylanders. Though it was hard for him to leave home, the Molem decided it was what was best.
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