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Unlock rocket booster and magic item slot through portal [CLOSED]
jeroenb42 Red Sparx Gems: 98
#1 Posted: 10:08:31 22/01/2014 | Topic Creator
In Cloud Patrol you can link your actual figure to the character in the game through either the portal or using the webcode.
I noticed that it is also possible to link? the Rocket Booster and the Magic Item Slot or at least they have a crown+ sign next to them. Does anyone know if they can be unlocked with a magic item figure through the portal?
Sboy13 Gold Sparx Gems: 2467
#2 Posted: 00:51:02 12/02/2014
No, because there is no figure for those items. They can only be bought with gems; note that when you choose those items, the crown sign is actually grayed out on them and can't be tapped, meaning you can't register them with a code or portal because they're not actual figures.
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