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way to get webcodes from magic items/sidekicks? [CLOSED]
exosquad Gold Sparx Gems: 2654
#1 Posted: 03:11:08 09/12/2013 | Topic Creator
I seem to have lost my eye small's little sticker with its webcode and i have no idea where it could be... does anyone know of a way to find out its webcode?
This question would be useful for anyone whos bought a used magic item or lost their sticker/code.
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Sickboy1138 Blue Sparx Gems: 817
#2 Posted: 05:15:18 09/12/2013
Dont see why it matters, there isnt any where to use a sidekick or items code anymore.
Maybe if they expand the collection app, but items arent in there as of now.

But I havnt seen a way to find them either way.
Failinhearts Gold Sparx Gems: 2376
#3 Posted: 12:10:29 09/12/2013
Sadly there is no way, there WAS a way, that was skylanders universe. Sickboy, there IS something a sidekick can be used on, which is Lost Islands.
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Ryanator20x6 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1832
#4 Posted: 13:36:30 09/12/2013
Is there even a way to get codes from Skylanders? If so, tell me.
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isaac343018s Emerald Sparx Gems: 3808
#5 Posted: 14:38:59 09/12/2013
To get the mobile code of a Skylander? That's simple. Press the Skylander menu and look at the bottom left corner
DarthW Yellow Sparx Gems: 1944
#6 Posted: 16:36:56 09/12/2013
If you play Sky Patrol, as my son sometimes does, and if you don't have the Bluetooth Portal (which we do), then you could use the web code for the magic item to unlock in in Sky Patrol. They are useful there because they save you have to spend in-game currency (gems, I think) to unlock the item for its power up.
exosquad Gold Sparx Gems: 2654
#7 Posted: 03:18:07 10/12/2013 | Topic Creator
i started playing Lost Islands and the only thing im missing is my Eye Small and i cant find his sticker anywhere. and im not going to pay to unlock him. im using it on android so i cant use the bluetooth portal from the iphone version. smilie
I am going to have 1 of everything. someday...
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